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Hi there

Is is possible to activate the multiple addresses by user role? I would like to enable this function based on a user role.



I previously send a question asking about user role. I think, this is not necessary anymore, as it only works with registered users, which makes sense.

The reason why I asked is, that my checkout page, since activating your plugin, changes. With the registered users, all is fine. With a unregistered user, the checkout page has 2 columns… I could send you print screens…

Thanks for your help

It sounds strange that the plugin alters the checkout template just for unregistered users. Please make sure to be running the latest 9.6 plugin version you can download from codecanyon.

However share the screenshot of the issue and link me the checkout page url. I’ll have look to see if it possible to get some more clues about the issue. Thank you!

which email do I send the printscreens too?

sens me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email. I’ll answer with mine where you can send the files and links!

Hi, I seem to be having trouble with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin showing up in certain places when your plugin is activated. Is there anything you can do to help me resolve the conflict?


Thank you for letting me know, I’ll try to investigate further. Let me know also what that support reports to you about their $acf data structure, for what is used for and why the id index is not defined when another istance of the ACF is active.

The last suggestion I can give is to try eventually to use the plugin and let the POS plugin to be activated before the WCMCA plugin to see if this fix that plugin error raising.

Hi, just wanted to let you know, I think the Plugin Organizer solved this issue. Thanks for your help on that!

Very glad to hear that :)

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Hi Vanquish,

Thanks for the great plugin. One issue I encounter. When I enable the VAT field on the billing address and want to checkout it doesn’t finish the checkout proces and I got an empty error box. See screenshot. The order is created as you can see in the screenshot underneath but with pending payment.

When I disable the VAT box in the plugin settings it works well.

Any idea?

Kind regards, Emiel L

Hi Emiel,
thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve just released the 9.7 version that fixes it! :)

It will be officially available to download on codecanyon in 1 – 2 days (their approval system takes awhile to approve new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can directly send you the update!

Hi, I’ve just installed the plugin, but the buttons doesn’t work… I select New Address for exemple but no action, there is a link when clicking but nothing happend still on the same page (checkout) ! all buttons created by the plugin have not effect :-/

Need your help. Thanks for your support ! Richard

Now it works… 3rd party plugin issue…

Glad to hear that :)

Hi, I’m looking to import several addresses for each of about 4000 users. I notice in the forum that you don’t have import functionality but that you’ve provided instructions to use resources like to get addresses in the appropriate format. I am using WP All Import and I have a CSV file with all of the addresses. How do I get the CSV file into an array that I can then serialize and import? Do I need to do a separate import for each user? Can you help me with the steps I’d need to use to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

Yes the address_id is necessary. All the addresses for a single user have to be imported as a serialized array, it cannot be done individually.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I’m still trying to figure this out. I have a CSV that has each address in a separate row. Some users have only one additional address, some have many addresses. Should I use a service like this to convert to JSON?

And then convert to serialized array using this website?

How to I get the list of all addresses for each user in an array all together without manually doing each user separately? With thousands of users this will be impossible? Do you mind explaining this in more detail? That would be very helpful for me. Thank you.

Unfortuantely all the addresses referring to the same user have to be grouped in the same array and then converted to a JSON string array.
Even if the user has just one address, it has to be contained in an array (that would have just an element).

According to me you cannot codify the array manually for all your users (expecially with a 6000 user database) and then use one of those service to convert it in a JSON array.

As I reported earlier it would be more efficient and fast creating an application that reads you custom csv, groups the addresses for the same user in an array with the format I reported in the other comment and once all the user have been processed creates, the addresses array is converted in a JSON string array and new output CSV is created with the user_id | meta_key | meta_value.


zspromos Purchased

When shipping fields support array values the code doesn’t work here:

PHP Warning: strip_tags() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in woocommerce-multiple-customer-addresses/classes/com/WCMCA_Address.php on line 236

Needs to check if array and use array_map or similar technique.

