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A quick pre-purchase question.

What way is this menu incorporated into the website? Is it added as a menu item or a similar method?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. The plugin integrates itself with EXISTING search form of your theme. If you have such search field at your menu, then it is ok, no any action is needed. But if you don’t have, then we can help you to add search form to your menu. Just contact us via contact form after the purchase is done.

Hi again. Do you have another question about the plugin?

Hi, I have purchased this and left a comment with regards to integration Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

my client purchased this plugin, but we got issues when we click on the suggested product its not redirecting to the selected product but on the homepage, i thinks the issue is within permalink, as when i hover on the suggested product this is the url i get https:/ while my product permalink is like this can you guide us here.

Hi. It is rare issue which can easily be solved. Just send website URL to me via codecanyon contact form (don’t forget to include purchase code)

I already send email via your form in

Good, thanks. You will get a respond just in 1-2 hours

I need this pligun for only find tags, and redirect for the correct product, this plugin work with 5000 tags?

I need something similar Woo Autocomplete Search Bar plugin… fast and simple… thanks!

Hi. This plugin does a search by almost all possible data and displays products/categories.

Faster than other plugins – indeed.

About tags. The plugin does a search by tags too, but doesn’t display tag names in search results


one short question:

Your search is really good! But we have a small problem on our site

When I search for a product ID, it will show up in the search list:

Example: Search for “Z_YS0008”. But when I click on “Show all search results (“Alle Suchergebnisse anzeigen”), the result page is empty.

What is the cause for this?

Best regards, Alex

Hi. It is because your live search suggestions works on based our smart algorithm, but your backend search results works on your theme’s search algorithm.

Please just go to our plugin settings, and enabe BACKEND SEARCH there. Then both live and backend sides will work same.

If still any problem, please just email us via support at guaven dot com


I have just purchased your plugin ‘WooCommerce Search Box’ and am looking to incorporate it into my theme.

I am using a custom theme based on the parent theme Foundation.

Currently, my site does not use a search box so any help would be greatly appreciated.



Of course I will help. Just send your URL to our support at guaven dot com email. We will check your website and respond ASAP

couple quick question

1. Can search have a category limiting list/dropdown? 2. Can it allow for misspellings and plural vs single variations?

great #2 seems perfect

1. After purchase i can send you customized version in 1 day. In that custom branch your theme’s selectbox dropdown would be considered in both live search and backend search result (which appears after pressing enter button). And both backend and frontend result would work the same.(misspellings, search by all possible data etc..)

ok we will decide asap

Hi there I bought the plugin. I am also the guy (seaus) who asked about the category/sub category issue

Please take a look at the integration - ajax preview results are good but disregard categories - final results do not regard the spelling/plurals correctly - for some reason the dropdown only shows primary categories, not sub

You said earlier “1. After purchase i can send you customized version in 1 day. In that custom branch your theme’s selectbox dropdown would be considered in both live search and backend search result (which appears after pressing enter button). And both backend and frontend result would work the same.(misspellings, search by all possible data etc..)”

Hi there Backend search is checked. Results do not work correctly Suggestions ignore categories in dropdown

Opened a case 3 days ago. Received no reply


We have replied at the same day when you wrote. Haven’t you got our respond? Can you check spam box?

You said you were working on dropdown, and we wrote that

“ok, let me know when dropdown is ready. after that i would customize the plugin for that dropdown component and it would consider its chosen value.

about current state: i have checked, everything seems ok. for example i typed polis bible, which is incorret(it should be polish bible), and both front and back search shows normal relevant results”

i will reply your second mail now. Please check spam box if you don’t get it at inbox

thank you

received, replied.


rinvijgg Purchased


I just bought your WooCommerce Search Box plugin. And I am looking for this changes.

My site :

1) When the search results are displayed products are getting linked to where as the original URL is

2) I have enabled attributes in the backend. And I used one of our attribute call location. And in location attribute we have value called texas. If I use that value in the search box I am getting results. But if it is getting combined with some other “texas products” results are not showing.

Is there any way to show results if any of the search term matches ?

And I should say that this is an awesome plugin.


1. it is for making cache data size smaller. we can easily change it for you if ?p=N format doesn’t work in your website.

2. Does your product title or meta data contain the word “products”. We have added it to new version which is under development now and will be available soon. It will “understand” some common words(such as products,items,conjunctives or suffixes)

3. appleiphone – strange, but it had to give a result. please check this screenshot:

Thank you. :)


rinvijgg Purchased

Ho Guaven,

1) Do the changes we need , will reduces the speed of the results ? 2) no , it wont , but i believe it will be better to show results if it matches few words in the query 3) Yes for us also it is showing in results. But when we press enter it is not showing in the results page.

1. It can reduce speed, but you will not feel it.

2. in new version we will have such imrpovement.

3. If you have enabled backend search option, it should give same result with frontend live search. If you are sure that you have enabled backend search and strill no success, then send your url to our support at guaven dot com email please, we will check it


ti_fap Purchased

Hello, I use avada theme, but could not make the plugin work, it does not work, it does not work online, I wonder what can be done to work? Simply use as plugin installed


after installing you just need to go

WP-Admin/WooCommerce/Search Suggestions

and press to REBUILD CACHE.

It is first initialization and doesn’t need to be repeated each time.


ti_fap Purchased

I already did this did not work either

Then please, just contact us via support at guaven dot com and write yout website url there. We will quickly check it and give you the needed instructions


vaniapap Purchased

Hello and thanks for the great plugin. Just a quick question.I just noticed that there is an update in the changelog (ver 1.5.4) but I do not see any update pending at the backend of my site.I have the version 1.5.3 installed. Does this plugin updates via ftp or have I forgotten to insert my purchase code somewhere at the settings?

Currently i am testing in 2 local environments. Search by SKU works in both cases – in both installs the plugin is active. so let’s just update the plugin to the latest version. just contact us via contact form in codecanyon and i will send you the latest 1.6 version


vaniapap Purchased

Thank you Guaven, great support as always. Problem solved. For anyone reading this thread, SKU problem was not plugin related. Error at server configuration was causing the issues

You are welcome!

i’m using Flatsome and it isn’t replacing the search box with your one. how can i do this?

ok i fixed it by changing some settings. thanks

Hello! Thx for a plugin!) we have a small problem – when we activate your plugin users with iphone4 and ipad mini cant load our site… they can see only unlimited preload. site is, plugin now is deactivate…. can you help us? thx a lot)


I will try to find one of those old devices tomorrow and to test it with our plugin :)

After updating the plugin it is not working on Firefox or IE.

Hi. We have already fixed it and pushed the update. But update approval takes 2-3 days here. Please tell me your email, i will send fixed version there.

Great. Send it to


I just bought the product but it does not seem to work. I have tried to search by product name or sku# and it does not bring up any relevant info. Is this search box using the existing WP search box? How do I get this to work and search my products by attributes, sku#, etc? Can you advise?

Hi vchang.

After installing for first time init you need to BUILD THE CACHE. You can see corresponding blue button and wp-admin top bar. Or you can enter wp-admin->woocommerce->search suggestions page and rebuild the cache there. After that it would work. If still there is some problem, just email us via support at guaven dot com email. We will immediately check your website and send you the needed instruction