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I’m tempted to buy this plugin but just not sure if it will also export custom field on order page that I use to store location of the customer (a hidden input). I added this custom field programatically in functions.php, will it be supported?


Also, instead of only allowing to export, it would be great if it also displayed in a tabular format with a button to download.

unfortunatelly the plugin doesn’t offer a tabular view of the data before download.
For what concerns the checkout fields, the only ones exported are the ones added with the plugin WooCommerce Custom Fields & Product Add-ons. Any other custom field is ignored (because the plugin doesn’t know how is stored and cannot export it).


I installed this plugin but can not activate it

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/sites/.... /public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-orders-ei/classes/com/WCOEI_Order.php on line 144

This error is due the usage of an outdated version of PHP. Note that Wordpress and WCOEI plugin (as reported in the description page) both require a minum 5.5 version.
Could you confirm that you are using at least that version? to check go to WooCommerce -> System status.
If not please update and that error will be gone.

Updating php is usually a very simple operation in any web shared server. Go to the admin panel, search for some kind of advanced configuration and in that section you can switch the php version to the latest.

Thanks that fixed it

Very glad to hear that :)
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I would like to find a customer export from WooCommerce for event itineraries. My only concern is I use Gravity Forms for WooCommerce product options. Would Gravity Forms product options be available as exportable fields in the report set up?

Hi Gravnetic,
unfortunatelly the plugin has not been designed and tested to exported product metadata added by Gravity Forms. If it stores metadata in the same way of WooCommerce Product Add-ons and WC Fields Factory plugins, maybe my plugin is able to export.
However I haven’t done any test so I cannot assure you anything.

If you send me a private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) I’ll reply with my email address where you can send a copy of Gravity forms. I can do some test for you and let you know if it works or if I can extend my plugin to grant support for Gravity.

Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to separate on export any data pulled from the “ALL Items custom fields” checkbox. It seems to cram it all on 1 single cell. What I would love is if they created new cells for each item pulled. How can I do this? Thank you!!

The plugin behavior according custom fields export is well reported in the description page in the Product custom fields exportation with example files.

However for what concerns refound, authors cannot directly emit refound because we take only a percentage for our sales. Codecanyon is the only one can to authorize it.
Here is the guide that explains if you are elegible for refounding and some other requirements: At the end of the guide you will find the link to the request form to be refound. Codecanyon will investigate further.

Hi there, thank you for the info. I do believe I jumped the gun a bit as I found a way to utilize the export and yes I did overlook the custom field export notation as I did not think about the fields as being custom, that is my oversight.

Using some Excel knowledge, I discovered that if I split the content within the cells into columns it breaks it up for me. An extra 1 minute step in Excel after the export but makes it possible for me to use your plugin.

Thank you for your help and if anyone else runs into this issue, here is a great tutorial explaining what method I used: it looks perfect with this small step!! I just made sure to break up columns based on the asterisks :)

Thank you for the plugin, it is easy and fast to use and I really like that I can export based on the product name. This makes what I need it to do so much easier. Again, sorry for the confusion! I appreciate your quick responses to help me get this all figured out.

Glad to hear that :)
thank you for sharing that tutorial, I’ll include that link in the plugin description to help other users. I’ll try to improve the plugin for this kind of needs.
Have a nice day! :)

Hi, presales question: is this compatible with Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite from WooThemes. I need a plugin that will export customers from an existing site to a new one and I already have the WooThemes plugin. Thanks.

unfortunatelly the plugin has not been tested with that plugin so I cannot assure if it is able to import data using the .csv generated by my plugin.

Hi vanquish, I need to kno if that plugin can automatically export via ftp or other. Or if it would be possible to modify it for that purpose. Send me change price.

Thanks you very much!

A greating.

no, unfortunately the plugin hasn’t that feature and I don’t offer customization service.
The plugin, after the exporting process, creates a file that you have manually download and save in your local computer.

Ok, thanks you very much!

Just bought the plugin – tried to export orders – nothing happens?

Maybe i’ve found an issue related to Woocommerce 2.6.. Are you using that version? Can you send me a private message? I can send the new version so you can test if it fixes

sorry i contacted you before seeing this message – Version 2.6.1

No problem, I’ll reply via email :)

Hi Vanquish, I’m tempted to purchase this plugin :D Just have 2 pre-sale questions – Hope you can help me: 1. I’m using Woocommerce Product Add-ons & Woocommer Checkout Add-ons plugins. Would your plugin be able to export these information too? 2. Can the plugin schedule an automatic report which can be pushed to Dropbox or send via email? Cheers, Q

Hi! for what concerns your questions:
  1. The pluin is only able to export fields created by WooCommerce Product Add-ons . As reported in the plugin page, it will exported those fields in one column using a special string as separator
  2. No, unfortunately it has not that feature
Cheers :)

Hello, the possibility orders with customer data in csv to generate . Example : What does the customer X purchases within a period , including order ? Thank you.

no unfortunatelly there is any option to include specific orders in the order finder tool.

