Discussion on WooCommerce Reward Points

Discussion on WooCommerce Reward Points

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SimonUni Purchased

Hello, Is the plugin can be as loyalty program ,earn points on purchases made by referral links? Thanks in advnace

Yes we do support link shared point earnings.


We received orders payed just by reward points and we want to limit the amount spent on order at 30% per order maximum. ( for example, for a 100$ order, the maximum award points to be equivalent to 30$)

Also, the award points must not include shipping cost. ( for example, for an order of 100$ + 10$ shipping fee, the maximum reward points to be used is 30$ – 30% of the 100$ + shipping fee = 80$ order)

I tried to set the plugin in this way but did not find the settings to be modified. A lot of clients seek for this option and we cannot do this.

Please take care of the issue and give me an answer on how I can modify the plugin in this way.

Thank you for understanding my complain.

Best regards, Stelian Tascu

Well currently not, but we can customize / add this feature for you on Charge. Contact us at

Hello there, I have some questions. If I set up to give 2 points in every 1€ of purchase, i want to make some scenarios for redeeming. Example. In 500 points ->5€ discount In 800 points-> 10€ discount In 1000 points ->15€ discount In 1500 points ->25€ discount In 2500 points -> 50€ discount

Is that possible? Το redeem fixed amount of euros, not points.

After that i want to know if the plugin has this feature! Scenario: Receive a reward for every friend who buys with your link over €25. Friend gets 5€ and referral get 100 points.

Τhat’s all from now. Thank you very much in advance.

Well currently not, but we can customize / add this feature for you on Charge. Contact us at

Any idea when version 1.1.18 will be available for download? Looks like it was released last month but is not available to download here?

1.1.18 has not been released yet. You will be notified once it has :)

We’re getting an error when we click “init users” which is preventing us from searching for our customers to update points. Please advise on a potential fix.

Hi sir! I have a problem with your plugin since I bought it with repeated email sending (3 emails to be precise). You gave us support via email but you couldn’t solve the problem and I understood that maybe it wasn’t from the plugin, and since then I’ve been forced to deactivate the email function. I then decided to reset your plugin on a test site and apparently the problem with triple sending of emails was solved, but I would like to reset all the points of the users in bulk, but I could not. Is there any way to do it or just one by one? I would simply like to restart the plugin as new. Thank you for your help!

Hi there,

you could run a custom SQL query like update use meta set reward points = 0.


First of all, congratulations for this plugin, it is a great plugin, I am looking at several plugins before buying and this plugin, which has many features in terms of design, I think is the best of all.

I’m testing the admin demo on your site but I have some questions.

1 – I would like to give 0.25 cents to each customer for every €1 a customer spends. For example, if a customer spends €100, they get €25 in points, is this possible? What is not completely clear to me is that if each point is €1, and I say that 100 points is €1, how do I make 0.25 cents of that €1 go to the customer?

It is that the same would happen to me in the registry, for the first purchase etc.

I think it will be in the Points Earning/Purchase/Points Conversion Rate section, you assign what each point is worth, it becomes automatic for the rest, right? , but I don’t know how to make 0.25 cents of every €1 go

2 – In the point redemption/Money (Discount) section, Points Redemption Rate, in your demo it says 2000 and you put some values that I don’t know if it is for the example or they are real.

“Points the customer needs to get $1. 10 = Customer with 10 points gets $1 (10 / 10 = $1). 1000 = Customer with 10 points gets $1 (10 / 1000 = $0.01). This value should always be higher than the conversion rate. With example above (1000) when customer buys for $100 he gets 10000 points. With 10000 points (redemption rate 2000) he can get $5 back (10,000 / 2000 = 5).”

3 – In the section point redemption/Products Hook Priority (woocommerce_before_calculate_totals)* put 10, what is Hook Priority?

4 – In the demo video (at minute 4:12) in the redemption points, I have seen that there is a limit of 1000, it says “you can only redeem 1000 club points at a time” Can this be changed so that customers do not have a limit and can redeem all the points they want on their next purchases?

5 – I have seen that in some of the products that you have in the demo you can put how many points you give for each product, do you have to put the points for each product one by one?

I’m sorry if there are a lot of questions, I want to be clear before buying how to configure everything so as not to have problems with clients.

I hope your answer Thanks regards

Hello there,

1 & 2) You can set the point earning rate to 1 = 1$ => 1 Point

Then set the redemption rate to 4 = 1 Point / 4 = 0.25$

3) That is the order of the hook – when there are other plugins using the same order hook, you can increase / decrease the priority

4) Yes you can change that to whatever you want

5) No, but you can if you want to set points manually.

Hi. It’s compatible with Cartflows?

We did not tested this sorry. But if it should not work you can get your money back.

I have read that the points spent on canceled orders are not credited back to the user. Do you have a solution for this? Any snippets etc. could you send? (I’m asking thinking you wouldn’t be asking for extra money for it.)

