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Hello, we buyed the plugin and are using it.

Our website is in german, so we need to translate the error messages. Other than the woocommerce notifications, I couldn´t find any hooks to change the messages.

How can we change the error message text without changing the plugin file?

With best regards Adrian

Hello, plugin have hooks to change error messages. can you please create support ticket and our technical team will help you there.

Can you please send the information, how this hooks are called?

It is such a simple thing and I couldn´t find the information..

I cannot create a support ticket, because the plugin was bought by our associate, so my account is not connected with a purchase.

Thank you in advance

Hello, Please check this


Same way, you can do for other messages

In the category menu, there is “Group of Maximum…”. But there isn’t “Group of Minimum”. Can I set a minimum quantity of the products for category?

Hello, This is not available right now. We are considering your request and add this in next version of plugin.


Glosoft Purchased

Hi, I got 2 pre-sale queries:

1. consider a variable product(t-shirt) that has 2 color attribute: red & brown. Now is it possible to set a minimum order quantity of 10 if the user selects the red variant and a minimum quantity of 7 if the user selects the brown variant on the product page?

2. is it possible to get access to ur demo store’s admin ? i need to see the plugin options from the backend


1) Yes, You can set min and max quantity for each variation

2) on product page there is already screenshot. You can also check documentation


Pre-sales question. Im looking for a plugin that does the following:

Cart items must be multiple of 3.

In other words, cart minimum quantity is 3 and the next step is 6, then 9, then 12, etc.

User can select 1 product from categoryA, and 2 from categoryB, or 1+1+1 from different categories. But the cart total items must always be multiples of 3.

Is this achievable with your plugin? Is this plugin compatible with latest Woocommerce version 3.3?


Hello, You can define Minimum and maximum number of items for cart. See “Order-level Rules” screenshot. Then you can to configure each product with group of 3 and it will work.

Yes, it is compatible with version 3.3

Can this plugin assign these rules to role? So basically only users with a specific role have a minimum or maximum quantities?

Hello, No plugin doesn’t provide this functionality but if you want then we can help you as custom work.

My client is using your plugin and I have to rebuild their site. I have tried to import the variation but they are showing up on the new site. How do I export the variation of the products and import than into a new site. Thanks

Hello, Our plugin doesn’t provide any import and export functionality. Please explain in details if you are looking for something else

Hi. Pre-sale question: Can your plugin allow a combination of variation to satisfy the min/max rules? For example, if minimum qty required is 100, we can have 10 small, 30 medium and 60 large. We have a minimum or for shirts, but we don’t care how many variants, just as long as it’s 100+ in total.

Hello as of now it is not support combination of variation.

Hello, I have a woocommerce store we manage and we need the ability to set minimum category piece purchase on a few of the categorys. Right now we have the Min/Max quantity plugin from woocommerce that we had to buy and well that allows this type of control only on the product level.

Example. We have a 12 piece shirt order minimum on the Shirt category. Some orders 13 of the variouse ones it should let the order process and bill them for 13 of them. However if they order 11 they should be told they need a minimum of 12 to place the order.

Right now our system will only allow it to be purchased in groups of 12. This is not ideal. If this plugin does the trick we will buy asap.

Hello, Yes, our plugin provide option with category level also. You can define minimum as well as maximum category limit with group of.

Hi I am interested in buying your plugin, but I have some question to make sure it can be done for my case or not. So my case is :

1. Let say I have product categories A, B and C 2. I want that the minimum order in the cart is 10 before the user proceed to checkout for the accumulation of product categories A and B. 3. But, when the user added product categories C to the cart even it just 1, it will disable the minimum order that already set.

Is the plugin possible to do the no 2 and 3?


Hello, plugin doesn’t provide this feature but it is possible with custom code. We can help you as custom work if you are interested.

Hi thanks for the reply, for the custom work that you mention is there any additional cost, if there is additional can I know how much?


Hello, yes we will develop separate plugin for what you want so it will be additional cost. You can purchase our plugin If you want it. Can you please let us know at email wpeliteplugins@gmail.com. We will discuss in details over there.

Hi, I’d like to purchase the plugin, but I have one question:

Can specific customers be individually excluded from the global rules I set for products?

Hello, it is working same for all users.

Hi, I’m getting the error “An error occurred while updating WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities: Update package not available.”

Can you let me know what to do about this? Thanks!

Hello Mate, have you sent email?

I have, yes, did you not receive it?

I didn’t receive it. Can you please resend it. Thank you


Ariale Purchased

[Pre-sales question]

Hi, I’m setting up woocomerce for one of my clients. He sells bottles of oil and cans of oil, and would like that:

- number of pieces allowed multiples of 6 per bottle - number of pieces allowed multiples of 4 for cans - the minimum order for the bottles is 12 Pieces, 6 Pieces with other purchases. - the minimum order for the cans is 4 Pieces - possibility to buy 6 bottles + 4 cans

Is it possible with your plugin to manage quantities in this way? Thanks in advance

Does bottles and can will be separate product?

Plugin provides features to define min and max quantities per product.


Ariale Purchased

yes every product is single

Ok. You can define min and max quantities per product

Hi have the plugin a hook like this ->get_qty? I need to display the Total Price in Single Products (Like this formel: price * qty = Total)

Hello, our plugin not doing any price customization. We can help you as custom work. Let me know in details if I understand anything wrong.

Hi, I got 2 pre-sale queries:

Can I set both minimum quantity and minimum price then customer can checkout with one of condition? so can I make them as “OR” conditions for quantity and price, not “AND”. Thank you.



Hello Lee,

It will check with AND condition. It is possible with OR condition by customizing plugin.

Hi, OKay. Please let me know. we can’t do customizing. THank you.

Hello, We can help you for customization as paid work.

Hey sorry for my English. I work on an German Site and i need it running on the DIVI Theme. Do you know if it run?? I had this WooCommerce Advanced Quantity and it don’t do what i want. No Slider and no Dropdown and so on. Thanks Thomas

Hello, errors messages are customizable from backend. Can you please let me know how you want the error messages. You can create a support ticket if you need technical help.

Sorry my Mistake. Don’t refresh cache after preview. all be fine Thank you

I have not purchased the plugin yet but wanted to know if you could do some special customizing. Is there a way to message you? I tried the ticket support link but it requires a license key. Thank you