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Before buying this, I would like to know if there is any example of integration in vb net or C#.


I only have an example in php, All you have to do is send a POST request with the required parameters. I can send you the documentation if you want contact me here

How work the expiration date? will report my customer after 365 days by email? Can you give more datails?

Will send a email only for who by a product with a serial?

I already have this >

but don’t have this function.


The customer won’t get an expiration notification unless you implement the API in your software(If you are a developer)

Could not I add ‘follow up’ in the module? I pay the difference. I want the possibility of determining the duration of the license. 1 year. After 1 year of purchase, he receives an email notification reminding him that he needs to update.


Please contact me here to customize the plugin.

Can I track if the product is out of stock (i.e. license of that product is about sold out)

Yes, you can track the license keys stock, this feature can be enabled from the plugin settings page

Dear firassaidi, is your plugin already compatible with WordPress 4.8.1? And are you going to to update this plugin the next years?

Best wishes!


Yes the plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce and the plugin will be compatible with all future version and update will be release if an issue happens


kaskone Purchased


i am interested in your plugin:

however there is one feature i can’t find in demo:

1) imagine i need to control my stock of licences, how to see what products have 0 or 1 licences available ?

2) is it possible to make product become “unavailable” when there is no more licences available ?

3) how to display a list of all emails of customers (or any other identifier) that have purchased licences for a product (for example a “CD of Jazz”)

thank you !


1. The is a notification in the admin dashboard telling you how many license keys are left for every product and an is email send if the license keys stock is low.

2. The user won’t be able to checkout if he have a product that requires a license key in his cart and there is no license keys.

3. The purchased keys will be added to the order details and the user name and email will be added to the license key details in the License Manager page. this is the only way to identify the customers license keys in the current version.

Hi there,

Is it possible to add 1 licentice to 2 products simultaneously?

So licence 1 is connected with product a+b and when either product a or b is sold licence 1 is also send.

Thank you.

No, every product have its own set of license keys

issue with Variable product

Can you give me mode details about the issue please?

sorry.. got it resolved


Love the plugin. Working well apart from one thing.

One of my products works fine.

However the others don’t. When ordered the email arrives however there license key box is blank..

here’s the one that’s working.

I’ve checked the setting between the products and don’t see any differences.

Can you help?

I’ve sent them over.

Hi – could you please get back to me?

Hi, I’m testing in your site now.

Hello, I’m having one problem with this plugin. When someone buy our virtual product, should send him a licence code. Plugin send one licence and mark 2 licences as sold, even there is only one purchase. If there is only one licence left, plugin does not send any licence, even it should. Any idea?

here is the example:

Can you please send me a screenshot of your order status settings and make sure that you have set the plugin to send only 1 license key for that product.

Thank you, I’ve deactivated woocommerce and this plugin and cleared cache and now is working.

Do you do customization? I’d need the plugin to be self aware, that it doesn’t send the same license to the user who previously purchased a license (email based filtering etc?).


Yes I do, please contact me here

We’ve tried installing with the username and code provided in the pdf after purchase, multiple times, it always returns the blank page with “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” with if nothing else is not a good look for a plugin that is suppose to manage licenses? Should at least be an explanation as to why and maybe in an error message on the admin page. How do we go about getting a refund if we can’t register the plugin? Tried turning off pretty much all plugins and still the same result.


Can you please comment using the account you used to buy the plugin and send me your purchase code to

I will help you activate the plugin.


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Hi how to use html code in as a license. I want to add my license code 1234567 in html like this: Call 123-4567 so user can click the license link. if not available please to provide some helpful information on how to emplement that and where to start and any php file to edit.

You can out HTML code in the license key field and the customer will receive it as HTML. No need to modify the PHP code this feature is already available.


I’ve sent you email couple of days ago. Could you please check it? My email:



I have sent you an email.