WordPress GDPR

WordPress GDPR

The All in One WP GDPR Solution

We compiled the best GDPR Plugin out of all. Do not rely on multiple Plugins – get the Ultimate One.

GDPR Features

  • Forget Me
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Request Data Archive
  • Cookie Popup
  • Contact DPO
  • Newsletter Unsubscribe
  • Privacy Policy Update Emails
  • Integrations
    • WooCommerce
    • Mailster
    • BuddyPress
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Hot Jar
    • Contact Form 7
    • Flamingo DB
  • Well Documentented


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Redux Framework


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • WPML
  • WooCommerce 3+


- NEW:    You can now add as many custom integrations as you want
        See Settings > Integrations > Custom Integrations (at the bottom)
- FIX:    PHP notice after send export
- FIX:    Responsive issues on Mobile
- FIX:    Updates Translation POT file

- NEW:    Added an option to allow all cookies for first time users
        Many big companies do this even after GDPR - lawyers are
        not 100% sure if this compliant - but this allows you to
        track Analytics for example until user explicitly opted out
- NEW:    Added DMCA Page
        See Settings > DMCA
- FIX:    PHP notice

- NEW:    Option to use GEO IP to show popup only to EU citizens
        See Settings > Expert
- NEW:    Filter for privacy center items:
        apply_filters('wordpress_gdpr_privacy_center_items', $privacyCenterItems);
        -> With this you can change icons, move items on the privacy center page
- FIX:    Privacy Modal in Popup only possible if bar on bottom
- FIX:    Accept all triggers a click change event now

- NEW:    Privacy Settings Popup Menu
        See on our Demo Website at bottom right
        This can be enabled in Popup > Show Privacy Settings Modal
- NEW:    Added a Data Retention
        User data can be deleted automatically after X days    when user has not logged in. 
        You can check last logged in "GDPR Requests" > Users
- NEW:    Cookie Consent Log for Logged in Users
        This shows you which users has accepted what cookies
        See GDPR Requests > Users
- NEW:    Filters:
- NEW:    Actions:
- FIX:    Added Page Options to WPML Keys

- NEW:    Inform when no user data found (e.g. after deletion)
- FIX:    After forget me clicked, request status did not changed
- FIX:    User data send not correct email for "email"-only requests
- FIX:    Flamingo records deltetion
- FIX:    Updated ALL translation files and POT

- FIX:    PHP Notice
- FIX:    Updated IT Translations

- NEW:    Updated german translations
        Thanks to Frank Rausch
- NEW:    Moved Whitelist option to a new "expert"-Section
- NEW:    Updated Slovakian Translations
- FIX:    Removed a small PHP notice causing JS issues
- FIX:    Removed Custom CSS Section (this belongs to your theme)

- NEW:    We revamped the AJAX Cookie Allowance check
        Instead of multiple AJAX calls it now only calls one
- NEW:    If requests allowed without user exist check
        Data (Form entries, Comments, Orders) can now be removed by Email
- NEW:    Added Gravity Forms support for Export & Deletion
- NEW:    Option to use a Cookie Whitelist
        Read more:
- NEW:    Added Romanian Translations
        Big Thanks to Leo Diaconu
- NEW:    Added Swedish Translations
        Big Thanks to Mikael Svensson
- NEW:    Update IT Translations
        THANKS to DDS Lab di Diego Gianluigi Di Salvo
- NEW:    Delete Quform entries by Email or User ID
- NEW:    Delete Gravity Form entries by Email or User ID
- NEW:    Delete FlamingoDB entries by Email or User ID
- NEW:    Delete Formidable entries by Email or User ID
- NEW:    Export Quform entries by Email or User ID
- NEW:    Export Gravity Form entries by Email or User ID
- NEW:    Export FlamingoDB entries by Email or User ID
- NEW:    Export Formidable entries by Email or User ID
- FIX:    Updated POT File
- FIX:    Code Refracturing 
- FIX:    Updated WPML Keys

