Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

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POS System for WooCommerce

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce provides store owners to have the functionality, where they can easily manage their online stores along with the physical stores. The physical stores will have a POS front-end management system for which the admin can assign a store agent who can easily manage the sales and customers at that particular store.

The POS system can work both online and offline with the feature to synchronize all the sales and customer data of the offline store with the online store whenever going online. The module plays a vital role in increasing the day-to-day sales by having a management system to manage online stores along with the physical stores.

The user can also extend the features and functionalities of the POS using the add-ons developed specially for the POS. The extensions like: - Point of Sale Price Rule provides various discounting features which can be applied to particular products or on all products of the store for different occasions. The discounted price is displayed along with the actual price on the POS, to notify customers about the discounted product. - Point of Sale Barcode Inventory Plugin provides the option to the admin to assign inventory to a product from the back-end by directly scanning the product barcode and then assign inventory to that product accordingly. - POS Order Return Plugin facilitates the POS user to create refunds if in case a customer returns an order or products. As soon as a POS user generates a return for an order, the order status alters to refunded and the inventory of the products of the order is updated, automatically.

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Features of POS System for WooCommerce

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  • Admin can create multiple stores outlets for his/her online store.
  • Admin can create agents for the outlets to manage sales and customers at their end.
  • POS agents can add new customers from their panel.
  • Offline mode for physical stores to work offline in case of poor connectivity.
  • POS agent can synchronize the data with the online store whenever going online.
  • Effective sales and inventory management system for the admin.
  • Barcode readers can be used to add products to the cart.
  • Hassle-free payment and checkout system.
  • POS agent can apply a coupon to the cart.
  • POS agent can select the currency for the store.
  • POS agent can hold cart to process it after some time.
  • POS agent can see sales history, hold sales, offline sales from their panel.
  • The admin can assign masterstock to all products at a time.
  • POS agent can sell a custom product which is not available on the website.
  • The admin can view POS reports for a specific time duration(yearly, last month, this month, last week ) or custom duration.
  • The admin can view POS sales report according to date, product, category and coupon code.
  • The admin can view POS customer report like – totally spent money, number of orders etc.
  • The admin can view POS stock report – low stock, out of stock and most stock products.
  • The admin can view POS tax reports according to the tax code and date.

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What is the master stock and POS stock in POS System for WooCommerce?

How many users can be assigned to an outlet in POS System for WooCommerce?

How can admin assign infinite inventory to a product in POS System for WooCommerce?

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"Initial release v 1.0.0" "Current release v 2.2.1"
v 2.2.1
Added: Introduce reports of the POS sale with two filters(payment and outlet) for the POS admin.
Added: Now subcategory is also displayed at the POS end.
Update:  Stop ajax at cashier tab.
Fixed: Fixed loading high number of order issue.
Fixed: Fixed show product without managing woocommerce stock.
Fixed: Fixed variable product stock reduce at front end after order.
v 2.2.0
Added: POS agent can create custom product.
Added: Added variable product barcode generation for each variation.
Fixed: Fixed validation on coupons on basis of product and category.
Fixed: Fixed special symbol support in the product name.
Fixed: Fixed Variable product tax issue.
Fixed: Fixed Same Variation product not showing in the receipt and order-summary.
v 2.1.2
Added: Added the percentage coupon support.
Fixed: Fixed security check while changing the password.
Update: Template update regarding receipt.
Fixed: Fixed coupon tax issues.
Fixed: Fixed offline order detail issues.
Fixed: Fixed outlet assign issue.
v 2.1.1
Fixed: Fixed the coupon issue at frontend.
Update: Updated the POS product search according to an outlet at admin side.
Update: Updated Font Awesome Icons.
Update: Updated Invoice template.
Fixed: Pagination issue fixed at admin side.
Added : Added option to search customer according to the phone number.
Added ; Number dialer accepts decimal price.
Added : Multiple taxes can be applied in POS.
Update : Shipping is calculated on basis of an outlet.
Fixed : Fixed issue of assigning outlet.
Fixed : Price related issues fixed.
Update : CSS loads only on the pos login page.
Update :  Improved and customized POS receipt.
v 2.1.0
New: Separate master stock management system introduced for pos outlet products.
New: Bulk assign feature for outlet product stock and master stock added.
Fixed: variable product issues fixed.
v 2.0.1
Fixed: Cash drawer date time issue fixed.
Update: POS coupon updated for order as wc 3.x+ updated coupon code.
New: Epson TM-T88V thermal printer setting added.
New: Fontawesome icon updated.
Update: Apply discount section functionality changed.
v 2.0.0
New : Introduced shipping by customer address and tax and shipping tax calculation at front-end.
New : Online order summary and order offline summary updated for tax and shipping calculation.
Update : Invoice updated for tax and shipping calculations.
Fixed : Admin cannot assign Outlet with status deactivate to POS User fixed.
v 1.2.0
New : Introduced translation and included pot file in the plugin.
Update : Added some more fields in create customer form at the frontend.
Fixed : Stock management for products at backend is restricted according to available stock of product.
Fixed :Client-side validation updates for the POS login form.
Fixed : Create an outlet and create POS manager validation fixed and information added.
v 1.1.0
Fixed : Offline order invoice fixed.
Fixed : Order summary total, balance issue fixed.
Fixed : Responsiveness issues for POS fixed.
Fixed : Various notification messages fixed.
v 1.0.0
Initial release