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Discussion on WooCommerce License Manager

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Presale Q

Is it possible for one product to have 100 license keys and each key is sent to the user after the complete payment?

and I hope there won’t be mixed up i.e. sending used licenses to other users.

I want it to work the way codecanyon works.


Yes, you can have unlimited license keys assigned to a product. Each license is sent once after purchase.

Reactivate my License. I tested the License Manager on my staging site and want to use it now on my main site. When I try to activate, maximum domain activation appears as error. Can you please reset it. Thank you


Please send me your purchase code to

ok, sorry. I just need to deactivate it in setting on staging. It works. Thank you

Hi Firas, Is it possible to remove a license from customer’s order without removing the product for which the license was assigned? I don’t want to replace a license with another one, but to remove it. Thanks.


This feature will be added soon.

Can I have my domain/licens reset? I proberly haven’t deactivatet when I change my website.

I get my email back? Something is blocked.


I haven’t received your email. (I have checked the spam folder too)

It’s also possible to contact me through the support platform


How can I add multiple license keys, its only has a option to add one key at a time. I have different keys for the product. and want to send one by one. How is it possible with this plugin?


Multiple license keys can be added simultaneously using the import tool.

Is the plugin compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage?


No, it’s not fully compatible yet. I will release an update as soon as possible.


amtdev Purchased

can you point me to the API documentation? my use case is a c# app i developed that i need licensing system for. users will pay for app on my woocommerce site and get license key. they enter key in my c# app which will check the key by calling API of your license manager.


The plugin has 2 APIs:
API v2 documentation includes a C# example, and API v3 documentation includes a Postman collection that can be used to generate code in many languages, including C#

API v2 (uses API Key):

API v3 (uses JWT authentication):

Hi there i have a question and i hope you can help me with this. Would it be possible that you install this plugin one Domain A. On domain you put all the keys. Install the plugin on Domain B. And Domain B is connected with A to get keys when B has no keys. Of course we buy the extra license.


No, the plugin doesn’t have this feature.

Hi there, I’ve found out that the API v2 license deactivation request doens’t work on Php 8 but works fine on Php7 on my website. Could it be?


I will test it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Sorry, it works but the request doesn’t receive a callback. Wordpress Query Monitor returns a php error.

Seu código não funcionou, não sei qual variavel que esta o codigo descripitografado

eu enviei no suporte o arquivo completo teste.php e uma imagem para você entender melhor


I did exactly what I promised, I sent you the code that gets the license keys from the order. You will have to hire a developer to integrate it in your site for you. What you are asking for is not part of support.

Quote of what I said:
“I have the code to retrieve the license keys from the order ready, I can send it to you after purchase”

This is in the comments history you can go back a verify yourself.

I’m re-sending you the code here:
<?php function wclm_get_order_license_keys( $order_id ): string { $meta_value = get_post_meta( $order_id, 'fslm_json_license_details', true ); $json = str_replace( "\\", "", $meta_value ); $values = json_decode( $json, true ); $val = ""; $visible_key_found = false; if ( $values ) { foreach ( $values as $value ) { if ( $value['visible'] == 'Yes' ) { $visible_key_found = true; $license_key = $value['license_key']; $license_key = encrypt_decrypt( 'decrypt', $license_key, ENCRYPTION_KEY, ENCRYPTION_VI ); $license_key = br2newLine( $license_key ); $license_key = preg_replace( "/\\\\\"|\\\\'/", '"', $license_key ); // CHANGE THE LICENSE KEY FORMAT HERE. In this block the license key is already decrypted // START $product_name = get_the_title( $value['product_id'] ); $val .= $product_name . " " . $license_key . ', '; // END } } } if ( ! $visible_key_found ) { $val = ''; } // The function returns the license keys in the following format // PRODUCT-NAME LICENSE-KEY // IF there are multiple license keys // PRODUCT-NAME LICENSE-KEY, PRODUCT-NAME LICENSE-KEY, PRODUCT-NAME LICENSE-KEY... // OR empty string return trim( $val, ', ' ); }

obrigado amigo, depois de uma noite inteira acordado eu consegui fazer funcionar

bom dia, eu abri um tickt mais ninguem responde.


