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I’m interested in your Store Closing add-on but wanted to check it will work with WooCommerce Product Vendors extension? I’d need the whole marketplace to close as per the settings in your product.

Best regards,

Hi there, we don’t know the plugin but if it is using default add to cart buttons of WooCommerce it will work with our plugin.

When this plugin is enabled, it’s removing the Add to Cart button in our WooCommerce Quick View window. Any ideas?

This plugin does that, when it is available it removes all add to cart buttons. You can add a product group to exclude list. Products in this group still show add to cart buttons.


I would like to use Cache plugin on my website, but If I turn on caching, the Store Close plugin doesn’t work. For eg: Store has to open at 10AM, but the “we are closed” message doesn’t disappear.

I made exclusions in the caching plugin to store-closing css and JS. But these settings didn’t help.

Please help me, how can I use caching with Store Close, or which cache plugin do you recommend?

Thanks, Bela

Hi there, cache plugins always have some problems with e-commerce enabled websites. We are using WooCommerce default checkout and product pages and add to cart function so any plugin works fine with WooCommerce, should work with our plugin too. You can check WooCommerce’s suggestions from here—> https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/configuring-caching-plugins/

thank you for your fast response, i’ll check it! :)

You’re welcome :)

Hello.Does your plugin work with RTL direction?Does it have a Poedit for translate?

Hello, we have Po files for translation. If you want to translate our plugin you can send us an email via in our profile page. We’ll provide you language files.

Does it work well in RTL direction?

We didn’t test it but it should work.

Hello. Have I can change this date. https://prnt.sc/ktp9kg I want to change it to Arabic Date

Sorry but this is an HTML input, you can’t change it. We never worked with Arabic Date format, i will pass this to developer team, if they can find a solution i’ll write again.

Hello. I’ve been waiting for your answer for 3 days. please tell me to have I can translate this date http://prntscr.com/kusf9q

to Arabic date thanks.

Hello, we already replied your first comment, could you please check it?

I didn’t receive any e-mail.please send it again

“Sorry but this is an HTML input, you can’t change it. We never worked with Arabic Date format, i will pass this to developer team, if they can find a solution i’ll write again.”

So your plugin it doesn’t work for me.i send a refund request

Ok, send a refund request.


I purchased your Woocommerce Store Closing and every time I set it up it removed all my add to cart button. I have requested for a refund but will like a stable solution. If you can fix it, I will cancel the refund request. The app is still active now.

When my customer clicks on E-Market, I am expecting a message to appear saying the market is currently closed based on the time settings and message preferences. I will really appreciate your prompt response. And I will prefer this to appear on my home page and not in the shop. Thanks.

Okay, cool. I have sent the temp link. When the issue is fixed, I will remove my comment.

The link was also tested and it worked.

No need to remove comment. We will contact you with email.