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yazkadir Purchased

“Don’t post video items” not working for instagram.

And always scraping newest shares. I want to scrape and post popular shares from instagram hashtag pages.

For example :

I always post 0 likes instagram shares. How can i post popular shares?



May be there were items cached at the database before activating the option to skip the videos

The plugin caches some posts from Instagram to post from and if you have activated this option recently then only new items fetched again from Instagram will not contain video items

you can deactivate the caching option temporarily and run the campaign twice.

- I have modified the plugin and added a new option to post only popular items

send me a message here so I can send you the updated file.

Regards, Atef


eramax Purchased

I need to use Bing Translator but I can’t get APP ID because their services was discontinued?? When I try to register me I see this message:

DataMarket and Data Services are being retired and will stop accepting new orders after 12/31/2016. Existing subscriptions will be retired and cancelled starting 3/31/2017. Please reach out to your service provider for options if you want to continue service.

Microsoft closed the datamarket and now moved the translator to Azure marketplace

new instructions will be provided asap.

Hi, can I pick the title, date by using the xpath/css selector in a post. I intend to get news from a website. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t offer the RSS. I must create feed using tool Feed Creator from FiveFilters. In this feed, it does not have correct titles, dates. It just has correct links only. Is it possible in Wp-Automatic. At least, it must catch the title via xpath. Thanks


No the plugin can not get the title using xPath. It suppose that any feed contains the title by default.

Regards, Atef

hey, in public of groups public, can i have price separed of sell posts in facebook? ex: {price_id] ?


No the price is inside the post content with no separate tag.

Regards, Atef


kmeier Purchased


I have an RSS feed with an “embed” parameter, which contains the movie in an iframe:

Example of RSS:



<embed><![CDATA[<iframe src=”” frameborder=”0” width=”500” height=”340” scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen></iframe>]]></embed>


How would I get the content of the RSS parameter “embed” so that it adds the iframe to the content of the wordpress post?


We have a help desk setup for support, please open a support ticket here

Regards, Atef


gbrener1 Purchased

Hi I want to use but their site as some product which suggested the purchase and download as software does not seem like there is any api based product that they are selling so how should activate spinner ?


Use the same email and password that you use to login here

If you don’t know them, contact thebestspinner support for help getting them

Regards, Atef


Can you please add Spin Rewriter as a spinning tool also in the plugin? I have Spin Rewriter but don’t the best spinner. Thanks.


WordPress Automatic has built-in integration for further options regarding spinning, check Wordpress Auto Spinner

It has integration to most spinning services including spinRewriter

Regards, Atef

PreSales Question: How much a number of posts it will grab from 1 run of RSS Feed?


- The plugin posts one post each update interval and you can set the update interval from one minute to days

- This is how the plugin works to post for each campaign for multiple reasons

Reasons include but not limited to,

- SEO purpose as it is not natural that a blog posts lot’s of posts at the same exact time which will lead to a search engine blacklist

- Keep being light on servers and take as low resources as possible. Adding a single post induce running multiple database queries for the post, comments, metadata and more especially that other plugins may work on publish that modify things for SEO and Social Network Posters that add additional load to the script

- Dribbling posts one by one give the user the chance to publish posts to social networks (if needed) other than posting multiple posts at the exact same time

Regards, Atef


I want to import from facebook its working correctly, i want all images to be insert as wordpress gallery. how can i do that.


The plugin does not have a dedicated gallery.

If you have a gallery script at your theme, Images html may be modified to have this gallery selector using the search and replace feature

For example if when you add images with the rel=”lightbox” and this makes images displays in a lighbox or as a gallery

then search and replace

img by img rel=”lightbox”

Regards, Atef

Is this plugin compatible with cpts and the divi theme?

Don’t know what is “cpts” is, but the plugin should work with any wordpress theme because it inserts the content to the wordpress editor like we do manually.

Hi. I get this error when I try and create a post with Facebook campaign.

Unexpected api response: { “error”: { “message”: “(#15) Requires session when calling from a desktop app”, “type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 15, “fbtrace_id”: “D0hWcNj9WcS” } }


We have a help desk setup for support, please open a support ticket here

Regards, Atef

My support has expired. Worked fine before the latest update.

Tested your page with the latest version and working just fine

Check your Facebook APP setting or create a new APP

Hi, many Youtuber are using Emojis (like in WhatsApp) in their video titles. In my view this videos cannot imported by your plugin. Is it planned to implement this function? Regards, Rico


Please provide a url for a video that contains emojis and WPA didn’t post it.

Regards, Atef


for example

Thank you! Regards, Rico


mwhalen Purchased

Just bought your plugin and am very very happy with it! any chance of any big chinese seller sites being added as id love to be able to pull from and/or aliexpress thanks in advance from a well chuffed customer mike

Hi Mike,

I have noted your suggestion to the plugin development suggestions list so it may be added with future versions of the plugin. Please note that there is no specific ETA or guarantee that it will be implemented. Thanks for your suggestion.

Regards, Atef

Hello, I am interested in purchasing this plugin. However I am a bit confused by the TOS regarding licenses.

I want to use the same plugging on several sites that I own.

Is there a extended license to use on multiple sites or will I have to purchase a single license at $21 each per site?



Regular license allows the user to use the item at a single website and for each new site a new regular license should be purchased

You can check more about the regular license here

Regards, Atef

I was checking the documentation and point 25: “Make permalinks link directly to the source” called my attention. Will google index posts from my site even this option is enabled? I don’t want a drop in traffic because of this. What’s the main point besides linking directly to source? Does it help saving server resources like storage, broadband, etc.? Thanks in advance.

Hello, i’m still using an older version of Nelio External Featured Image (which is now discontinued), which was working great. Do you recommend using the newer version; Nelio content? That doesn’t look like it would still work.. have you tested and do you recommend that? or another plugin like FEATURED IMAGE FROM URL (

Or this one;, it says it uses nelio’s metadata: This Plugin is compatible with Nelio External Featured Image Metadata, so you can reuse your data in case you want to uninstall Nelio Plugin.

(btw, i love this plug in)

Hi, are you planing to add aliexpress affiliate links to the plugin? Would be awesome! Thanks.

Hi, I want to purchase this plugin to be used with Cactus themes Videopro template. I see in the patch updates you automatically support this, and that it does vimeo,youtube,dailymotion out of the box. But I want to know specifically does it also support facebook as a source, how often can I pull data from a specific page? And can I pull only videos or does it just grab everything? The objective is to grab facebook live stream video (once they stop their live bit and just become vids.) and embed them immediately (or asap) into my site.