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Hi, I have been having issues with this plugin when it interacts with the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor.

I have not tried with all field types, but when I tried with the selectors, works perfectly on the page form.

But doesn’t work on the pop up.

This is the config of the selector on the Checkout Field Editor.

If you have any idea to work this around it will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance

which version of the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor are you using? Note that as reported in the plugin description page, only the Free version of that plugin is supported.

Hi, We are using the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor, Versión 1.5.12, but this one,, so I imagine this is not supported, I don’t really know what could be the difference between both plugins in the field types, specifically with the selectors.

So if you could give some advice of what to do, it would be great.


I’m really sorry, but unfortunately the plugin doesn’t support that plugin and the custom select field (single o multiple) field implemented by it. This kind of incompatibility is also reported in the Custom checkout form notice paragraph in the plugin description page.

So unfortunately there isn’t any fast workaround that could extend the plugin compatibility for that custom field type.

Hi there, plug in looks awesome so far. Just wanted to know if it’s possible to change the field name for the Identifier?

“Identifier / Name (Examples: “Office address,” “Mary Jones,” “MJ 2145,” etc.) “

Looking to make it something a bit more straightforward, like “Address nickname”

Thank you for your appreciation! :)
yes to edit that text open the WCMCA_Html.php file you find in folder classes\com\. You find that label on line 277.

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Hi there, it’s me again ;-) For the same client that sync his customers to WC we are looking for a solution, where customers can have multiple addresses. BUT: The customer should only be able to select them, not enter new ones. Would that be possible?

the plugin hasn’t any feature to import addresses, however it has the option to deny the user to add/edit/delete the existing addresses:

You can give a try in the demo site in order to be sure that that options works as you expect!

Excellent, but will test it on the clients site right away ;-) Thanks!

You’re welcome :)

Hi ,I want to make a few changes to the plugin. Do we have any email to get in contact with you?Thank you

I didn’t noticed that.Sorry it was a wrong decision buying the plugin.Why don’t you consider to add this feature as a future update or it is difficult to implement?

Unfortunately it is quite hard to implement. I’m working on it since a while, but I’ve encountered several problems. I cannot give you then any eta.

Let’s hope for the best.For now I will seek for another plugin.Regards

Hi, we are currently using the plugin version 8.7 and facing with the form-validation issue. However, I’ve seen that this issue has been fixed at the version 10.4 so I just wonder, is it safe to upgrade the plugin from v8.7 to 10.4 straightly? Would it be any issues that we should concern about (like, frontend, UI issue, setting issue and so on)?

And if it could, can you please suggest, what is the best (and safest) way to upgrade it? (we have some of our customer data already and just afraid that if we ‘delete’ the plugin via WordPress Plugin management page, it will delete our customer’s data)


yes it is safe to straight update, there are no side effects. To update you can just deactivate and delete from the plugin menu and install the new version. Don’t worry you won’t lose any setting.
In alternative you can receive automatic update by installing the Envato updater plugin:

Thank you _


I have purchased WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses, and I am running WC 3.0.4 and WP 4.9.4, using Storefront theme 2.1.8. On the check out page, the shipping details are not showing at all (only the billing details on the left of the screen and the Your Order details on the right of the screen). What the heck am I doing wrong?

What exactly do you mean that on the checkout page shipping details are not showed? Can you share some screen showing the issue?
Are you sure that the issue is actually caused by the plugin? If you disable it, are you stil experience it? If so, the issue is not caused by the plugin. Please let me know.

Note that if you are using virtual products, the checkout shipping form won’t be displayed by WooCommerce.

No worries! I figured it out, and the issue had nothing to do with your plugin. Thanks for the quick response.

You’re welcome :)

Hi again,

the plugin looks great so far, exactly what we needed. one thing though, if I “Disable user add/edit/delete shipping addresses capabilities”, the users can’t edit his shipping adresses from his profile. but he can enter a new address at the checkout. Is there a way to prevent that (short of using CSS to remove the form fields)?

Actually the user cannot edit the additional addresses. He can load any address as shipping/billing address into the billing and shipping forms and then edit them. Note that the additional address loaded into the form won’t be modified once the order is placed, what he is modifing are the current billing/shipping address. In the next checkout WooCommerce will automatically load the last shipping and billing address. Those address can be always modified by the Addresses menu. The plugin doens’t block that feature. He only manages the additional addresses.

Unfortunately I do not know any workaroud to block those forms.

I also just realized that each additional shipping address is saved into one serialized longtext field in wp_usermeta, which makes it next to impossible to export anything from it :(

yes you right, it works like that. If you want to export a single info, you have first to deserialize the array and then export the info you need.