Can this be fixed?

thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve just release the new 9.8 version that should fix it. It will be officially available to download on codecanyon in 1 – 2 days (their approval system takes awhile to approve new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can directly send you the update!


zspromos Purchased

I’ve found another issue with your plugin. The “Shipping address used for the previous order” address feature doesn’t appear to correctly set the previously used value for select field types.

Let me know if I can provide further information RE: this issue or if it would be helpful to see a live example on my site.

you’re welcome :)


zspromos Purchased

Update: the select box seems to be working fine, my problem was that specific custom field i had named shipping_location and seems to have some name conflict with something internal and was not saving to user meta. Renaming the field fixed that.

For multi-select, this still doesn’t work. If one value is saved, it will fill in fine. If more than one value is saved it will fill in no values. Still not your problem based on official supported fields, but letting you know.

Thank you for sharing your experience. It could be that when saving multiple values, that value is coded in a certain format (like serialized array) that lately is not properly decoded. So the read fails and the field is not properly populated. This is the only thing that comes to my mind about it. I hope this helps in some way :)


eXlite24 Purchased


I have tried and buyed your plugin. Everything good… But in your demo i tried a little bit and put on the user (demo) down on site my email. ( now when someone is in demo and try something i get emails… I cant change anything myself… Please delete my email or the user demo… Thanks

thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve updated the demo user replacing your email with a fake one and deleted the orders that were using your email. Now you should have no problems :)

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Hello! I have the plugin installed and it seems to work just fine when I’m logged in as the admin but it doesn’t seem to want to store the addresses if I’m logged in as any other user. I’m not sure if some kind of setting is restricting non admins from storing the addresses. Any advice would help. Thank you!

it is not showing up in the checkout addresses selector. I will try that and be in contact shortly.

Unfortunately then It actually seems that the new address is not properly associated to the user. It could be due to the fact the ajax call used to store the data is not properly processed by the backend. I’ll wait for your private message.

Last question, are you using wpengine as hosting provider?

yes I am. I am about to send you a private message


Warezaar Purchased

I like your plugin very much.

I am able to create multiple addresses for each user. At checkout, I select the correct address from the drop down “Select An Address”. After selecting, the address fields remain empty. As a result, the checkout fails due to empty fields.

Am I right to expect that the fields would be pulled from the selected address?

Please advise what I should do to correct this problem or do you want to have a look at it?

Yes yuo right, after selecting an address billing/shipping form should be filled with the just selected address data.
If not it could be due to a 3rd party plugin interference that denies the WCMCA javascript library to be properly executed and then to properly fill the checkout form.

Coud you share me a customer login and a link to your site? Eventually you can send me that data via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).

I am using the Themco Pro Theme and your plugin works great on desktop, but something is happening when I try the mobile site. On the address page I try clicking on the add address buttons and nothing happens. occasionally it will open but I am not sure. I deactivated all my plugins to make sure none of them were causing the issue and it seems to only happen while running my theme. Any chance you can take a look and let me know if there is something that can be done to fix the issue?


I’ll answer via pm


I am having an issue with adding a new address in both FF and Safari. The ajax spinner just spins and doesn’t let me select a state. The save button also is gone.

It seems to work just fine in Chrome however. Can you please help me? I just purchased the plugin today and need this for launch.
Glad to hear that :)
    You can uset the .wcmca_loader_image selector. Edit the frontend-my-account-addresses-list.css (inside the css folder) and use the rule display: none !important; it should prevent the spinner to be showed. In alternative edit the frontend-address-form-ui.js you find inside the js folder and in line 54 and 69 remove the .wcmca_loader_image, string.
  1. Actually that is inherited by woocommerce theme style. It is just a input with the required attribute, so automatically your theme style it with a red border. To prevent that you can try to use the following selector #wcmca_address_form_fieldset_billing input[required=required] to restyle the border just for the input field inside the popup (but for this you should make some tests, I actually not very expert in CSS styling). If you instead want to prevent they are highlighted when they are empty and the user tries to save, just edit the frontend-address-form-ui.js and comment line 92.
I hope this helps :)

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thanks for those tips. I am so close to greatness. I have one more tiny request. I added the “add address” buttons in a span next to the Addresses section and commented out the buttons in the HTML php file. The issue is that when there are no addresses at all the buttons don’t show obviously. Is there a way to show the Billing Addresses and Shipping Addresses sections when there are no addresses at all. This is how my fully populated test looks. I really like it. Thanks so much.

and when no addresses are there at all it’s just blank.

