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Hi there, I’m having an issue using the plugin’s feedback textarea feature. Sometimes the content doesn’t save at all and other times it does.

I’m not sure how to debug this issue as it seems to happen randomly, I’ve tried varying the amount of uploaded files to see whether that had an effect, but it did not.

Do you have any ideas about what could be causing this issue or any advice regarding things to try?

Thanks for your help

It sounds very strange. Note that the feedback text is saved only when a file is submitted. Are you customers submitting any file when modifing the feedback text?

Furtermore it could be due to a low value of the PHP php max input vars var. Check the WooCommerce -> System Status -> PHP Max Input Vars. It should be above 6000, if not please your PHP.ini file and se the max_input_vars varible to a value greater than 6000.

If the php max input vars is too low it could be that not all the posted variables are stored by the backend.

At last, try also to update the plugin to the latest 27.3 that you can download from codecanyon or automatic update installing the Envato updater plugin: (download clicking: )

Hello, the plugin doesn’t disable the standard upload fields, so it doesn’t look like your screenshot. Confusing to users, can you please help?

It could be then due to the https content load issue your server seeems suffering, as reported in the previous comment, I’ve performed some additional checks, you site seems to be not properly able to load plugin css files and some other theme fonts over https. Infact if you try to access to this plugin css file: you get a “Forbidden” access error. Thiis could be the cause of the plugin malfunctioning. If it is not able to properly load its assets it will not properly work.

Make sure your hosting and wordpress installation is properly configured to load content on https. Contact your hosting maintainer asking him why loading those file the servers refuses to serve content.

Thanks again for your quick response. I’ve spoken with MediaTemple, who manages the site and hosting, and they say there’s nothing wrong with the SSL implementation. They also say there aren’t any errors with the site except for the ones pertaining to this plugin; everything is running just fine.

They also verified that all of the file permissions are as they should be (755 and 644). The server is configured properly.

I’m quite excited to figure this out, because your plugin is the only plugin I found with cloud upload integration. However, the site is not new and is not having any issues other than this. With the host provider confirming nothing is amiss on the hosting end, and having set up a staging server with no plugins and the default Wordpress theme, unless you have a different suggestion, I think we’ve eliminated any possibility of something being wrong there.

If you think site access would be helpful in order to see what’s happening, I’m happy to email you a log in to the staging server.

If it’s also of any help to you, the site is hosted on nginx/apache proxy, we use Cloudflare, and our caching is managed by WP-Rocket. Again, on the staging server, we’ve disabled both caching and Cloudflare. So, there’s no interference coming from either of those services.

Unfortuantely it is not a plugin issue. As you can see from this simple http request:
You hosting is raising a 403. This has nothing to do with the plugin, it is just a http request managed directly by the servers not by the plugin .This means there isn’t any workaround I can implement on my plugin scripts to fix your server.

Futhermore as you can see in the demo site, where the server is properly working, the same request: is properly managed by the server and it returns the reuqested css file.

You shoud report them this link and ask them why the server is raising the 403 on that simple http request. Once fixed the plugin will be able to load its assets and then properly work

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Hi, I have set up your plugin successfully and it works as I wish however I get a ‘warning’ error displayed on the checkout page for some reason (I have checked and made sure it’s from your plugin as when i disable the plugin error disappears).

Could you please try it go to

a sample product and upload the image and then continue to the CHECKOUT page.

Please let me know how I can sort this out asap as I have tried reinstalling the plugin with no success.


I’ve just performed a test purchasing the Large Rectangle \ OSB \ 290×190mm #1 product and the Checkout process ended successfully.
You should see a new order by a John Doe (guest user).

Could you report me which error message are you exactly displaying? Could you share some screenshot? Could you also report me a more detailed step by step guide on how to reproduce the issue?
Than you.


have a Problem.

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_name() on boolean in /homepages/11/d516965607/htdocs/ on line 310

please help me.

Cheers, isicom

Did you got my email with the login data?

Yes, got it. I’ll reply via email with the result of my tests. Thank you.

Ok, I’ve just answered the result via email. I’ve received a second private message by you but it was blank. Please reply via email if you want to send me additional messages.


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Hello. Good work on the plugin. I would like to ask if it is possible to have a shortcode available (or a function) to display the upload form in a custom page that is not a classic Product page. I am using another plugin that is a product builder but the ID of the product is static. The page for that builder is not a woocommerce product page but it includes everything from the variable product included for the product builder. I would like to show the upload files form in there and I can’t seem to be able to do it. It shows up correctly in cart and checkout page but not in the builder page. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried using the [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] shortcode? It should work if the global $post variable has been properly setted by that plugin with the id of the product you are managing.

In alternative, you could add the upload area for a product using the following php code:
global $wcuf_product_page_addon,
$wcuf_product_page_addon->add_uploads_on_product_page(false, $product_id);
Where the $product_id is the id of the product you need.

qpakis Purchased

The shortcode didn’t work, but the solution with the global variable and function did! Thank you so much for the fast response and solution!

