WooCommerce Bulk Price Updater

WooCommerce Bulk Price Updater

This plugin allows store owner / manager to update product prices by category in bulk. Prices can also be increased / decreased by Percentage (%) or fixed values, or Adding to / Subtracting from existing value. Price changes can be saved as templates and run quickly


  • Multi-product price update based on Product Category
  • Multi-product increase/decrease by Fixed Price OR Percentage
  • Multi-product add to / subtract from existing price
  • Save changes as a template and run it easily each time
  • Optional backup and restore to original prices feature
  • Fully compatible with the WC Role Based Price Plugin

Live Demo

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Item Support

  • Response usually in 10 minutes.
  • Support timings: 6.00AM to 10.00PM IST (Timezone: +5:30 GMT)

Change Log

V 1.3 (08 FEB 2017)
* Minor bug Fix
* Tested With Latest WP & WC
V 1.2 (20 NOV 2016)
* Fixed Minor Issues 
* Added Options To Roll Back Price Changes.
V 1.1 (4 MARCH 2016)
* Minor Bug Fix 
* Tested With Latest Version of WooCommerce 
* Added Few Hook for easy integration for other plugins
V 1.0 (31 DEC 2015)
* First Release