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When i clic on “edit address” on my account / my addresses, nothing happen. The URL change with : .../my-account/edit-address/#wcmca_address_form_container_shipping But the page does not change. What’s the problem ?


this usually happen when a 3rd party plugin is including some javascript code that is raising error. This causes the browser javascript engine to stop working and to not properly execute the WCMCA javascript library. This is the reason why the edit/add/delete function are not working.

Try disabling your 3rd party plugins and see if you still experience the issue. If not, try enable one by one your 3rd party plugin until you find the one that is interfering and then report it to its developer in order to fix it.

In case even disabling the plugins you experince the issue then I need to analyze your installation to try to get some more clues. To do that I need:
  1. admin access to the wp-admin area
  2. FTP access
send me that data via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). Thank you.

Hi i need display the shipping info at a loop order, why ia get the fields?

I try ” $order->_wcmca_shipping_first_name;” but this display only the account name every loop.

you can have a look to the Api reference for the WC_Order class:

To retrieve billing info of an order you can use the predefined istance methods like:
  1. $order->get_shipping_first_name()
  2. $order->get_shipping_last_name()
and so on.


I got the array of itens orders:   $ order_items = $ order-> get_items ();

Then I got the meta and became a variable:   $ wbilling_first_name = $ order-> get_item_meta ($ item_id, ‘_wcmca_billing_first_name’, true);

Thanks, your plugin is amazing and saved me a lot of hard weeks.

Very glad to hear that :)

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great plugin, I was looking for sth similar quite a while. One question; We would like to edit some templates but of course we would like to keep the plugin updateable. Can we just create the folder woocommerce-multiple-customer-addresses and put there custom templates based on the plugins templates as it works for woocommerce itself for example or do we have to make changes inside the plugin itself?

thanks, Darius

unfortunately for now the plugin doesn’t allow to manage templates like the theme template system.
So you have manually overwrite the new templates with the old ones (or manually report the customizations in the new templates).

However yours it is a nice suggestion, I’ll try to see if it will be possible to implement such a system in a future release! :)


okay too bad its not working already but thanks for info. I think it might help a few people if you could implement such a feature in the future :)

best and thanks, Darius

Hi, I’m looking to integrate this with WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin so that the registers can pull in one of the stored addresses. Is there a line of code that I can add to my point of sale screen to pull in those addresses? If this is a customization that I would need to pay for you to do, I’m happy to do that as well.

Ok thank you, now it is clear. Unfortunately it is not a modification I can perform by my plugin side.
It is that plugin that should implement a “simple” extension that renders a select menu by which the user can select one if his additional addresses. Once select it should populate the form using the same method used for the default billong/shipping address.

The user additional addresses are stored in a single user metadata called _wcmca_additional_addresses. It is a serialized array in which are stored all the user addresses.

I don’t know how that plugin has been deisgned so I don’t know how it should be modified to implmenet this enhancement.

What I can suggest is to contact their support asking if that select menu can be implemented loading the data contained in the metadata I’ve suggested.
In alternative you should ask if their plugin exposes any action or API to allow 3rd party plugin (like mine) to render that additional select menu and to repopulate that form. In this case, report me back and I’ll see what I can do! :)

Thanks for your help! I can edit their PHP file to display the select menu if you can tell me the code to display it? That would be amazing. Thanks!

to retrieve the user addresses you can use the following snippet:
global $wcmca_customer_model;
$addreses = $wcmca_customer_model-> get_addresses($user_id);
where $user_id is the id of the user for which you want to retrieve his addresses. The $addresse variable is an multidimensional array containing billing and shipping addresses. Billing addresses are contained in the [‘billing’] index and shipping in [‘shipping’] address.

To see its content use the following statement:
it will print to video the $addresses variable structure. Once you know how it is done you have to find a method to fill the POS form (by manually implement one or finding an already existing one exposed by that plugin).

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I just downloaded the plugin. Amazing, just what I needed. But ont the page where you can “add” there is a white screen and the addresses are not align. What could be the issue?

it could be due to a theme issue or a 3rd party plugin interference. It could be that some css rules are not properly defined causing the white screen and the alignment issue.

