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Can the drop shipper logon to woocommerce and maintain/add/edit/delete his/her own products in the system?

Hello jazonlee,

we will be releasing an add on plugin for that by the end of the month. Thanks!


grq79 Purchased

I’ve just purchased this plugin. I am wondering if dropshippers have the ability to update product inventory and availability on their own dashboard?

Basically, the dropshipper can login into his dashboard and and add inventory and products available for purchase.

Hello grq79,

we will be releasing an add on plugin for that by the end of the month. Thanks!


Chargin Purchased

Hi, Ive just found out that this plugin isnt compatible with plugins that add extra products as components, such as Yith Component products, which is very surprising. These types of plugins add extra products as options to the main product being purchased. In this case extra shelves to a cabinet. Both are products in woocommerce, it showed the correct total price but the extra shelves werent shown on the PDf that gets sent to the dropshipper so they have no way to know to send them to the customer.
Can this be fixed?

Hello Chargin,

we do not support third party plugins, mostly because each one has its own way of integrating options and parameters with woocommerce. We will though check this one to see if the implementation is quick enough to be added.



Chargin Purchased

Very surprising it does work by default though, as its just adding extra products to the order, in checkout they just show as extra items. I can see the items on the order in the orders page in admin also. There are several plugins that do this, “component products” I think they are called. One plugin is even made by woocommerce themselves.

Hello -

1. Does this plugin auto fulfill orders upon payment received? By this I mean does it automatically send the orders to the dropshipper after payment?

2. Some of my suppliers have an inventory page for retailers with all the products you can sell. To insure the correct item, I enter the URL of the product in the emails. Is there an option for this for the emails?

3. Does this work with Aliexpress or other similar suppliers?


Hello jumonjii,

1) yes when your order goes into processing the plugin automatically sends the mail to the dropshippers involved.

2) We usually send the SKU of the product to the dropshipper, what is inserted in that field will be forwarded to them.

3) We do not have a direct integration with Aliexpress. A new solution is in the work and will be released sometime in q4 2017. It will be independent from this plugin though.


Is there a way to upload all product dropshipper costs? I am only seeing quantities.

Hi, Does this plugin work on multisite? Does this plugin work with woocommerce wc vendors?

sorry, that should say a) does it work for multisite? or b) does it work on a single site with woocommerce wc vendors?

Also, do you have any screenshots/documentation to show how it works from the dropshippers end? i.e how do the products appear on their websites?


I’m in the process of setting up a shop with your plugin Woocommerce Dropshippers.

I’m having a hard time deciding on how to handle shipping for the dropshippers. So, am I correct that there is no way to assign a shipping address to a dropshipper and then get real time shipping calculations from that address rather than the default main woocommerce address? Sorry if I missed something on this topic, but I don’t think I saw that as being possible with your plugin. So if that’s true, and we use real time rates with, those rates will still just be calculated from the default shop shipping address?

Maybe you can give some advice on what other people do? Just table rates by cart weight or total amount?

I have come across this plugin, which does exactly what I want by allowing a shippers address to be assigned to each product (thus dropshipper) and real time USPS rates calculated in cart off of that. But… it doesn’t do the other nice stuff your plugin does. So, I have a support question of to those guys, and I might be trying to use his plugin in combination with yours.

Finally, one last thing, I thought I saw an option, or maybe it was a “coming soon” feature, of doing payouts with your plugin with direct bank transfers. Is that still an option or possible option?

Sorry for the long message and thanks for your time.

Is there a way to create a cron job so that orders are sent to dropshippers locations at midnight every day?