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I have encountered a problem with the unpacking of the Kingdom folder (version 3.3). The rest of the folders are fine.

Error details: 1 Headers Error: 2.5\Kingdom – Amazon Affiliates Theme

(there are 782 of these “Header Errors”)

Is there a way to fix this? I have tried re-downloading the zip file and tried different unzipping software.


Hi moviemugstore,
Try to use another unziping software.

Best regards

Its necessary to have WooCommerce or can only run with WordPress only.

I not run a shop only i want to display widget automatically detects Amazon products for each article.

If can’t do this, do you know any?

Hi SnAFKe,
What you need is our Contextual plugin. Take a look and see if that is what you need.

Best regards


I want to purcahse this great plugin. But I have few questions in my mind…

I want to do a book store and want to add all the selfhelp books to it written by eminitent American Authors. I have Amazon India Affiliate ID and I will be adding books from Amazon India site (amazon.in) using ASIN Codes. I will be promoting this book store using Email Marketing and currenly I have 75000 subscribers in my email list. Majority of my subscribers are from India and USA. Out of 150K, 20% subscribers are from USA.

Thus if someone clicks the “Buy From Amazon” button from USA it should take them to Amazon.com instead of Amazon.in (Amazon India)

How can I do the same? I don’t want to add the same product twice using ASIN both from Amazon US and Amazon India.

Note: As I will be using W3 Total Cache Pluging then any Geo Targeting Plugin will not work…

Hi pwnlive,
Unfortunately you will not be able to do this.

Best regards


h_max Purchased

That plugin of cache I can use with woozone

Hello, You can use W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Regards, B

@h_max No cache plugins work with WooZone

Hello, You can use W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Regards, B

You can certainly use them but they are useless. They don’t work with WooZone.


teekaboo Purchased

Product variation is not working ? What can be the problem?

Hi teekaboo,
Make sure you have the latest version installed. Also make sure that you have the force parent asin option on from Amazon config. Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com if you need further assistance.

Best regards

hi guys, I bought a license for this a couple of months back for a site, I am looking to potentially move my site to another domain. If I clone my site will my license work on the new domain. Also am I able to use this to create a price comparison website with other vendors such as amazon, ebay etc. thanks

Hi agrtechnology3123,
Yes, you can use the license on other domain, just make sure that you don’t have the plugin activated on two different websites at once.

Best regards

hi guys, i just bought them on 25 /06/2017 but i can’t install my them i think my them has broken or missing something. can you suggest how should i do?

Please open a ticket on the support platform and don`t forget to include all the install details.

Regards, B.

Hello I am wondering if I can put other items in my woozone store that do not come from Amazon. Please help with this ASAP!