WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin

WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin

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WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin

WooCommerce Multi-Company SaaS plugin allows the tenants/merchants to register and create their own store with their domain.

The store owners can offer tenants different membership plans. Therefore, merchants can purchase these memberships based on their requirements.

Moreover, this eliminates the need for the installation of additional software by the tenants/merchants.

Hence, your customers can create their own online personalized shop in few minutes.

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Features of WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin

  • Tenants have the option of creating a custom store domain for their online store.
  • It’s simple to sign up as a tenant and start earning money.
  • A separate tenant dashboard is available for managing sales, goods, and customers.
  • Tenant account payments can be made using the membership system.
  • Create a variety of membership programmes for renters based on their business requirements
  • For tenants, a personalised online business name.


"Initial release v 1.0.0"
v 1.0.0
Initial release