Wordpress Mobile Login With Custom Page Plugin

Wordpress Mobile Login With Custom Page Plugin

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User name: demo2

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Need highly secure portal?

But don’t know how to program and to get your login highly secured. Don’t worry… We have created a brilliant plugin which will facilitate you with extravagant and amazing features.

Working Flow Diagram Of Mobile Login Pro

How Wordpress Mobile Login Custom Page Plugin Is Different From other ordinary plugins?

  • First time ever with dual (two step authorization)
  • Available With Random Short Code
  • Phone Number Verification
  • Separate Rights For Admin And User
  • It protects your page via mobile authentication
  • Highly secure and non breach-able
  • Comes with plivo sms gateway to handle sms operation through your install / wordpress
  • Admin will have complete record of phone numbers
  • Requires 4 digit highly secure mobile login code to unlock
  • Working Flow Diagram Of Mobile Login Pro Main Working Diagram

    That’s not all.. Have a detailed overview of features mentioned below:

    Edit Change background

    Not every plugin posses such option. Each and everything is in your own hand. You can customize, change, edit or delete background with WP mobile custom login page plugin. 1- You can change background with colors 2- Change background with image 3- You can beautify background by placing a video (mp4 or webm format) supported

    Versatile Color Options

    When we say versatile, we really mean it. Colors play a very important role behind any web page or login portal. It’s due to color combination and features that you are attracted towards a business website, blog or any social media website.

    Change Edit Login Form Text Colors

    What else do you need when you have got such powerful features along with highly secure authentication? Wordpress Mobile Login Custom Page plugin comes with editable login form, changeable text, editable opacity, and change able logo. Isn’t that superb? Now you can place any logo of your choice at your web page. It will be represented as your own plugin.

    Add Edit New Theme Of Your Choice

    Now here comes more feasibility and options to use inside our plugin. Same like any ordinary wordpress theme you may add / edit any new theme of your choice. Also that option can be reverted to default settings.

    - More Features Are In Que Will Be Added Soon

    Change Log

     Version 1.0 – Dual Authorization – Login is 100% secure -- With Random Short Code   
                               -- 2 Step Highly Secure Phone Authentication

    Working Of Wordpress Custom Page Login Plugin

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