Glad to hear that :)
to show the sections, edit the WCMCA_Html.php you find in the classes\com folder. just comment the line 219 (it prevent to show the additiona address area if no address is present).
Let me know if this helped! :)
P. S.
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good morning

I have installed the WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Plugins and we are very happy with its operation.

But when looking at my orders on my administration page, I realized that the order is displayed correctly but introduces some “fields” that do not correspond to what is presumed to have to be viewed.

You have checked that in the database if the corresponding fields are well translated.

The field in the article description are:

SKU: 890063.3 ID de la variación: 613 _wcmca_type: shipping _wcmca_shipping_first_name: hola _wcmca_shipping_last_name: q tal _wcmca_shipping_company: mi empres _wcmca_shipping_country: ES _wcmca_shipping_address_1: calle 1 _wcmca_shipping_address_2: dires2 _wcmca_shipping_postcode: 20 _wcmca_shipping_city: ecidad _wcmca_shipping_state: ggA _wcmca_shipping_method: free_shipping:2

If you need screenshot of the data displayed I will pleased to send them to you.

Our WP is updated to the latest version.

Purchase codes

3cb57de9-4c1e-428e-ac07-477a9249c2d8 - 1 Feb 2018 REGULAR LICENSE

Thank you for your attention. Andrea Lago

hi not realy.

When you go to in the administration panel, the order details show you in the second row of the page the list of purchased products and the shipping detail are duplicate … and the first one is in a light grey color and with some metadata before the data as i paste to you down here:

Afghani Gold – 03 Unid.

SKU: 890063.3 ID de la variación: 613 _wcmca_type:

shipping_wcmca_shipping_first_name: hola _wcmca_shipping_last_name: q tal _wcmca_shipping_company: mi empres _wcmca_shipping_country: ES _wcmca_shipping_address_1:calle 1 _wcmca_shipping_address_2:dires2 _wcmca_shipping_postcode: 29720 _wcmca_shipping_city: pepecidad _wcmca_shipping_state: MA _wcmca_shipping_method: free_shipping:2 Envío a: hola q tal mi empres España calle 1 dires2 pepecidad Málaga 29720

You can see here that “Afghani Gold – 03 Unid.” is the description of the item (product) and then down are the worng code … and then Ship to (which I had translated to “Envio a:” ... and then the right data as name :”hola” last name “q tal” ... name of company “mi empres” ... ect.

Hope you can explein me hot to resolve this isue.

Best regardas Andrea

if you like I will send you a screenshot

As reported in the previous comment it is not an issue.

Those are the metadata associated by the plugin to the order items when enabling the “product shipping” feature. In those metadata are stored the shipping details for each product and WooCommerce automatically showes them next to the item title. In this way they can be edited using the “pencil” icon:

Those data however are just re-showed in the bottom part of the item details row in a more readable human form.

What do you actually mean that “it has the wrong code”? As you can see the data reported in the bottom part is the exactly listed above.


admindns Purchased

Thank you for extremely useful plugin! I have an unusual WooCommerce workflow. Admins manually create orders for users. After the order is created, user pays on the order-pay Checkout page. It’s slightly different from the standard Checkout — the address is no longer editable. Is there a way to enable the address change and address select on that page?

thank you for your appreciation :)
Unfortunately it is not possible to add that feature in that template. I was looking into it and it seems that there are no action that allow 3rd party plugin to add additional html components (like the address selector). I’m sorry :(