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OMG! 3 days straight. No response~~

I am looking to buy your plugin for my website. I want personal chat online and offline messaging and group chat between users. I want to know will you provide me full source code? and I want source code without minified files I want full files and which server are u using for the chat. Please inform me.


noelsaw Purchased

Hello, on our BuddyPress WP site we’re getting this error message. According to your product screenshot it should support BuddyPress?

Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lk08cg3q6nbicv4/Screenshot%202017-10-23%2010.32.41.png?dl=0 Screenshot 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uu860nsoe04bvtv/chat-error.jpeg?dl=0

Thanks for your help!


high6 Purchased

Hi I’ve emailed to ruhul080@gmail.com some bugs with Email Subject: “Urgent Bugs – WordPress Chat Room, Group Chat Plugin” last Oct 24, but I have not yet received a reply.

Here are some of the bugs, note that in the email I have included the screenshots for reference: 1. Database Options – It doesn’t clear/delete chat history, even when set on back-end 2. Group Chat – It doesn’t merge group chat box when the group name is clicked on the right side, it just open a new tab for the open group chat. 3. Private Chat – Sometimes it display “Undefined” instead of the users name when clicked on any of the users on the right side. I need to refresh the page for it to work properly. And it always displays “No Online Members” though I have 2 online chat friends and also a member of the same chat group. 4. Profile – It says Messages (2), but when viewed on all the tabs under Messages Tab, there isn’t any messages, it also displays “Sorry, no messages were found.” Same goes with other notifications. Chat notifications doesn’t always work also

I really appreciate your prompt response, since these are bugs!

I am not asking for an installation, I am however asking how it is that you do install this correctly, for I have activated the plugin AND installed BuddyPress, but this does not make sense and the documentation included does not work, as it only has an index.php and 3 images….

This is very confusing and feels like i’m missing something big time. . .

hi, it is derived solely by a shortcode called [chatroom] . just put it in a page or post and save. It will load automatically. One thing after installing buddypress please go to setting -> buddypress then check all field and save.

Okay i’ve figured out how to see it – didn’t know it was driven solely by a shortcode, but now i’m stuck trying to figure out how to moderate it, to be able to assign people to remove messages and what not.

hi, it is derived solely by a shortcode called [chatroom] . just put it in a page or post and save. It will load automatically. One thing after installing buddypress please go to setting -> buddypress then check all field and save.

Hello, I have installed this and it looks nothing like the demo at all… It is also not responsive as when I click groups on a mobile the chat screen is barely there. Please advise what the issue is or sort out a refund. Thank you.

Hi, It may conflict with your theme css. Please send me wp-admin link, user and pass to my email ruhul080@gmail.com . Please also mention the problem. If I can not sort it our you will certainly get refund.


I need to be able to create “sticky” admin messages. For example, admin 1 says “Hello all … ” it goes to top of chat room as sticky, admin2 stays “Hello all … ” it goes below admin 1 sticky note.

Can you help me with that ?


Why did you removed chat plugin from Codecanyon? Can it be bought?

Hello, I am having problems the direct message system. My BuddyPress messages icon shows a red notification symbol whenever I receive a DM, however it does not say that the notification came from the chat plugin. Additionally, the chat room does not retain any direct messages that I have sent or received. How do I go about mending this?


- Does the plugin supports RTL?

- Can the plugin be used without wordpress.

- Does it support multisite?

- Can I disable group creation for certain user roles (subscriber)?

- Can a chat be consistent of one group (created by admin) and users can chat publicly or choose to chat with one user privately? I would like to create about 20 chat rooms, each consist of 1 group and place each on a different page. User login to the site and choose the room s/he want and start chat.

Best, thanks !


Plugin be bad in smartphone.

3 days straight. No response.

Please help me.

Thank you.

I have been using Cometchat for many years on my multisite. All of a sudden it stopped working. I have not been happy with their lack of tech support and have decided to try a new chat app.

I have tried a few freebies but none of them will work on my site either.

I’m concerned that if I buy your plugin, it may not work. Is there a free version that I can try, or would it be possible to get a refund if it doesn’t work?


manvel71 Purchased

Hello guys, there’s a bug in private chat section that whenever I hit refresh button, the user lists will all set to “undefined” or something like “null” which results to stop working properly.


i need demo test for this script i will purchase after test please inbox me www.facebook.com/hamzakhanweb my website http://www.chatiwcam.com/groups/nts-apply-national-testing-service-nts/members/

Hi, I try to explain my needs. I want a 2 users chat with a supervisor and with the possibility to block some words. Does this plugin work for me? Thanks


Is it possible to make every chat in the chatroom typed by a user only visible for the administrator? Example: 10 user, 1 room, alle messages only visible for the admin. Is this plugin heavy for the server?

Kind regards,


Hi is it responsive. I want to use it on mobile phones mostly.

Yes. it is responsive.

Hello, Could you customize this to my needs? Please provide a way to contact you privately.

Please send message to ruhul080@gmail.com