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Discussion on WooCommerce Tax Toggle

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Hi, I am looking to buy this and wonder if your plugin can do the toggle like the button on the header of this site

Hey Ozwds, thanks for your question! Out of the box, the plugin is not styled like this. But many developers customise the Tax Toggle to exactly fit their needs, including designs like this. As part of the next Tax Toggle release, I have designed and developed a few toggles similar to this. Due to a few recent requests I have back ported a few of them to this current version. I can send you the code snippets that you can install alongside the plugin if you open a support ticket with me –


u3recr Purchased

Hi – as per the roadmap from late last year, just querying if there is an ETA on this point?

Optional Inc/Exc Tax Button view (a real toggle to embed in your header / menus)

Hey u3recr! Thanks for purchasing Tax Toggle! Yes I am currently working on updating the Tax Toggle, but its not quite ready for release yet. I can send you some customisation code if you can open a support ticket with me – if you want to let me know what you want the toggle to say (i.e. On / Off, Inclusive/Exclusive) etc I can help make sure that works

Hello, You plugin not working on my website :

Please select options and look the price. Not working.

Please help

Hey Pidevweb, sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’ve checked the link and cannot see the plugin installed. Have you followed the simple setup guide? After you’ve finished setup, if the toggle is still not working please open a support ticket with me so I can debug your site and get this working for you

Hi there

Plugin is working fine every where for me, except main cart. It’s always showing without VAT here. The mini cart follows the toggle fine, so it’s a bit weird. I know it does the calculations below in the totals, but it’s inconsistent when doing it in mini cart right?

Tried disabling all other plugins and switching theme, still main cart only shows without. Any idea on why this is?

Also, I need to show some quantity discounts that we’ve set up ourselves. In my php code is there a function I can call to know what the plugin has for VAT status? I realise this might be a bit outside support inclusion. Not asking for any modification, just if I can know what your toggle plugin has the status set to. This might also be useful if I need to overwrite the cart lines myself :)

Thanks in advance :)

Hey HJIT, thanks for purchasing Tax Toggle, and sorry you’ve ran in to some problems. As stated in the product description, the cart does not show the toggled tax inc and exc price next to items because the tax is already included as a byline in the cart totals area. When we originally developed the plugin the feedback from users is that the toggle should not work on the cart items, only on the cart totals, so this is how we’ve kept it.

For your second question, no there is no VAT status function as part of the toggle that knows which price is being used – we use standard WooCommerce functions in the plugin to manipulate the price on the $product variable. I could probably code up the cart toggle for you as a private job, doubt it would take me long, please get in touch with me via support ticket if you want to discuss

Thanks for getting back to me :)

I did see that you set a cookie, which you use to check the status. I’ve decided to write my own solution instead as the javascript part is not optimal for my own adjustments.

To be clear, the plugin works as advertised and I appreciate the fast response :)



we have purchased your tax-toggle on a couple of sites. It’s working great. However we have a question.

When we have products on offer, the tax toggle doesn’t seem to work. It only shows the prices without tax when the products are on offer.

an example:

some help would be great. thanks!

Hey Anders! Thanks for purchasing Tax Toggle and sorry you are having issues. I have had a quick look at your code on the page given and if you inspect the price code you can see an additional price hidden. This implies to me there is likely a conflict with either the theme, with Elementor or another plugin. It’s hard to debug it remotely – can you open a support ticket with me – please send me your plugin list, and if possible give me access to a staging site. I can also make sure you have the latest version of the plugin. Thanks

Also I saw you have Hummingbird installed – so please make sure you have cleared your cache / turn this off while debugging. Another way to debug is to turn off any plugins that are manipulating price (discounting, bulk purchasing etc) and see if this fixes the issue – that may allude to an incompatibility. Thanks

Hi mate – thank you for the plugin. Any chance you could send me the latest version please!

Hi Kal, of course, please open a support ticket directly with me so I can send it to your email –


I want to change the displayed text next to the toggle depending on the state of the tax toggle is. So when the VAT toggle is set to exclusive VAT, the text next to it should be ‘excl. VAT’. Same for when toggle is set to inclusive VAT, the display should be ‘incl. VAT’. How could i become this?

Thank you!

Thank you, and where exactly should i implement this snippet?

You can add the JS to your theme. I googled “how to add custom JS to my wordpress theme” and this was the top result – seems to be about right but there are many approaches you can take

Thanks, i tried with a snippet but doesn’t seems to work.. Can i contact you via email to have a closer look at this?


does wocommerce toggle tay work together with Elementor and B2B Marketpress

Hi Frank, Tax Toggle works with Elementor. I’m afraid I’ve never used B2B Marketpress but if it outputs the price using standard WooCommerce actions then yes it should work just fine. If it doesn’t work, you can always apply for a refund due to incompatibility. Thanks.

Hi, I’d like to buy this plugin but have two questions.

1. Can I integrate this plugin in a popup which opens upon page load which asks the customer if they want to see prices including or excluding VAT? Is this as easy as placing the shortcode of the toggle in this popup?

