Discussion on WordPress Multi-site Reports

Discussion on WordPress Multi-site Reports

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When a subsite user logs in to there own subsite admin, what do they see and what do they have control over ?


Admin can see approved sites reports

There own reports or other site reports, as well as there’s ?

their own site plus if any other sites are assigned to them else not

Hi, I just bought this plugin. I have added it to two sites but i get the error… “This is not multisite setup.” Do you have any set up instructions? Thanks, Dan

Hello! Just bought this plugin for a multi-site and having issues with currencies already…

I have sites in CAD, USD and VND and it just sums them up vs. converting to a universal currency total. Is there a way to fix that?

Example, this month, 1 site has done $7K CAD, the second site did $983 CAD and another has done VND18,300.50K

Total sales for the month is calculating at £18,309.31K and are all over the place reporting in euros even though no site is in euros.

Please let me know if this is possible to add up with multiple currencies properly calculating otherwise this plugin is useless to us showing incorrect information.

Hope to get this resolved, thanks!

By default plugin does not support multi currency, multi site functionality as these requires special handling and customization based on what other 3rd party plugin is used for multi currency, please mail at for further assistance

Hi, just installed but I can’t se MY SITES menu, on setting only order status and on dashboard only this: “You don’t have permission to access site(s).”. How can I resolv? thanks

I’ve installed the network, now i see “sites” menu, but I can’t add external websites…

Hello, You just need to add Users in respective sites and to see all summaries on one single dashboard. Please review this webpage link for steps. or mail us on Thanks

[Pre-purchase Question]

Hi, I want to buy this plugin but I have found that it’s not updated to compatible with latest Wordpress & Woocommerce. Is it still working?

Yes this is working with all latest versions

Awesome. Thank you for your fast reply. I will buy this plugin soon. Thank you

Hi guys! On category sales, the amount value is the net sales? Or the gross sales? We need that this report (category) can be show net sales (substracted tax, shipping and all refunded orders) it’s ok that?

Hi. i have just bought your plugin but i can’t find ‘my sites section’ and also the dashboard appears completeley blank, can you hemp me?

Hello, Can you please provide us screenshot and details on Thanks


Today I bought and installed the WooCommerce Multisite Reporting plugin. The dasboard is empty, nothing to see. A blank field. And there is no possibility to fill in a API key.

Is this plugin still working? Otherwise I would like to cancel my purchase.

Best regards,


The plugin is very much working, this will show all sites provided loggedin user has access to those sites, what sites you see under “My Sites” top menu?

I am also providing snapshots in mail

Hi there, Will your reports show woocommerce subscriptions reports?

We have not tested with woocommerce subscription hence unable to answer this

Hi. The report that was consolidated from our 5 sites wasn’t accurate. Any reasons why, and how to adjust it? Can’t find anything in the plugin to change the configurations

replied to your email, awaiting details

Do you still support this product?
I see that the last comment didn’t get any answer…

Also, the demo is not working, whatever the date I enter in the report I don’t get any result…

Hi, this plugin doesn’t work. If the Super Admin is not admin in all subsites then it doesn’t work. With massive networks it is impossible to manually assign Super Admin to each site or to assign him to newly created sites. I don’t understand why it requires Super Admin to be attached to each subsite.

In the end, I never made it work. Sad because without this limitation it could have been a fairly good product.

Hello !

I just purchased your plugin yesterday, thank you very much :) I have more than 150 subsites, and I create new one regularly, and I am not a user of all of them.

But I would like to see all the data, as network admin.

So would it be possible to modify the code a bit to show all the subsite statistic for my network admin account, even if I am not a user of the subsites please ?

Thank you

mail us at to assist further

Hi, just installed your plugin. As a Super Admin, I can’t view all sites reports but only main site. Can you help?

Multi-site dashboard report on WordPress Network(Setting) Site Multi-site dashboard report on WordPress Site

Let me know if this helps, or mail us at for further assistance

Pre Sale question: Is there a way to view Payment type? Cash, credit card, bank transfer, etc

If not, can you add it?

Yes we can add this, please mail at for details


I just bought the multisite reporting, but there is a calculation error/bug in total sales.

Total sale amount calculates total sales from gross revenue – refunds. However, refunds is already substracted from gross revenue amount, meaning refunds is substracted 2 times in the total sales amount.

Can you fix this?

Let us check and will get back shortly

please send a mail to so we can mail you modified files

Email sent :)

This plugin have a support ??

Hi, is this plugin compatible with latest version of Woocommerce and Wordpress ? And how does this plugin handle different currencies (let say in the network a site is in USD$ another in €, CAD$, etc… :)

Hello, Sorry for being late reply Our plugin work on single currency, if the site setting currency is CAD, than total should display in CAD currency. Please review our demo link: Thanks

Are you still update this plugin?

Hello, Exactly what update you require in Multi site report. Please elaborate bit more on Thanks


Just looking at your product,

in the demo the figures in the reports are all including VAT, is there a way to show them ex vat?

Hello, Please send us more details on This need to be customize. Thanks


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