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Hello, nice job, just noticed one typo – On Extra Settings – Delete plugins database tables before deactivating the olugin

Change olugin to plugin :)

Thank you, I will upload an update as soon as possible

I received this error when trying to activate the plugin

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘OmegaCommerce\Core\Api\Exception’ with message ‘[401] ’ in /usr/www/users/naturhrfeq/web/site/wp-content/plugins/omega-instant-search/src/Core/Api/Client.php:167 Stack trace: #0 /usr/www/users/naturhrfeq/web/site/wp-content/plugins/omega-instant-search/src/Core/Api/Indexer.php(95): OmegaCommerce\Core\Api\Client->request(false, ‘POST’, ’/woocommerce/pa…’, Array, Array) #1 /usr/www/users/naturhrfeq/web/site/wp-content/plugins/omega-instant-search/src/Core/Model/Sync.php(275): OmegaCommerce\Core\Api\Indexer->finishBatch() #2 /usr/www/users/naturhrfeq/web/site/wp-content/plugins/omega-instant-search/src/Core/Model/Sync.php(163): OmegaCommerce\Core\Model\Sync->sync_posts(Array, ‘page’, 522) #3 [internal function]: OmegaCommerce\Core\Model\Sync->sync_item(522, Object(WP_Post), false) #4 /usr/www/users/naturhrfeq/web/site/wp-includes/plugin.php(524): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #5 /usr/www/users/naturhrfeq/web/site/wp-includes/post.php(3409): do_action(‘save_post’, 522, Object(WP_Post), in /usr/www/users/naturhrfeq/web/site/wp-content/plugins/omega-instant-search/src/Core/Api/Client.php on line 167

Please help

This is not going to work, The plugin does also not allow you to add an array of csv ,licences to the product page… I want my money back please and this above error for 24 dollars is really bad…

Hi, this is error is caused by OmegaCommerce and omega-instant-search not by my plugin,

If you want a refund please contact Envato Support

Hello. A pre-sales question. We sell bundles and would need to make available separate keys for each product within the bundle. Can your plugin help us do this?



Yes, this plugin support product bundles, every product in a bundle can have its own set of license keys.


This update seems to have lots of bugs. Keys are not delivering properly. Stocks are not showing proper. Encryption keys are hidden where as original keys are being shown.

Tons of bus. Any update going to be released ?

Please give more details about the bugs

Hello firassaidi

The following option are not works.

>> Add License Keys to Default WooCommerce Email Too

The recieved email are empty. only the message text are included.

what i do wrong?

thank you for reply.

If you check this option the license keys details will be added to WooCommerce’s default order email, but if in the products page you set “Show Delivered License Keys In” to “website” the email on have the license keys in it instead a link to your website where the customer can see the purchase license keys.

Please verify this, if this is not the issue please send me more details to me email (screenshots of the email and your configuration)

Thank you for your fast reply! The problem was a missconfiguration in the License Delivery Settings. My mistake. Now it works perfect. Thank you.

Hello I get Notice: Undefined variable: val in /wp-content/plugins/FS-License-Manager/wp_wc_fs_license_manager.php on line 442 When Debug is on

I will fix that and upload an update soon,

Thank you

Also in admin side – Notice: : Undefined index: tab in /wp-content/plugins/FS-License-Manager/wp_wc_fs_license_manager.php on line 3072


I try to find one option in your demo, that described on plugin page, but cant.

I need options to replase license key, that already applied to order to another license key, from previously added license.

How can i do that?


On the order you click on “Edit Assigned License Keys” to modify them

Yes, we can modify, but how can we reassign different key (select form list of existing key)?

When you hover the mouse pointer on a key on the list “Copy Encrypted Key” option will appear, you copy the key and paste it in the license key field in the order page.

Not sending license keys in Email :/


Please verify that you have well configured the plugin, send me screenshots of your configuration to if you are not sure if you configuration is right.

Thank you


discbv Purchased

Hi, We have several ‘same’ products in three languages. What’s the best setting if you would like to use one batch of serial numbers for the same product in three languages. If you just upload f.i. to ‘default’ English and assign English as ‘master’ then all seems to be fine, at least one serial number of a manually uploaded batch is taken and send by email. However, for the other two languages, if you check ‘master’, it requires upload for another batch for each language. If you don’t check ‘master’ it looks like there is no serial number retrieved from the bacth uploaded to the default language.

