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hey dude mircode are you working the chatroom or not if you do not have heart in this I been trying get help from little over week nothing at all i’m losing my patience with you right now dude I give you till sunday then i’m freaking done and get my money back find someone 100% better then you and be happy with

Hi, what was the problem. I am sorry I may lost your previous request.


sdtplt Purchased


I setuped this plugin. But. I creatived page and I added this shortcode [chatroom]. I opened this page. ( I saw the following error. )

What should I do ?

Good work.

[Unknown column ‘u.chatroom_last_activity’ in ‘where clause’]

SELECT u.user_login FROM wp_users u 
WHERE u.ID = 1
AND DATE_ADD( u.chatroom_last_activity, INTERVAL 5 MINUTE ) >= UTC_TIMESTAMP()

Hi, some of the users gave me the same problem. it causes due to some security plugin. To solve this problem i will need to access to your hosting control panel access. please send me message with control panel info to ruhul080@gmail.com . pls dont send any info here.


Hi, does private chat work on mobile? Everything else works fine, but when the private chat tab is active, it appears empty, the sidebar with the usernames does not show up like it does on the desktop site.


Hi, in mobile which browser are you using. So that I can test.


Hi, I tested on my devices using Google Chrome.

Hi, any news on a fix for this issue?


I just bought yor plugin, installed it, created a page and entered the shortcode [chatroom] in the text tab. The page is empty however. I tried it several times, but it just doesn’t work. Can you please help me out?

Best, Jerry

Hi, please install buddypress first. then go to settings -> buddypress check all option then save. If not work send me wp-admin info to ruhul080@gmail.com


Thanks, that worked for me!

can admin be notified when someone enters chatroom

Hi, no admin wont get any notification

Hey there!

I wish to thank you for creating such nice plugin and sharing with the world, keep it up! I have a couple questions I hope you can help me with.

First one is; are you still working on this plugin? The last update was on April ‘16.

Second; how do I add users to a chat? :0

Kind regards.

Currently it is not available. I am planning to include it. Initially this plugin was intended for dating and matrimony site where this feature was not necessary. I got some more request like this. I will consider update this feature.


Thanks a lot for your answer.

Do you know an ETA time, more or less when this might be included?

Kind regards and keep it up!

Hey there,

Are you still around with an answer to the message, please?

Kind regards.

Hi . are you still working on this plugin?

Hi . Is the plugin have widget appear all friend similar with facebook?

Do you mean i need to hire developer create all of stuff chat similar fb and host it on one server (i purchase delicated host) + my web (another delicated host) = Then linked chat in delicated host with domain chat to my web? Have you do custom job for all of this?

See, they way you wanted all the customization is a very big job. Integrating with ios and android with node.js chat system needs custom chat system. You can not integrate this with my plugin. My plugin is only for simple use case.


Thank you for confirm. I will work with company service.

Hello My friend, After i purchased this, they told me that it does not work with my website. ””sandrooFeb 16 2017, 1:10 am you are using bbpress and this plugin is for Buddybress, you know that, right? mbeainyFeb 16 2017, 1:11 am the plugin will not work? Cancelation RequestedFeb 16 2017, 1:12 am sandrooFeb 16 2017, 1:13 am nope, you better ask for refund from the author.”“

So if you please provide us a link to refund.

Hello, Mircode solution, Recently i bought your plugin but when i installed it in my website it shows an error. Please help me, I sent you email and fb messege please check the purchase code. Wordpress chat room group chat plugin. I need to fix this asap its urgent. thank you.

Hi, what was the error. can you please send me screenshot to my email ruhul080@gmail.com also send me wp-admin info to solve. if you already sent me message the pls write your email here.


Hello Please note that your chat thing did not work with my theme. Please provide a full refund asap.

NB: This is my second request for a refund.

Hi, requesting a refund please. Plugin does not work as expected, clashes with multiple themes and Plugins, I have found a more suitable and FREE solution.


Hi, please send message codecanyon a refund request with proper reason. If they find your reason good enough they will refund. They handle the refund.


Hello from Spain :)

I have installed the plugin, and the short code works on the page … however, it does not show me the options in the WordPress settings menu. Could I fix this?

Best, Miguel

Do you laugh at me?... The user and the password of wp-admin, I send to you 7 days ago to his email, and have not had any response yet.

Hello, I have bought your plugin but now… I want that it reinstate the purchase because your plugin does not work well and also… you do not respond in the way it tells its buyers


1. with the purchase of this plugin offered five months of assistance. This is false, developing inattentive to their purchasers of your plugin errors

2. This author’s response time can be up to 2 business days. This also is false. I’ve been 15 days waiting for an answer, I’ve never been able to use the plugin.

3. The plugin doesn’t work well. This I do not say it, read the messages of all dissatisfied buyers


This is a pre-sale question.

I have a wordpress website with Membership2 plugin but without the BuddyPress plugin. Will this plugin work?

Please let me know which one is the better plugin for my requirement:

https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-chat-room-group-chat-plugin/14052818/ or https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-buddypress-users-chat-plugin/10776067/



You need last one in your website. 1st one will not work.


Hi, thanks for your response.

Do you mean I need this plugin “WordPress, BuddyPress Users Chat Plugin”. Do I need to install buddypress for it or can it be used for wordpress normal users? Can you please confirm this?

Thanks again.

yes. “WordPress, BuddyPress Users Chat Plugin” do not need buddypress. any natural user can chat.


I need to have a chatroom. I will be posting out information in real time to members in 1 chat room. The members shouldn’t know each other are in the room… and shouldn’t be allowed to chat back. So basically have it where I can set it up so it’s one to many (ie. me speaking to others).

Here are some other specs I need: Mobile Friendly – responsive. Admin can see everyone but the people in the chat can’t see each other No chat room member list for people to see. Audio Signal when admin posts (I can edit the sound file used) so they know when to look at the chat when it’s been updated. Works on all browsers, iphone and android. I can do settings where other people can’t chat I can put it in Wordpress (ie. and don’t have to have BuddyPress, etc). So, either as a plugin or where I can embed it into a wordpress page. Don’t need login as I will put this behind a password protected wordpress page anyways. So, if it comes with registration/login – need to be able to disable that.

Can your plugin do all of this? Also, I assume I can use my server/website and don’t need any third parties involved?

Good afternoon I was thinking of buying this plugin but I have some questions.

Is it possible to create multiple chats with different parameters? For example, create a chat room where users can share files and another chat room where users can not share files. Something like a premium chat room and another basic chat room

Thank you! I hope to answer before making the purchase

Hi, There is no such premium option. currently everybody can share file, pic and video.