2. I’d like to show or hide a custom Woocommerce tab based on the toggle state. How is the value of the toggle saved and how can I use this to my advantage for showing/hiding the content?


Hi Matthijs and thanks for questions. That usage scenario is not one I have come across before, so I am not sure 100% if it will work like that “out of the box”, but I think it should.

1) Yes you can use the shortcode to embed the toggle in to a popup. The user selects an option, and then their choice is saved locally to their computer using a Cookie. JS will then show them the correct price on the page once the model is closed.

2) You can use JS to listen for the showTaxVar boolean, you can then show/hide sections dependant on it.


Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

Is it possible to have the toggle displayed on two positions at the same time, and have them be synchronized. So once in the popup, and once in the header of the website?

Yes you can have multiple toggles, for instance in header and sidebar, this is a common usage scenario. They all read from the same JS/cookie value, so are synchronised.

Hi! Hope you are fine.

This plugin seems to be having a lot of features that I need. I have two question though.

Questions 1: Is it possible to achive a simular setup like on ? When you visit the site you will see a pop-up where you basicly choose to see the webshop with or without taxes. ( If not possible, is it possible to add a text in the header in the same way as has done? where it says Erhverv/Privatkunde ?

Question 2: The price the visitor chooses to see/use – that will also be the price in the checkout? Or does the price change back to whatever settings I choose in woocommerce-settings?

Thanks for you time! Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards, Kenneth

Hi Kenneth

1) Yes that’s extremely possible and a very common design that purchasers use. My plugin does the smarts of changing prices, but the toggle button is really up to you how you design it. You just need to use some classes/JavaScript to trigger the toggle when the user clicks on either word, or however you want it to display. By default, you can have the button floating on the side of the page or embed it in your theme using shortcode or PHP. You can then just style it to achieve the same effect as your example (I would say better as clicking on their toggle adds a # to the URL and our plugin doesn’t)

2) The Checkout is not touched by this plugin and just uses WooCommerce settings. The Checkout handles and shows tax with breakdowns etc, based on the users account or location etc, so there is nothing for the plugin to really do at this stage.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the quick reply, James! This sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. You will see a purchase from me in a few weeks :D Take care. Cheers!

Hello team,

there haven’t been any updates for the plugin since 2021. Is the plugin still up to date and ready to use with the new versions of Wordpress and Woocommerce?

Hi Ablebaker, yes the plugin is still working without any issues on the latest 6.9.4 and also the nightly build of the new WooCommerce 7.0, as well as WordPress 6.0.2 and unreleased 6.1. We are currently having issues with CodeCanyon approval process which has hampered new releases, and we are also at the same time working on v2.0 of the plugin which will be a complete rewrite of the plugin and will be a free upgrade as part of your purchase. Hope that helps!


Im having a small issue with the product price showing twice. One price is normal and one price is greyed with strikethrough.

Ive tried to “css” it out with a classic “display:none”, but only found a way to get rid of the the double price on grid view – but not on product page.

Can you please help me? :)

You can see some examples on this staging site

Hey Sindrejil, thanks for purchasing tax toggle! This is a strange one. It could be a few reasons why this is happening:

1) The Elementor Price Widget you use may not be properly configured and may be inserting its own markup in to your page, can check its options?

2) What plugins do you have installed? Maybe one is conflicting with the Tax Toggle

3) Do you have a “sale price” set for each item as well as a final price? When a price is crossed out this is the previous price before sale price. it is wrapped in “del” tag. I can give you CSS to hide this, but this will prevent any sale item prices being properly displayed.

Could you open a private support ticket with me so we can debug? Better than a public comment Thanks!


I found the problem, it was plugin “Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce by ORION”

When disabling it your plugin works as intended! :)

Hi! Is there a way to remove the floating button and only show the tax toogle when the widget or shortcode is used?

Best Audun

Yes go to WP Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Tax and click “Remove Floating Tax Toggle”. Should be as simple as that! Thanks


is it possible to remove the floating toggle on the frontpage?

Thanks in advance. Best wishes Nina

Hi! Thanks for purchasing Tax Toggle! I have written an article on how you can achieve this with some example CSS – – if you cannot work it out, please open a support ticket with me listing your website and I’ll take a quick look and provide you the CSS to work. Thanks James

Hi James, thanks for your answer. It doesnt work – How can i open a support ticket?

Open ticket here, same place as support article


hope you are well. I am getting an error in the Chrome Devtools > Console that seems to point at the Tax toggle plugin. Please see the below loom:-

Is this fixable?