Very glad to hear that! :)

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I used your demo site and this plugin is exactly what I want on my website. So I bought it. My worpress theme is Atelier (swiftIdeas). Do you know if your plugging is compatible with this theme?

Because impossible to hide the Add to Cart button on the product page.

the plugin is compatible with the all the themes that are fully compliant with WooCommerce.

It could be however that the one you are using in not properly implementing the WooCommerce templates or there is a 3rd party plugin interfering making the WCUF plugin javascript library to be not properly exectuted. This can cause the “add to cart” button to not be hidden in case of required uploads

Can you link me the page where you are experiencing the issue? I can try to analyze with my tools to see if it possible to figure out what’s wrong.
Furthermore, have you setted the upload field as required?

Thank you for sharing. The problem is that your theme is not assigning to the “add to cart” button the css class single_add_to_cart_button

This causes the plugin to be not able to properly manage your buttons. However I can extend the plugin in order to support your theme!

I’ll release a new version in a few minutes and It will be officially downloadable from codecanyon in 4 – 5 days (their approval system takes awhile to approve new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can directly send you the update!


is it possible to show each uploaded file in the cart under or beside each product? Now the files are on top of the page. I would like to have it in the same row as the product.

Regards, Daniele

Hi Daniele,
no unfortunately it is not possible.


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this plugin needs a reset button to remove all database entries.

I removed one product that had one selection since then the plugin acts crazy with errors

What do you exactly mean you removed a product that had one selection? Could you report a more detailed description about The plugin acts crazy with errors? Which errors are you getting?


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Once the customer make an order, an email will send to them and also to the specified administrator account.

I would like to ask if the files uploaded by the customer during the order, can it be included in the email send to the administrator account?

No, unfortunately it is not possible. The plugin doesn’t offer that feature.


woonwg Purchased

Alright. Thanks.


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I am having an issue where the uploaded file is being deleted when the item is added to cart. After the image is uploaded in the product page, the cart page loads and immediately the ‘deleting files’ text pops up and once an order is completed, the image is not uploaded.

Could you please check it out on

Please let me know how to fix this asap as I am waiting for this to launch the site.


For what concerns the “delete” message showed after the product is added to cart, I’m not able to experience the issue. Which step do I take to make the issue raise?

For what concerns the uploaded file not associated to the order, there could be several reasons. Without further clues for me it is quite impossible to determine the cause.
It could be due to a bad php session managment (due to a server misconfiguration or 3rd party plugin interference. For example the WooCommerce Direct Checkout is a known plguin that resets at every checkout access the user session in which are stored the temp uploaded files references), due to the fact that after the checkout the user is not landing to the thank you page or even to the fact that a 3rd party plugin alters the product cart ids making the WCUF pluin to not be properly able to recognize the items and the associated the uploaded files.

Try the following solutions: go to the Options menu and under the Checkout – Files to order association method option select the When order is placed value.
If you still experience the issue, try disabling all your 3rd party plugins and reperfomr a test. Then try to enble one by one until you find the one interfering reporting the issue to its developer.

If you still experience the issue, then send me via private message (click on my name thne use the low-right box):
  1. admin access to the wp-area
  2. FTP access
  3. a detailed step by step guide on how reporduce the issue
I’ll try then to perform some tests to see if it possible to understand what’s wrong in your installation.

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Hi, bought this plugin, but can’t use it like i want. I would like to update the number of products in my cart depending on how many images I’ve uploaded. Is a photo print store. in product page, after upload 5 picture, i want to ad automatically to cart 5 items. Please help. It is possibile?

this is product page

the plugin doesn’t have that feature and it never reported to have in its description page.
However it is in my todo list but unfortunately I cannot give you any eta.


I bought this plugin and have it installed on a WooCommerce Wordpress site. I’ve added the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and thought I’d try to have this Uploads plugin with a Subscription service. The ideal scenario for me would be:

1. Clients pay for my service 2. Clients can upload photos on my site (or best: in their “My Account” section) they want me to edit for them 3. I get notified exactly like the plugin works for product-based file uploads during a purchase

Will this plugin work that way for me? Can I make it work that way? If so… how?

Best Regards,


I tested the settings you described above and it didn’t work. However,... For me to accomplish the ability for Clients to upload files (photos) into their “My Account” page (basically, a private and secure file transfer/sharing area inside each Client’s “My Account” page)...

Do you (Vanquish), offer another plugin product I can buy that I can do that with using my WooCommerce Subscriptions website?

I appreciate your help. Thank you,


No, unfortunately I haven’t any other plugin that has any particular support for WooCommerce subscriptions plugin. Sorry.


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I appreciate your help. Thank you.


lf2 Purchased

I have a problem with the plugin… it puts a display:none on my quantity field. so you cant see it (upload plugin shows on product page)

Hi, this is the normal plugin behaviour when enabling the required option for an upload field. You have first to upload a file then you will be able to select product quantity and add it to the cart.

Pre-purchase question:

I’m looking for a solution that will allow a customer to purchase banners that have their logo and have their phone number. Is there a way for them to add text not just upload their photo/logo?