If you send me an access to the page where you are experiencing the white screen I can try to analyze it to sse if it possible to give you more clues. To send the login, use a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). Thank you.

hey guys, how can we get the per product notes to show up? I have it turned on in the backend, is there something else that needs to be activated for them to work??

the product notes is an option of the Shipping per product feature. You have to turn it on to have that field to be showed for each product.


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hey i have 2 queries or issues pertaining the plugin do let us know if that can be sort…we are using your plugin with Fedex integration to auto calculate the shipping.

1. when I change the shipping type from the back end, it would not recalculate the shipping for me. we need to be able to input orders from the backend, and that includes calculating the shipping on the spot.

2. FedEx integration went through another dummy order to check if my coupon codes were working, and they were. But we noticed that the shipping does not recalculate when you add new addresses. we need to be able to capture the shipping cost for all of the orders, not just the initial one.

both questions seems related to a Fedex issues more than WCMCA plugin issues. The WCMCA plugin just allows you to create additional addresses and load one of them as current shipping/billing address during the Checkout process or when editing the Order details via Admin. It hasn’t any feature (and never reported to have) to recompute shipping costs according the current address. More in details:
  1. The plugin hasn’t any feature to recompute shipping costs. This should be done by the Fedex plugin. It should recalculate shipping if the billing/shipping address is changed. WCMCA plugin just allows you to load as billing/shipping address one of the extra addresses associated to the user profile.Then it is duty ot the FedEx plugin to compute the shipping cost according to the current address if it has been changed (manually or automatically via 3rd party plugins).
  2. As reported earlier, the plugin hasn’t any feature to alter shipping costs. This is a feature of the FedEx plugin, so it is its duty to properly do that. What however do you mean you are adding a new address ? you mean that you are editing the current shipping/billing order address? And what do you mean you need to capture the shipping costs for all of the orders? However You should contact their support asking why entering a new address shipping costs are not recomputed and if it exists a method to capture shipping costs for all the orders

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hello, i get your point for shipping cost not changing when the order is edited. but can let me know what can be going wrong when we order 3 different products and the shipping address for all 3 products are different in that case only the address of the first product is being used to calculate the shipping, could this also be a fedex issue.

As reported in the plugin description page, in the Product shipping addresses paragraph:

[...]No additional shipping costs will be added according product address. Shipping cost will be normally calculated using the main billing/shipping addresses.[...]

so actually it is not an issue, this is the normal plugin behaviour. It doesn’t add any additional costs according to the product addresses. You can however add an handling fee.

If you need the FedEx to compute additional costs according to the item addresses, you should then contact their support to see if there is any chance they can extend their plugin in order to add this feature.


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Hello vanquish, first of all: Thank you for building this useful plugin.

I have some questions rarding customization of it (mainly html structure). For example I want to replace the select-option elements at the checkout with input-radio-buttons. I read some previous questions, nut wasn’t sure:

Is it possible to customize functionality without touching the core files? Otherwise all the changes would be overwritten if you release an update, right?

Please give some advice about proper customization and update-safe-changes.

Best, Can

What do you exactly mean to make clear in advance? :)

The plugin, as any other software, has to be used as it is and it. It is not sold with the precise purpose to make user to customize its code. Futhermore it has a detailed description page where all its features are reported… if a feature is not reported, it means that simple it doesn’t have!
Furthermore it has a full demo site that has to be used in order to be sure that the software actually fits the user needs and it work as expected.
At last, in case of further dubts the customer should ask with prasale questions :)

More than this, I cannot do more :)


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I understand the conflict but what I mean is, that there is a way to create a plugin and stillt keep it customizable. If it is not, then – for a developer – it would be nice to know before buying it. I ended up with another plugin, which focuses on another part but seems to be much more flexible to customization, so I can make it suit my needs: Thanks for your answers though! Best, Can


cankahya Purchased

ps: with customization I mean extending the functionality by changing templates add/remove action hooks etc.


I need help to disable required for shipping_city_field at My Account when users edit/add their address.

Best Regards,

the plugin hasn’t such a feature. I can suggest a how to custom modify the plugin to achieve that, but in this way shipping_city_field won’t be required both on checkout and my account pages.

If you interested, you need to renew yuor support license. Once done, reply to this comment in order to verify it.


