Discussion on WooCommerce Search Engine

Discussion on WooCommerce Search Engine

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Hello dear!
I create a store where there will be more than 300,000 products. I use a dedicated server from 16GB RAM and the Xeon processor. While I use HDD, but in the future I plan to use SSD. The search will also be executed in a brief description of the product and in 3-4 additional custom fields available for each product. Will your plugin be able to work correctly and quickly under such conditions?

Hi Igor. Actually we have a new feature called PureEngine for such huge sizes. And that should work for described case by you.

Also our default engine (which is more stable than PureEngine) works with such sizes too, but recommended engine for such size is PureEngine.

You can setup and let’s know if any problem.

Hi, it is possible to display search results for only a part of the search word

For example, if I search for the word “bavaglio” it will bring up search results that match the first five letters of the word, “bavag”

Hi. That can be achieved with small custom php+JS snippet added to the theme’s functions.php

Hi! I purchased your plugin. I enter a query into the search bar, I see the results in real time, but when I click the “Show all” button at the bottom, the result is nothing found, the default wordpress search. Settings on the enabled tab Backend Search: Recommended: Display live smart results in the Theme’s Search Results Page (replaces default search results of your theme. It doesn’t change UI of the theme’s search results page) This option works on WP Transient based algorithm. Thank You!

Hi. I guess your search form is missing required WooCommerce parameter. In FAQ tab of our plugin you can find guide for this. And if any problem, just contact our developer and he will assist you with it:


I think this is a bug. In dropdown 2 results are shown but when you click on enter only 1 is shown.

1 thing to note is that out of the 2 products only 1 contain the actual search term “sausage filler” in the title.

However the other product which does not contain the word “filler” in the title contains that word in a custom field which I have setup to be searched as well. It is correctly showing in the dropdown but not when the actual search results are displayed. Regards

Problem resolved after updating to latest version.

Hello. Updating prices does not reflect them in search results. Can cache clearing be automated? Thank you

Hi. We have several auto-rebuild tools in DATA BUILDING tab of the settings page. You can check it. If any questions, just contact our developer:


barrier Purchased

Wondering if the suggestion box can be aligned to the right hand side of the search box rather than the left? We have the search in the top right of the page and on smaller screens the suggestions appear off the page.

Hi. I think we can help you with that. Just contact our developer on this subject: