Woocommerce Store Closing

Woocommerce Store Closing

Close the Woocommerce online sales store on the days and times you want.

Works under the “Woocommerce” online sales plugin. On the days and times that you specify, the add cart button on the product pages makes the complete order button on the payment page invisible and displays the notification message as required.


  • Make individual selections for the days of the week.
  • Set separate opening and closing times for each day.
  • Post a notification message across the store.
  • Show the currently selected times in the notification message.
  • Turn off the merchant for sale without showing the notification message.
  • Set the closing and opening dates for the upcoming dates.
  • Post a notice for your closing date.
  • Set separate notification message for each day.
  • When your store is closed, you can post a notice for your opening date.
  • Show the selected active date and time in your notification area.
  • Set custom style for your notification.
  • When the date range passes, you can automatically return to the weekly schedule.

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Live Demo

You can choose opening and closing times for the days of the week separately. “Woocommerce” store will be opened online order at the selected time. Outside these hours, the “order” and “order complete” buttons will be invisible. If you have a message in the “Notification Message” field, it will be displayed.

In the “Closing” and “Opening” areas you will close and open the store on your chosen dates. It is sufficient to make the date entries in order to close the shop at a upcoming date (for example, if you do not accept orders at holiday time). Automatic operation occurs when the selected date is valid.