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Discussion on WordPress Automatic Plugin

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Hi, any idea when youll have the clickbank issue fixed? Thanks


just bought your plugin and now im searching for theme, will the reddit and tiktok video import work with True Mag theme?

Best regards.


It can work with any theme so pick the one you like

Regards, Atef

features request: 1. a column to show each templates set time ex. 15min,20mis its visible in Campaigns

2. quick edit of the times in Campaigns section

thanx for reading this!

Thanks for the suggestions.

Regards, Atef

Just curious when installing this plugin with youtube api , how many posts you normally can pull from youtube to wordpress? I have installed it and it only posts 3-5 posts per day… How many videos can normally can you post to wordpress with one Api?

- The plugin posts one post each update interval and you can set the update interval from one minute to days

- This is how the plugin works to post for each campaign for multiple reasons

Reasons include but not limited to,

- SEO purpose as it is not natural that a blog posts lot’s of posts at the same exact time which will lead to a search engine blacklist

- Keep being light on servers and take as low resources as possible. Adding a single post induce running multiple database queries for the post, comments, metadata and more especially that other plugins may work on publish that modify things for SEO and Social Network Posters that add additional load to the script

- Dribbling posts one by one give the user the chance to publish posts to social networks (if needed) other than posting multiple posts at the exact same time

- You can check this on how to make the plugin contentiously posts

If the campaign posts just fine when running it manually but not posting automatically, You will need to set up an external cron job. Check this for more

Regards, Atef

Hi. Target single page has 1022 internal links. I want to ignore the first 1017 links and start extracting contents from all the rest. There is a common word shared among the first 1017 links and I added this common word inside the banned words. Note the banned words doesn’t appear for links after the first 1017. The problem is, by doing this I get this error: ‘error No Reason Phrase If this error persists, please visit the plugin settings page and enable the option named “Disable register_shutdown_function”. This could be a solution’. I enabled this option but still doesn’t work. I can’t use the pagination feature by the way. Any idea how to fix? The fact is, If I remove the banned word then the plugin works fine, but it starts extracting content from link 1 which I don’t really want. Is there any other way to ignore the first 1017? I don’t know is there maybe a list of banned urls to ignore or something?

EDIT: Never mind. It looks like this problem only happens if I trigget the Run Campaign button. If I let the trigger to be the cronjob then it works fine

clickbank Not working, is there any way to fix it? 2You can update Other affiliate lists like

Clickbank module stopped working due to recent changes. it is currently pending update.

Regards, Atef


jeanbro Purchased

Hi, how can I display the post author’s name?


Which campaign type and where do you want to display it?

Regards, Atef


jeanbro Purchased

Google feeds

I want to try the aliexpress module, but not available in your demo site. Can you try that aliexpress affiliate module is working as of now?. Is it able to post an affiliate link successfully?.

added to the demo.

Thanks.. Tested. here’s the result..

not correct or expired<—Got a login page instead, your cookie is expired/not correct for sure Was not able to get an affiliate link, we will use the normal link instead

By the way, the session is instantly changing in aliexpress portal everytime it is loaded/refresh.


rastamonk Purchased

Seems the plugin couldn’t extract anything more than what is in the feed =10… Having problem trying copy the older posts, many. Is there a setting that I could tell the plugin to crawl deeper (for older posts)?

Rss feeds usually contain the latest 10 posts from the source so when you import from RSS feed, the plugin will import all these latest 10 posts and all coming new posts. It will not import older posts that are no more visible on the RSS feed

If you want to import older posts, you can try the Multi-page scraper module instead which can import from the site without the need to an RSS feed and also supports pagination so you can import from older posts

Regards, Atef

Hi, I need urgent help as I’m delivering a project, any chance of attending to my support ticket pls. Much appreciated.

