Discussion on WooCommerce PDF Catalog

Discussion on WooCommerce PDF Catalog

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Hi, your plugin returns error on generating pdf with a large number of products (e.g. 1773). We use the Filter Everything plugin which doesn’t seem compatible with your. We would like to be able to filter these results through the choice of attributes or limit the last ones inserted (max 50 records). Thanks

Please see:

We do not know if we support filter everything pro plugin as we did not tested this.

When I try to activate the plugin I get this error? Plugin Version: 1.17.0 WordPress Version: 6.1.1

Warning: require(/home/customer/www/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/customer/www/ on line 71

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ’/home/customer/www/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php74/pear’) in /home/customer/www/ on line 71

You should purchase a valid license here to get latest updates.


Spinma Purchased

Hi, I’m having a problem where my photos don’t show up on the catalogue. there’s a red cross instead. I tried DEBUG mode but doesn’t work


Spinma Purchased

i tried all that

Please send wp admin login and your purchase cod to


etradea Purchased

I cannot install your plugin codecanyon-tNZ6lnw6-woocommerce-pdf-catalog,My system is WordPress Version 6.1.1 and WooCommerce Version 7.5.0

Do you get any error? What error do you get?

demo is not working

Temporary files directory ”/sites/” is not writable

Oh thanks for info! We fied it now!

PRE BUY QUESTION: works on WORDPRESS 5.9.2 + WOOCOMMERCE ? i test some modules but i get installation bugs on my server ….

Yes of course :)


imapatel Purchased

Hi i need to put background image only on table content page and put some video or gift image but can’t work please can you help me.

thanks in advance

Videos or GIFs are not supported inside PDF documents. YOu can not use them.

Hi there, is it possibile to have a layout with 3×3 grid and the images of the same height and width? I have now images both vertical and horizontal, and this is causing me some layout issues…how to make the images look all the same way? Thanks a lot!

You can set an image size in our plugin settings. When you have defined to crop images in woocommerce they will have same height then.

I bought this plugin and for the last year up until Feb 6th my complete shop catalog was around 3MB. Yesterday the complete PDF started being 28MB. Has there been a change? I really need to optimise this so it can be emailed. Thanks

Hi there,

we did not change something to the size. Take a look at your image sizes in the PDF you use.

For further support please submit a ticket on our website and renew your support license first.

Hi Can you help me please the product descriptions go to another page and the image remains on another page how can I make them stay on a single page, you can check this link please.

thank you very much

the short code not work is in screenshot about please can you check its only not work when use tabel mode in DIV mode work perfectly.

and also on table mode in footer back to Table of content in PDF the link does not work it is missing

Sorry the table mode is deprecated and you should not use it.

Hi how can i change style of table of contend.

Please see here what HTML elements you can use for styling:

hi How can I change the pdf template? I need to change the position of the price. thanks and regards

1.and also need put today date on 1th page only 2. set image hight please can you help me

Hi there,

please see:

Furthermore you can set custom CSS in advanced settings. Use debug mode to inspect the HTML.

Thank you very much

This plugin is good, but unfortunately it seems that it only works for a few products, when I try to do it for many (more than 100), it does not generate any result.

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question. With woocommerce I manage different prices based on the user ROLE. I need to print on the pdf the price for a specific role and without taxes. It’s possible? Thanks

We use standard wc functions like get_price so alll hooks will be applied. That means when you log in with your user role and export our pdf you should see user role specific prices.

Prepurchase question. Can I show the create catalog buttons only to admins? thanks

Yea that is possible :)


131ice Purchased

Hi friends, the new version is out, how come we are not updated to 1.16.10 and still download 1.16.9?

Hi there,

1.16.10 is not offically released yet. You get a notification when it will be.

Hi! I was wondering if it’s possible to show cart item custom fields using the cart item key and not just the product id?

For example: Lets say I have 2 of the same products in the cart with the same product id but 2 different custom fields. Product 1 has a custom field saying “Hello!” Product 2 has a custom field saying “Bye!” If trying do display the custom field just using product id then Product 1 and Product 2 customfields in the cart pdf will both say “Bye” because it is being overwritten by the latest product added with the same id.

I hope you understand my simple explanation. Looking forward to your answer.


You better use our WooCommerce cart pdf plugin for this purpose. This does work with your example above :)

Please tell me how can I select products or categories directly in the site admin panel and generate a pdf catalog?

We do not have an option to manually select products. For categories you can use our builder shortcode:

Thanks, I’ll see, but it would be more convenient for everyone if you add the ability to generate directories in the admin panel

Hi. I bought your product and set it up and it seems to be working fine. But I have question if it’s possible to manualy add extra description to every product (not the one from store)

You could use ACF or similar to create custom product fields. Then you can use these custom fields only in our PDF catalog.

Can you be more specific with ACF and settings to show it only in PDF catalog.

Yes sure. You can create a custom post field, then go into our plugin settings > custom post fields. Then you should see all custom post fields you can add in your PDF after the cache is cleared.


SQLGuru Purchased

I have logged a support ticket – 13402. Please can you review as a matter of urgency.


SQLGuru Purchased

This is what I get when I try to generate the PDF:

We get this one many times:

Warning: Array to string conversion in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-pdf-catalog/public/class-woocommerce-pdf-catalog-products-templates.php on line 620

And this one once:

Warning: Array to string conversion in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-pdf-catalog/public/class-woocommerce-pdf-catalog-products-templates.php on line 620 Data has already been sent to output (/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-pdf-catalog/public/class-woocommerce-pdf-catalog-products-templates.php at line 620), unable to output PDF file


SQLGuru Purchased

I performed a RESET ALL and it seems to have come right now

Please just disable your php error display.


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