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Hi :) Small question, but how do I change the page loading circle to a square? Thank you!

it is a gif named preloader.gif you find inside the img the folder. You can try replacing that image with the one you like.
Then eventually you should edit the wcuf-backend.css file you find inside the css folder and adjust the style rule for the .wcuf_preloader_image selecotr.

This should do the job :)

Thanks Vanquish. I can’t seem to find the img folder though? Am I looking in the correct place? /themes/savoy/img ?

no, it is inside the plugin folder ( plugins/woocommerce-upload-files\img ).

the preloader.gif is the one used when adding a new upload field. the loader.gif is the one used when in the order details before reloading the page (its style is definde inside the css\wcuf-frontend-order-detail.css.php , selector #wcuf_infinite_bar ).


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hello we want the plugin to come out of one as soon as the product comes out for the client to add his image. is happening that first adds to the cart and there if it refreshes and leaves the plugin to add the image, but it would be mounting to the product double cart: 1 without image and another with the image. thank you for helping us to configure it in this way, send screenshots of the procedure, thanks

unfortunately I’m not sure to completely understand the configuration you are trying to achieve.

However if you just want to make customer to be able to add the same product different times on cart (and each product with its own uploaded files), just use the Products addable multiple times to cart menu you find in the plugin menu. It will help you to configure which product can be added different times to cart (optionally you can enable this feature for all products). Let me know if this was what you needed :)


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Hi, excellent plugin BUT one big thing that lets it down is when uploading files (on order details page) it required too many steps to upload a file. It’s such a simple thing and it’s complicating the process for no reason. Why do I need to add files and click upload files and then click save too? I only would select a file I want to upload anyway, can’t it automatically just upload the file for me?. Can i remove this step? Or if not then remove the need to click save after uploads. Even when i tested this plugin myself, I accidentally only clicked upload files and didn’t hit save as it’s confusing.

Too many steps. I want to simple click add files, once ready click one button to confirm my uploads (either save or upload files – whatever the button is called – just one button required). Can this be possible?

actually you’re right. I’ve worked to remove that additional step! I’ve just released the new 31.5 version that no longer requires the user to click the “Save” button to confirm the uploads.
I hope you enjoy :)


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Ah that is absolutely brilliant! Thank you for taking the point on board and fixing it in less than a day. Can i see it working on the demo now too? I will now test to see and definitely will purchase. Very impressed with your support/response :)

Thank you for your appreciation :)

yes the demo site has been updated to the latest plugin version, you can have a try there! :)

P. S.
if you decide to purchase please also consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really really appreciate! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)


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Hi, one final question before purchase – is it possible to disable “delete files” option on front end for users. Once the user has uploaded their file, I don’t want to allow them to delete the file later (as we will process the order quickly and changes can’t be made easily). Can this be possible?

This means the Delete button and the X delete icon would need to be disabled/removed. Can this be done?

yes! :)
to do that you can mark the order as completed. Once done, the user (by default) will not longer be able to edit the uploaded files.


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Is it possible to make the file upload field on the thank you page and order details page to be on the top of the page instead of the bottom of the page?

Unfortunately it is showed for every field.

However another solution comes to my mind: to show just a one time text before the upload area, you can edit the view_order_template.php template file you will find inside the template folder inside the plugin.

On the top of it, on line 8:

you can add your html code! :)


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Perfect that will do for now. Thanks for all your help. I’ll be sure to leave a great review :)

I would reeeeally appreciate! :)
Have a good night! :)


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Hi, using Avada 5.4 and the field does not show on order details or thank you pages. I’ve set it to show in back end but it’s not visible. Any idea why?

it could be due to a misconfiguration or a 3rd party plugin interference. Have you enabled any visibility restriction option (role, payment gatway, disabled the “standard managment” via options menu, ...) ?

Can you try disabling your 3rd party plugin to see if you still experience the issue?
If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
I can perform some tests to try to figure out the cause of the issue. Thank you.

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Is there any plan for this software to work on woocommerce 3.3 ?

Kind regards


The plugin fully supports WooCommerce 3.3. Please make sure to be using the latest 31.6 plugin version.

You can manually update by redownloading the plugin from its codecanyon page or automatically receive update by installing the Envato updater plugin: To activate the plugin, click on Envato Market menu voice -> Settings and then click on the generate a personal token, follow the on-screen instruction and then paste the generated token. Once done you will be notified in case of plugin updates and in case you will be able to automatically update them.

Let me know if you still experience any issue.

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Image crop/rotation is not working correctly for images with transparency like .png images. When rotating the images all transparent pixels are converted to black pixels.

Steps to reproduce:
Note: These steps are reproducible in your demo.

