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We have WPML installed and active. We get two search results per product: one for each language.

How can we solve this?

Hi. Please send your website url to our support at guaven dot com email. We will check and tell you which settings you need to adjust.

I have a site which has taxable and non taxable products. In the search bar it is only showing prices without the tax. Why does it not show with the tax?

if you go here . You will see the price is £9.38 but when you do a search for Assorted Mini Nougat it shows the price of £7.82

Hi micb11. By default the plugin takes active(or sale) prices from WooCommerce system. For such special cases, we can add exceptions.

Can you please send an empty email to our support at guaven dot com email? We will send the needed instruction to you via email.

After the latest 1.5.1 update, our 20,000 product website no longer completes the Rebuild Search function. Clicking the blue button just makes it say “Rebuilding…” permanently. It never finishes. It finished in seconds before the last update. Any ideas?

Hi co50. It seems there is another problem. How can we check that? Please contact us via support at guaven dot com email and provide your website url there.we will quickly check and give the needed instructions to solve the issue


I have a presale question. I have a Flatsome theme and I use WPML & Woocommerce Availability Notifications plugin. Is it compatible with the theme and the plugins? I have seen some problems in this comments section regarding WPML and some themes, so I would like to know before buying.

Thank you in advance!


1. The currently doesn’t have any incompatibility with Flatsome.

2. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, but if you meet some problem after installation, our support can help you to fix. All previous commenters’ problems who wrote about such issues are already fixed and fixes has been added to the next update.

Thank you! I Bought it and I confirm, no compatibility issues with Flatsome theme. Had minor problems with WPML as it displayed duplicates (in different languages) when searching by SKU but author was very supportive and quickly helped me to take care of the problem. Works well as expected!


I need a good search plugin for a client. Yours seems a good plugin but my question is : do we have to add keywords on every products ? Or your plugins takes database informations of product (title, price,...) ?

We need a search plugin which take database product to display results.

Thank’s, Benjamin

Hi Benjamin.

The plugin takes existing data from products.(keywords, attributes, title, description, price etc..), you don’t need to enter anything for each product. Everything works with a single click.


kyagi Purchased

Hi, I’ve a problem to configure the plugin on enfold theme. The search with woocommerce widget work well, but I need that work also in search header menu.. I’ll try to disabled the enfold ajax, this is the searchform.php : <?php if ( !defined(‘ABSPATH’) ){ die(); }

global $avia_config;

//allows you to modify the search parameters. for example bbpress search_id needs to be ‘bbp_search’ instead of ’s’. you can also deactivate ajax search by setting ajax_disable to true $search_params = apply_filters(‘avf_frontend_search_form_param’, array( ));

'placeholder'      => __('Search','avia_framework'),
'search_id'           => 's',
'form_action'    => home_url( '/' ),
'ajax_disable'    => true

$disable_ajax = $search_params[‘ajax_disable’] == false ? ”” : “av_disable_ajax_search”;

$icon = av_icon_char(‘search’); $class = av_icon_class(‘search’);


<form role=”search” action=”<?php echo $search_params[‘form_action’]; ?>” id=”searchform” method=”get” class=”<?php echo $disable_ajax; ?>”> <label class=”screen-reader-text” for=”s”>Cerca:</label> <input type=”submit” value=”<?php echo $icon; ?>” id=”searchsubmit” class=”button <?php echo $class; ?>” /> <input type=”text” id=”s” name=”<?php echo $search_params[‘search_id’]; ?>” value=”<?php if(!empty($_GET[’s’])) echo get_search_query(); ?>” placeholder=’<?php echo $search_params[‘placeholder’]; ?>’ /> <input type=”hidden” name=”post_type” value=”product” /> <?php </form>

// allows to add aditional form fields to modify the query (eg add an input with name “post_type” and value “page” to search for pages only) do_action(‘ava_frontend_search_form’); ?>

I also add this in css: #top #searchform .ajax_search_response { display: none !important; }

and disabled this in avia.js: //creates ajax search //new $.AviaAjaxSearch({scope:’#header’});

Can yuo help me? Regards, Giuseppe

Hi kyagi.

Of course i can help.

Just send your url to our support at guaven dot com email. We will reply ASAP

Is the design customizable? I’d like to have the design match my website theme.

Yes it is customizable via CSS field . We also help customers to customize it if it is about colors, sizes


Fixdawel Purchased

Hi, short pre sales question.

I’m thinking about using your plugin for a 32.000 product webshop and would like to know if a visitor has the option to only search in 1 particular (main) category?

Hi Fixdawel.

The plugin gives live and smart product suggestions based on cached data, which works faster than other live search solutions.

When admin side builds this cache, you can exclude all categories but one via settings. So the search would work only for one main category. But this will be for all visitors, not optional.

If you mean select box in front side, where user can filter search results by selecting any category from list, no, currently we don’t provide such front-end element.

