Discussion on WooCommerce Upload Files

Discussion on WooCommerce Upload Files

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MErhard Purchased

Hi, can you check why my customers sometimes be able to order an product without uploading an image? I actually deactivated that for the products. Somehow they make it anyway, but it shouldn’t work.

Please make sure you have enabled the mandatory option: in order to prevent users to be able to performing a checkout if the needed files are not uploaded.


itarpanov Purchased

Hey, we are using your plugin so our customers can attach photos and write a description for a product of their own design. The thing is that there are not many options for us to choose. Either is the photo required or the description. What we need is at least 1 of those two to be required before adding to cart without specifically defining it in the settings. Which means when the customer wants to add the product to the cart and if he has not chosen either of those 2 options to get the message “please write a description OR attach a photo in order to add to cart/continue”. That’s because we do not know for sure which of those 2 options can the customer choose. He can have a description and not a photo. And the opposite as well. We cannot define exactly which one to be required. Hope you will be able to help us out with a solution. Thanks in advance!

I’m really sorry, but the plugin is not designed for that.

Note also that the plugin doesn’t allow to upload a text without a file. The plugin is designed for file uploads, not for texts attachments. It means then that texts are associated to files, so if no is upload, no text can be associated to the product. Unfortuantely you cannot have an option to make mandatory the upload or the text.

Pre-sale question: We tested your demo ( and wanted to apply file uploading based on simple attribute, on a simple product. Yet, this combination just does not seem to work.

Kindly check:

We tested it as a variable product and as a simple product, but in either case, the upload field (SimpleProductAttributeUpload) was not displayed correctly.

Can you please advise if this is expected behaviour or a bug?

We basically need to display upload fields only to products (simple) that has certain attribute/attributes assigned.

Thank you in advance!

To verify the issue, here are the steps to reproduce the issue.

1. Create global attribute via Products > Attributes, create attribute and configure terms.

2. Create simple product, assign global attribute you created on step 1.

3. Configure upload field visibility to cart and checkout. Select apply to certain categories, attributes and select the global attribute created.

4. Add the product created on step 2 to your cart, view cart and verify there is no upload field visible as it should.

I can record a video if you wish to verify the same.

Yes, doing in that way the field is properly displayed:

I’ve configured, just to be sure, from scratch both a variable and single product that are using the “medium” global attribute.
  1. product 5 (simple):
  2. product 3 (variable):
The field seems to be displayed as intended.

I’ll prepare a video for you, so you can point out what is going wrong. Simply following the steps, it does not work as expected.


I just want to know if I can automatically redirect upload from customers to a server and then pull them back to orders. (I just want to use a testing script for customers’ files.).

Best regards Louis

I’m sorry, the plugin hasn’t such a feature.

I downloaded the item ‘Woocommerce upload files’ on my website but can’t see the option in my shop on any page (product page and checkout page). Those options are selected in the ‘visability upload options’ field so I don’t know what went wrong.

please make sure you have not enabled any option to restrict the field visibility, for example: user role, payment gateway, order status and so on.

Hello there!

First of all I really like the upload plugin that you created. It has all the functions that my store needed except for one thing. I woul like to ask how to fix this error that I am having. Please see the order sequence below.

1. Client orders heat transfer film and upload his desired images (using your plugin) 2. Client added to cart the order (but doesnt go to checkout yet) 3. Client wanted to order another film with a different design on it 4. The problem now is that the plugin overrides the uploaded image on the first order on the cart where there should be 2 film orders with different uploaded images on them

You can check the site here and try ordering and uploading the images.

Please let me know what is the best solution to fix this problem. This is a vital function and needed to be addressed ASAP. Thank you very much.

thank you for you appreciation!

if you wish to add multiple times the same product, each instance with its own files, try using the Products addable multiple times to cart feature:

Enable that option for all products or just the ones you need!

Hi, how do I move a variable product attribute over the option to upload an attachment?

to request support you need to use an account with a valid purchase and support license associated with it.

Does plugin not support Formal German ?

I’m sorry the plugin hasn’t any special support for “Formal German”.


is it possible to hide the uploaded image at the cart page? I don’t seem to find that option

if you are referring to the [file_name_with_media_preview] shortcode used in the field description, it cannot be displayed selectively according to the page.

if you select the field to be displayed, for example, in product and cart page, you cannot hide the preview in just one page.

If you are displaying the field only in just one page, and you do not need the preview, just delete that shortcode in the field description:

Is it possible to stop the plugin from loading on products that are not included in the visibility settings?

I’m removing the Cart button on the product page and replacing it with a link (customize button) that takes the customer to another page to customize the product. I am then submitting the add to cart form from that page.

The problem is if the customer clicks the customize button on the product page before the wcuf plugin completely loads the product fails to add to cart.


I’m really sorry, but it is not possible. The plugin has to load some of its stuff in order to compute if the field has can be loaded or not in a product page :(

Hi Vanquish,

My working plugin deactivated this morning with a note saying this plugin is activated by co and www. Therefore I bough another licence. I only activated previous licence once since I use it only on one site. Now, I have just bought and activated second licence for same website. I do hope this will not continue in the future. Plugin is fantastic but this latest license issue is annoying.

there was an issue with detecting the domains, but it has been fixed in the latest plugin versions. I’ve just reset the activation for the “www” site. You should now be able to activate in other domains.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting with your purchases!