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Hi, I have a pre-sales question. I am an optician and we would like to use your plugin to offer the following:

‘My prescription is held by you.’  [Upload file option not visible]
‘I have a prescription from another optician’. [Mandatory file upload using your plugin]
‘I will send my prescription later’   [Upload file option not visible]

Is this possible to trigger the file upload facility via a dropdown option or radio button?

Thank you in advance

yes you can do something similar. You can bound the upload field to a specific product variation.
So in your case, if you have to create those options as product variations and then you have to bound the upload field only to the second variation “I have a prescription from anther optician”. Note the customer has to add the product the cart and then upload the file. Don’t worry, In case of required product, he will not be able to complete the checkout until he doesn’t upload all the required files.

I’ve configured a product and an upload field as example in the demo site:

To log in the admin area to see how the field has been configured (if no one touches it) go to:
user: demo

Go in the Upload files Configurator and expand the option box of the Prescription upload filed. You will see that to do that you have just to enable the folliwing options

  1. Display field on Product page (do NOT enable the show before add to cart option) and/or Cart and/or Checkout pages
  2. Upload is required
  3. Enable one upload field for every single product variation
  4. in the Visibility per product section on the bottom, select the option Enabled for selected products and categories and select the desidered variation (search by id)
Do some tests by your self before puchasing the plugin to be sure that it fits your needs and expectations. Feel free to ask other question if you need more info.

Hi there,

we have also some problems with dropbox. This message is generated by our site:

The following error has been generated by your site: Während der Datei (en) Upload-Prozess auf Dropbox, hat das Plugin diese Fehlermeldung:

Error in call to API function “files/upload”: Invalid authorization value in HTTP header “Authorization”: “Bearer”. Expecting “Bearer ”.

It seems that you have not properly authorized the application. Can you re-auth the application just clicking on the authorize link on the option page? Be also sure to properly copy and paste the autorization code.

If this fails again delete the autorization in your Dropbox account (go to the Dropbox site, click on settings and in the linked app list delete the “WooCommerce Upload Files” app, here a guide on how to: ) and then re-auth the app.

I already tried it. It is correct that the autorization code is not visible after paste. When i update „upload files” the code is not longer visible.

In this case you have some problems with DropBox account rather the plugin. Try deleting the “app link” from you DropBox profile (as showed in the guide link I’ve posted in the previous comment) and re-authorize the app.


I’m planning this year’s photography competition. The way we run it is as follows:

1. People select how many photos they would like to submit 2. They pay per photo to be submitted 3. They upload their photos

Then we select 5 best photos from all submissions and exhibit them in a gallery in the center of the town.

I was wondering if I could use your plugin in to manage this process? Could be 1>2>3 or 1>3>2

Thanks in advance,

The feedback can be enabled during the field configuration. The option is under the Feedback section as showed in the following screen:

You can mark it as required ad put in the description that they have to insert a title and a description, but you have no control of which information they have inputted.

ok clear, but if they upload 3 photos, will it be possible to collect “feedback” separately for each photo?

no, unfortunately the feedback are is one per upload field.

This is a great file, worked perfect for my needs. Any chance of an addition to this one or another plugin for purchase to work with it to support uploading from instagram or facebook?

thank you very for your appreciation :)
For now there is no plan for Facebook or Instragram support, however thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ll see if it will be possible to include it in a future release, but I cannot give you any eta!

Have a good day! :)

hi, can you confirm that i can use your file upload plugin at the add to cart page and upload multiple files to a single product?

Please confirm

yes you can set the upload field to be visible on Cart (and/or Product/Checkout/Order details) page(s).
Furthermore for a field you can enable the multiple files option in order to be able to upload more files at time for that field.

The plugin has a full live demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
give a try to see if it fits your needs and expectation before purchasing. In case you need more info, feel free to ask :)

Can you please indicate the trigger code line. I need to modify auto upload start process when user selects single file upload field. After selection of file it immediately starts to upload automatically; I need to modify it and trigger upload on a button click.

Unfortunately the plugin has a complex workflow (sometimes also due to a not properly function design due to continue feature adding), so “simple” customizations requires several function modifications to let them properly work.
This is why I always discourage to customize it :)

However if I’ll implement some feature for avoiding the direct upload for single files I’ll let you know by replying here!

I’m not customizing it. I’m using original downloaded version now but it’s not working properly. Can’t add multiple fields of multiple file uploads.

It sounds strange. It could be due to a misconfiguration or 3rd party intrference. Would be possible to have a full admin backend access to do some tests?
If so send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).

Meanwhile try to completely delete the plugin and reinstall it and the issues still persists, try disable one by one 3rd party plugin try to indentify if any of it is interfering and/or to recreate one of those fields from scratch.

Hi. I have variation product and I want to display upload fields according to the selected product variations. and it does not work when I select another product variation.

To request support you have to use the account you have used to purchase the plugin.


simon981 Purchased

sorry, I have two accounts(jakovleski_88 and simon981)... this is the right one.

Thank you,
For what concerns your question (how to have one upload field per product variation) you have to:
  1. Select the upload field to be visible in product page (do not enable the option to make it visible before it has been added to cart) or in any other page (cart/checkout/order details)
  2. in the Upload field type section select both the Upload per product and Enable one upload field for every single product variation options
In this way, once the user have added to the cart the variation he needs, the plugin will display the upload field.

simon981 Purchased

but I need this before user add product to cart. if user choose 4 images, than display 4 upload fields.. when choose 6 images, than 6 upload fields

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you a new plugin version that should be able to show upload fileds for variation (once one has been selected in the product page).
It still in beta and has not been fully tested yet, however you can give a try to it.

I have already sent a mail yesterday.

Yes, I’ve answered at 15:51. Please check your spam folder.

Is it possible that I make an product for selling photo prints (10×15 cm). The customers uploaded 2 files. 1 with a quantity of 5 and the other file with a quantity of 10. Will the system calculate 15 photo prints?

yes, for multiple files upload fields you can enable the option to show the quantity select box.
To do that just go in the plugin options menu as showed:

Once the order has been placed, you can read the selected quantity in the admin order details page:
Optionally you can also charge the users according to the number of uploads. To do that, during the field configuration see the Extra Costs section.

Before purchasing please do some tests on the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
To be sure it fits your needs and expectations. If you need some more info, feel free to ask!