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IN your demo, the downloaded CSV says, The file format and extension of Orders_XX.csv doesnt match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. When i open it in textpad, there are non latin characters that are converted and I’m guessing are shown as ??: Also, will this export gravity forms data as I override woocommerce fields in an order for gravity forms. Let me know.

The file is coded use standard UTF-8 econdoing. To open CSV file use proper CSV editor like . In alternative you can import data to Excel, but you have not to simply open the file. Follow the guide reported in the plugin page under the How to import into excell section.

I report it for you here:
  1. Run Excel
  2. Import the data using Data -> Import External Data (or Import from Text) -> Import Data
  3. Select the csv file type and browse the directory where the .csv file is
  4. In the import wizard, choose Delimited file type and change the File Origin to 65001 Unicode (UTF-8) (quite at the bottom of the list)
  5. Click Next button and change the delimiter to comma (or semicolon, depens on which delimiter character you have selected)
  6. Click on Finish button

For what concerns Gravity forms, the plugin doesn’t export metafield added by that plugin.

I have not downloaded this product and did not intend to make the purchase. Please issue a refund, thank you.

Nevermind, looks like I might need it after all.