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On Search Results Page is it possible to customize this either within the plugin or via modification to a file/template? I would like the first section to show related products. And a block/section below it to show related blog posts/pages.

Our plugin provides product search only . But of course with additional custom modifications it is possible to achieve any desired result of yours


miluga Purchased

Hello dear

I just installed the plugin, but the most interesting feature for me about this plugin not working. I need wich search within the attributes.

How can I fixed.

My site is


It is easy to configure. Please go to plugin’s settings page, in data building tab choose desired attributes you want to be indexed. Then rebuild the cache. If any difficulty, just send login details via and we will do it for you.

Hey, does this plugin include posts and pages in the search results yet? Thanks

Hi. This plugin is for WooCommerce only. So it provides product search. But if your website has non-product default posts/pages search form, we have a setting for that which disables our search function for those post/page search form. So as a result you get default search form for page/post search and smart search form for product search.

Great thanks for your reply.

You are welcome. :)

Short Pre-Sale question: Is the Synonyms-Feature supporting german language? Can the search engine handle shops with 100.000+ products (incl. variations)?

Best Regards and thanks :)

Hi. Synonyms related to.your business can be added manually by you. Any amount.

About 100k+. You can send us database dump and you can test it in demo website with your data. After that you can see if it is ok for you or not.

I installed the plugin but the permalink structure is not correct. Instead of using the permalink structure defined in the wordpress it is using the ?p=123 structure. I changed the structure to see if it changed, but no result.



Hi. You can easily use default permalink structure by disabling short link feature from Advanced settings tab of the plugin.


Hi. Is “WooCommerce Search Engine” WordPress Multisite compatible?

i.e. does it run in a multisite environment?

Thanks, Michael

Hi. Yes, it does.

Great. Thanks.

Hi, presale question. I want to use your search box on my top bar menu, so it is always visible. Is that possible? Can i add it like a menu item? THanks!

Hi. Our plugin works with ANY EXISTING search form of your website. But if there is not search form where you want it to be, we can help you with it (with simple HTML or shortcode it is possible to put a search form to any place you want, we will help you with it, just contact us once you download the plugin)

Hey, I have a problem with sorting by date. The suggestions aren´t in the correct order, but when I open the guaven_woos_data.js they are actually in the right order. When I sort by title every thing is fine. When I try to sort by ID I got the same problem. Very strange is that when I disable some of my products (delete) the suggestions for the searchphrase which doesn´t belong to the deleted products are sorted by date in the right order.

Best regards Yorck

Hi. Please send your website URL and one example {keyword-actual results order-mustbe results order} tp us via and we will check it ASAP


ayesroc Purchased

One feature of the plugin that does not seem to be working for my website:

• Ordering products by date is not displaying correctly. When you type in “XBR” it should display the ” XBR70X830F 70” BRAVIA 4K HDR ULTRA HD TV” first in the results, as it’s published date has been changed to 2016.

Hi. It is because of relevancy overrides it. We have added this optional feature (exclude relevancy ordering) to the next version which will be published in near future. But we can do it for you today. Please contact us via and we will send you the version with your needed feature.

Hi there, bought this plugin yesterday and I already like how the search functions, its fast and great.

Just wanted to inform you about a few minor issues:

1. How can I remove this? Initial help message to the visitor when he/she focuses on search area:

I don’t see the option to remove it :-(

2. When I go to the search page, and when I type something in, the drop down box does not appear immediately.

I either have to click on the page before typing something in the search Or I have to click off the search form then click back on it for the drop down to appear.

It only happens on the first time going on the site

Is it possible to look into this? Because its very annoying and it will hurt the functionality of the website.


1. It can be done via CSS, just put this to custom CSS field of the plugin:

.guaven_woos_init_text {display:none}

2. We need to check it. Please send your website URL to and we will check this issue.


albanhac Purchased


I have a few pre-sale questions please:

1. Will this plugin work on large stores with over 50,000 products and heavy traffic (~100,000 searches and 1,000,000 page views per week)? The existing woocommerce search is painfully slow, taking around 4-7 seconds to load results for large stores.

2. How does it rank products in search results? Is it solely on the closeness to keyword matches, or does it also factor in other data such as sales when indexing (e.g. boost top sellers slightly in the search results)?

Many thanks,



1. It should work if to adjust settings for this case. (we will give recommendation about this). We have some clients with 50-150K products. (you will also need to enable gzip compression if you haven’t done it yet. Most hosting/cloud providers has activated gzip by default)

2. By default sorting is by “string relevancy + date descending”. But you can change it via settings to “order by meta field called total_sales” or something like that. So if you have post meta field which reflects any factor you can set it as ordering priority.


aggs Purchased

Is it possible to exclude a particular product from the search results? How?

of course. 1st way: just go to Advanced Settings tab, you will see “Exclude products” section there.

2nd way: WooCommerce also has native feature for that, in product’s edit page, you can see VISIBILITY section, where you can set “hide form search, show in catalog” option. Our plugin supports this option.

Hi. It seems you haven’t enabled BACKEND feature. Please go to Backend Settings tab and choose 3rd option there. Save the settings and test the search again.

For more help please send your request to and we will be glad to provide you fast email support.

hello, i’m looking for a plugin who research by attributebut in your demo i can’t test it.

ok in pink not appear but in red yes! thank you so much

PS if i buy i just need to install right? no edit product page, correct?

Yes. Buy&install go to settings and add desired attributes which should be indexed. And then press indexation button. That’s all. All of these would take less than 1 minute. And if any help is needed, we will help you with configuring.

P.S. “Red” is not in the name. It is automatically added by WooCommerce as a variation attribute.

this is amazing! it’s what i looking for! thank you


i install your plugin it’s very awsome but attribut not show like in your demo. Maybe missing something configuration can you help me?

Hi. Of course we can help. Please send your URL to our support :

ok thank you. i send it