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Regisit did you get UltimateWoo to work with this plugin? They are out of biz I think.

No, unfortunately the plugin doesn’t have a specific support for that platform.

Hi, i tried your plugin and i found a few problems that prevents me from buying it, can you help?

a) the guests are not given an option to add new addresses, does it only work if the customer on my store makes an account first?

b) i enabled Add same products distinctly to cart, but that only works if i use the add to cart button from the single product page, adding the product from the store front page converts the product’s button to show view cart, why is that so?

c) i would like flexibility of user able to specific product + quantity + address, instead of treating each product either as a whole or as a single quantity per product, is that possible?

  1. Yes, it is the normal plugin behaviour. As report in the plugin description page: it will allow your registered customers to associate multiple addresses. This is because multiple addresses data is stored in the user profile. No profile no data that can be used on checkout
  2. It depends on the theme (I don’t know if by default all the theme acts like thar or is pecific to the theme used in demo site). it not a “feature” or a behaviour added by the plugin.
  3. Yes, that is possible using the Add same products distinctly to cart feature. You can add same product different time to cart each own with its quantity (that can be also setted in cart page). In checkout page then the user can set a shipping address for each item.

Thanks for the prompt reply, i would still love to try it out with my site, #2 is concerning, if it doesn’t work properly do you have a refund policy?

for what concerns the 2 I’ve just released an update that now reloads shop page (if the Add same products distinctly to cart was enabled) in order to allow users to re-add a product to cart. This feature can be optionally disabled.

You can give a try to the demo site, it has been already updated.

For what concers refound policy: refound will be granted only if the plugin is not working due to its bug. It will not be graned:
  1. due to 3rd party interference that are breaking its normal behaviour
  2. or because the theme is not 100% woocommerce compliant: it is not properly triggering the needed woocommerce hooks or has some customization that are not woocommerce compliant
  3. If the plugin doesn’t work “as expected”: the plugin has a demo site that the customer has to try to be sure that the features the software has works has he intend. Once purchased cannot be requested a refound because the software has not a feature that never claimed to have or because the user has in mind that a certain feature according to him had to work in a different way.

If you decide to buy the plugin and the version is still the 7.2, send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I’ll send you the update. Otherwise you have to wait 4-5 days. CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile.

Hi Vanquish,

Thank you for an excellent plugin, have ran into a bit of a trouble though, the plugin works great when tried on local install but not when used on my live WP site at WP Engine. No errors, no trouble, the pop shows but nothing is saved, page refresh and no new address. Any help would be appreciated.

Running 7.3 (first try was on 7.2 I believe) now waiting for 7.4 to get online :) I’ve also been in contact with WP Engine support in the matter. I have tried deactivate all plugins, no errors as mentioned so doesn’t seem to be a conflict nor theme specific. Can cache somehow affect the plugin?

Yes, cache could affect but save function should however work. Can you link the page where you are experiencing the issue? could you also send me an admin access (or FTP access to the plugin folder)? if so, send via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).
In this way I can do some live debug to the plugin to see if I can try to figure out what’s wrong in your server. Thank you.

PM sent with info, thank you for great response.

I installed the latest version (7.4) on a test site with a fresh install of woocommerce 3.07 and I’m having an issue where the states list never appears after a country has been selected (it just shows the loading spinner forever).

Also, is there a way to set the default country? 95% of our orders are from the US.

as you can see from the demo site, the state list is properly showed after a country has been selected. It could then depend most likely to a 3rd party plugin/theme interference.

Try to disable the debug mode (if you have enabled it) and your 3rd party plugin to see if any of them is interfering. If not, try switching theme.

To have further assistance you have to renew your support license then send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) an admin access and if possible an FTP access to the plugin folder. I will perform then some tests to see if it possible to figure out what’s wrong in your installation.

For what concerns the default country, unfortunately there isn’t any option to do that.

As I can see on the demo site, you’re using outdated woocommerce template files.

A previous version of the plugin works on my original oudated woocommerce site as well – What doesn’t work is a new test site with WP 4.7.5, WC 3.07, and literally no other plugins besides this one activated. I have tried with 3 different themes, 3 different browsers – all the same result.

Hopefully once you figure out that your plugin is broken with the latest versions then you will fix it. I don’t think I should have to pay for additional support when the plugin page says it supports these current versions but it doesn’t.

