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Hi. We use your multi addresses plugin and other city select box plugin. When city select box plugin activated city input hidden your popup address form. We try find popup HTML codes but not find. Please help us this problem.

the plugin has not any specific support for other 3rd party plugin that are manipulating city list.

However if you want to customize the plugin html, you will find the html snippet in the classes\com\WCMCA_Html.php file. Keep in mind that modifing the plugin may make it not properly work and support service doesn’t not cover customization issues. Modify it at your own risk.

Hi there – I was hoping you could offer some clarity on why we’re seeing a specific issue.

We’re noticing that when anyone goes to check out, the “State/County” field is always blank. So the user has to go in and fill it in again.

If we deactivate the plugin, the field defaults correctly with the State/County. Reactivating it then again makes that field blank as a default. Is there a fix for this?

Thanks! Josh White

It is quite strange, Which plugin version are you running? is the 5.3 version? if no, can you update and report me if you are still experience the issue?

As you can see in the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
going in the checkout page, the Billing shipping state and country are properly filled with the data used in the last order.

I checked my installation and it was at 4.6, but oddly it didn’t report that there was a new version. I just downloaded the most recent version and re-installed it, but the same result is happening. It appears that it is deselecting the Country as well. I can verify the users do have Country set, but when you go to check out that is blank, which might be also making the State field empty as well (perhaps its starting at Country as the main culprit).

Please try also to fully clear your browse cache and server cache it could be that you are still loading old javascript libraries.

However It could be that that issue could be due to a 3rd party interference. However to try to figure out what’s wrong in your installation, I need an admin backend access in order to perform some live debugging.
In this way I can try to understand if possible which is the real cause of that strange behaviour. If you can send me a full admin access, please send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).
Thank you.

HI Guys, Great plugin. I think it works great. Some slight modifications needed to integrate into other plugins, but works well.

I am using WP All Import and WP All Export to import and export data out of our site.

The column that gets exported for the Multiple addresses looks like this. a:2:{i:1;a:9:{s:19:”shipping_first_name”;s:7:”Michael”;s:18:”shipping_last_name”;s:9:”Antkowiak”;s:16:”shipping_company”;s:11:”Matrix Four”;s:16:”shipping_country”;s:2:”CA”;s:18:”shipping_address_1”;s:19:”675 Victoria Street”;s:18:”shipping_address_2”;s:6:”Unit 2”;s:13:”shipping_city”;s:6:”London”;s:14:”shipping_state”;s:2:”ON”;s:17:”shipping_postcode”;s:7:”N5Y 4C2”;}i:2;a:9:{s:19:”shipping_first_name”;s:4:”Jeff”;s:18:”shipping_last_name”;s:6:”Wright”;s:16:”shipping_company”;s:11:”Matrix Four”;s:16:”shipping_country”;s:2:”CA”;s:18:”shipping_address_1”;s:9:”55 Oxford”;s:18:”shipping_address_2”;s:0:””;s:13:”shipping_city”;s:6:”London”;s:14:”shipping_state”;s:2:”ON”;s:17:”shipping_postcode”;s:7:”N5Y 4C2”;}}

I have split it up here. a:2:{ i:1;a:9: {s:19:”shipping_first_name”; s:7:”Michael”; s:18:”shipping_last_name”; s:9:”Antkowiak”; s:16:”shipping_company”; s:11:”Matrix Four”; s:16:”shipping_country”; s:2:”CA”; s:18:”shipping_address_1”; s:19:”675 Victoria Street”; s:18:”shipping_address_2”; s:6:”Unit 2”; s:13:”shipping_city”; s:6:”London”; s:14:”shipping_state”; s:2:”ON”; s:17:”shipping_postcode”; s:7:”N5Y 4C2”;} i:2;a:9: {s:19:”shipping_first_name”; s:4:”Jeff”; s:18:”shipping_last_name”; s:6:”Wright”; s:16:”shipping_company”; s:11:”Matrix Four”; s:16:”shipping_country”; s:2:”CA”; s:18:”shipping_address_1”; s:9:”55 Oxford”; s:18:”shipping_address_2”; s:0:””; s:13:”shipping_city”; s:6:”London”; s:14:”shipping_state”; s:2:”ON”; s:17:”shipping_postcode”; s:7:”N5Y 4C2”;}}

How can I add another address using an import feature? Would I just create another entry? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

thank you for your suggestion. For now something similar is not possible and there is an easy workaround to that.

