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Hi I want to set that when the customer adds 3 products from a specific category then their total price is 16 (or 5.33×3), and if he adds a forth in the cart the 3 will still have their price changed but no the forth.

thanks in advance Sty Vasilakakis


hellocody Purchased

this is only showing up on one of our multisites…. what can we do to fix?

Hi, is there already a way to show notices and descriptions on the cart page for showing the discounts on cart/checkout? I would like the customer to know why he received the discount

When do you think the new version will be out?

I am using https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-currency-switcher/8085217 and have different currencies setup.

At the moment the base currency GBP is working fine but the other currencies totals are wrong. Here is the screenshot https://1drv.ms/i/s!AhdPbL-zV9pcjSI9H6QTbgK5qWqW

Is this something that you can help with?

Hi. I have a strange issue. Our minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per product. So I would like to show the price table starting from 50 – 100 pieces. So there is no range from 1 – 50 pieces. But if I don’t use a range strating from 1 piece, then the discount will not be applied in the cart. Then the regular non discounted price is shown. If I add a range starting from 1 piece, then the discount is visible in the cart. But I don’t want the range 1 – 50 because that is below the minimum order quantity. Is this just a bug me in installation or is it a known error?