And last: We always open to new ideas by buyers. We have already added plenty of features namely after buyer requests. So after purchase and using if you send us your ideas and we find it useful feature, we will add this feature ASAP.


Fixdawel Purchased

Hi Guaven, thx for fast reply & additional info!! ;-)

Yes unfortunatly my client requests a select box in front side for customizing the search results based on main categories or ‘all’ by default. If this feature would be available I’d buy 200% sure haha

Okay, i got it :)

The plugin is not working with the plugin Calculated Fields Form. When activated together the browser shows several errors for Search box and forms are not showing.
Would be great if you could look into the issue.

Hi FramSteget.

Please send your website url to us: support at guaven dot com.

We will check it and then we will send the needed instructions


thedac Purchased

The search bar does not seem to be working on IE

İt is only 41kb. Can you give another email ?


thedac Purchased

That should come through


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Hi. Please remove this comment and change your password now. It is public section and Password should not be here.

Then send your URL and this message to support at guaven dot com email. We will be glad to help

Hi there

I have purchased the plugin, how do I view the current searches or top search results? As per your “Guaven Woo Search Analytics” screenshot. I can seem to find any option to view results.

Thank you

Hi shakurbala.

In wp-admin under WooCommerce menu you will see Search Analytics. Please click it and activate Analytics for WooCommerce Search. Then it will start gathering data for you.

Awesome! Just updated the plugin and can see the Analytics now. Thank you for your quick reply. Keep up the good work :)


Tomuz Purchased

Hi Guaven Team

I have troubles to get search box to work. I have tried to search with the SKU (for example 100.001.CE) but it did not work. I see only the last watch entries in the search field.

Best regards Thomas

Hi Tomuz. May be there is some misunderstanding. Please send your URL to us via email: support at guaven dot com


vaniapap Purchased

Hi Guaven Team,

Just bought the plugin, and I cannot get it to work if I enable W3 Total Cache.If I disable W3TC the plugin works great (needs some css customization) but with W3TC enabled the plugin does not return any search results.You can see it for yourself here

Any Ideas?

PS. Since my site is in Greek let me suggest to try searching “mega” for example

Of course i can :). Just send to our email desired color, bg color, size etc. parameter names and codes, and i will send you ready CSS for those UI.

Hi again. Have you received my email? I have sent the needed CSS code for you :)


vaniapap Purchased

Mail received and everything works great! Thanks again Guaven team for the great plugin and support.

P.S For future reference to anyone reading this post W3TC Javascript minification does not have to be disabled, just exclude the plugin files.


dg1980 Purchased


we purchased and install WooCommerce Search Box. Our Woocommerce contains about 25 000 products for each language (currently we use two wpml languages on our website). We set cache equal to products number, and we noticed significant decrease in performance. It takes about 3-4 seconds when user is able to click search form.

What we can do with it?

Hi dg1980. Please send the website url to our email : support at guaven dot com . We will check its frontend performance and will respond you a result and thoughts

Hi again.

Have you received my email reply?


Ldubya Purchased

Any way to adjust the settings so that it provides suggestions as the user is typing in the box? Right now it seems that you need to stop typing for the results to show.

It can be adjusted with editing launch delay parameter in one of the plugin’s file. We did it because if to show the products while user is still typing, it will cause slow performance on mobile devices. We have tested it before. But if you want to test it too, we can help you. Just write your url to our support at guaven dot com, and we will explain you what to do.


great plugin!

Is it possible to completely hide prices in search box?

Best regards!

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback.

Yes, of course you can remove price. You can do it with 2 ways:

1. With simple css: Just copy paste this css to the css field of plugin’s settings:

.guaven_woos_titlediv small {display:none}

2. With removing
{currency_regular}{price} {currency_sale}{saleprice} from the layout(in plugin settings).

1st one is much easier. If you need any help, just let us know, we can do it for you.

Great! I used option 2, because one could read the sourcecode ;)

Thanks very much for your quick answer!


Guaven Author

You are welcome :)


our client store has close to 5,00,000 products (affiliate). Will your plugin work?


Guaven Author


We can test it before you purchase. Just contact us via support at guaven dot com for details


antrubano1 Purchased

I’m having an issue with the installation on our site, I’m not sure why. Majority of the time it doesnt work, if I login and rebuild the cache, and purge the sites cache, it works for a little while on the next load. is the site, and it’s currently enabled for the search box in the header. it works sometimes


Guaven Author

Hi Antrubano1.

Right now your websites gives this error, so i can’t test it: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class sw_resp_slider in /home/havocspe/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sw_core/sw_plugins/sw-responsive-post/sw-resp-slider.php on line 722”

After updating to the latest version of search box (1.5.4) there are conflicts on certain pages. This is the error when I inspect the page

Uncaught ReferenceError: guaven_woos_cache_keywords is not defined at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (guaven_woos.js?ver=11.54:282) at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)


Guaven Author

Hi BlackWireDesigns. Please send 1-2 such links to our support at guaven dot com email. We will check it quickly and will respond you there