Discussion on WooCommerce Security Deposits - WordPress Plugin

Discussion on WooCommerce Security Deposits - WordPress Plugin

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Hello, one pre sale question, When will you if at all update this plugin?

presale questions

1) I take orders via phone/text message. I need to add payment plan via the admin/edit order view. can this plugin add payment plan to an order not created via the customer checkout?

2) Is it posible to have the initial payment be a fixed ammount, and then switch to percentage payents with the remainder ammount?

Example: $275 purchase. Set $75 deposit and then 4 payments of 25% each ($50) of remainder. $275 -$75 = $200 $200 / 4 = $50

Hello, I am interested in your product. But I would like to know if the administrator has the option of not refunding but the possibility of cashing in part or all of the security deposit in the event of a problem?

Hi, I need a way for the customer to be able to search the deposit products from the my account page ( orders area). Can you develop a custom solution like this? the customer will need to check their deposit product and be able to ask for a refund via a php mailer

Hi, is support still active?

We have left an email earlier this week but to no response.

Could someone please advise.

Thank you,

WooCommerce Security Deposits breaks “Sold individually”. Please let us know when this will be fixed.

Actually, Sold Individually works when using the normal “Add to Cart” button, but does not work when forcing a product into the cart like this:

Hello, I have released an update to fix this issue. Thank you.

Thank you so much!

It’s a presale question … It is compatible with Yith Bookings? Thanks!

Hi, I have bought the product. I am trying to determine if there is a way to remove the security deposit if someone uses a coupon. For example, I have a giveaway coupon where the security deposit is included, but currently, I cannot determine how to remove the deposit for just coupon items. I have tried to make the coupon include an amount greater than the total cost of the booking + security deposit, but the security deposit still appears.

Hello, apologies for the late reply.

I wrote a code snippet which will enable / disable security deposit when a condition is met. Please find it below :

add_action( 'woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees' ,   'custom_before_calculate_deposit' );
function custom_before_calculate_deposit($cart){
    foreach( $cart->cart_contents as $cart_item_key => &$cart_item ){

        $enable  = false; //achieve condition here

            WC()->cart->cart_contents[$cart_item_key]['security_deposit_enabled'] = 'yes';
        } else {
            WC()->cart->cart_contents[$cart_item_key]['security_deposit_enabled'] = 'no';

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

If I wanted to add a certain coupon code to the conditions, what would that look like?

Hay mate! Can you make this compatible with Yith Bookings? I really need this feature. Thanks.

Is it possible to schedule an invoice for the security deposit. For example customer gets the security deposit payment email 2 days before their stay? My client uses the woocommerce system as a back end ordering system, customers pay their 50% deposit to secure their booking but the security deposit is refundable and not due until 48 hours before their stay. Thanks in advance

support still active? I tried but no response from them..


My sincere apologies for responding so late as I have been out due to medical surgeries, I have already responded to your support message.

My apologies again. Thank you.

Nice plugin, could you please confirm if it has any external API for setting the security deposit programmatically.?

Thanks in advance


My sincere apologies for responding so late as I have been out due to medical surgeries. Currently there is no API endpoint to handle the creation. However, adding a security deposit is quite simple process where a fee is added and tagged by order item meta in both the fee and iti’s connected order item. I can provide an example function to do that which you can add as part of your API endpoint.

My apologies again. Thank you.

This looks to be exactly what I need, but I’m about to install WooCommerce 6.1 and this plugin is only confirmed to be compatible up to WooCommerce 5.1.x, will you be updating this? The plugin also doesn’t show as being updated since 26 August 21, is it abandoned, or will it be abandoned soon as I need long term support?


My sincere apologies for responding so late as I have been out due to medical surgeries, WooCommerce had not made any changes to refund APIs in a very long time so the plugin still works fine. I will be releasing an update soon to declare compatibility.

My apologies again. Thank you.

I appreciate you replying to this. But I purchased the plugin anyway, and sent you a support question about 4 days ago and I haven’t heard back. I have a client waiting on me for this project so would really appreciate your assistance with the plugin not working for PayPal. Thank you!

Hello, I have already responded to your support email. Thank you.


My sincere apologies for responding so late as I have been out due to medical surgeries, I have not tested this plugin with mentioned theme but security deposits are fees so they should work out of the box with any theme.

My apologies again. Thank you.

is it possible to rename the security deposit tittle to something of our choice? Please let me know how to do it also if we want to change the string of security deposit to some other ” Convenience Fee”


My sincere apologies for responding so late as I have been out due to medical surgeries. Yes that is possible via the filter ‘woocommerce_security_deposits_fee_title’.

My apologies again. Thank you.

Hi! It is compatible with RNB Woocommerce Booking?


Unfortunately , customers reported back compatibility issues because RedQ plugin ignores all woocommerce fees in their custom calculation.

Thank you.

Hello, is the plugin compatible to WooCommerce 5.6.0? Do you plan to provide an update soon?


Apologies for the late reply, yes plugin is compatible with woocommerce 5.6.0 and I have updated the plugin to reflect that. Thank you.

Hi, with your plugin, is there an option to capture the rental fee upon checkout but only authorize the deposit? to be clear, I want to charge the customer the fee of the service immediately and have the ability to release the deposit at a later date.


This may not be possible as gateways handle the order as single transaction so either the entire order amount will be charged or authorized.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

The automatic refund feature is not working at all, so that means I have to refund each deposit one by one…I hate this. Kindly check on this; it might be because the plugin was last updated in 2020. I don’t wanna be the first person to give a bad review and a zero rating here. I will because its so frustrating that I bought this plugin months ago and i just discover its useless when am almost launching my site. After all the the frustrations, I meet another one. NKT

I got help and would give another five stars if I could. Thank you very MUCH Ali.

Thank you for your feedback and I am glad the issue is resolved. :)

Hi there,

Just have a question. Is it possible to make the security Deposit value place as “hold”(in stripe) after checkout?


this is depending on the gateway mode ( either authorize or capture ) , the security deposit is a woocommerce fee so it will be handed the same way as rest of the order.

For example, using stripe gateway, If you set it to authorize mode then the entire amount Including security deposit will be on hold but not captured, if you decide to keep the deposit because item is in bad condition then you can simply uncheck the box “Enable Automatic Refunds” from order editor page before changing order status to completed. In this case deposit amount will be excluded from the capture process.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


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