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Discussion on WooCommerce Search Engine

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Hello, I am interested in this plugin, but I would like some additional implementations. 1. To have a search weight for each product, where to put a number and appear first in searches when I search for a keyword. for example, if I have a product called iPhone, and I want a specific iPhone to appear first in the search, to be able to put a search weight in the backend. 2. to display the recommended products from the search weight in the search box bellow 3. to search only in the title and product tags product. 4. to display my out-of-stock products, the last ones

can you tell me if it can be done? and how much does it cost me? Thank you

Guaven Author


1. You can disable “relevancy” setting and order by products by weight(which can be post meta field) – that’s not recommended action, but it does what you want. It orders results by weight meta field.

2. that can be done by custom development only. we can discuss it later.

3. that’s possible via settings.

4. that can be done by custom development only. we can discuss it later.

for custom development you can contact us using contact form here.

If I need a custom modification, are you available?

yes we are

It has the possibility to show below under the search, the recommended products?

you mean live search box, or full search results page?

Does have search weight?

you can clarify your question

1. Does this plugin autosuggest multiple relevant keywords like the screenshot image? I want multiple keyword suggestions from site data not from Google.


2. I don’t want to display any product on the live search list. I want to show only the suggested keywords. And once someone clicks on a keyword it shows the search result page. Is this Possible?

3. Also I want to keep the theme search result page. Is this possible or your plugin will create its own search result page?

4. Is the plugin compatible with the Shoptimizer theme?


1-2. This plugin is just for WooCommerce products/taxonomies.

We had suggestions plugin but currently it is stopped getting support. However, if you are interested, contact us using the contact form here and we will send you its latest copy to test.

3. Yes we don’t change theme’s search results UI – we just provide backend support for that.

4. This plugin is compatible with any theme that works with WooCommerce.


garyt22 Purchased

Dear Guaven support,

My client loves your search plugin!

One of the customisations they would love is to show only applicable - categories - tags - product attributes for results, so e.g. if the search term matches a product attribute, the result should look like this:

{title} Product attribute name: {pa_product-attribute}

Is this at all possible? Maybe via a callback / actions in the functions file?

Many thanks


As i remember, this feature has never requested before. :)

I guess it can be achieved using some JS function which shows the matched attribute/taxonomy withing the product name.

Hi. Please contact our developer using for the next steps.


Is it possible to customize the search results for the sticky menu?

Thank you!

Hi. You mean CSS customize or how?


our theme currently collects the VAT rate that the product has set in the Woocommerce settings. To display the content, download the Tax name field (as in the picture below):

With this comes an error related to Search Engine. Below is a bug description for them to include in their update.

The problem is generated by the Search Engine Gueva Labs search engine with the cache option enabled as in the picture below. After disabling it, the function that collects the VAT rate works correctly. And it’s mainly about the standard Woocommerce function get_tax_class()

The error that shows up is as follows: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_tax_class() on string in /home4/webtecte/ Stack trace: #0 /home4/webtecte/ display_tax_rate_on_single_product() #1 /home4/webtecte/ class-wp-hook.php(308): webtec_text_before_price(‘

Hi. We don’t use any tax or price function except default WooCommerce one.

If the errors occurs after you check that setting, it might mean that there is some product already deleted but still existing in some user’s “recently viewed” – it is just my guess – the real reason can be detected&fixed after checking the issue. Please contact our developer using and he will send you next step guide to solve the problem.

Hi. In regards to data analytics, how many months of search data does your plugin save, and where is that data stored?

It is stored in specia mysql table created just for this. And it has no data limit. It can be reset manually.

Hi! Is it posible to change search url from /?s=SEARCH&post_type=product to /search/product/SEARCH/ ?


Actualy ?s=SEARCH&post_type=product is default WooCommerce URL. I think you can manipulate WooCommerce routing by adding some htaccess rules, or by adding that using PHP and REQUEST_URI parameter.

TBH, we never tried that, because WooCommerce doesn’t have such an option by itself, but it is possible for sure.

Hi there,

We use your plugin and love it! But we didn’t realize it takes over all “results.”

It seems on our site, we only get PRODUCTS returned in both the “live search” and if we go to the “backend search” results page.

