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Hi There!

I’m sorry if this question was already taken here and I missed it but I have an issue. All the prices on my shop show theprice+inclVAT. How do I show only the price? Prices change anyway if I toggle the tax floating button. I really don’t want the “inlcVAT” after the price and unfortunately I can’t hide it with CSS since the string is not inside of a container. I tried to delete the words on the Woocommerce – Settings – Tax but it didn’t help since the same strings keep on turning up.

How can I show price only? Thanks in advance!

All I want is to not display the text “VAT Included/Excluded”. I thought that an easy way to do this would be to leave a blank space on the translation but it just shows the original English string instead. So I tried to hide the string using CSS and HTML but it seems that it only does half of the job since VAT is always visible no matter what I hide on CSS/HTML. Custom development is really not within the budget for this project and I do understand you don’t want to do it neither. If there is no simple way to hide the VAT text like I did with the span I created and added, what other solution is there?

You know what? It seems I was over complicating it. I just went ahead on the general.php and replaced all the ‘VAT’ for ’ ’. It is working. It would be nice in the future to have this as a function on the plugin’s settings, where one could just have the toggle and not the text and the toogle at the same time. Thanks for the assistance!

Perfect – good coding! I will add this soon. I have a big list of suggestions, so adding them one by one. :)


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Hi please help as soon as possible. The plugin was working fine but I’ve just tested it on another pc and phone and it seems to change the text from excl to incl but it doesn’t change the price ..

It works on my computer but not other devices .. was working before but now it’s stopped suddenly.

Please advise ASAP.


Can you send me the web address to check? Sounds like the other devices might not have javascript enabled.

Added tax toggle button but i get a strange line, partly red, above it? http://www.angels-demons.se/ (bottom in the footer). I am also interested in changing color and font of the button to make it look better on the site. Regards Stefan Gunnarsson

Hello. Just had a look. The red line is for the H2 title that appears with the widget. You have not added a title, but the title element still displays. Because you have styling for H2 titles, the line shows. The remove this add the following CSS - .wcvatWidget h2 {display: none;} - you can also style the widget as you like by using the .wcvatWidget class to target the widget. Hope that helps. The CSS should be pretty simple for most WordPress freelancers.

Hi, It doesn’t work anymore after the new Woocommerce 3.0 version

Let me know if it doesn’t get approved in next day and will email you.

Seems like it still hasn’t been approved, you can email me at info[at]qreative-web.com :)

Oh seems it did.. Didn’t get notified by Codecanyon about it…

Hi, we recently bought the plugin, but when Woocommerce updated to 3.0 it stopped working. When will this problem be solved?


Hi There – I’ve fixed this and submitted the latest changes to CodeCanyon but they have not approved the new update…. I was expecting them to approve today as it usually takes less than 24 hours… I’ll chase them and see if they can push the update. Thanks for patience.

I’ve just resubmitted the working version to be doubly sure it gets to you. In the meantime, can you double check your cache is clear as I had to update the Javascript. Some hosting servers will cache this in the backend.

Hi – Not sure why Codecanyon so slow. Usually, they approve within 24hours! I’ve put the file here so you can download and update anyway: http://raison.co/files/woocommerce-tax.zip

Hi, I’m also experiencing same problem on wc3.0/3.1 … When’s the update rolling out and would I need to do it manually or will it work automatically as I’m linked with codecanyon through purchase.


Hi Mazazam, happy to give you a refund for the moment as I don’t have time to fix this item currently. Please submit a refund and I will process. When I have a spare moment I will resolve this item.


mazazam Purchased


Please either refund or help fix this. Thanks.

Hi Mazazam, You’ll have to apply for a refund through Codecanyon. I then receive a request to approve, which I will do and the refund will be processed. Sorry I can’t initialise it myself.

Hello, do you have a demo shop so I can see the toggle in action?

Sorry, no demo shop

Hi there,

I was just wondering if there was a way to have the price range showing as well as having the tax toggle on?

Unfortunately I have lots of products with variations, and when I activate the tax toggle, it defaults the product price to the cheapest one. I have tried to use a plugin (Woocommerce RRP) so that I can add in text before the price so that people know the cheapest price, isn’t the final price but this doesn’t seem to work with your plugin.

Thanks, and any help you can provide would be great.

Hmmm ok. Is there a way that I can deactivate the range with the plugin? To see how it looks with my theme?

I mean is there a way I can re-activate the range with the plugin? Not de-activate.

Not at the moment, but we are considering this for future releases.

Hello! Updated woocommerce to 3.04 and tax toggle stopped working. Known problem? Fix?

Regards Stefan Gunnarsson 3fc10ddf-c4e7-4a1c-ada8-758401963cb7

Sorry! I found it!


Pottrell Purchased

Updated to 3.04 and it’s no longer working on product page?


Pottrell Purchased

Nevermind – Didn’t see the available update :-)


Pedrohi Purchased

Hello, I just bought the plugin Toggle Tax, but it don’works : once installed, it’s become impossible to navigate in the shop, preloader is displayed indefinetely…

Thanks for your help,


Hi Pedrohi, Aware of the bug but I haven’t had a chance to fix at the moment. It happens only when it’s variable AND no tax assigned to it. Happy to refund if not a solution for you. Thanks


Pedrohi Purchased

Hello Raison, So I think I want a refund, because in fact I must imperatively be able to display prices correctly … Please tell me how I have to proceed for the refund. Thanks a lot.

No problem, sorry not got that complete yet. On the todo list. Happy to refund, but not sure process. I think if you head to your account area there is a refund option. Once I receive the refund request I’ll click approve. Cheers


pro-sim Purchased

Hello the plugin doesn’t seem to be working on my site any more. Recently WooCommerce updated to Version 3.0.7 which stopped it working so I updated the plugin also and all was working well for a day or so and now it’s back to the same issue without any other changes. Basically nothing happens when clicking the toggle button and a javascript:void(0) error appears in Chrome when I hover the cursor over it.

Checked on multiple computers and browsers but the problem remains. Could you assist please?

I think your site has been hacked. Some dodgy JavaScript in your site. Take a look at this code I found in your site: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oennymibrm0tjtl/Screenshot%202017-05-22%2009.56.29.png?dl=0


pro-sim Purchased

Are you sure that is my site? I cannot find any reference to that anywhere using Google developer tools. Which page is that please?

I do apologise, this is not a problem with your site. My browser just had an upgrade and now seems to be injecting some adblocking code into all sites to stop bad links being loaded. It just looks a bit dodgy and caught me off guard.

Can you send me the plugin via contact form on raison.co as I think it is causing an error as seen in console: Cannot set property ‘onclick’ of null

Hello. I have the settings in woocommerce to show prices in store with VAT. However, when I added your plugin, it always shows excl VAT. Is there a setting, why is this happening..?

Best regards /Sofie

okej, so i have solved the above. but here´s another question. In my cart, nothing happens…

is there any page I can have a look at, I´m don´t really understand how it is supposed to work in the cart.

The toggle just hides/displays the sub-total with a tax breakdown.


cleartwo Purchased

Hi There,

I recently purchased your plugin, it looks great but i am getting a javascript error reading ‘Cookies is not defined’ on line 10 wcvat.js.

Running wordpress 4.7.5 and woocommerce 2.6.14

Could you please help me resolve this?

hmm – sounds like jquery not enabled (but it should for WC)... Can you add this to your functions file and see if it works:

function my_init() { if (!is_admin()) { wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); } } add_action(‘init’, ‘my_init’);

This is supposed to do what im looking for, but I installed it, and it does not work on any computer or phone. It runs back the code JavaScriptvoid:(0)