I will buy the plugin accordingly, it’s a critical feature for us.

Right now for cancelled orders you need to manually adjust the users point in users & report section.

Good morning. If it is enabled points for the first purchase such as 100. For each subsequent purchase 100 points are added. For example, if I buy 200 points worth, I get 300 points. How can we fix? Thank you

You can disable point earning for additional settings in our plugin settings.

is already disabled points for each orders. only points are enabled for the first order. Yet adds first order points to every purchase!

Unfortunately we can not replicate this issue. Please renew your support license and submit a ticket on our website: so we can check your issue asap.


Can we setting for Product A, Can buy only with point ?

As WooCommerce requires a product to have a price to buy it, you need to set a fake high price like 99999$. Then hide the price with custom CSS and set custom points on that product so the user can buy it only with points.

Is there anyway for there to be a review with an attached file/photo. Thank you

Hi there,

you will need a 3rd party plugin for this as this is not part of our plugin.

Is it posible to add auto demote user feature with some rules? Example: 1. if they don’t buy anything in a month, or 2. If they don’t reach (X) total points in an month

You mean point expiry? Yes you can set it to expire in XX days when they do not purchase.

I mean: point expiry single by single if they don’t earned any points since defined expiry days. this is posible for all point expiry, but I need for single point expiry, can you add this feature?

You can have both. All expiry or only expiry by date if earned.

4 Questions before buying:

1. Enable User Point Adding Frontend Shortcode – What is the meaning of this function? “You can use [woocommerce_reward_points_user_point_adding] to change users points on any page.” I don’t understand the elaboration here. How to use the code on any page? What changes will be happened? If I want to change a customer’s point, shouldn’t I go to the “Report & User” section and change the number of points there?

2. How do I actually offer points to a specific registered customer? (Since I cannot change anything in the demo, I cannot test it myself.)


If I want to give the second customer 3000 points, shall I just change his point from 8000 to 11000?

3.Is there a place to add a specific number of points for a customer and send a message to him? For example, “Congratulations! You won 3000 points today!”

4. Will you have an update to give limitation to the recommendation function? For now, if a customer refers a friend, the customer can earn a specific number of point set by me once his friend placed an order. However, there is no limitation on how much his friend’s order has to be. For example, if his friend placed an order of $1, the customer is able to claim the 3000 points already. Therefore, a limitation is more reasonable for this function. For example, “Your friend’s order has to be at least $3000 and you can earn 3000 points”.

1) yes correct. This was a custom development we did for another customer. Maybe this is not relevant for you.

2) & 3) yes you can change user points in „report & users“ section. You can also add a message to custom granted points

4) Well currently not, but we can customize / add this feature for you on Charge. Contact us at

Hi, Is it possible when a customer redeems his points no new point will be given for that order? So only give points when the customer does not redeem. Thx!

Right now the user will get points for the total amount substracted by the redeemed amount. 10€ – 6€ redeemed value = he still gets points for 4€.


mikewps Purchased

Hi, how can I give access to certain user roles to Reward Points in admin dashboard

Oh you need to submit a ticket. We see also your support license is expired, so you have to renew that before.


mikewps Purchased

Hi, I’m asking if you have the function or not. I’m not asking for support to fix an issue.

Right now only admins can access the settings of our plugin.

Order return

Pre-purchase question: What will happen when the customer resigns, returns or cancels the order? – will the points be deducted?

Hi there,

you can decide on what status points are granted. For refund orders, they will be deducted automatically. Cancelled orders need to be done manually or you only grant points on status “processing / comleted” (recommended)

hello we have asked this again and told us this will be covered in your next update which should be the one you have released now.

How can we prevent a user to redeem points when they are applying a promo code at the checkout? so for example if i have a promo code i apply e.g. DISCOUNT5 which gives me 5% i cannot get my 5% and redeem my points on the same order. it should only let me apply my 5%

We do have an option now to ignore discounts for reward points yes. But we do not have an option for preventing users using points when a coupon is used. However we can customize / add this feature for you on Charge. Contact us at

how much do develop it for us?

Please send a mail (see above).


Frynn Purchased

Do your plugin work with amelia booking system? Which client purchase item using amelia and get reward after checkout in woocommerce?

Does Amelia booking create woocomerce orders? If yes, then we do support it :)

Hello! I would like to ask about point redemtion limit. You have a fied in the settings where we can change the text of this Message “You can only redeem 1000 {{pointsLabel}} at a time.” But I didn’t see in Demo where exactly this Limit is set. For example, could I set the limit to 500? Thanks

It’s exactly 2 fields down, I admit I was distracted by the many nines there :) So that’s the per time redemption? Thanks again!

Also, would it be possible to add custom Max. Redemption Points for each Level? It would be great to have a feature like that

Yes correct. On per level basis is not possible yet but we can code this ok charge for you. Contact us at for a quote.


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