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When a file is uploaded and the product isn’t added to the cart yet, the plugin ‘remembers’ the file. So when the page is reloaded, the file is still there. Is there a way to alter this behaviour? I would like it to start over again, so you have to upload again. I couldn’t find it in the settings.

Regards, Johan

Unfortunately that is a plugin feature and cannot be easily disabled. Untill the current user session is active (by default it expires after 20 minute of inactivity), the plugin will remember the uploaded files even for products not added to cart.


I’m using the latest version. I have a fatal error when I try to place the order, after uploading the file:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_meta() on array in /home/www/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-upload-files/classes/com/WCUF_Order.php:17, referer:

Do you know how to fix this?


That message is very strange. That code is executed only if you are running the latest 2.7 version of WooCommerce that actually is still in beta and has not been released. It in the new version of WooCommerce that line code is properly executed without rising any problem (I’ve just tested). For current version of woocommerce (2.6) it is exectude the code on line 12.

Have you altered the version of woocommerce that are you running? It this case the plugin is trying to exectute a code that is not compatible with the current version of WooCommerce.

Jesus, it was related to woocommerce, indeed. I had to re-update it. It solved the problem. You deserve the 5 stars I gave you months ago :D

Glad to hear that! :) Have a nice day!!

i have a plugin that exports orders from woocommerce via CSV.

In each row of the CSV i have product details. For example: if i export 2 orders with 3 different products each my CSV has 6 rows.

Is it possible to retrieve for each product of an order the download URL of the attachments? In other words: is there an item_meta value containing the URL or the URLs of the product attachment/s?

Si esatto. Il prodotto il realtà è “Product 1”, “Upload test” è il nome dell’upload field.

Mi ero dimenticato di specificare che nel singolo metafield è salvato un array i cui indici sono chiavi che usano la forma che ti ho specificato nel commento precedente.

In questo esempio:
chiave: 21-9 => upload field id: 21, id prodotto: 9.

In caso di prodotto variabili (e dalla configurazione del campo) potresti provare questa formula:
chiave: 21-9-231: dove il terzo numero rappresenta l’id della variante.

Grazie mille della disponibilità e della tempestività nelle risposte; è stato più che esauriente.

Di nulla! Buona giornata :)


Guille92 Purchased


I have a little problem with this plugin. I am selling photo albums. Each album has unique size and the posibility to upload a cover image. The problem start when i want to buy, for exameple 3 20×20 cm album and i add to cart 3 same items.

I want to configure the plugin to show, on Checkout page or cart (non product page) instead of 1 upload field, 3 fields, 1 for each album. The only solution i have find for the moment is to show 1 field with a limit of 3 uploads, but this is less functional and non user friendly.

Hope you can help me


for this kind of situation you can use the Individual product feature.
Update the plugin to the latest 21.5 version that you can download from the plugin page (deactivate and delete the old one and then install the new one. Don’t worry you will not loose any settings).

Then using the Individial products configurator select the product you need. Once done, the user when adding same item to cart, they will be added to cart as separate items. In this way each prodcut will have its own upload field!


Guille92 Purchased

Hi, thanks for the response.

I’m using flatsome theme on the last wordpress version.

Question 1

I have tried what you say but isn’t exactly the feature that I am looking for.

That method works well if I click on add to cart 1 time, and after a second time of the same product but if I use number selector for add 3 products at the same time when I go to the checkout only shows 1 field ¿how can I solve this?

Question 2

I also have a issue/bug. before changuing php.ini, config, plugin backend sowed “NOTE: Accorting to your PHP settings (max_file_uploads), you can upload no more than 20 files.”

I have changued php.ini and now the setting backend of the plugin shows me that max files upload are 200. I type 200 max upload files on the config field but the product order shows always max files: 20, it should show 200 files. ¿causes of this?

Question 3

I also want to ask you for some functionalities:

If i have 3 upload fields on checkout and the 3 fields have images waiting to upload, as soon as I click upload on 1 of the 3 fields, the images that hasn’t been uploaded on the other fields disappear ¿It’s possible change this?

Question 4

Another suggestion: For example, i have a product (print photos) with lots of variations. -1. Print photo 10×15 cm number of photos: 23 -2. Print photo 10×15 cm number of photos: 70 -2. Print photo 20×25 cm number of photos: 5 . . . (size and number of photos are variations selected on woocommerce drop-down list)

¿it’s possible to make that the max file text shown are equal to number of photos? And client won’t be able to upload more?


1) It is because the quantity selector allows you to specify the quantity of that specific item. There isn’t any WooCommerce or WCUF feature that allows you to add distinct items using the quantity selector.
To achieve what you ask you have just to add 3 distinct times the same item.

2) Once the php.ini has been edited the webserver has to be resterted. To check if the modification has took place just print your current settings using the phpinfo(); function;

3) No, it is not possible. The plugin has not been designed to allow bulk uploads.

4) No, there isn’t any option that allows you to bind the upload field max uploadable files to a product attribute. The only way is to use the Visibility per product option during the field configuration and create specific upload fields for each variation and configure the max number of uploadable files according to your needs

Can i hide the music player totally?

yes to disable the media previes, you can use the [file_name] instead of the [file_name_with_media_preview] in the Text to show after the upload has been completed (HTML code permitted) option.

In alternative, if you want to disable only the audio preview, edit the wcuf-common.css you find in the css folder and add the following rule:
in this way it will be no longer showed :)
I hope this helps, let me know! :)

That helped, thank you!

Glad to hear that :)
If you have enjoyed my support, please consider leaving the 5 stars. I would really appreciate! (To leave a rating: go to your profile, click on “downloads” and from there you can rate your purchases).
Have a nice day! :)

Hello. I am happy to see you are actively supporting your plugin. I have a pre-purchase question/observation.

I viewed your demo and adjusted the min/max uploads in the settings to minimum-3 files / maximum-6 files. On the upload page on the front end the upload script displays: (Max size: 8MB , Min files: 6, Max files: 3).

This does not seem right. Please advise. Otherwise the plugin looks extremely promising. I look forward to your response.

actually the plugin is properly working :)
I’ve checked the demo site and how you can see from the following image:
The first setting is for max num and the second for the min mum. It is properly setted to have max 6 and min 3:

Whoops! You are correct. It seems I got them confused because of the settings labels/layout. Perhaps some simple borders around each setting would make it explicitly clear like you did with some of the settings. Thanks for clarifying. I will pitch this plugin to my client.

Glad to hear that! :)
you right, I’ll add borders in those settings in the next plugin release! thanks for contributing! :)


leonbax Purchased

Hi. I just bought the plugin, but cannot get it to work. There is an uncaught type error shown during the configuration. The upload fields and notes do not show. There might be conflict with my checkout manager, but I absolutely need that. I’ll disable it later to test. Have you heard of conflicts with WooCheckout?

I will try to figure out a way to make it work and see where the error comes from. If I can’t get it to work, I will let you know and might ask for a refund. How would that work?

This could be due to 3rd party plugin that are interfering. It happens that 3rd party softwares are including some bad javascript that is raising errors and prevent the WCUF javascript to be properly executed.

However no one reported any conflict with WooCheckout. For what concerns the refound, the plugin properly works and it is not granted for due to some 3rd party plugin are interfering preventing it to work.

If you send me an admin acccess via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting me the pages where you are experiencing the issue, I can try to analyze them with my tools to give you if possible some more clues about which software is interfering.