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hi, field can not selected when add new address,


muhaidi Purchased

show me how state field can be moved under address field

As reported in the previous comments, the plugin hasn’t any feature (and never claimed to have) that allows field repositioning.


muhaidi Purchased

lol, very bad plugin


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Thank you for great plugin! Would it be much to modify, to save every customer delivery address automatically (like it works with Shipping address used for previous order?)

Ok, thank you now it is clear :)
Actually yes it would require some work. The plugin is not designed to perform this kind of check after the checkout is completed and then eventually store the new address. Furthermore I don’t even know if WooCommerce automatically notifies 3rd party plugins when it updates user billing/shipping address after the checkout. If not, this will deny the plugin to make a compare between the new address and the old one.

However thank you for your suggestion, I’ll see if it will be possible to implement such a feature in a future release.

Meanwhile If you have enjoyed my plugin please also consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! :) (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)


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I think that only check is needed – if user has selected existing address or typing new. So – if no selection from dropdown – saving address, if there is selection, nothing new happens. For start this would be enough for us, and then we can test if users are really using this, if it helps in our specific type of business.

I definitely will give rate some day soon.

It requires some work to implement (if possible) this kind of function that compares the current shipping/billing address with the latest one used and with the already created, if none is equal it is saved.

However it is a nice suggestion, I’ll investigate further. I’ll let you know by replying here!


I am interested in buying this plugin, but i have some query regarding this. if same product is added twice (Product 1 × 2), is it possible to send each product to different addresses?

Thank you

yes it is possible. To do that just go in the plugin Options menu (WooCommerce -> Multiple Customer Addresses Options ) and enable the Shipping per product option.

Once done, in the checkout page, in the item table you will find the address selector that allows you to assign for each product a shipping address. Optionally you can enter a new billing/shipping address to use as product shipping address:

Before purchasing, you can fully test the plugin features by using the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
in order to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectations. If you need further info, feel free to ask.

hi i have css issue please see

It messes up the first and surname fields below alignment

Hello, it seems that your theme is not properly defining the form row classes used to render the checkout billing and shipping forms. As you can see from the demo site, if using a 100% theme compliant with woocommerce style guideline, that issue is not raised.

Try updating the plugin to the latest version that you can download from its codecanyon page. Delete the old version and install the new one. Don’t worry you won’t lose any setting.

For further help, you need to renew your support license. Once done if you send me a full access to the wp-admin area and a FTP access I can try to perform some tests to see if it possible to suggest a CSS workaround to fix that theme issue.


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Hello, are there any pre-defined ways of translating this plugin? I need german buttons and description texts for my customers.

to translate the plugin static strings, edit the woocommerce-multiple-customer-addresses-de_DE.po file you find inside the languages folder. Edit using a po editor like , translate the strings you need and then save. It will create a .mo file that you have to save back to the languages folder.


helgeka Purchased

Oh and I just saw another issue: When I enter the new address during checkout, the fields are depending on the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro Plugin. But when I enter the new adress via my account -> addresses the fields shown are not related to the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro Plugin, it shows the default fields.

Ok, maybe I’ve understood to what you are referring. Fields created with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro are only displayed when inserting a new address via Checkout popup and not when editing the address in the My Account area.

This however it is an “issue” related to that plugin. It seems that plugin is not longer passing the additional fields when the user is in the my accoung page (Actualy, it just adds extra fields in the Checkout page.. makes sense! :).

Infact, if you edit the checkout-form-designer.php you find in the root folder of that plugin, on line 377 you will see:

            return $fields;

It then doesn’t return those additional fields when the user is displaying them in the my-account page.

To “fix” that, replace the:
and those fields will be visible also in the my account page.

Let me know if this was the “issue” to which you was referring and if this workaround helps :)

helgeka Purchased

Hey, thanks for the quick response. It does describe the issue exactly, The workaround works for me, except it’s line 211 at my setup…but it works, thanks!

very glad to hear that!! :)

If you have enjoyed my support and/or plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really really appreciate! :) (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)

Have a nice day! :)

If I combined this plugin with WooCommerce Deposits, could different customers/addresses login and make payments on the same order?

no the plugin hasn’t any particular support for that plugin and its features (and viceversa). I don’t think that it will allow you to create deposit for each additional address.