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Hi There!

I’m sorry if this question was already taken here and I missed it but I have an issue. All the prices on my shop show theprice+inclVAT. How do I show only the price? Prices change anyway if I toggle the tax floating button. I really don’t want the “inlcVAT” after the price and unfortunately I can’t hide it with CSS since the string is not inside of a container. I tried to delete the words on the Woocommerce – Settings – Tax but it didn’t help since the same strings keep on turning up.

How can I show price only? Thanks in advance!

All I want is to not display the text “VAT Included/Excluded”. I thought that an easy way to do this would be to leave a blank space on the translation but it just shows the original English string instead. So I tried to hide the string using CSS and HTML but it seems that it only does half of the job since VAT is always visible no matter what I hide on CSS/HTML. Custom development is really not within the budget for this project and I do understand you don’t want to do it neither. If there is no simple way to hide the VAT text like I did with the span I created and added, what other solution is there?

You know what? It seems I was over complicating it. I just went ahead on the general.php and replaced all the ‘VAT’ for ’ ’. It is working. It would be nice in the future to have this as a function on the plugin’s settings, where one could just have the toggle and not the text and the toogle at the same time. Thanks for the assistance!

Perfect – good coding! I will add this soon. I have a big list of suggestions, so adding them one by one. :)


mazazam Purchased

Hi please help as soon as possible. The plugin was working fine but I’ve just tested it on another pc and phone and it seems to change the text from excl to incl but it doesn’t change the price ..

It works on my computer but not other devices .. was working before but now it’s stopped suddenly.

Please advise ASAP.


Can you send me the web address to check? Sounds like the other devices might not have javascript enabled.