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Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_sites() in /homepages/6/d374494314/htdocs/clickandbuilds/DUNNWRIGHTVENDOR/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-multisite-duplicate/admin/class-wc-admin-duplicate-product-multisite.php on line 91

What needs to be changed. It locked up my sign in.

Dan Wright


please make sure your Wordpress site is a Multisite (see https://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network). It seem like it is not.

Best regards DB-Dzine

currently I have installed the Dokan multi site plugin. So I take it that there is something else I need to have turned on from my service provider/wordpress also?

The plugin you are using has nothing to do with a wordpress multisite. But in order to use the plugin you will need a multisite.

I do not know if your plugin is bound for a multisite environment …

Hello perfthemes,

could you please send me WP-Admin and FTP-Credentials so that I can debug? Please send them to support@db-dzine.de

Best regards DB-Dzine


I have many many instances of the error below in my php error log. Are you able to help please? Thank you

PHP Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-multisite-duplicate/admin/class-wc-admin-duplicate-product-multisite.php on line 789

Hello bijoumama,

could you please make sure you have installed the “redux-framework” plugin? If not please install Redux Framework plugin. Please also try to save the options inside the settings panel again.

If this does not help, please come back in contact with me.

Installed and it crashed my whole multisite. Had to remove the plugin through ftp

Have you turned on WP_DEBUG? Could you see the error logs?

My multisite is too active for playing around with this. Scared me when it all went down like that. If the plugin can take it all away I dont think I want to take chances and mess around debugging. Please refund

That is why you should awalys have a dev version available.

The plugin works great, apart from one thing: I’m using WooThumbs to add additional images for variations, but they don’t seem to get copied when cloning a product. Are you aware of this issue?

The plugin in question: https://codecanyon.net/item/woothumbs-awesome-product-imagery/2867927

Hello RiaanWest,

we have not tested the compatibility with your plugin, but if you send us FTP, WP-Admin and PHPMyAdmin Credentials we can implement this for you. Please send the data to support@db-dzine.com

Best regards DB-Dzine

We run a large woocommerce shop – with over 4500 different categories and 100,000 different products. When duplicating is it possible to select by category?

Each product has multiple additional custom fields(ACF plugin) – can these be imported/exported?


Hello devineone,

unfortunately you can only copy single products until now. But we are looking forward to implement bulk copying in near future.

Custom fields are no problem.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi. I bought this plugin but its not what I need at all. Can I be refunded please?

Sure, just make a refund request yourself.

Hello. I understand the purpose of this plugin.I create online store,enable “MultiSite”. For example be divided into three subdomains, the result is three stores. Each store has its own admin panel through which with the help of your plugin, I can duplicate items on any of those sites?

Hello iMaxson,

if your Wordpress site is a Multisite based on WooCommerce, then yes. This is what the plugin is for.

Best regards DB-Dzine

I want to share in this way “Marketplace” with the regime “Multisite”. It turns out each subdomain your settings “WooCoomerce” and accordingly each subdomain on the site administrator can set your plugin with pomoschtyu exactly where to duplicate tovar.Ili it could only set a super administrator, network owner? Sorry, if a little duplicated

Well you can set the capabilities to “network_manage” only. This means only network admins can use the plugin.

Best regards



I am running Multisite for my Main site (directory theme) and my new Shop site (eCommerce theme). I was interested in displaying my products on my Main site, within the company’s’ listing pages and homepage, but I want the product to open on my Shop site.

The reason for the two sites is because the Main site (directory theme) is not optimized for eCommerce, but all of my traffic is going to the Main site.

Would your plugin be able to link a product from my main site to open on my shop site?

I.e. customer on Main site homepage clicks on thumbnail for GoPro Hero5 camera (example.com/product/GoPro-Hero-5) and product page opens on Shop site (shop.example.com/product/GoPro-Hero-5), where he completes the checkout/Amazon redirect.

Would this be possible?

I am excited and hope this is the solution I have been waiting for.

Happy holidays!


Hi Marc,

this plugin was normally designed to copy products inside a multisite to show as normal products, not as links.

What you could do is copy all products from your shop to your main site, display them there, but then create a .htaccess redirect, that automatically redirects all product links to the shop page.

For example customer wants to visit mainsite.com/product/xyz on the main site and then gets redirected to your shop page shopsite.com/product/xyz

Hope this helps BR DB-Dzine

Hi! If a product has already been duplicated to the network, will hitting a second time the “duplicate” link re-create another copy, or will it update the product on the target websites?

Hi there,

it will not be updated, but created again.

