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Discussion on WooCommerce Search Engine

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i already had few plugin installed and that is making my woo store slow. i wanted to add this plugin but my biggest fear is how much this plugin will slow performance of my woo store?

Hi. This plugin doesn’t slow down the website.

And i think you need to investigate that why few plugins slow down your website. Maybe there is some bottleneck issue in one of the plugin? or maybe there is CPU problem in your hosting server machine?

I say it because few plugins should not slow down the website. We have clients who have WooCommerce with 20-30 even 40 active plugins.

Hi!! Is it possible to give to a non-admin user the ability to rebuild cache? For example to store managers.

I never managed to build the search cache through the cron. I am trying to setup the cron on my cPanlel but it never worked.

Can you provide a detailed how to for cron based cache building?

Hi. Yes of course. You can contact our support and we will provide you the needed support for both Cron and non-admin rebuild features .

Can you send me a URL of your documentation where you have posted the information on how to enable the cron based cache rebuild?


My client purchased your plugin but it is not working properly.

See in the image in the link that when searching for “Ergon” the corresponding product is not found but the product exists and is displayed on the home page.

See the arrows in the image at:

Some other products are also having the same issue and are not found by your search engine.

How to fix this so that all products are found correctly?


Hi. You just need to contact our developer using this URL:

Once it is checked by our team, you will get the needed instructions ASAP


After updating wp, woo and installing the latest premium version, live search does not work. I can see in the inspector that some elements have display:none, but even when i change it the layout is not as it should be.

Hi. You can contact our tech support using

Thanks, i just did!

Hi there,

Really interested in purchasing your product. Would you be able to offer 30-day money back guarantee in case this doesn’t work for us?

Thanks, Patrick

If it doesn’t work, envato refund policy covers it and you can create refund request. But that is about only “not working” cases, not for the cases like “doesn’t need anymore”, “not as expected” and so on. For more information you can read Envato’s refund policy

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi. Envato purchase support is for “6 months”. Please delete this comment as it contains private data and may be used by someone else.

Purchased support package.

How do I hide pricing in the ajax search results (items suggested to match the search)??

Hi Mark. Please contact us using and our developer will send you the needed guide.

You can do that by one of two ways: 1. Removing the price tag from the layout. 2. Hiding it using CSS.

Hello, the plugin is not working in our website. How can I get a refund?

Hi. Have you contacted our support ? Just contact us via and we will check the problem ASAP and get back to you

Hello Guaven,

can i use this search engine for my Book Store? For me Important is the Index Text Searching to Navigate to the Book with Keywords. Your Script looks very good, i hope it works with my Books.

Best Regards from Germany David D’Angelo

Hi David.

Yes, of course, the plugin will do that for your bookstore. The plugin finds books(products) by any data – author name, category, genre, title, ISBN etc. – you can add any meta and taxonomy data to the indexed data as well.

Just install it and if you have any question, just contact us once you installed.

Hi When searching for SKU it does only work for “simple” products but not for “variable” products. How can I fix this?


in DATA BUILDING tab of the plugin’s settings page you can find SEARCH BY VARIATION META DATA option of “Variations in search process” select box.


mkkak Purchased

i just orderd plugin and i want to change search results font like auto suggestion

Hi. Sure, we can help.

You can use

.guaven_woos_suggestion * {}

CSS selector. But if you want more help, just send your request to our developer via and include your website URL there, and some more information if you want(the name of the font f.e.)

After 6 days still no reaction on my ticket. This search is great for 100 products, but slow as ** for 8000 products. I asked for hints or tips in a ticket, but apparently the support is as slow as the plugin itself.

Hi. Where did you send your request? We respond to all requests we get. Please contact us using

Teribbly sorry, I mixed your plugin up with another. Excuse me.

No problem.

Hi, I have about 10,000 products in store. And about 2GB of database. How is the speed on such size?

Hi. We can discuss it after checking your website. We have special feature for the large stores. Please click to my username here and contact our support using contact form there. Include your website/email there. After checking your website we will respond you during the day.


reefb Purchased

Getting a grey screen when trying to search something with your last version.

You can contact our support using link. Dont forger to include your website URL there.

Hello, I have an issue with the plugin I would like help with please. When someone types in a search or even clicks the search bar and the featured and trending products show up, when you try to click on one of the results from the search shown with ajax, the results disappear but it doesn’t actually click the link and bring you to that product page. The same thing happens with the “view all results” option. Where if you click that just nothing happens. This is primarily a desktop only issue from what I can tell. Any mobile devices and different browsers on mobile I have checked seem to work fine.

That also has an easy solution. You can change default selector name from [name=”s”] to something like .header [name=”s”] in Advanced tab of the settings page. In that case our search engine will work only for header search bar.

If you want more help on finding CSS selector name of your website header, then contact our developer.

I love these easy solutions! Such a well made and coded plugin. I think this is my last question. For the ajax results, what is the CSS selector for the font to be able to change search results font color and weight?


.guaven_woos_titlediv – changes both name and price

.guaven_woos_titlediv small – price only

.guaven_woos_titlediv>span – product name only

.guaven_woos_suggestion a – all visible links in a box

.guaven_woos_suggestion * – everything in a box

and so on.

I have a pre-sale inquiry, please:

1- Are the following features work for Arabic (RTL) websites? - Smart autocorrected search - Search by synonyms

2- Can I add my custom synonyms in Arabic and works in the website products search?

Thank you

Auto correction works for Arabic language, yes.

Yes, using synonyms are optional feature and you can add as much synonym pairs as you want


megskk Purchased

hello i have the website and i installed your plugin . i have a brands plugin but when for example i hit at search gambe it gives me the result gamberritos that it is the brand and instead of go to the brand page i get in a product of this brand i want just to show the brand . what’s going on?

Hi. You need to add brand taxonomy to the search results. Please contact our developer using (include the name of brand plugin you are using) and he will help you with that.

Hi, I have a problem with my search field since the update. When I type the word in the field, the preview results skip over it. Thank you for your help!

Hi. Please contact our developer using – and our developer will check your website and send you the needed instructions ASAP


I’m considering buying this search engine, however I’ve seen from support tickets where you state that it doesn’t have any shortcodes for the search bar. My website is built with a custom theme + Elementor and I would like to place it in a popup window. Just wanted to check the compatibility and how I would implement this on the site.

Thanks in advance!

Hi. You can put any HTML search form you want. It will work with our plugin without any custom integration code.

If you have ready popup and you just want some HTML form to be appeared there, then we will help you with that if you need.

Just contact us when it is needed, and tell us where you want to HTML form. And we willl give you simple HTML or PHP shortcode for that.



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