If this is not going to work as advertised (import from instagram) I would like to request a refund for both licenses please. We bought this plugin to import client content from their instagram to Wordpress. Thank you for your understanding

This change has recently appeared and we are working on coping with it with a new update

You can still submit a refund here if you do not want to wait for the update

Regards, Atef

Purpose is not to refund, we obviously want to use the plugin, I just need to know the ETA for a new update so we can see if we can finish our project on time. If this is going to take a month or two then we can’t wait. Kindly advise. Thanks

Is it possible to combine several sources in the same campaign? For example, pull articles from ezine and use flickr for featured images.

The plugin currently imports from a single source per campaign.

Regards, Atef

Hi, everything was working last year and now it’s not. And my support is expired. What should I do now? Your plugin should work as it is and must not require any intervention.


If a specific module is not working for you, you can report that here and we will let you know if there is a generic issue

if there is a generic issue, we will update the plugin to sort this and if it is something that is just on your site, you can open a support ticket here

Regards, Atef

hi, how can i even submit a ticket? My license is already expired. I didn’t even use it for the last 6 months. Please check this error:

Plugin started performance report before running the script: 89.88MB of ram and DB queries count:43 Processing Campaign KCA Announcements { 2757 } Processing FB page: FB URL: No valid cache found requesting facebook<—Number of chars returned:60033 Warning: Not logged in which means the current session cookie is not correct or got expired. The plugin will not be able to paginate or access content that requires authentication (Add a new session if you have any issues) Caching the results.. items:0 End of available items reached…. Deleting cache as no more valid items found… No next page available Plugin complteted running.. peak ram used was: 91.80 MB, current:90.81, DB queries count:61, Time used: 2.380 seconds


vanthang1 Purchased

By default, the plugin ignores duplicate links. So when the article is updated, the content cannot be obtained. Is there a way to ignore duplicate links and update new content? thank you

No, the plugin does not import/check the same link twice. only the single page scraper which can import a single post can update or post a new post if the content changes

Regards, Atef


pagenet Purchased

Clickbank campaigns are all returning 403 errors from cloudflare. Did they block us? Another CB plugin I know of recently had to update their API call to fix it.

Clickbank module is currently pending update due to recent changes. stay tuned.

Regards, Atef


NewsNerd Purchased


1. Fetch More then 1 Article in One Run!!! (Competitor got this!) 2. Cron maybe: Every 10 Seconds!!


Thanks for the suggestion

Regards, Atef

Please how can i block a domain feed from coming to the blog? i use the bad words filter but seems not to work

The plugin already can check for a specific name/word and skip the post if found

We have a help desk setup for support. Please open a support ticket here.

Regards, Atef

soynadie Purchased

Will they put back the option to search on Google?

Not sure what option are you talking about and search for what exactly?

soynadie Purchased

When I bought the first version I had the option to search for news on google by keywords

There was the selection option

Amazon ezinearticle Youtube ClickBank Vimeo Google

And now that I have reinstalled the script I don’t see this option anymore

You can check this tutorial on how to import from Google news

Regards, Atef


Pre-Sales Enquiry:

I try checked your demo but it seems not working for me or probably I don’t know how to get it right.

I want to use the plugin to collect poetry content from different websites but after watching your video I still not working. instead, it only import poem title only to my website.

Meanwhile, the plugin suppose to import Poem Title, Content in full, Category, Tag, Author, etc.

Using this URL for example – – “poem” is Category while “melancholy” is Tag.

How can I scrap all poems with full contents under a particular “Category” such as OR “Tag” ?

Kindly response back with how I can get this done please.

Thank you


Tested importing from the mentioned post and it worked just fine

we can use the feeds or multi-page scraper campaign type

We have a help desk setup for support. Please open a support ticket here after purchase if you have any issue/question.

Regards, Atef

hello, is there an automatic sharing of automated news that comes to our site from outside

api social media


WP Automatic plugin job is to import from other sites to WordPress, it does not do the counter

If you want to share your site posts to social media, you can use a dedicated plugin for this need like this one

Regards, Atef

thank you very much

If we generate content from twitter and ig, can we grab and post inside of the pages ? So it will be very long long huge pages at the end.


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