Point of Sale Price Rule (Price list) for WooCommerce

Point of Sale Price Rule (Price list) for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce POS Price List

This Item only works with Webkul’s Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin). Hence the POS Plugin is Required, to make use of this Plugin.

WooCommerce POS Pricelist provides a feature through which better discounts may be allocated to a product in a POS store.

Customers always seek products with favorable discount options and purchase products with heavy discounts.

This generates more traffic, which would generate good revenue for the website. For an online website, WooCommerce POS Pricelist is a powerful discounting tool.

It provides various discounting features which can be applied to particular products or to all products of the store. The discounted price is displayed along with the actual price on the POS, to notify customers about the discounted product.

Note: The POS system will work with devices having 1280 screen resolution or above. Currently, we are working on making the POS work with up to 768 screen resolution and above.

For mobile devices – the user needs to develop the POS application for mobiles accordingly. For mobile application development, you can contact our mobile development team at

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Why use the Point of Sale Price Rule for WooCommerce?


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Features of WooCommerce POS Pricelist

  • Admin can add new pricelist rules to configure the discount pricelist.
  • Pricelist rules may be defined for product, product category, product variation, and for global products.
  • Discounts may be applied to a specific category or specific product or to a particular variation.
  • Admin may define the start and the end date for the discount pricelist.
  • The POS store displays the discounted price along with the actual.

Highlighted Features

1- Dark Theme Support

POS pricelist plugin supports dark themes according to your computer or laptop settings, Which only works with POS version 3.6.3.

2- Discount Pricelist

The admin manages the Discount Pricelist option functionality from his account panel.

3- Product Variation Pricelist Rule

The admin may define Apply On as “Product Variation” and the Product Variation for which the pricelist rule will apply.

4-Online & Offline Modes

The Point of Sale Price Rule (Price list) for WooCommerce supports online and offline modes.

5-Actual & Discounted Price Visibility

The plugin displays both the actual and discounted price for the product.

Business Use

The WooCommerce POS Pricelist is an excellent tool for increasing traffic and generating revenue for your WooCommerce website.

It provides the website merchants a feature to add the discount price for any of the POS products and all the POS products of the website.

The products available at low prices attract more customers to purchase which increases sales of those products.

They can compare the price difference between the discounted product and the product without discounts. Thus, the plugin benefits both business owners and customers.

Change Log

"Initial release v 1.0.0" "Current release v 1.3.0"
v 1.3.0

1. Compatible Pricelist as per POS version 4.1.0.
2. Manage the UI as per the POS version 4.1.0.
v 1.2.1

Update - Compatible Pricelist as per POS version 3.6.3.
Update - Add a few columns in admin and manage the UI as per POS version-3.6.3
    a. Discount type.
    b. Discount Price.
    c. Start date.
    d. End date.
    e. Discount status.

v 1.2.0

Fixed: Fixed admin configurations issues.
Fixed: Fixed POS-related issues.
Enhancement: Modified the plugin structure and files.
Enhancement: Managed PHPCS

 v 1.0.0
Initial release

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