Sorry for the delay, I will send you a php file containing working code that can be used to get the license keys from the order as soon as possible.

I need to extract the decrypted value of the license key from the order’s custom field in code snippets in php, can you help me with this?

We’re using following CURL request to activate licence key but getting “rest_no_route” error in response.

curl—location ‘' —header ‘Authorization: Bearer {{User Token}}’ —header ‘Cookie: PHPSESSID=**‘ —form ‘license_key=”E2EBD-9185B-627E3-28F3F”’ —form ‘device_id=””’

Is there anything we’re missing out?


Is API v3 enabled from the plugin settings? License Manager > Settings > API

Can I assign a specific license code to a specific order? Currently, when you use “Assign new license key” in the demo site, a set of license code is automatically assigned, but you can’t assign a certain set of license code to a certain order.


The plugin doesn’t have this feature. It will be added soon.

Hi, is implementing the “Register License Key” API easy?

I’m interested in purchasing the plugin primarily for allowing users to activate their product using a license code provided by a reseller. When a code is redeemed, does it generate a purchase order ($0) for the associated product? Additionally, is it possible for a user to redeem multiple codes simultaneously? Thank you.


Here is the link to the API documentation:

Creating a custom page where customers can register the license keys they purchased from a reseller requires PHP, HTML, and WordPress development skills.

If you are not a WordPress developer, you will need to hire one.


Before buying I wanted to check if it’s still the case that it does not work with WC subscriptions. So sends out a new serial with every completed order.

gr, Arjan

Hi, is it possible to hide the keys on the thank you page after order as well for customers with account? Like this option for gusts “Allow Guest Customers To See The License Keys In The Thank-you Page”

how will i protect my php script?


The license manager provides an API that allows you to verify your customer’s license keys.

Please note the license manager only helps you manage and verify your customer’s license keys. It doesn’t protect the code by encrypting or obfuscating it. You will have to add any other code protection on top of the license managers’ functionalities.

Hi there, can this be used if I want to built my own plugins and do an API request to the license manager?


Yes, the license can be deactivated from the page license and support.

If you need your testing domain and live site to be active at the same time contact me at and I will send you an extra activation key for your test site.

Perfect thank you I will contact you if I find I need it on my testing site and live site. Enjoy the rest of your day and weekend too :)

I have sent you a support request I hope you have received it?

Hi, i have a question. So far everything is working but only if i generate a key for product X, and make an test order, the key is not showing after purchase. i need to “Assign a new key” manually in the order to make it show in the customers order. Did i missed somewhere an option or do you have any idea? many thanks


Please ensure that sending license keys is enabled for the product and for the order statuses completed and processing.


That works well, thanks. But if i import manually key i dont have to activate it in the product “Enable sending license keys for this Product/Variation”, right? If i have to, is there any way to enable it for all, e.g. database?

I’ve a presale question.

We want to sell licenses which expire after 365 days.

An active license gives people the functionality that people can search and find the owners of a pet that was lost and found by other people.

What will happen is as following. People can add there pets at ‘My Pets’ in ‘My Account’. For each added pet they can buy a license which is € 9.95 for 365 days. When this is bought they will receive a physical coin which can be hang on the pet. On that coin is a number which can been searched in the database, so when you find that pet, you can see the owner information.

Now i did not see a functionality that when the key is expired and so does not work anymore (or information is greyed out when you search owner information, but i can make that, no problem). But now my question is. Can people buy another 365 activation for that same key? I did not found that anywhere.

Do you think your plugin will do that job for our concept? 1. Buy key/license per pet. This is active for 365 days 2. Reactivate same key when 365 are over 3. Send reminder when active key is almost over 4. Search unique number in a search bar en always just have 1 match because each is key is connected to 1 specific pet.

We also want to make it when someone search a pet, but that key is not active then they cannot see information, but fill in a form. Then the owner gets a message that someone found there pet but they need to pay a new activation for € 9,95. After they’ve paid, they automatically receive that form what founders filled in so they can get in touch to retrieve there pet at the founders of the lost pet.


The plugin has the core feature required for your use case. It can generate and deliver license keys that expire after 365 days. But it doesn’t have the rest of the needed features and will require customization to fit your use case.


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