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lekiend Purchased

Hello, Is your plugin compatible with WPML or .po files to translate ? Thank you Dimitri


lekiend Purchased

I’ve bought your plugin. You should add .pot file to update .Po file after plugin updates.

Hello Dimitri,

Plugin have. Po file so you can create. Po and. Mo file for another language.


Hi i would like to ask if this plugin could support my clients needs:

We have 3 shipping method, 1.Store Pick-up 2. Free Deliver (if purchase meets the required amount) 3. Flat Rate $10(delivery charge).

I want to know if your plugin could support a minimum purchase in each shipping method.

Store Pick-up = Minimum purchase of $50 Flat Rate and Free Delivery = Minimum purchase of $100


Hello Mate,

Plugin have quantity and order limit features. The functionality you are looking for is not in plugin but yes we can do for you easily as custom work

Regards, WPElitePlugins Team


category min quantity work also for sub categories by adding quantity limit to parent category ?

for example i have categories

Shoes-> Sport Shoes-> Casual Shoes-> Boots

if i put min quantity of 2 products at main category shoes and customer add to cart 1 product from sub-category Sport and 1 product from sub-category Boots, will be ok and can place order?

Replied in email

I purchased the plugin and sent you email to continue with the modifications, thanks

OK, replied in email. Thank You

hey guys , i want to know before i buy this plugin , it is possible to import with max-min quantité , with WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro , because i have 500 product with 3 variability and i will not do it 1 by 1 you undestand ? xD so tell me and if he can , can you screen it pls

Hello jovanydu971,

We have not checked but we are happy to add compatibility in plugin if you are going to buy plugins.


we can edited multiple product in same time with this plugin or ?

Sorry, I don’t understand. Its better to discuss on email. Please let us know your query in email and we will response there

Thank you

Hi, one question for this example: http://wpelitetech.esy.es/demo/woocommerce/product/quantities-test-with-variation/

If we open this in woocommerce quick view window: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-quick-view/

Is the default variation “green” will start with min qty 3 just like in the single-product page, not 1?

Hello Mate,

Can you please provide us that plugin. We will check compatibility and let you know. If it is not compatible then we are happy to add it. You can contact us on email


Hi, I have sent a copy to you. We want to confirm it works. We appreciate your time. Thank you.

Sure. Will let you know in email

PRE PURCHASE QUESTION: Is it compatible with WPML? Txs

Not checked with WPML. but soon we will add compatibility of it

Hello, I’m not sure if I can put a minimum order of different items of a category. And make for differents categories. Is it possible with your plugin?

As of now there is only maximum quantity option at category level.

Your welcome :-)


I’m interested in purchasing this plugin but I need to know if it’s able to limit the lifetime purchases per customer. Here’s an example scenario…

1. Customer has a membership which allows them access to special products when logged in

2. The customer is only allowed 1 per special item for the lifetime of their account

3. If the customer tries to buy the same product from a previous order they won’t be allowed to because they’ve reached a lifetime max

Hello Inferno1113,

Plugin has no membership feature. You can just limit product quantity, order quantity, order items and order value. Please have a look at documentation and demo so you have better idea

Best Regards

Before I purchase I was wondering if this plugin has what I need:

I have a product with multiple variables. Is it possible to have someone order multiple versions of this product that adds up to the minimum quantity before purchase?

Example- Product 1> size1>color2 qty:5 product 1>size 3>color1 qty:5 =10 min

Hi brittanywinter,

I don’t understand your questions but you can define different quantity for each variations as well as same quantity for each variations. We have setup all products on demo. Please have a look at demo so you will get idea how it’s working

Best Regards

Its not on the demo, so it might not be possible. Maybe I can explain it better. Is it possible to set a minimum quantity for a product with multiple variables that add up to the minimum quantity. Each variation would not have a minimum, but the entirety of the variations have to add up to the final min.

No, enter minimum quantity will be for each variation. not for all variations. You can check this product: http://demo.wpeliteplugins.com/woo-min-max-quantities/product/another-quantities-test-with-variation/

What you are looking for is possible with custom code


Hi there,
Few presale questions.
1 – If I set a product to be bought in groups of 3 (3, 6, 9, etc) when the product loads, the default quantity will be 3. If the user clicks the up arrow, what will the next value be? 4 or 6?
2 – Currently, we have a plugin for group of X products, but it only works the way it should on the product page. If the product is set to be sold in groups of 3 and he buy 6 for example, once the user ends on the cart page he can then downgrate to 5 products and getting an error like this – http://prntscr.com/dijoe8 – but still manages to checkout. Is this the case with your plugin also?
3 – Can the group of X be set to:
a) entire site but with option when editing a single product to remove it from the group?
b) per product/category?