Actually with other paid themes with updated templates in my test environments, the plugin works without any issue.
If you don’t need further help, keep tracking of the plugin page and its change log to know for future updates.

Hello. It is possible to transform select-box it radio button?

to which select box are you referring?

Addresses select box from checkout

to edit the select element you have to edit the WCMCA_Html.php file you find inside the classes\com folder.
From line 435 to 454 you find the code that renders it. Edit it as you wish, but keep in mind customizing the code could make the plugin to not properly work and support doesn’t cover help for malfuctionings caused by custom work. Do it at your own risk.

Hi, dont view address data on user admin space, only title. Thanks

I need some more details in order to be able to help you. Here a few questions:
  1. To which specific admin area are you referring?
  2. Can you share some screenshot of the issue you are experiencing?
  3. Did you always have experienced this issue?
  4. Which plugin version are you running? Please try updating to the latest 7.4 that you can download from CodeCanyon
Thank you.

biotrace Purchased

Hello – I have noticed the gif loader does not display when adding the first address. The loader will display when adding or deleting subsequent addresses but it would be great to have the visual indicator so users know the form has been submitted with the first address added too.

Thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve released a new version that fixes it, it is the 7.5 version.

It will be available to download in 4 – 5 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile), however if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the update! :)

Have a nice day!


biotrace Purchased

Thanks very much for the quick response. Have sent an email :)

I’ve just answered. Check your email! :)

Thank you for providing awesome plugin.

I need a help to solve the following issue. At the MyAccount page, when I edit the address, it won’t show any shipping information, but I can see at the Checkout page. You can directly check as below. url:

Best Regards,

can you provide an access too? :) Unfortunately I don’t know any work do Korean :(
To send the acces, use a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). The issue you are experiencing may be due to a 3rd partly javascript library interference. I’ll try do to some analysis to to see if it possible to figure out which is the cause. Thank you.

Hi There,

I installed the update today and the Customer Country and State/Provice are not being populated when you select an address from the dropdown.

I see in your change log this was supposed to be fixed in version 7.4

I have tried clearing all caches and tried different browsers and the issue is the same.

I have also tried disabling all plugin except for woocommerce and your plugin and the issue persists. Change to the storefront default theme, instead of our child theme, and still issue persists.

Let me know if you are releasing another version with this fixed.

as you can see from the demo site the country and state population feature is properly working.

It could be then an issue related to your specific instalaltion, but without any further clue It is quite impossible to say which is the cause.

If you send me a full admin access, I can try performing some test to see if it possible to figure out what’s wrong in your installation. Thank you.

Hey There. I just sent you an email. Can we communicate through there?

Hello, Thank you for this plugin!

I added multiple customer adresses on my website. Is it possible to generate a custom delivery form without billing when use another adress ?

thank you for appreciation :)

No unfortunately the plugin hasn’t that feature. To deliver an order to an address different from billing, WooCommerce already shows the shipping address form that allows you to do that :)

Hi there, i just bought 3 of your plugins! Thanks!!!

Please some questions:

1. On multiple addresses, How can I delete the option to copy the billing address? I need customers to create new address different than the billing one.

2. I’m using wpml and wpml woo multilingual. I want to know if filtering customers by product is counting all the product languages.


no, unfortunately I haven’t received any message from dobleclic profile.

I resend it now, grazie mille!

Got it. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.


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I am having trouble getting the plugin to work properly. I installed and activated the plugin, but when I attempt to add a new address to either billing or shipping, the form pops up and I save the info, then the page seems to refresh and does not actually save the info.

This could be due to an ajax issue. The plugin sends data via ajax, the server saves the new address and then the page is reloaded.
It could be that due to a 3rd party plugin interference or a server/php misconfiguration, the ajax process is not properly working.

Try disabling your 3rd party plugins to see if you still experiencing the issue, if so, if you send me a full admin access to your site (use a private message: click on my name then use the low-right box) I can perform some tests to try to figure out what’s wrong in your installation.


jphearse Purchased

Private messaged you with the info! Thanks!

Yes, got yesterday. I’ve answered, check your inbox (or spam folder). However here the result of my analysis:

Hi, thank you for the access! I’ve performed a test and as you can see from the attached image, the problem is that your installation is no properly processing ajax requests.

As you see, Wordpress returns 0 value after the plugin sends the just added address. This means that the request was rejected by the backend.

