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kentlevi Purchased

EMERGENCY: This plugin isn’t working. We added the woocommerce product attributes/taxonimies from the names that were setup into the Advanced Settings of the plugin, however when we search on the website, it’s not coming up in search results for ANY of the attribute terms.

Hi kentlevi. Don’t worry please. We will help you to complete advanced settings setup and easily make it working . Just send your website URL you out support here :

Quick question: have you clicked REBUILD THE CACHE after saving the last changes in settings ?


kentlevi Purchased

Yes, I did. I just sent to you now on your website. Thanks!

Hello dear Support-Team,

i have just install your plugin.

And i have 2 questions:

Why search result comes so long, about 10 sec. after typing Why search result is not include exact what i searching for?

For example i have product 6248-M and then i type exact 6248-M it shows that “No product found by your keyword”

Is that bug or so works plugin? And how can search speed can be adjust for 1-3 sec.?


i have just replied to your email. Please check your inbox. It takes less than 1 seconds in your website, i have just tested it. May be it was some AJAX plugin which was active before our plugin.


reboot Purchased

Any chance we will see “Add to cart” from the search results drop down?

Hi. The plugin has the shortcode for add_to_card. You can add it to dropdown results. If you need any help, please send us an email (


sean6m Purchased

Great product just need a little help, not sure how to do it tho. So we have products which have part numbers like T F17 220G - If i put in TF17220G I get a no products found is there a way for the search to find these with the spaces??


sean6m Purchased

Have not heard back from support yet?

Hi. Yesterday we have sent you an email. Can you check your spam box please? If you haven’t received it , let me know, I will resend it


sean6m Purchased

It was in the spam!! Thanks will test today :)

I purchased and you helped tweak a previous version since we have over 60.000 products. The results speed is very fast. I need to update to get new search results page feature and I do not want to overwrite changes you made.

Can you please let me know the best way to proceed? Thanks!

Hi. Can you send us an email ? I will know then which changes we have made and which website we are talking about :)



thedac Purchased

two points since the last upgrade of wordpress the search was no longer visible due to css for logged out users and secondly the search no longer works for logged in users on the front or back end at all

Hi. Please send us an email with your website URL there. We will check it ASAP.

Hi Guaven team! I have search boxes that I don’t want to be replaced by your plugin, I want them to work as usual. How can I achieve this? Is there a code I can use? Thanks for the support!


It is already possible in new unpublished yet version. Please send us an email and we will respond you ASAP. Dont forget to include your website URL there, please

Hi, after a new version my produts marked with “hidden” and in plugin’s settings is marked to dont show in results but when i rebuild my cache the products are showing.

hi. please send your website URL to our email, we will check it.


is it possible to take the research in the short description? If yes, how ?

Thank you very much .


it is possible to search in full description, without displaying that description of course. But it is recommended if you have less than 5000 products. (go to Advanced Settings tab, you will see Search bu Description checkbox there, check it, save the setitngs, and rebuild the cache)

If you want to make it search by short description, not by full description, we may help you with it, as a custom task.

Yes that’s actually what I need. Do a search in the short description without taking the full description.

Yes, that will be a custom task. Please contact us via


muratkpi Purchased

Hi, I want to add a web site search box. Home, top menu. Instead of the current search box. But I do not know how to do that. There’s an old man. Please get me out of this.

My homepage has a search box. But it does not work (that is, with the way I add new, from what I have received from you). I do not know where to add if your plugin will be added from a different place.

Hi Murat. I have replied to your emails. Please check your email inbox and spam box.

Hi Guaven,

You said in replying to my refund request:

Hi it actually can modify search results. You need to adjust backend search settings for that. For any question write to our email support team, please

Can you elaborate on what is meant by ” adjust backend search settings”?

Specifically I want to have the search results controlled by your plugin but displayed in the normal WooCommerce/Theme format.



Hi Jim. Of course we can. Please contact us

Hi team! Thanks for the previous support. :grin: This time I wanted to ask if the synonym list works for product tags and descriptions. I’ve tried several times with both of them, but it seems to work only for product titles.

Hi. Please contact us via email support, we will be glad to help you :)

Will it work with woocommerce 3.1.x?

yes, it does. current version of our plugin works OK with the latest WooCommerce version. WooCommerce 3.1.2 is installed in the plugin’s demo website.

Hi again. Do you have any other question about this smart search plugin?


I have a problem with search button. When write some word and press enter or search button. Don’t show results.

For this site:

How can i fix this?

Hi. It seems your theme has some problem with search results template. You can contact to the theme’s developer. Or you can use our simplified Standalone Search Results page. (Check BACKEND tab of our plugin’s settings page and choose 3rd option there).

If any question, please send a request to us via

Hello there,

I just wanted to ask if all the features works with different languages (Greek). Probably the answer is no by I want to be sure.

Thank you.

Synonyms can be entered by you. You can enter them how many you want . Autocorrection works by default

Ok, I understand. Thank you very much :)

You are welcome. If any questions after a purchase, just contact us via

Hi – can this make vendor search?


Guaven Author

Yes, it can.


Guaven Author

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask please

Pre-sale: does it search by complete and partial SKU ? If so, can I see it in a demo? Your demo page doesn’t show the products SKU.


Guaven Author

Yes, it does.

For example B0055_U8RZK, B0055_U7IOP are sample SKU numbers. Start typing B0055_ and you will the results. Then you can continue and type full SKU and get one single result.

Check it here