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Sorry again, hot I can stablish monday closes at 0:30 hours on my schedule? I have to put it on tuesday?

There is no third option, not possible right now.

I there any way to stablish 1:00am as hour/day start?

Nope, it uses day and time settings from Wordpress timezone.

Good day. I’ve purchased you plugin yesterday 2ea4b74f-67c0-410d-b7be-135eb84dc240 We can not access the settings portal….what could be the problem? Thanks Koos

Hi, make sure your user have admin rights, without admin you can’t see settings.

We’ve tried accessing the settings panel with 2 different admin accounts and it isnt working. Just a blank page shows up

Could you please send us your website details with a temporary admin account via email form in our profile page?

Hi, I installed the plugin, but I can’t access the settings, only a blank page. What should I do?


Could you please send us an email with a temporary admin account via on our profile page. Our support team can look at your website and solve the problem.

Great!!! It’s working now. Thanks for you support.

You’re welcome :)

I sell gifts cards in my store, can I keeping selling them when it’s closed to everything else? can we do some kind of exception to allow the sale of gift cards when the store is closed to other products?

Yes you can. Set the exclude category options. Products in your selected category can be also order when your store is closed. http://dev.4gendesign.com/documentation/document_storeclosing.html#exclude

Thanks updated to find the exclude. It works with my products but not with my gift cards, must be a conflict with giftcard plugin, oh well thanks.

You are welcome. :)

anything you can think of that might help? it works but not with YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium, is their anything else I can do?

Could you please send us a temporary admin account via email in our profile page?

Done, just sent

Ok thanks, we will check and inform you.

hi i just bought this plugin and im trying to set my open and close times but it wont allow me to open at 9am and close at 4.30am

Hello, you need to configure two different times for each day. You can set first one 00:00 – 04:30 and second one 09:00 – 00:00. It will work with these settings

I’m having issues with the store closing plugin. It has been working for a few months, but now when closed the message displays, but users can still add items to the cart and checkout. I am using WP 4.9.2 and the Beaver Builder Theme with the Beaver Builder plugin v2.0.4.1 The site is duckduckbeetfarm.com Currently I have marked all items as out of stock. The store is closed for the winter.

Could you please send us a temporary admin account via email in our profile page? Our plugin tested and working perfectly fine with Wordpress 4.9.2 but there could be a problem with your theme if it is using special tags for add to cart buttons.

Hello. I found a conflict between your plugin and the WooCommerce Catalog mode, Wholesale and Role-Based Pricing plugin (https://www.xadapter.com/product/prices-by-user-role-for-woocommerce/). That plugin allows you to remove the add to cart button for user roles that don’t have access to that product, and insert a message in its place. When your plugin is showing the shop as closed, it removes the cart, and puts in the message from the other plugin for every product, instead of showing nothing. Any ideas?

Hello, sorry to say that but we can’t support third party plugins. We have to use the WooCommerce “add to cart” button for global usage.


Does this plugin support multi vendor shops? Can I assign separate time table for each vendor ?

Hi, there is only one option for closing and opening. So no multi vendor support.