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Hello there. Thanks you very much for this plugin, it’s been extremely useful.

A general question: in previous versions, some months ago, if a product had a minimum amount, this plugin would force the amount to be at least that minimum amount. Right now, a customer can go below that amount. They can’t order it, because it will give an error.

Same with the group of setting. In the past if you used the plus or minus button, it would add 5 (if group of was set to 5). Now it adds only one. Still, they can only order groups of 5 because they’ll get an error message, but it was much nicer when the plus and minus buttons would actually add the number of the group.

Is this due to recent woocommerce or wordpress changes?

Demo site have updated version of WordPress as well as WooCommerce. You can check on demo site and let me know if its not working there


On the demo site it works!


Can’t go below the minimum amount and the plus-minus buttons add the correct amount each time. Hmmm… I’m using Avada on one site and Flatsome on the other. Both have the same issue.

Can you please provide your both site url we are happy to check issue if its there. You can contact us on wpeliteplugins@gmail.com

PRE -SALES QUESTION please.. I need to be able to limit customers ordering from only 1 or 2 product categories or shipping classes at a time. Some of our items are small and made to order, and some are large and from stock, so we don’t want customers ordering items from both categories at the same time as we simply can’t control the shipping calculation for that, so we are looking to control to ordering process. We need them to only be able to order the ‘small items’ without ordering from any other categories, and then check out. Then, if they want to come back and order the ‘big items’ (again without ordering from any other categories) they can… we just don’t want them ordering small and big items in the same order. Will your plugin do this.?


No, this functionality is not available but plugin is customizable. We can do this as custom work if you want it


Hi, same problem as all other people writing. In latest woo/WP you can select less than min,more than max, and 1 by 1 instead of steps. However when adding to cart there is warning and you can’t add to cart unless it’s in correct quantity and step.

Many people complaining for the same but nowhere a fix was provided…


We didn’t say you to provide logins, ftp account etc..

We have already provide demo link where its working. If you encounter problem then please create support ticket or let us know in email. We can’t solve issue which we can’t see. Hope you understand

Thank you

as i wrote it’s member-only site. You wont get in without extra login. And what you achieve just by seeing what i already described, without admin/ftp access?

We can’t help if you can’t provide details

Thank you

Hi, a pre-sale question: is the plugin compatible with WPML? So, min-max rules should be working for translated products & messages / errors should be shown in the other language too… Thx!

Yes we are working on rules that should be applied to translated product.

Hi, do you have any update on this? Thanks!

Still we are working on it. We will let you know once we have update on it. Thanks

Hi. Does this plugin work on multi site? TIA

Yes, it will work on multi site

The minimum allowed quantity for PRODUCT is 40 (you currently have 0 in your cart).

is the warning

BUT the quantity order field say 40 automatically and does not add to cart

Only when you flick the + to 80 the back to 40 does it add to cart

Whats the solution please

Sorry I don’t understand. Are you looking on demo site?

Hi I have purchased the plugin and its working fine. I have set minimum order to 10 items with an incremental 10 grouping. While its working fine in the product page; customers can increase quantity by unit of 1 in the shopping cart page. Is there any setting to override this. I need quantity change by units of 10 in the cart page too.. Thanks

We have received your ticket and replied in support helpdesk. please check for the same

Thank you

Hey, I would like to offer free samples on my site with a maximum of 3 samples per order is that possible with this plugin?

Yes, you can restrict maximum number of items per product

That would not help me because these samples would be different products. Like every product has a sample version, but max 3 can be ordered. can i restrict a category, attribute, tag etc?

You can restrict categories.

Hi there, is it possible to use this plugin as follows. 1 user can only select 1 product when checking out. Once they have bought 1 product, they cannot buy any other products from the store thereafter, ie the store becomes locked for any other purchases for that user, forever?

No, but it possible using custom code

Pre sale question: Does the max quantity take into account stock quantities? For example, if my max is set to 10, but only 9 are in stock, will the plugin stop the input qty at 9? Thanks!

Never mind- we bought it and it works for this!

Will I be able to do this:

Minimum 3 dozens of any item.

Minimum of total order $500. Must equal

Yes, you can apply minimum/maximum quantity of any item. Also you can apply minimum /maximum order total amount

A simple question. What happens if there is the following situation: order rule ‘minimum order is $20’ and some products have the order rule ‘do not count’ enabled. I can’t see from the demo site if the plugin is smart enough to force the minimum order order value if you put only items in your cart that have the order rule ‘do not count’ enabled. Can you tell me if it works? Or does the ‘do not count’ order rule on a product also mean ‘do not apply the rules on this product’?

Hello, if you enable order rule “do not count” for particular product then it will not considered on order total value. It will work perfect.

PRESALE question : I want to fix minimum order 30$ ! but i want also to be able selling some specific product less than 30$ alone. Now if we choose those specific product alone with other product, will they be counted in order ?! Exemple : I want sell a specific cup alone (14$). If customer choose one, it’s ok. Is it still ok if he choose 2 cup (then 28$) and one other thing at 5$ ?! (Total 33$) I have a similar pluggin like yours, and it do not works ! Thanks for your answer

Hello, Yes you can exclude particular product from minimum/maximum order value. You can see product level screenshot in description

I have submitted a high priority support ticket re a live shop site. Regarding the changed quantity in the basket staying at 5 instead of 10. Also is there a way to change the cart total to weight based as we need to exclude one item which is a sample pack.

Hello, Our technical team replied to you. please check response

If I have a variable product, can I set a minimum quantity on that product and have any variation count towards that minimum? For example, I set a minimum of 3 on a product and the costumer select 1 red item and 2 blue for a total of 3. Is this possible to do?

Hello, No as of now, plugin doesn’t provide this kind of functionality

Hello, I don’t understand that group of… I’m looking for solution that can solve the order variety of products equal by 6. So I can have 6 different products in basket but min order is 6, 12, 18… and so on. Thanks.

Hello, Group of at product level means product can only be purchased in steps. Suppose you entered 6 that it can be purchased in group of 6 like 6,12,18,24 etc…

Hi, a presale question: I need to force customers to buy groups of 5 products that can be 5 pieces of the same product or 5 different products but without category or tag limits: is it possible to set this rule with your plugin?

Hello, Yes you can set cart level quantity rules. Let’s if you set minimum 5 and maximum 10 then customer can buy same product or different product with quantity between 5 to 10.