I was wondering what the recommendation was to have product results, pages AND blog posts in the search results with this plugin.

Is there a recommended setup/settings to have Products, Pages & Blog Posts in the results (both for LIVE and BACKEND search results)

Thanks for you help and guidance!

- Matt

Hi. Our plugin is specifically designed for WooCommerce and does not support non-WooCommerce data. To have non-WooCommerce search functionality, there are several common approaches that site owners usually implement:

Create a separate search form for non-WooCommerce searches that display search results in a URL?s=term format – this represents non-WooCommerce search results. However, if your search form generates a URL like URL?s=term&post_type=product, it means that it is intended for WooCommerce only.

Therefore, the best option is to have two distinct search forms: one for WooCommerce and one for native WordPress search. In the second form, you can disable our live search plugin. For further assistance, please contact our developer at:


mxdavid Purchased

Dear Guaven Team, we have two pre-buy questions:

1. Currently we have search results shown in vertical lines. When using your plugin the search result/products will be shown like on demo site – in grid/side by side?

2. Can we change the font of the search field, color? Is this possible with some settings or writing CSS?

Thank you in advance.

1. By default our plugin shows one product per line in desktop, and in mobile it can be turned to grid. The plugin also have optional grid-like layout. So, yes, both are possible. I mean if you want you can get vertical results for both mobile and desktop.

2. Of course, it can be done with small css codes. We can help you with that. Just contact our developer once you installed the plugin.

Is there any other question regarding the plugin?

I have been using Woocommerce Search Engine and it works great. I just changed my header setup and on mobile, the search bar is shown at the top of the menu after you click the hamburger icon (rather than being in the main header like it is on desktop.) But now, the Search Engine doesn’t register the mobile search bar only the desktop one. What do I need to do to make it work on mobile and desktop?

Hi. Just contact our developer using form and he will check it and give the needed instructions

Our developer has just replied to your email. Let me know if you haven’t received it.

gerog Purchased

Hello! Can you please help me with instruction how can I set up re-indexing using Cron?

Hi. Sure, we can. Just contact our developer using and describe the details what you need

Hi, is it possible to show out of stock products at the end in search results?

The results can be ordered by stock status yes. It is not so by default bir can be set by settings

is it work with Hebrew? with all the features like TYPO resolver and everything? thanks

sure. done. check it please

thanks, seem nice, can you give me admin demo?
i see some issues
it seem that when i type ’ or ” in search it not work, because there are words with ’ or ” somtimes, i need to know it wont make problem with ’ or ”.
also. where it not find search term it not give option to search at all

There is no operator like “OR” in our plugin’s settings. We have that feature in the upcoming 2.3 version (which is not ready yet).

If it gave some found results in some of your tests – that’s because of similarity algorithm (match score was high despite using “OR” unmatched string)


Varhal Purchased

Hi, i want buy plugin now, but i have some questions. I will use plugin for searching woocommerce products. I have custom taxonomies and custom fields.

Can the plugin search by custom taxonomies and custom woocommerce fields? It is necessary that products with custom taxonomies are displayed in live search and on the search results page. Thank you!

Hi Varhal. Yes it is possible. You can add taxonomies, attributes, custom field etc. to the indexed data. Just contact us via if you need any guidance after installation.


dcox94 Purchased

Is there a way to add the SKU to the search suggestions template?

Yes there. Please contact our support using for more help.

Or you can try this the easiest way that might be helpful: Add this CSS to Custom CSS section of the plugin

.woos_sku {display:block !important}

GoMy Purchased

I know I can exclude products using ID and also categories. But if I edit a product and set the visibility to shop only and then re-build the search cache, the product still appears in the search results. Is this correct?

it needs to be investigated(it may depend on some 3rd party plugins; PHP hooks, the plugin version, browser cache etc.)

please contact our support using

Hey, I’m using WP Rocket and I need to use the delay Javascript execution feature, but I want to exclude your plugin because it causes UX issues when delayed, however, I need to know all the scripts from your plugin to insert here in the exclusion list: Can you please assist?

Hi. You can use “guaven” keyword there. For more help, contact our devleoper:

also make sure you are using the latest version


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