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dolev12 Purchased

Hello, I installed the plugin on my Wordpress system and I do not see it In Settings. What to do ?


dolev12 Purchased

i sent you a mail


dolev12 Purchased

Hey, do not you get the email? I sent you that it did not look good at RTL, The buttons do not display well

Hi, I have lost you mail. also wp-admin link user and pass. can you please send me again. also mention the problem.



when I start a chat with another user I don’t hear any sound on both the PC and smartphone. How can I enable sounds?

Best regards Michele

Yes. Thank you. If I need wp-admin I will let you know. I will check tonight.

OK. I have created login credentials for you. You should have received them by email. Let me know.

Hi, do you have news?

hello, great plugin!
the demo doesn’t open, it keeps loading..

Hi, I have reinstall the plugin here: http://www.chatroom.wpapplab.com/ it is new installation so nobody is there. My hosting provider ask me to reduce traffic so they limit the resource. I have increase the resource now.

hello, the plugin have the functionality to report/kick/ban abusive users? Thanks

You have to delete user from wp-admin user section.

hello – demo seems to be broken perhaps because ssl is not working on embedded frame. Went to embedded frame and it’s not accepting username1/username1. This page http://www.chatroom.wpapplab.com/wp-login.php ends up at can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try:

Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

I have have not given wp-admin user and pass. just use Username1: user1 and Password1: user_1 or Username2: user2 and Password2: user_2 or Username3: user3 and Password3: user_3 or sign up to create new account.

I wasn’t trying to be admin. I was trying to use the demo. The demo is broken.

I just tried. and its working. Sometimes the can’t be reached message comes to me too. I think it is hosting problem. I have taken namecheap hosting. I will talk to them. For now you can just refresh the page.


I need to know would it be possible that all users can chat in group chat as well as in private chat also. There are many users on my website which are not buddypress users.

Please let me know as quickly as possible. I really need your assistance.

Fb registration is possible??


Can you please tell me how to enable group chat for wordpress users alongwith bbpress users. Currently, we have only wordpress users in large extent. I need them to chat privately as well as in public chatrooms also.

Can you please assist me. I really need your asssitance asap.


hi, does it work on a codeigniter framework>? i am interested in your product

Hi. Is it possible to integrate the IBM Watson Assistant (Watson Conversation) service into this Chat?

Hi, Please can this work with users of UPME?

Please Whats the difference between Chat Room, Group Chat Plugin and BuddyPress Users Chat Plugin? which one will go with UPMME?

Hey! I downloaded the chatroom plugin, but its often buggy.

I cant seem to use the private chat, especially when I refresh the chatroom (through the first button) I could really use a fix. Thanks


Ethannyc Purchased


No one seems to be able to create multiple chat rooms (different topics). I have a few different topics that I’d like to create chat rooms for. Is this possible as it says it is?

Thank you

Is there a limitation in number of members ? Thank you.


marksot Purchased

Plugin not working , installed buddypress too. only the shortcode [chatroom] shows on the page. kindly help


benf07 Purchased


I just installed this plugin. Seems to work, but when nobody is logged, this plugin make many bugs in my site :( Only work when the user is logged

I use ARMember to log-in.


benf07 Purchased

I solved the problem with a plugin that organize plugin and desactive plugin chatroom if people not connected. But this is not a great solution

hey there can it work without login