Discussion on WooCommerce Request Quote & Bargaining

Discussion on WooCommerce Request Quote & Bargaining

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Hi, I’m trying to submit a support ticket but impossible to connect on your support page. Could you help me please?


echo1 Purchased

Where can I translate the sentence ‘Looking for a custom quote? Please drop us a note about your favourable price and we will contact you as soon as possible.’

You can change this when you edit the payment gateway in WooCommerce settings.


echo1 Purchased

Thank you very much

Hello! I liked your plugin. I have few presale questions, please advice.

In your plugin 1. The demo shows that it actually changes “Add to Cart” into “Add to Quote” and at the checkout customer has option to request a quote. Am i right?

2. Can we hide or remove the price of such products from the product page as well as on other pages? And just show “Add to Quote” button only?

3. Any possibility in your plugin that we can show both or single buttons “Add to Cart” and “Add to Quote” beneath.

Example: (ie: if the product is in stock we show it with our price and display “Add to Cart” button only. And if the product is not in stock or price keep changing then we display “Add to Quote” button without pricing).

Thanks & Regards Sunny

1) yes correct

2) Not by default, but we can help you with some custom CSS or you use our catalog mode plugin for that.

3) No you can only have one cart button as we use the WooCommerce cart functionality.

Maybe our catalog mode plugin for WooCommerce is a better choice as it allows you showing 2 buttons.

Thanks for your reply. I will check the catalog plugin you have mentioned here.


vilavi Purchased

In the checkout page, the Checkout Button’s text will change back to Place order when I click on the Quote Request(input radio) several times. Hope to solve the problem, thanks!


vilavi Purchased

Email sent, thanks!


vilavi Purchased

Will the problem be solved?

Did you create a ticket or did you send a mail?


Do you have short code option? For example if I need to use the button on home page, is there any short code where I can pass product id parameter and this would show popup and capture the response with that product’s ID?


A popup? Sorry we are not sure what you mean?

Hello, May I add “Request a Quote” button to specific product only? And May I set some products with prices and some without prices? Thank you.

In this case please use our catalog mode plugin for WooCommerce which supports this.

I wanted to create a shop where Custumers can request the stuff thats in the Cart. So I buyed this plugin, Installed and activated it. But it doesnt work, Custumers are still able to buy things and dont have the option to request things. The Plugin didnt change anything at my Shop. Is there anything i did wrong?

Please send wp admin login to and we take a look


I try to translate the button “Request quote” with loco translate plugin, but it’s doesn’t work. Can you help me please ?

Regards, Mathilde

You mean in cart or checkout? Have you checked the payment method options?

I mean at checkout. When I choose “request a quote”, the button changes from “confirm the order” to “request a quote”. I would like to translate this into French. I just checked in the payment methods and I haven’t seen this setting …

An update comes now that will add this button text. We missed it.



It works with catalogue mode? I mean, with no price? Possible to hide “Add to Cart” ? Know conflict with others themes/plugins?



you do not need any catalogue plugin. You can put a 0 price for your products and use our request quote plugin to replace the add to cart. All themes / plugin are supported.

Hello, I’ve just installed the quotes plugin. I would like to Configure the Quote Payment and modify the text. But when I save my modification, it doesn’t save it and it stays with the original text. How can you do ? Thank you for your help. Mathilde Rolando, HappyFAB

An update comes now.

Great ! It works now ;) Thank you

Awesome :)

Hello want to use it as rental of goods, it is possible to add date when customers send request Quote ? (date they want to rent equipment)

Hey, as we use standard WC Checkout you can use any 3rd party plugin to add custom fields to the checkout.


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