Is there a way to see a mini post rendered version of the item with there logo and text. So for example There is a 4×6 banner that we have predetermined where their logo and text will appear. They upload the logo and input their text(phone number) and Upload. THEN it shows a post render, lower resolution of course. of their 4×6 banner. Then they proceed to order. ??

for what concers the text input, you could use the Feedback option. While configuring the field, enable the Feedback option and configure it according your needs (like if it is mandatory, description, label,...)
Once done, the user when uploading a file, will have to insert a text.

For what concerns the render, the plugin will show a preview of the uploaded image (but it will not apply any transformation like applying the just entered text).

The plugin has a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
that you can use to perform all the tests you need before purchase the plugin to be sure that it actually fits your needs and expectation. In case you need further info, feel free to ask.

morzynski Purchased

Hi there, we’ve spent few hours just to check every possiby options, but unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t show on the product page. We tried exactly the same options as in your demo admin config page. We could see some code in source HTML but it appeared inactive. Our product has variants. Nothing fancy. The newest WP 4.8.2. Please help or refund. Thanks.

I’ve just made a test on the page you linked and the field is properly showed:

I’ve just selected a variation and the field to upload the file was showed.
Could you confirm? Cold you report me the step by step procedure you are following when experiencing the issue?

For what concerns the Enable one upload field for every single product variation option you find it in the Upload field type section right under the Page visibility section.

morzynski Purchased

Its working fine now. Thank you for the support.

Glad to hear that :)

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I’m constantly getting php fatal errors that i think are caused by this plugin.

Here are a some of them from the last two days:

Sat Oct 14 09:23:25.917100 2017 pid 32758 PHP Warning: fopen(): Filename cannot be empty in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 303, referer:

Sat Oct 14 09:23:25.917166 2017 pid 32758 PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 308, referer:

Sat Oct 14 09:28:24.673625 2017 pid 29790 PHP Warning: fopen(): Filename cannot be empty in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 303, referer:

Sat Oct 14 09:28:24.673709 2017 pid 29790 PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 308, referer:

Sat Oct 14 09:31:23.530877 2017 pid 8171 PHP Warning: fopen(): Filename cannot be empty in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 303, referer:

Sat Oct 14 09:31:23.530918 2017 pid 8171 PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 308, referer:

Sat Oct 14 17:54:13.735223 2017 pid 22217 PHP Warning: fopen(): Filename cannot be empty in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 303, referer:

Sat Oct 14 17:54:13.735270 2017 pid 22217 PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 308, referer:

Sun Oct 15 01:15:13.141474 2017 pid 25266 PHP Warning: fopen(): Filename cannot be empty in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 303, referer:

Sun Oct 15 01:15:13.141530 2017 pid 25266 PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /nas/content/live/canvaslab/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_File.php on line 308, referer:

Can you please help me solve them? Thanks

it sounds very strange. In that code snippet the plugin moves the just posted file chunks from the server temp folder to the plugin temp folder.
However that the file path is empty. It seems that your server is not properly filling the $_FILES object ( ) that is the object that the server creates filing it with the temp reference in order that php can manage the temp uloaded files. It could be a server issue that is not properly managing the just uploaded files.

If you send me a private message with:
  1. full admin access to the wp-admin area
  2. FTP access
I can try to perform furhter tests to see if a workaround can be found. Otherwise you should report this issue on the php $_FILES shared object and letting him to investigate further.

Hi there, thank you for your plugin.

I have a photo editing website I’m building which will allow customers to upload their photos to be edited.

What I need to do is configure the plugin so that the pricing will change depending on how many files are uploaded.

I need 2 products on my site: a standard editing product and a premium editing product. The pricing needs to be calculated as follows:

STANDARD 1 – 5 photos $4 ea 6 – 10 photos $3.50 ea 11 – 30 photos $3.00 ea 31 – 50 photos $2.50 ea 51 + photos $2.00 ea

PREMIUM 1 – 5 photos $6 ea 6 – 10 photos $5.50 ea 11 – 30 photos $5.00 ea 31 – 50 photos $4.50 ea 51 + photos $4.00 ea

Can this be done? If so can you please kindly assist? I have a developer to help implement changes.

no unfortuantely the plugin doesn’t allow you to assign different prices according to the number of uploaded files.
However it is a nice suggestion I’ll see if it will be possible to include in a future version, but I cannot assure you anything.

If you want to customize the fee computation, you can try to have a look to the WCUF_Cart.php file you find in the classes\com folder.
Look for the add_extra_upload_costs function. Extra fee for image files are added on line 351. You find:
  1. $fee_value is the current fee value
  2. $price_and_num[‘num’] is the current number of uploaded files
  3. $price_and_num[‘price’] is the cost of the current uploaded files
  4. $current_product_cart_quantity product cart quantity
  5. $ids[‘product_id’] and $ids[‘variant_id’] product and variant id to which the current upload field are referring
You can try to hard code a custom code that when recognize a particular product, applies different fes according the $price_and_num[‘num’] uploaded files. I hope this helps.


I am using Request for Quote plugin (

Will you plugin work with this Request for Quote plugin or any other similar Request for Quote plugin?


no the plugin hasn’t any particular support for that (or any other) quote plugin.