Secondly, and this could be a misconfiguartion: The serial number of an order isn’t shown in the web envrionment. Only per email seems to work. I would have expected that it would be shown at the order detail overview somehwere at the place where the download link is also available. Last: Is it possible to have both ‘email’ and ‘web’ instead of ‘email’ or ‘web’?

Currently we don’t use ‘activation’ or ‘generating codes’ on the fly.

Thanks in advance.


Even though it’s the same product but for WooCommerce they are still considered 3 different products/variations, I would recommend either giving the user 3 download links for the 3 languages or dividing the license keys between the products.

The delivered license keys should be shown in the order page (if you set the keys to be delivered while order status is processing or the order status you are using for new orders) and in the order history.

Even when “show in” is set to “email” the license keys will still show in the order overview page and order history.

Please verify your configuration and if you are not sure if it is right please send me screenshots of the configuration to

Thank you

Hello, I have a school management software that I bought here on codecanyon. I was wondering, is it possible to integrate your system (API etc) to the software and when i install it on a client web-server, to ask for a license after a certain period of time (like every 1 year) and if the client doesn’t pay, it will restrict the software from being used. Can your software do that?


Yes this is possible if you modify the school management software code and implement the API.

Can you help me with that after purchase?

I can provide support and resolve issues related to my plugin(WooCommerce License Manager) but support doesn’t include editing the code for the school management software.


bepaepef Purchased

I just bought and installed the FS License Manager, but the “License Manager” item does not appear in the Wordpress Dashboard after installing & activating the plugin. (it is a complete new Wordpress installation with WooCommerce already activated: multisite=network setup just having 1 site). Remark: first I tried a free License manager: that was working perfectly but I was missing some features that are available in your component. Hope to get started soon! Thx, Frank


From the FTP please verify that the WooCommerce folder name is “woocommerce” and not anything else if the name is different rename it or reinstall WooCommerce then deactivate and reactivate License Manager

hello ,

i want buy your solution licence key but this plugin is not to PHP script ?

because your don’y have API echeck the licence in the Woo commerce ?

Who is copy the code protection in my php code ?

Thank you for your reponse


This is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin that delivers a license key after WooCommerce product purchase with an API that you can implement in your software to protect it and guarantee that your users are using a licensed copy.

This is not a standalone PHP script this is a WordPress plugin

feel free to ask if you have any other questions

PS: I can speak in french too.

Thank you

License key is not added to order.

Everything is correct. Give me your email and I’ll send screenshots.


inthaiguy Purchased

Feature suggest: page=license-manager Would be nice to have sorting options on this page, as with many codes it’s getting confusing. Thanks.

The tables are sortable you can click on the column title to sort the table.


inthaiguy Purchased

Sorry, I should have said “filterable”. So I can view all “product x” that are “sold”.

I will add this feature in future update, Thank you

Hello, We would like to sell a serial key with a physical product, effectively bypassing the standard Woocommerce payment process.

Desired use case:

1. Pre-generate 100s of keys on the website, and export them to CSV. 2. Sell/distribute keys them independent of Woocommerce sales. E.g. printed in a physical retail copy of the software. 2. User who buys retail copy logs into our website and validates their key on a simple form. 3. If validation is successful, the license key is now associated with that user’s account, and can be viewed in their profile’s license manager. 4. User is also subsequently “gifted” the associated Woocommerce product, so their purchase history in Woocommerce shows the product with associated key.

Is this possible with a combination your plugin? We have some PHP experience, so can modify code if we’re pointed in the right direction and the hooks/API is robust enough.

Thank you!


The plugin delivers a license key after WooCommerce product purchase. I don’t think its possible to use it for this use case.

Thank you

Hello, I have a problem, when I am on a product sheet and I enter a license key, it does not display at all but when I simulate an order it come by mail?

what to do ?

Which version of license manager are you using?


does it automatically complete the Woocommerce order after sending delivery email?


No, but you can make that happen by setting the product virtual

is it possible to add notes when adding new keys? Like lot number, or information about source etc?