However I’ll try to implement something similar in a future release, but I cannot give you an ETA. I’ll let you know! :)

Hi Vanquish…thank you for the reply. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction on how to modify it? We need a workaround and i wouldn’t mind modifying it on my own until your include it in your future release.

Unfortunately there is an easy way, so I cannot easily point you to a particular function to modify.
The plugin would require a deep redesign in order to allow text posting without uploading any file, so I’m sorry but I’m not able to suggest you a quick modification.


bpowers1 Purchased

Hi, how are you? I bought your plugin because I needed multiple addresses for a website I’m building, I’ve installed it and it works very well.

My website is integrated with an external user managing plattform, so when the users update their addresses in Wordpress I would like to save those changes on the external plattform, I wrote a function that does that, but the hook that I’m using wont trigger when I update or add an address using your plugin address editor (it does work with the woocommerce hook when editing woocommerce addresses), where should I hook my function to be triggered when the user updates their addresses using the address editor provided by your plugin?

thank you in advance.

The plugin exposes some actions that may help you. You find the list in the Actions section int plugin description page. Here the list:
  1. do_action(‘wcmca_before_adding_new_user_address’, $user_id, $new_address);
  2. do_action(‘wcmca_after_adding_new_user_address’, $user_id, $new_address);
  3. do_action(‘wcmca_before_deleting_user_address’, $user_id, $address_id);
  4. do_action(‘wcmca_after_deleting_user_address’, $user_id, $new_address);
  5. do_action(‘wcmca_before_updating_user_address’, $user_id, $address_id, $new_address);
  6. do_action(‘wcmca_after_updating_user_address’, $user_id, $new_address);
So in you case, to hook when saving or updating you should use the wcmca_after_updating_user_address and wcmca_after_adding_new_user_address.

NOTE: that you have to update the plugin to the latest version, because action triggering was not present in early plugin versions.

bpowers1 Purchased

Hi, thanks for your answer, the hooks worked, now I’m facing another issue, on the checkout page, when I change the shipping address using the addresses dropdown, only the first name and company name change, all the other fields stay the same even though that the addresses I pick are complete, what could be the problem? I don’t have other plugins interfering there

It could be due to a theme issue. It could be due to the fact that is not using the proper Woocommerce html ids for those fields so the plugin is not able to properly populate them or could be due to a 3rd party plugins that are raising errors and prevent the plugin JavaScript to be properly executed.
Could you provide me a backend access? In this way I can analyze the checkout page with my tools to see if it is possible to figure out what’s wrong in your installation. If you can send me an access send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).

Hi, I was originally using version 4.2 of the plugin and there’s a minor problem: 1. I go to Admin > Users > Additional addresses and click the “View & Edit” button. 2. I try to add a new shipping address. After I hit save the and modal dialog disappears and the ajax finishes refreshing, the new shipping address appears, but only the Identifier / Name field appears in the listing. All the details are not shown. When I click edit, all the fields are empty except for the title. 3. However, when that user proceeds to a Check Out, the details ARE loaded when that shipping address is selected.

I updated to version 5.4 (released 2016-12-23) and the same problem exists.

The same behaviour persists when the user logs in and visits my-account/edit-address/. Namely, under the Additional Shipping Addresses section, the additional shipping address identifier name is there, but with no details. Also, when edit is clicked, a modal dialog appears but all fields are empty except for the identifier name.

this kind of issue usually is due to 3rd javascript libraries that are raising errors. Those error cause the WCMCA javascript library to be not properly executed.
Try disabling one by one your 3rd party plugin until you find the one that is interfering or if you create an account and link me the user profile page, I can analyze it with my tools to try to understand which library is interfering.

Send me the login data via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).


bpowers1 Purchased

Hi, I’m having a problem with the plugin, when I want to add a new address or edit an existing one or even delete it, nothing happens, it just refreshes the page and everything is exactly the same, what could cause the problem?


bpowers1 Purchased

UPDATE: It does work in the backend, when editing a user, but it doesn’t work on the fronted, also the hooks aren’t been triggered

It could be due to 3rd party plugins javascript errors that prevent the plugin javascript libraries to properly work (so save or delete via ajax the addresses).

If you create me an account in your site then send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can analyse your frontend trying if possible to figure out which plugin is interfering.
In alternative try disable one by one your 3rd party plugin until you find the one interfering.