Thanks, Radu

Hello Radu,

1) next value will be 6

2) No, Plugin will give you the error on cart page if user try to decrease from cart. If error is there then user will not able to place order

3) Plugin doesn’t have option to setup group of global but you can define for each product and category

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards


Awi70 Purchased

Hi there, I have a setting problem. I sell wine so my bottles are sold in 6 items boxes. I need to offer the choice to buy 6, 12, 18, 24… bottles at time. To do this… - in product > categories I set 6 as “Group of…” - in woocommerce > setting > min/max tab I set Minimun/Maximum Order Items > Minimum order Items as 6 (not filled any other value) - in the product schede I set Minimum quantity as 6 and Group of (Step)... as 6 (nothing the remaining fields/buttons) But… when I open the schede in the frontend, I can see that my wine is sellable starting from 6 bottle, then I can increase the quantity to (marked in red) 7,8,9,10,11, and finally (now in black and buyable) 12 bottles: Clients aren’t so perspicacious and they are messing themselves easily, so the question is: how can I set the different values in order to have only the way to be able to choice the number 6 and its multiples without “variations”? Thank you so much.

Hello Awi70,

Can you please contact on support helpdesk with your site details. Our support team will help you there


Can I have people only be able to purchase in qualities of 4? So they can purchase any of the products but needs to be 4 of them, 8, 12, etc.


You welcome!

pre-sale question : I wan to set a minimum/maximum cart amount per country. Is this plugin support that ?

Hello alqc,

You can set minimum/maximum cart amount but not per country. But its possible using custom code.


Pre-Sale Question: We have a client who sells shoes. They want to offer a bulk box to customers. The variable product would have multiple sizes (s,m,l,xl) and colors (blue, black, nude, silver) of shoes. They want to sell them in boxes of 18. Meaning you can add whatever configuration size and color as long as the total qty of shoes adds up to 18 pair of shoes. Can your plugin help with this scenario?

Hello bluehiveinteractive,

I don’t understand boxes of 18. If it’s related to product quantity then yes you can limit minimum and maximum products quantities.

You can check demo. We have setup some products using this plugin

Let me know if you have any other questions

Best Regards

Thank you for your reply. I did review the demo prior to asking this but could not tell if it was possible. Allow me to clarify. Think of it this way. You have a bulk box and it can hold at most 18 pairs of shoes. In order to add the bulk box of shoes to your cart, you must have first selected 18 pairs of shoes(no more, no less). It doesn’t matter if you add 6 black, 5 blue and 7 gold or if you added 9 black and 9 blue. As long as it adds up to 18. If you don’t add 18 pairs, you should get an error or the add to cart button shouldn’t work. The same goes for if you try to add more than 18 pairs of shoes. It should not allow that and should provide an error. Here is a link to another website doing something similar with a different ecommerce platform. https://www.talariaflats.com/collections/all/products/event-box-classic-flats Does that help to clarify what we need?

Hello bluehiveinteractive,

Yes, plugin support what you are talking about. please take a look at this demo product: http://demo.wpeliteplugins.com/woo-min-max-quantities/product/another-quantities-test-with-variation/

For this product, you can add any variation of product but total maximum allowable quantity is 50. so user can’t add more then 50

Let me know if you are still unclear or any other questions

Best Regards,


If the minimum order value is not met will the customer receive any notification? The notification shall be in Polish? Can I manage what is shown in this notification?

Hello wolverine1982,

If minimum order value is not met then customer will see error on cart page. What you mean notification in Polish.

Let me know if you have any other questions


My shop is in Polish so this error message must be in Polish

Yes, you can translate the error messages coming from plugin.

Hi there,

Is it possible to configure minimum weight for the order? Jonny

Hello Jonny

No, You can configure min/max order value, order items and order quantities


Hi, would this plugin be compatible with the great Flatsome theme quick view ?

Hello JimmyApp,

We have checked overall all things and its working with flatsome quickview.

Let me know if you have any other questions before you purchase

Best Regards

Thank you for the quick response, appreciate it.

You welcome :-)

Hi. A presale question please. We sale candies by boxes. So we would like to know if your plugin would allow us to limit the number of candy types if box A is selected. For example for box A, we only allow 2 types of candy.

Many thanks

Hello asunwood,

I assume that your boxes will be variation. if yes then you can define different quantity for each variation

Let me know if i understand wrong or you have any other queries

Best Regards


stimart Purchased

Hi! I’ve a problem with your plugin. I’ve a product variable with minimum order 4 and group by 4; it has also two attribute (color and type). When I open the product page it starts correctly with 4 number on quantity input and if I click on arrows it correctly change to 8, 12 etc.. However, if I select a color and a type it resets quantity input limit and allows me to change quantity by 1 step, and it is wrong. Hope you can help me.

This is the page, if you want to test:


Thanks in advance.

Hello There,

May i know which version of plugin you are using? Please contact on support helpdesk and our support guys help you there

Best Regards


stimart Purchased

Version 2.0

OK. Please check reply in support helpdesk. Thank you.