I would like to purchase this plugin but I have a question first: Let’s say the customer doesn’t have any saved addresses (let’s say he just registered on my shop), added a few items to the cart, and went to checkout. If he inserts a new billing/shipping address on the checkout page and proceeds to finalize the purchase, is it possible to automatically save this new address in the “My Addresses” section/module?

no unfortunately there isn’t any feature to automatically create a new address from the one just used for the checkout.
The user as to click the “add new address” button and fill the popup in order to create a new address that lately can be used for checkout.

Note however that the current billing and shipping addresses used in the checkout for is automatically saved by woocommerce as “last address” and will be used by WooCommerce to fill the checkout form at the next order. It can be edited in the Addresses tab menu:


BjoneMan Purchased

We have some Problems with your extension and already contact the authors of the other two extension who bring it down to yours. On product edit page of woocommerce we have a tool to shedule a product. If we disable your extension everthing works like expected. If we enabled it the calender changes to the one of another extension and we don’t know how to solve this beacause those one breaks the datefield with wrong date format. We have made a dev enviroment for this under Login: codecanyon PW: Vanquish1234# . Per email we could also provide the screenshots from These behaviore. Thanks Björn Mankopf

Are those plugin embending the ACF pro library? What exactly is the “the calender changes to the one of another extension”? it it a special controller?

please me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a link to a page where I can experience the issue
  5. some screens showing the issue (how it works and how it should be).

I’ll try to perform some tests to see if any fix or workaround is possible.

After creating a second shipping address, the only options available at checkout in the shipping dropdown are:

“Shipping address used for the previous order” “Cedar” (the added shipping address)

This is incorrect. There should be at a minimum three options:

“Shipping address used for previous order” “Default address” “Cedar”

For instance, with the first scenario, if a user checks out with “Cedar” as the shipping address, they can never choose another address. The first added shipping address needs to show up as well.

What do you exactly mean that some one created an address by chosing the “edit” option? it he edited an already existing address doesn’t not create a new one.

However keep in mind that the default address can be only one of the additional addresses created. In the Checkout form, once the user chooses one (or manually enters one), this will became the “last one used in the previous checkout”. The address that you can edit via the Addresses menu: In the top part is the latest one used. It however will be automatically updated/overwritted by WooCommerce with the one you enter in the checkout form once the order is placed.

Ah, I wasn’t aware that the two Woocommerce default addresses are always the last addresses used. That actually answers my question. Thank you.

You’re welcome :)

Hi, Is there any way to hide this plugin for a user group?

Example: 2 User groups A & B

So what I want to do is when A is logged in then they can see plugin usage.

When B is logged in or unregistered then this plugin is not useable/hided.

I hope you can help me with this. Please don’t ask me why I want to do this :)

Thank you.


Hi Sam,
no unfortunately the plugin doesn’t offer such a feature.

However you can modify the following files to try to hide plugin features on fronted:
  1. WCMCA_CheckoutPage.php (located in classes\frontend folder): the add_product_shipping_dropdown_menu(), add_billing_address_select_menu() and add_shipping_address_select_menu() are the functions that add the addresses selector for forms and products
  2. WCMCA_MyAccountPage.php (located in classes\frontend folder): add_additional_addresses_list() and change_my_addresses_list_title() are the functions that add the ability to list existing additional addresses (with the add new address button) and that changes the a title from current billing/shipping address area.
On the very top of those functions you can add a custom code that checks the current user role and if it is the one that has no rights, just skip the function execution. This should help :)

Hello , is there a way to not auto complete the customer billing information ? for example , at the checkout page , the customer select an address from the select box but when he selects I dont want it to autocomplete with his billing information below. Thanks.

No unfortunately it is not possible. The plugin is designed to work in that specific way.


bplv Purchased

I want a refund because the plugin uses Advance Custom Fields Pro which I don’t plan to use. Next time you build a plugin please let us know on the top that you have used and bundled another plugin. This is completely ridiculous

The ACF Pro library is embedded in the plugin just to implement the options menu and it is completely invisible to the final user (as can also been seen in the demo site). It is quite normal build a software using third party library (javascript, html or PHP framework), so actully the request is pointless.

So for this reasons Envato policy refund obviously doesn’t grant money back for such scenarios.


bplv Purchased

How does that not cover the policy? Why have you not stated anywhere that you have used ACF on the plugins description? I don’t want a huge plugin like ACF or ACF pro just for the sake of a simple feature that is why I want the refund. The plugin doesn’t state anywhere that it uses ACF Pro and no this is not like using any third party library this is about bundling a plugin inside a plugin and no I cannot tolerate that.

Because it is not mandatory for Envato to report which 3rd party libraries a software uses (that by the way it is however reported in the plugin documentation).
Refund policy doesn’t grand money back just for the reason that a plugin is not reporting which 3rd party libraries it is embedding, otherwise the 90% the themes and plugin would elegible for a refund.

Anyway you can open a dispute with Envato on the refund you already requested. They will investigate further.