1. Enable the ‘Crop Editor’.
2. Upload an image with transparent pixels.
3. Rotate the image (left or right)

Expected result:
The image is rotated with the original transparent pixels intact.

Actual result:
The image is rotated but all original transparent pixels are converted to black pixels.

After some investigation it seems like the plugin converts all images to jpg, regardless of original mime type.

function ajax_rotate_image()
    $file = $_FILES["image"]['tmp_name'];
    $degrees =  isset($_POST['direction']) && $_POST['direction'] == 'right' ? -90 : +90;

    $source = imagecreatefromjpeg($file);

    $rotate = imagerotate($source, $degrees, 0);

    $data = ob_get_contents();
    echo 'data:image/jpeg;base64,' .base64_encode($data);


And it seems that the cropper.js file also assumes we are always working with jpeg files:

getDataURL: function ()
    context.drawImage(elem_to_render/* this.image */, 0, 0, sw, sh, temp_dx, temp_dy, temp_dw, temp_dh);

    var imageData = canvas.toDataURL('image/jpeg', 0.85);
    return imageData;
getImageDataURL: function()
    var canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
    var context = canvas.getContext('2d');
    canvas.width = this.image.width;
    canvas.height = this.image.height;
    context.drawImage(this.image , 0, 0, this.image.width, this.image.height);
    return canvas.toDataURL('image/jpeg', 1);

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Thanks for getting back to me.
If you appreciated my efforts to assist you, please consider donating to my Paypal. I would really appreciate it. ;)


BrainPulse Purchased

Did you apply the patch manually? It seems like only the changes to `cropbox.js` have been applied and not the (more important) changes to `WCUF_Media`.

Yes the WCUF_Media.php has been updated. As you can see from 41 to 45 the lines that were commented in the previous version (due to the fact I was still speriementing them) now are not commented anymore and are using the parameters you suggested. Same thing for line 284 and 285.


How easy is it to move the ‘upload file’ into its own section of the product page. I’d like to be able to have the ‘upload file’ option at the bottom of the page, in a tab system.

If so, i’d be purchasing today :)

yes you can do that by following these two steps:
  1. use the [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] shortcode inside the product page in the place you wish to render the upload area
  2. in the Options menu, under the Disable upload field standard managment area select the Product pages option (this is mandatory otherwise the first step won’t work)

This feature cannot be tested on the demo site (I disabled the second option) however if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email I can send you the access to a private demo site where you can test that feature before purchasing to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectations!

Hi! I’ve sent the email, thank you :)

Got it, I’ll answer shortly with login data.

We have experienced a small bug in the plugin we think, and although easy for us to rectify wanted to ask you to fix it for future releases. It’s an easy fix and can apply it manually but it’s ‘best’ that the author of the plugin does it so that when the next release comes out fixing any other bugs we don’t have to manually track the things we’ve patched ourselves.

The error appears on the “order complete” page

Error as follows-

Error message; Notice: Undefined index: name in /home/reflexstage/repo/web/app/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_Media.php on line 60 var_dump of $field_data inside get_media_preview_html() returns array(13) { [“id”]=> string(6) “0-1445” [“title”]=> string(155) “Upload Artwork Here – 1)select desired files 2)click UPLOAD SELECTED FILES 3)Proceed to checkout (A4 Table Top Roller Banner)” [“quantity”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(1) “1” } [“absolute_path”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(77) ”/home/reflexstage/repo/web/app/uploads/wcuf/3547/1445-0/59015_landscape-2.jpg” } [“url”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(106) “” } [“original_filename”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(21) “59015_landscape-2.jpg” } [“source”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(5) “local” } [“num_uploaded_files”]=> int(1) [“user_feedback”]=> string(0) ”” [“is_multiple_file_upload”]=> bool(true) [“ID3_info”]=> string(4) “none” [“upload_field_id”]=> string(23) “wcufuploadedfile_0-1445” [“tmp_name”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(77) ”/home/reflexstage/repo/web/app/uploads/wcuf/3547/1445-0/59015_landscape-2.jpg” } }

I would expect it just needs [‘name’] changing to [‘original_filename’]

Look forward to hearing your thoughts

Kind regards


thank you for reporting the issue, however int he WCUF_Media.php file on line 60 I do not find that statement. It could be due to the fact you are running an old plugin version. Could you try updating to the latest 31.8 version?

You can manually updating by redownloading the plugin from codecanyon or automatically by installing the Envato updater plugin: To activate the plugin, click on Envato Market menu voice -> Settings and then click on the generate a personal token, follow the on-screen instruction and then paste the generated token. Once done you will be notified in case of plugin updates and in case you will be able to automatically update them.

Once done report me if you still experience the issue!