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I already have a licence for another wordpress affiliatetheme, which deliver their own solution for handling.

At the moment, I just work with woozone, but only because of one reason. I am just at the beginning with my one-man start-up and to be honest, i still working for the money, that i can purchase all the plugins by them.

First of all, I have to customise the language to german for my own use.

5 stars and thumbs up to AA-TEAM!!!

for Customer Support

The Best Customer support!

They quickly solved all the problems I had with the site menus

for Flexibility

The bundles serves my needs pretty well. I ended up using Storefront instead of their theme as it presents blog/products better in my mind and is faster.

Support has been responsive dealing with my queries and issues. I wish it handled out of stock products and syncing better but overall it works well.

for Customer Support

contento con la aplicación y con el soporte ,bastante efectivo

Such measurements of size and dimensions appears that are not acceptable

PackageDimensions 591, hundredths-inches, 591, hundredths-inches, 300, hundredths-pounds, 591, hundredths-inches

Leave a comment but no professional response received!

for Code Quality

Nice theme and Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Enthusiast.

Very responsive support team.

for Customer Support

Once again great service from the AA-Team.
I had an unrelated problem of my own making which the AA team spotted and corrected.

Thanks Guys
Steve Donnelly

for Feature Availability

Woozone has been excellent and customer support has been very responsive. The setup is simple and the importer is powerful. Highly recommend!

for Code Quality

This plugin works like a champ, however, if you're looking to optimize each of the pages organically in the search engines you're going to come up with a lot of issues. Between the drastic increase in 404's, duplicate pages, and other site errors my site got dinged by Google so I was forced to remove it from my site. The product works great for uploading products in bulk but if your marketing strategy is based around SEO, you're going to run into literally thousands of technical errors on your site.

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