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I just bought your plugin and set all configuration but i don’t see a shortcode anywhere to put it in the main menu. How can i get the search field as a menu-item?

WooCommerce shortcode [woocommerce_product_search] will not work in menu.

And WooCommerce search is not supported by the theme.

btw: I see this same question in lots of comments here so imo it’s strange that no answer is given anywhere, not even in the plugin documentation. And it seems to me that this shlould be a basic plugin feature.

Hi. It will work with any existing search of your theme. So you don’t need even a shortcode. That’s why we haven’t provided it. Usually it works without doing any config things, just install, click to rebuild the cache button once, and that’s all.

Please contact us via and provide your URL there. After quick check we will explain you what to do.

Hi, I am interested in your plugin and there are some pre-sale questions :

1. if there is someone type “Ring”, whether your search can display a ring with a choice of rings in the fashion category? This is to avoid the search results do not display “Manufacture Bearings”

2. my wordpress theme already has a search bar in the header. do I need to delete it and replace it with your search bar? if necessary, is it difficult to do so?

3. is there a backend demo for your plugin?

4. my server is using aws with varnish installed, will your plugin clash with varnish?

5. your plugin is very promising, how long will you maintain and update this plugin before deciding to stop and remove this plugin? Sorry if I ask this, because already many plugins that I bought were removed because the developer stopped continuing.

Thank You.


1. I think this can be achieved. But i didn’t understand the case clearly, may be we need some testing to approve this.

2. No, you don’t. Our search plugin works with existing search bars. No need for new component, shortcode or raw HTML.

3. Not yet. We plan to create lite demo version in near future.

4. It depends on Varnish cache. If you excluded wp-admin side requests (data building, saving etc.) in varnish cache, then no any problem would occur. We have a lot of clients who are using Varnish with our plugin.

5. At least 1 year. But we can make sure that we are not going to remove the plugin. vice-versa we have a lot of todo features in our list for future releases.