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WooCommerce POS Outlet Manager

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WooCommerce POS Outlet Manager Plugin

The WooCommerce POS Outlet Manager Plugin allows the WooCommerce POS System Admin to add multiple POS Outlet managers. The created POS outlet manager while being created can be assigned to outlets. The assigned POS outlet managers will then be able to manage the POS users(agents) via a dedicated backend.

Apart from that, the POS outlet managers will also have access to the POS terminals and will have the option to switch to the backend via the panel itself. If the access to the POS terminal is revoked then in that case the backend will only be available to the POS outlet manager.

The POS outlet manager can also make various settings for the visibility of POS terminal options for the POS users. The options that can be enabled or disabled are – the cart transfer option, discount option in the cart, menu option(cashier & reports), coupon option in the cart, and custom add product option.

Note – This plugin is an add-on to the Point Of Sales System for WooCommerce(POS Plugin) Firstly you must have WooCommerce POS to use this module.

Why WooCommerce POS Outlet Manager Plugin?


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Features of WooCommerce POS Outlet Manager Plugin

  • The admin can add normal pos users or pos managers as required.
  • View the cart transfer data in the admin backend.
  • Admin can view the requests sent by the pos managers.
  • Enable manager access for pos login.
  • POS managers can manage the users of the outlet.
  • Setting for the pos users can be set up by the POS manager.
  • Cart transfer and sync option at the pos manager and pos user end.
  • POS users and Pos managers can set the screen lock timer and can update the screen lock pin for the pos terminal.

Highlighted Features

1 – Add POS Outlet Manager

At the time of creating a POS user, the admin can choose whether it will be a normal POS user or the POS outlet manager.

2 – Manage POS Users

The created POS outlet managers for the respective POS outlets can manage their POS users(agents).

3 – Setup Screen Lock

The admin can enable the screen lock for the POS user and the POS outlet managers.

4 – POS Login for POS Outlet Manager

The admin can enable or disable the POS login for the POS outlet manager.

5 – Cart Transfer Option

A POS user can transfer his cart within the same outlet to another POS user or the POS outlet manager for further processing of the cart.

6 – Screen Lock Timer

The POS users and the POS outlet managers can set the configuration for the screen lock timer and can update their passwords for the screen lock.

7 – Cart Transfer Reports

The admin can view the complete list/report for the cart transfers in an outlet.

8 – POS Outlet Manager Requests

All of the requests generated by the POS outlet managers are viewed by the admin in the backend panel.

Business Use

WooCommerce POS Outlet Manager can help streamline your physical store operations and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

Your physical store operations can now be managed by the POS outlet managers that you have assigned to the respective POS outlet. The admin can create multiple POS outlet users and assign them to an outlet or create one for each outlet as required.

The POS outlet managers can manage the POS users(agents) for their respective assigned outlets. The POS outlet manager can add, edit, or delete a POS user.

Apart from that, the POS outlet manager can manage the POS terminal options for the POS users. They can enable/disable the options like – cashier and reports section, sync cart, transfer cart, and custom add product options.

Change Log

"Initial release v 1.0.0" 
v 1.0.0
Initial release

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