Hello. I have Skyverge’s Intuit QBMS Payment Gateway for WordPress plugin and it works fine with all other plugins. The minute I activate your plugin though, it crashes the site. It is really unfortunate because this is the only WooCommerce export plugin that does everything I like. May I give you login info so that you can see what may be causing it? THank you very much!

This is account I used to purchase plugin

Wow, apologies. I am commenting on wrong plugin haha. Sorry. If they are unable to resolve my issue, I will definitely be buying your plugin, especially if it has Legacy One Row Per Item format and automatic export capabilities. Thank you.

Don’t worry, no problem :)
My plugin has a live demo site and example export CSV file on description page. Give a try to see if it suits your needs! :)

Hello, I’m having some issues with exporting a report. Where does the report get created and where can I find it? I get 100% done on the export progress bar but can’t find the exported file? Ive tried with all the plugins disabled in case of a conflict, am I doing something wrong?

Once clicked on the “Export” button and when the process has reached the 100%, it automatically appears a download windows that allows you to save the .csv created. An example in the demo site:

If it not happens could be due to a popup blocker or because 3rd party plugin or the theme you are using are including some javascript code in that page that is reaising errors and preventing the plugin to properly work.
In this case I need a backend access to analyze the export page and the javascript included to try figure out what’s wrong in your installation.

Pop-up blocker on safari… Doh! Thanks

Glad to hear that :)
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Your order exporter for Woo Commerce is mismapping the state and country fields. I would show you a link but there is no cut and paste here.


I did not get an email with attachment or download

The email was sent at 18:00 Italy time. Can you check the spam folder? Meanwhile I’ll try to resend


I hace this problem when I want use the plugin:

Warning: max(): Array must contain at least one element in /homepages/40/d294160820/htdocs/campusjavi2017/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-orders-ei/classes/com/WCOEI_Order.php on line 528

What is the problem?

to request support you have to renew your support licese because it is expired. You can renew it directly from the CodeCanyon Plugin page.

Can this be used to generate reports based on the date of transaction. I’d like to be able to export daily orders list.

Yes, as you can see from the demo site, selecting a date in the Filter by orders date section you can export orders for a specific date range.

You can give a try at:
user: demo
pass: demo
To see if it fully fits your expectations and needs. If you need some more info, feel free to ask.


The CSV file is not downloading on an Apple Macbook for my client – everything looks fine but nothing happens on export. Do you have any suggestions what the trouble might. She is using Shop Manager Role, Thanks, JJ

Which browser are you using? Are you using any popup blocker? In case try disabling it or try a different browser. Let me know if it works otherwise I need a backend access to do some test to figure out what’s wrong in your installation.
Thank you.

I have a few orders in WooCommerce that the exporter doesn’t seem to recognize. The orders are marked completed, but they won’t ever show up in the exported CSV. Even when I export all orders and all statuses. I’ve compared the orders that aren’t being exported to orders that are being exported and I’m not finding any differences or obvious problems. Could really use some help in determining why some orders aren’t being exported.

It quite hard to figure out why you are experiencing this issue in your installation.
Have you installed any 3rd party plugin that alters in any way orders and/or its attributes? Could you try to disable all and see if you are still experiencing this issue?

For further support, I need you give me a full admin access (in case send login via private message: click on my name the use the low-right box) and to report me the order ids that are not exported. In this way I can do some live debugging trying to figure out what’s wrong in your installation.
Thank you.

I am having trouble using this plugin for a site running WP 4.7.1, when I am on the plugin page, none of the buttons work and I can’t submit anything. Do you need backend access to check? I have already tried disabling all plugins except those necessary to run woocommerce.

usually this kind of issues are due to 3rd party javascript errors that prevent the plugin javascript library to be properlies executed.

If you send me a private message with login data (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can try to analyze your installation with my tools to try if possible to figure out what’s wrong.

Hello, I have a problem: in the orders, I can no longer select item_product_id. They appear gray but not selectable. You have an idea ? Thanks, Alex

To request support you have to use the account you used to purchase the plugin.


jutee Purchased


I am not able to activate your plugin. I am using PHP 5.6.3 Are there any known plugins or something else that blocks the activation?

Thank you for your help.

Hi, could you report me which error are you getting? It could be that you are installing the wrong package. It could be that you are installing the zip both containing the documentation and the plugin. Please unzip It and make sure you installing only the file named


jutee Purchased

It’s the correct zip-file. There is no error message. The feedback “Plugin activated” is shown, but it isn’t.

I need further clues to understand whats wrong in your installtion. Are you using a multisite installation? could you try activating debug mode ( ) to see if any error is printed?