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Hi, this is a great plugin. I bought it because it says it supports Avada theme, but I am having trouble with it, one user already described this issue but your reply about finding the Woocommerce Hook just confuses me. Again, I am using Avada and I was expecting this would work out of the box. This is my issue: (using other users’s screenshot to describe it). The “Add donation to order” appears outside of the “Cart Totals” box, I want to to show like on your documentation Please help, either tell me what to do in a way a non technical user can understand or let me know what files I have to edit to make this work. Thank you,

Hi. Purchased and downloaded this plugin, read the installation and it does indeed appear on our cart pages however, it does not work. Formatting issues aside (for another comment) the user can enter the amount of the donation but nothing happens on add or update button clicks. The amount resets to “0”.

The theme is Enfold by Kriesi

OK. It apparently works as long as I keep the default translation. Hmm.

Hi there, I was curious if this could be added to the checkout page, in it’s own section, instead of the cart page?

Any help would be much appreciated :D


Its not possible on the checkout page at this moment to have the form on the checkout page but you can have a link on checkout page that will take them to the cart page so they can make the donation .

Something like “If you like to make a donation click here” and that link will take them back to cart page


I am very interested in a donation plugin that can provide advanced reporting, particularly if I have multiple funds, reporting per fund, ideally with ability to restrict user in control panel to see data for a single fund, not all of them. Is this something your tool can do or can be customized to do?



No its not possible with this plugin


Hi there! Just to let you know we featured your file in our latest Tuts+ roundup post: Plugins for Collecting Donations and Fundraising With WordPress. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your consideration


Can I add a pdf to the donation product. So when they complete the purchase they can download a thank you letter?


By default the plugin doesnt has such option but you can customize your woocommerce THANK YOU page to have links to the PDF in case they “purchased” the donation product


Ok thanks. I will keep looking. I appreciate the answer

If you like you can ask for Orionk on since he has done many customizations and can do this as well

FYI : its a paid service/freelancing website


Hello, I have a bug : When I add donation and I delete that donation in the basket, and I want to add donation I can’t (I must to refresh page)

Here is link of my page :

Thank you


Please contact us at


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Kirill_M Purchased

Hello. After plugin get installed, order could not be processed if donation is not added. Is there any solution for this issue? Regards

Otherwise go on and chat with us


Kirill_M Purchased

usually i’m using, i’ll try another one.

Got your email and replied

Is this plugin still operational, as I tried the Demo link but it was not functional?

Hello Yes its up and running OK now Thanks


R1Law Purchased

Hi, setup according to instructions, shows up on chart but clicking the add button does nothing. Running WP and WooCommerce v 2.6.14, no other WooCommerce plugins.

Hello Contact us via email at


I’m interested in buying this plugin. Two things…

The admin demo is not working, so can’t see that.

Your advert states this about the plugin:

“Accept donations in woocommerce with amount specified by the client, so they can donate any amount they wish .”

When I see the Live Preview as a client. I go to the shop page and can see a donation product for the amount of 50.00€. When reaching this Woocommerce product page for the donation, it immediately displays the message “Donation added . Check it on the cart page”. This is not what i require. I wanted to see a demo of the plugin allowing a user to enter the amount they specify. Your demo does not show what you advertise. Can you provide me with a working demo to show this feature properly please? I don’t mean adding a specified amount on the cart page either. i need the user to see a Woocommerce product where they can specify the amount.

Thanks in advance.

Hello I just tried the demo and i logged in OK now . If you like you can go to and chat with us for a faster response



mariskais Purchased

My purchase info: b4c05070-7dac-41dc-a5ae-629224115d92 14 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

I have installed this plugin successfully. I am getting an onscreen error here.

2. When proceeding to the cart aftr making donation the cart subtotal shows as 0

Like i said , and you can see from the screenshot here that plugin is not at all my plugin


mariskais Purchased

I am sorry for the confusion, I deleted the other plugin and the error is gone, this is your plugin now correct?


Did a test on that and it seem OK

Also here the docs for my plugin



AFFCNY Purchased

Hi I just purchased and installed this plug in.. and it’s NOT working. :( It looks like it is, but on the cart page, no amount gets added. Please feel free to check it out here; . help please? thank you!

Hello Usually its just related to following the documentation . Contact us at and let us know your WP user/pass so we can check

Is it possible to assign a category to each donation product?

Thanks a lot for your response. Can I assign a category to each campaign/cause?

I just need to be able to assign category or tag or attribute to each campaign to use another plugin in trigger an email to each charity when someone donates

No Campaigns are not taxonomies , they are just a dropdown


I purchased the plugin based on what I saw on the demo. I needed to create a WooCommerce product page that allows the user to enter in the amount they choose without buying any other type of product. I created a donation product and ensured the option “Let the custom choose how much to donate” option was selected. However, on the product page ‘Donation’ that the end user sees, no field to enter an amount is shown at all.

Please help?

Another problem I have, when I am on the shop page viewing the Donation product there, listed with other products on that page… it has an “Add to Basket” button underneath by default. When clicking this, it automatically adds zero to the cart, and does not give the end-user an option. This is obviously a problem. What can be done?