- NEW:    Added Support for
        If Facebook Integration not allowed our plugin
        sets "pys_disable_by_gdpr" Filter to true
- NEW:    Added Entry export of Formidable & Quform entries
- NEW:    Removed Settings to remove Formidable & Quform entries
        to Integration Settings Section.
        MAKE sure you reenable settings there.
- FIX:    Updated Cookies for deletion of all services
- FIX:    Added Multiple Delete Cookie Functions
- FIX:    Updated Flamingo Enabled Check

- NEW:    Genernal > Domain text option.
        For GA cookies to be stopped / allowed you need to 
        pass your domain you set in GA there. E.g. "" 
- NEW:    When click on accepted or declines the checkboxes will be
        checked / unchecked without page refreshing
- NEW:    Formidable support 
        Forget me requests can now also delete formidable entries
        See Settings > Forget Me > Formidable

- FIX:    Adsense Ads will not be removed when no consent given

- NEW:    Added Support for Adsense
- NEW:    Quform data can now be deleted
- NEW:    Added more option in Forget me options
        about what will be deleted
- FIX:    Updated NL Translations
        Big Thanks to JP Hoey

- NEW:    Added Piwik Integration
- NEW:    Added Slovakian Translation
- NEW:    Added an option to enable Mailster checkbox only
        This way you can use disable our Checkbox for Mailters,
        but still use the unsubscribe link
- NEW:    Added an option to export data as HTML instead of JSON
- FIX:    Updated POT File (Translations)

- NEW:    When mailster integration enabled the privacy center link
        to Unsubscribe directly links to mailster unsubscribe page
- FIX:    Cookie policy in Popup not shown

- NEW:    Added Support for WP 4.9.6
        Some comment & info about WP 4.9.6 & GDPR:
- NEW:    Added an option to allow all cookies when a user is logged in
- FIX:    Call to undefined function wp_delete_user
- FIX:    Testing WP 4.9.6
- FIX:    Updated Slovenian Translations
- FIX:    Moved Settings to an own Menu item for 4.9.6 compatibility

- NEW:    Added Hungarian Translations
- NEW:    Added Tag Manger Body Tag option (need for browsers with JS disallowed)
- FIX:    Fixed an issue with non closing a tag

- NEW:    Added Recaptcha Option
        See settings > General
- NEW:    Added Slowenian Translations
- NEW:    Added FAQ for Quforms
- FIX:    Fixed an issue where Privacy Center was no more available when
        WooCommerce integration activated

- FIX:    Small Misspelling issue
- FIX:    Updates Translation Template

- NEW:    Added Flamingo DB Support
- NEW:    Added Mailster Support
- NEW:    Added WooCommerce to Privacy Settings
        explaining that 2 cookies are neccessary 
        for order processing
- NEW:    Integrations Tutorials:
- NEW:    Filter for Neccessary Cookies: wordpress_gdpr_necessary_cookies
- FIX:    Updated Translations template

- NEW:    Added Facebook Pixel Code Support
- FIX:    If options disabled still show settings

- NEW:    Send out Privacy Policy Update Emails
        Settings > Privacy Policy Update
- NEW:    Decline Cookies in Popup
        This will be saved in a cookie
- NEW:    Added Privacy Settings to popup
- NEW:    Requests can be created even when user 
        does not exists in WP. This allows offline
        or other systems data to send manually.
        Settings > FORM > Disable User Exist Check
- NEW:    Added a manually done button to requests
- FIX:    Adjusted all Popup Texts
        Reset this section in plugin settings
- FIX:    Moved Data Breach Email button to settings page
- FIX:    Added Redirect after Action was taken

- NEW:    Added BuddyPress Support
- NEW:    Added Cloudflare Support

- NEW:    Close Cookie Popup Button
- NEW:    If logged in as admin -> cookies allowed
        This prevents logged out loop
- NEW:    Redux Framework Cookie blocked

- NEW:    Added Disclaimer Page
- NEW:    Added Terms and Conditions Page
- FIX:    Integrations will be accepted when cookies allowed
- FIX:    Updated Translations

- NEW:    Added Imprint Page (necessary for Germany)
- NEW:    Added Machine Translations:
- FIX:    WPML Keys
- FIX:    Ajax check only if enabled in admin panel

- Inital release