BR DB-Dzine

hi there, I’m trying to build a multisite with two shops using woocommerce, my goal is to be able to update products on just one site and use duplicated products for the other (the secondary site will only use a part of the total products), my questions is if your plugin keeps linked the duplicated products to the original ones to avoid having to edit products on both sites every time they need to be updated, I’ve found other plugins that do so but they don’t duplicate woocommerce categories and tags. thank a lot in advance

one more wuestion, does it work with custom fields for products?, with this plugin for example

Custom fields work too and you can adjust what kind of information you want to sync (product meta for price as example).

Note: You still reply on the plugin “woocommerce multisite duplicator” and not on the multisite sync plugin.

thank you very much


agindea Purchased

When I use the plugin to copy my products to several subdirectories, it transfers everything but the product images. Do you have a list of possible fixes that I can work on to correct this. The admin panel settings definitely have “duplicate media”. checked. Other than this, it’s a great plugin!

Hi there,

do you have set the images as the real “feature image” and in “image gallery”? If yes, please send WP-admin and FTP credentials to support@db-dzine.com

We will help you asap.

BR DB-Dzine


agindea Purchased

Follow up question: There is no “feature image” option I. This Woocommerce theme, only has a “product image”. I have been putting the media in the product image space. Is that the problem and is there a way around it?

We can check if you send us the credentials for WP-Admin and FTP.

Please send to support@db-dzine.com


is your plugin compatible with recent Woocommerce & Wordpress version ? because your last update was august 2016 :-)


Hi there,

yes the plugin works with the newest version as it should.

hi, i do really love your cncept about synching multisite, but before i buy, there is some questions i would love to hear the answer from you :

1. Cron jobs by php ( wordpess ) or by system ? cause my hosting dont allow me cron job by system . 2. per one cron job, how many subsite could be input to synching ? is it unlimited ( 200 subsite :v ) or is just one cron jobs one subsite ? 3. can your plugin synching mainsite to subsite ?

Thank you , im so happy to know this.

Installed and it crashed my webisite. Had to remove the plugin through ftp


Hi there,

please make sure you have set up your WordPress Multisite correctly.

If you do not know how, here is tut: https://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network


0rca Purchased

Servus, wir sind sehr happy mit dem Plugin, weil es für uns ein paar fiese Probleme mit Custom fields gelöst hat. Wir setzen es auf einer Multisite ein, wo jede Childsite eine Sprache enthält (via MultilingualPress). Eine Frage habe ich aber: Ist es irgendwie möglich, dass auch das Datum mitkopiert wird? Unser Kunde verkauft Bücher und möchte über das Postdatum gleich das Erscheinungdatum miterschlagen und dazu bräuchten wir beim Kopieren auch das Originaldatum. Geht das irgendwie? Herzlichen Gruß


0rca Purchased

Hi, perfekt! Tausend Dank!!


0rca Purchased

Hallo nochmal, jetzt habe ich doch noch ein kleines Problem mit einem Custom field, dass das Plugin nicht “mitnimmt”, ähnliche Felder jedoch schon. Wo könnte ich anfangen zu suchen bzw. – besser noch – könnte man irgendwie beeinflussen, welche Felder es kopiert und welche nicht? Selbstredend nicht ohne weiteres, aber evtl. geht ja was. Mehr gerne per Mail oder PN. Gruß, Michael

Da müsste mal in die Datenbank gucken, welche Felder nicht kopiert werden. Normale meta-Felder werden all mitkopiert. Wenn jetzt aber ein bestimmtes Feld nicht in der wp_post_meta tabelle abgespeichert wird, wird es schwerer.

Sie können uns einen WP-Admin, FTP Zugang & welches Feld nicht mitkopiert wird an support@db-dzine.com schicken.

Dann gucken wir uns das an ;)


murmoon Purchased

Hi, I use your plugin to copy products between multisites. But some times the plugin duplicates wrong images. It duplicates images from another products. Usually I copy around 300 products and it is difficult for me to look through all new copies and check if all images are copied correct. Can you assist with this problem?


does this also occur when you copy single products?


murmoon Purchased

Yes, now I copy one by one and check the images. If you need, I can give you access to my multisites. Pls help.

And when you copy them by one the error does not occur? Please also try to just duplicate 5, then check. If ok, then try 10.

It could be that if you copy many products at once, the reponse time is too slow.

Hi, Hope you are well. I have pre purchase question. If i have use your extension It can auto update subsite woocommerce product when we add it main site? We will add product regular and we want regularly auto update sub-site also. Please update me. Thanks

Hi there,

no the copy will only be done once. So no auto update or similar.