However, I noticed you are running your site on wpengine. Another user had a similar with ajax requests. After I reported to him that the problem was not related to the plugin but on the wordpress installation, He asked the hosting support for help and here they found (and fixed): Issue was with wpengine not excluding woocommerce cookies from Varnish(caching system)

So you you should contact your host, report that your wordpress installation is not properly processing the ajax requests and the problem should related to the Varnish cache system they are using.

In this way you will be able to use the plugin :)

Dear Vanquish, I bought the official Woocomerce Ship To plugin, but found its layout confusing – so bought your plugin. However, having just installed it, I see that while it allows for a shipping address per item, it doesn’t allow for a shipping fee per item. Also, I appreciate that a customer must have an account set up before they can use the address functionality – however, upon setting up an account you are not given the option to set shipping per item… you can only checkout. Do you plan to address these issues, as they are fairly significant, and render your plugin useless.

Its fundamentally flawed – multiple shipping addresses are great, but it doesn’t charge multiple shipping fees… which is terrible. Your demo wouldn’t let me alter shipping to test this (I wasn’t sure if things were set up for a fixed shipping fee per order or not).

Its a fair assumption that if sending multiple packages to multiple locations you would like to charge multiple times for shipping…. even if sending within a single country, it still costs money to package each item and send it.

Also, as a customer when I created an account – it did not give me the option to assign multiple shipping… it only gave the option to checkout.

However, if I left the checkout page and returned to the checkout – I was able to assign multiple addresses. Perhaps 1 star was too harsh… 3 would have been fairer since you have explained these issues are features…

I bought your plugin because I liked the layout better than others, and it was $20 cheaper. Please make your demo more comprehensive to stop others from making an incorrect purchase. Thanks.

yes it is a fair assumption that there could be additional costs if shipping to different address, but this doesn’t mean that it is always true, that all the users have this needing and that the plugin offers for sure a feature that that manages that aspect.

For example several clients of mine ships only to italian regions and europe countries and they have a flat shipping subscription, so for them shipping one package to a single users or n packages to n different users, for them is has same cost.
That feature was designed for this particular need.

I’ve setted up a demo site to give the user all the elements to be able to evaluate the plugin features (including a detailed description page where in the Product shipping addresses section is reported that no extra fee is applied) before purchasing. So this is why for me is not fair (and very frustrating) to receive a bad rating for something that the software never “promised”.

Yes the demo site doesn’t allow you to alter the base shipping costs but this hasn’t nothing to do with the fact plugin hasn’t any feature to add additional fees.

I’ll try if possible to add a similar feature in future release, but for now I cannot give you any eta.

I have a new plugin version that maybe could interest you. It allow you to configure handling fee for each product that has a different address from the checkout shipping address.

You can configure different ranges and assign diferent fees, lik:
    from 2 to 4 product with different address from checkout shipping: handling fee 4$ per product
  1. from 5 to 8: 3$ for each product
and so on.

Those fee are fixed values and do not take in conideration the shipping location.

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the new version without waiting codecanyon to approve it.

Where can i edit “wcmca_address_form_shipping” fields?

What do you exactly mean? If you need to add additional fields to the default shipping form (so they will be displayed on checkout and user profile), you can edit the WCMCA_Address.php file that you can find in the classes\com folder.
Look for the manage_shipping_fields function at 97.

Note, support service doesn’t cover issues related to plugin customizations. If you procede by customization procede at your own risk.


Did you fix the security issues i have pointed out? because i see no mention about them in the changelog.

Secondly, if you have an address with id = 0 and you evaluate it like this:
if ($address_id == "last_used_billing" || $address_id == "last_used_shipping" || $address_id == "checkout_data")
the condition evaluates to true, because PHP , so the right way to do the condition is to cast the variable to a string
if ((string)$address_id == "last_used_billing" || (string)$address_id == "last_used_shipping" || (string)$address_id == "checkout_data")
(this happens in woocommerce-multiple-customer-addresses/classes/com/WCMCA_Customer.php at line ~210)


it is planned to be included in the next release.

For what concerns the casting evaluation, thank you for point out. I think that it would be better to use the ”===” operator.

I’ll include that fix in the next release too.
Thank you.