Thanks in advance

James Hovey E:

Hi James, thanks for using Tax Toggle. Which version of Tax Toggle are you using? There are two things happening here 1) Is a JS error and 2) Is an informational message. 1) The JS error I do not recognise the error or the file it is referring too, its not from Tax Toggle. 2) The message “Tax Toggle Theme Override does not recognise this theme code, please turn off the Setting. You can contact the developer with your theme name for help.” should be self-explanatory – Theme Override is a setting you have turned on in WooCommerce > Settings > Tax > Theme Override which is not compatible with your theme, so turn off the option. You should only use that option if Tax Toggle is not working on your theme. Is it working? If not, what is your theme name? It’s hard to get more details from Loom as the video is extremely low quality. Please feel free to open a support ticket with me directly if you think you need to explore the issue further Thanks


Is it possible to change the toggle texts? Like if the toggle is on, the text would be “hinnat alv. 24%” and if the toggle is off the text of the button would be “hinnat alv. 0%” ?

Hello! Thanks for purchasing Tax Toggle. All of the words can be translated, but changing the on/off text is not currently possible as a default feature. You could make this yourself by attaching a show/hide event to the button click, and I will take this request under consideration for a future version. For translating help, please see our knowledge base article here – – for translation file you will need version 1.3.5 onwards which has not yet been approved by CodeCanyon, so please open a support ticket with me through my support software and I can send you the most latest version. Thanks

Good day,

The plug-in is only working when users are logged in to the webshop. Do you know how to fix this issue?

I have installed these plug-ins (maybe you know there’s a conflicting plug-in?)

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce selecteren

Classic Widgets selecteren

Contact Form 7 selecteren

Custom Login Page Customizer selecteren

Members selecteren

Mollie-betalingen voor WooCommerce selecteren

Real Media Library selecteren

Saragna | WooCommerce Login – Registration Popup Plugin selecteren

Slider Revolution selecteren

Themler core selecteren

UberMenu 3 – The Ultimate WordPress Mega Menu selecteren

Woo Discount Rules selecteren

WooCommerce selecteren

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages selecteren

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor selecteren

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments selecteren

WooCommerce Flying Cart selecteren

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips selecteren

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Premium Templates selecteren

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional selecteren

WooCommerce Tax Toggle selecteren

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices selecteren

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium selecteren

WordPress Importer selecteren

WP All Import selecteren

WP All Import – User Import Add-On Pro selecteren

WP All Import – WooCommerce Import Add-On Pro selecteren

WP Rocket selecteren

WP-Mail-SMTP selecteren

WPS Hide Login selecteren

XforWooCommerce selecteren

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes Premium selecteren

Yoast SEO selecteren

Best regards, Koen

I will need to inspect the domain myself. Can you open a support ticket like I asked? Then I can give you one on one support. Thanks.

I’m trying but i got this info message:

Contact the author This author provides limited support for this item through this item’s comments.

How do i create a support ticket?

With the link I posted in my message. Here it is again. Before sending me a ticket you should ask your host to clear your sites cache, clear your CDN cache, and then deactivate all plugins one by one and use a fresh browser to see the changes. The issue is not my plugin.

Thorit Purchased

Hello, for my client I need the functionality that after the tax toggle is clicked, the page reloads. Is this possible or could it be implemented as an option please? Thank you!

Hi Thorit. Thanks for purchasing Tax Toggle. I am not sure why you would need to do this, but the plugin does not need to be changed for you to do this. You could do this with basic JavaScript – listen for clicks on whatever Toggle button you are using in your theme, and then trigger reload() function. If you can give me more insight as to what you want this functionality, perhaps I can look in to building it! Thanks

Hi, love the easy plug `n play plugin, but there seems to be a conflict ( probably with the “Measurement Price Calculator” plugin). We have prices the shown in m2, but when tax toogle is active it removes the price “pr m2” line.

Any way around this? Without the m2 tag the price looks wrong as most products are sold in bundles.

Best Audun,

Hi Audun, thanks for purchasing Tax Toggle! 99.9% of plugins that manipulates prices in WooCommerce will be incompatible with each other as they simply hook in to the existing WooCommerce pricing, and once they do that unless the plugin has been especially made to be compatible the plugin does not know what the previous plugin has done. In the case of Tax Toggle and Measurement Price Calculator the incompatibility works both ways – they are not compatible with us and we are not compatible with them. Depending on how the Measurement Price Calculator is made (if they have actions/hooks/filters) there may be a possibility of me making Tax Toggle compatible, but this is outside of free support I can offer. Typically it will take 3-4 hours for me to custom code a solution. Any good PHP / WordPress dev could also make them compatible. If you wish to talk further about that, please open a support ticket with me as the first step will be for me to get a copy of the Measurement Calculator plugin for me to inspect it Thanks! James

Thanks for your reply. We`ll take a closer look at it our selves, and get back to you if needed. Cheers

Hello! I have following issue. If Tax toggle is in, my site does not show variation sale price. If i turn it off, then sale prices will be shown again. How this is possible to solve?

Hey, thanks for using Tax Toggle and sorry you’re having issues. Sounds like your theme or block or another plugin – whatever is outputting your pricing – is not using standard WooCommerce filters and output to display pricing, which is probably why it’s not working as it should. If you open a support ticket with me and share your sites URL I can take a quick look

Alright, i opened supprot ticket. Thanks


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