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When I do a search, I can see the results being pulled down, but they do not show on the page when I click Enter. All I see is “Need a new search”

Disregard, it was because of my theme files not the plugin

Hi there!

We are using this plugin on our WordPress site to handle our search functionality. We have it set currently to use the default theme results page.

We are trying to add a shortcode using the PHP do_shortcode function, however, this doesn’t seem to be displayed on the page.

Is this something you have seen before and if so, how can we get our shortcode to display?

Kind regards, Morgan

Hi, Morgan.

It doesn’t need a shortcode. It should work with default Woo templating. Please send your website URL to us via . After checking your website search page we will be able to help on that

Hello, I have Woocommerce product vendors, and i want to add the vendor name to the search results, how can I do that? i tried all the taxonomies and meta_keys and nothing worked with me.


Hi. It is possible. Please send your website URL to us via Then we will send you the needed instructions for that.

the message have been sent, thanks


In the advanced setting under the Cache Layout/Structure I need an option to add the SKU in addition to the other elements I’m using, but I don’t see a SKU tag. How can I add SKUs to each item that appears in the search dropdown?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Hi Anton. Send us an email and we will send you the needed instruction for that.

how do you feel your product compares to WOOF?

what do you do better than WOOF? what does WOOF do better than you?

thanks in advance for as much of a verbose answer as you can muster.