Awesome to see such commitment, thank you :)

You’re welcome


gongl Purchased

Hi, WooCommerce 3.0.8 WCMCA 7.8

If i want to add an address i get the following Error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Volumes/Kunden/PCC FoliaConcept/webseite/ on line 50

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Volumes/Kunden/PCC FoliaConcept/webseite/ on line 50

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Volumes/Kunden/PCC FoliaConcept/webseite/ on line 50

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Volumes/Kunden/PCC FoliaConcept/webseite/ on line 50

I hope you can fix it.

Best Regards


thank you for reporting the issue. Can you send me a private message? Click on my name then use the low-right box reporting your email. I have a new version that should fix that issue. Thank you!


Lithix Purchased

I have now purchased additional support for this product as I simply cannot get it to work correctly with WooCommerce 3.0.8. Please help me.

When I have your plugin (version 7.9) installed and I try to edit an additional address, then the states list never loads after selecting United States as the country. I don’t know what the problem can possibly be.

I have it installed on a test site with WooCommerce and your plugin as the only installed plugins:

Let me know if you would like admin or ftp credentials.

Hi, yes the checkout now works.

However I’ve just performed a test with both Firefox and Chrome, and country and state fields are properly working:

Are you using any kind of proxy for your browser? or any kind of cache component or something similar? can you try purging browser cache to see if you still experience the issue.


Lithix Purchased

Wow, that is so strange. I’m not using a caching component or proxy on my browser, BUT there is something related to accessing it from this specific network.

I tried it on another machine and it failed, but then I figured out that it works when I switch the wifi off on my phone and use 4g. Consistently works on 4g, consistently fails on the wifi. I’ll try it from my home network later today to confirm if it works there (I’m assuming it will since it works for you and works on my 4g).

Can you think of any settings I could check on the network that doesn’t work? As far as I know we’re not running any proxy options and just the basic firewall that comes with it.

Yours is a really good question :)

Actually I don’t know which wifi/router setting could interfere with ajax operations. I’ll investigate further, in the meanwhile try to see if your wifi network has any “feature” that may interfere with ajax operation or has any caching system activated or something similar.


olywebdev Purchased

The plugin feature’s show on the checkout and account pages like buttons for “Add Address” but after I fill out the information the modal closes and nothing is saved to the user’s profile. I’ve tried on the checkout page and the account page


olywebdev Purchased

I’ve copied the site to a staging site and tried deactivating/activating other plugins and when I deactivated table rate shipping on the staging site it started saving. When I tried the same thing on the production site it still didn’t work. I even deployed staging to live to overwrite it including database and it still doesn’t work.


olywebdev Purchased

After copying from staging to production. The addresses I entered on the other site show up in the address drop down but the Country and State sections don’t fill, maybe it’s something with those two fields? I still can’t save address on production site

Got your private messaage. I’ll reply via email.

Hey there,

We’re using this plugin on a site and our client is asking if there is a way to apply the shipping to different addresses if you ship different items to different areas from the same cart. They want to apply individual shipping if someone wants to ship to different addresses.

Also, what’s the best way to configure the plugin to ship the same item to different locations if there are more than one in the cart?


no as reported in the plugin description page, it hasn’t any feature ti add different shipping costs according to the selected item shipping addresses.
In the latest plugin version has been added a new feature that allows you to eventually add a fixed handling fee for each item.

For what concerns the same item to ship to different addres, you should enable the Shipping per product option. In this way the customer can add same item multiple times to cart, each with its own quantity. Then on checkout he will be able to select different addresses for each of them.


I wanted to know if this plugin has support for custom checkout fields. I need to integrate the checkout with an Invoice Plugin and I’d like to know if this plugin allows to have the other one’s VAT field for inserting data.

The plugin in question is this one –

Thank you.

the plugin only support 3rd party plugin listed in the plugin description page, it hasn’t been tested and hasn’t official support for the one you linked

However it already has the option to display a vat field number and officially support this other plugin of mine: WooCommerce EU Vat Field

But is it possible for the plugin to show Custom Checkout Fields in general?

If they are added using the standard woocommerce_billing_fields and woocommerce_shipping_fields and they are standard input field supported by woocommerce standards, yes it should be capable to show. However it is only capable to store their value and then to show up lately officially only for the plugin listed in the plugin description page. It may work even for others (if they are just using standard text and number input fields) but it hasn’t officially tested so there isn’t a 100% chance it will work for sure. If you want to use with a not supported plugin, procede at your own risk.