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Finally with this plugin i have found wat i’m searching for alot of time for dropshippers.. that is the ability to update a different price by % in different categories and save to a template.. only who use csv import from a dropshipper understand wath this is vitally to do.. TNX Varun

Great plugin. Only a question. With this plugin, is it possible apply a bulk discount only to the products that belong more than one category?

For example. We have a shoes shop online. We want to apply a discount in all products of man category and Nike category and fallwinter 2015, but we do’nt want to apply the discount to all nike shoes, or all man shoes, or all fallwinter 2015 shoes. Just to those who accomplish the three conditions.

Thank you very much.

I have checked your video demo but I don’t see how I can apply a discount only to products that belong more than one categories.

For example: Products 1 and 2 belong to Nike category and Men category. Product 3 belong to Nike category and Women category Product 4 and 5 belong to Adidas category and Men category

We want to apply a discount only to products 1 and 2. We do not apply a discount in the rest of products.

Can your plugin do that?

@Rosquill. our plugin will apply the discount for the category you choose.

but it will not check if the product has this and this category and apply some discount. it applies only selected category.

if a product has category 1 and category 2

the discount will be applied from the both category

Thanks for your answer.

this is not working for me !

WC Version: [?] 2.4.13

WP Version: [?] 4.4.2

WP Multisite: [?] ?

Shows all done, BUT Prices DONT Increase at all


Can you please contact me directly using ticket system or via email : you will get a reply within 2hrs

this is not working for me !

WC Version: [?] 2.4.13

WP Version: [?] 4.4.2

WP Multisite: [?] ?

Shows all done, BUT Prices DONT Increase at all


Can you please contact me directly using ticket system or via email : you will get a reply within 2hrs

Congratulations. I am following your work and I have to say that I am at least impressed. A young and talented guy! Is the plugin compatible with variable products and what is the interface for bulk editing variable prices. It must be tricky. Can I have some screengrabs or a demo admin to see please?


Of course i can give you a live demo. please contact me via email

Hi there,

Is it possible to see a live demo of this plugin also ???

Can you please tell me if we have hundreds of variable products with lots of variations, with your plugin will be able to update % the prices of the products / category products ???

Will I have any problems with the server once I try to update the prices of various categories ?



Sure i can give you a live demo.

Kindly contact me via skype : varunsridharan23

Email ID :

Hi, I want to adjust pricing by a set percentage, it seems when I do that, it adds that total onto the original price instead of replacing the price – is this possible?


I hope you are doing great.

i am really sorry for the delayed delayed delayed response.

and i would like to inform you that our state (Tamil Nadu) where i live was hit with a massive Cyclone which destroyed all kind of communications and electricity..

still we don’t gave a working internet connection / electricity.

our state recovery team is working very hard to bring back to normal life asap.

Kindly bear with us. I will soon get back online and fix this issue ASAP


I hope you understand.

Thanks Varun S

Hi, No need to apologize! hope all is well.

Thanks for your understanding yes we are good now but no proper internet connection. Using 2G mobile internet for now


we’re very interested on your plugin. Before we can buy this item we have two questions.

We get prices from our manufacturer. On these prices we would like a Surcharge, not a discount. Is it possible with this plugin?

Second question.. we have the pro-version of all import for wordpress/woocommerce. Is it compatible with this plugin?

regards, minz


I really cant understand what you are trying to say.

This plugin provides an interface where you can bulk update all product’s price at once just by increasing or decreasing by (%)

and this plugin really dont not require any kind of integration with WPAllImport.

if you still looking for a new plugin. please do contact me @

i will try to figure it out.

Hi, I would like to ask if the plugin can set the price to the freshly made variations that don’t have any price set already? I’m looking for something that will save me some time copy-pasting the same price over and over again to each variation of the same product. I would like to add a new product, make attributes and variations and let the plugin fill the prices over there for me. Would that be possible?


Yes it will. if in case if you find any issues please do let us know. we will do our best to solve it.

Is this plugin still active and tested with newest versions of WP and woocommerce? The demo doesn’t work.

I’d like to demo how it interacts with the User Role Based Pricing plugin.


Yes this plugin is still active and under development. we have new release coming soon. it will work good. if you need a demo please do ping me @ skype : varunsridharan23


Is there a way to see the current prices of the products you’re trying to change? and set a fixed price (e.g. $10) instead of /+ amount ($1.20)?

Nope. we dont have such feature. also its kind of tricky lets say you have a category with around 100 products and like that you want to update 4 category which comes around 400 products and its not that easy to load all those prices. but this idea is good i will keep a note of it. we may add this in upcoming version.

Hello. I have a pre-sale question. I have an API site in which my suppliers’ products are automatically added to my site. I’d like to INCREASE each newly added product by X percent. Can this process be automated with your plugin? Thank you.

Hello, I have a presale question. Is this plugin still working with the newest woocommerce version? I would really like to get it, I just need the confirmation and if I can see a demo. Thank you! I’m from India, Delhi.


Yes it dose works with the latest WC please check the ( Compatible With ) in the plugin page side bar