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I made the purchase, but I don’t see the Mailster option (which was recently updated from “MyMail”). Are you planning to update for Mailster compatibility?

Hi guys, any update on whether or not you will work on compatibility with WPML? There are currently not other plugins that will add a WooCommerce customer to a Mailster list when a purchase is made on the translated product. If you make this work, you will be the first.

Hello guys, any word on making it work with WPML?

Hello, We didn’t developed yet because of we don’t have that plugin, if you have then contact us via support Mail.


Can i use this to couple getresponse list to indivuel list be products? Product A > List 1 and Product B > List 2 ? Greetings

Hello, yes you can use it, you can see this in our demo site.

Thanks :).

Will product purchase data be passed over to getresponse? I’m on the fence of purchasing your plugin – My question for you is if it is possible to bring over the product purchased data automatically when someone purchases a product from one of my ecommerce sites. So an example.. John Smith comes to one of my sites & buys 2 products; Product-A for $25 & Product-B for $17. When I search John Smith in GetResponse – Will I see his purchase history there? Will I see how much he’s spent with us?

Hello, This feature is not available in our plugin.


Nevermind, I figured it out.

Hello, If any else issue, feel free to ask.

Thanks :)

Hello, what does this plugin do for Mailster that Mailster’s own Woocommerce plugin doesn’t already do out of the box? I don’t see anything new here.

Hello, In our plugin you can configure individual product configuration for mailster. By the way we providing support of mailster at that time when it was MyMail.



Purchase your nice plugin some time ago, but only starting to use it now. I have some questions if you dont mind.

I allready using a auto responder service from Optinmonster which add a optin in to the Woocommerce cart – so if people purchase they get a optin email to confirm, so i basically only need your plugin to add the contact also to product specific list. My concern is that i don’t want the customer to receive another optin email for the product specific list, as he already opted in for the main list.

In product settings, could you clarify what these 2 options to: Display Opt-In Field Check/Uncheck Opt-In Checkbox

Many thanks

Hello, That checkbox is for just user to ask that they want to subscribe or not ? and second checkbox is for default selection for that checkbox. Suppose you select first checkbox then it will show checkbox at checkout time “add me to newsletter?”. Now another scenario if you dont check that first checkbox in setting page then it will add user to certain list without asking user. We dont send a mail to confirmation opt-in, for that you have to use specific autoresponder settings.

Thanks :):)

Thank you for explaining

Presale question… I use a woocomerce social login plugin.. Can that email address be automatically added to Active Campaign?

Here is the walkthrough… A person clicks social login button to login in to site… their user details is added in the backend of wordpress… Does this plugin automatically add this person details to ActiveCampaign? thanks

Hello, Actually our plugin add woocommerce buyer to a certain list of an autoresponder, it wont add wordpress user to a list.


Hello, I have a presale question. Does this only activate the autoresponder or does it actually use the local server to mail a message?

Hello, Actually we are only subscribing customer to a certain list of autoreponders upon woocommerce order. We are not sending mail using local server but we are supporting autoresponder like MailPoet and Mailster(MyMail) which are using local mail server.

Thanks :) :)

That’s great thank you. So to confirm, we are going to connect to an infusionsoft autoresponder, which will trigger infusionsoft and not the local server. (Which is what we want). Right?

Hello, yes exactly, we just subscribing a customer to a list then after you can run your campaign from Infusionsoft.

Thanks :) :)

Hello, can i integration with embed HTML code? Because, i use email marketing service local from Indonesia (kirim.email you can see http://kirim.email ) thanks

Hello, Sorry to that we are not supporting embed HTML code and also we are also not supporting kirim.email

Thanks. :) :)

Are you planning on adding Convert Kit to the plugin?

Hello, Currently we have no plan to adding Convert Kit but we will think about in future.

Thanks.:) :)

Hi, Quick question – Does this plug in work with mailpoet 3?

Hello, Currently we not supporting mailpoet 3.

Thanks. :) :)

Hi, had some troubles in the past with this plugin and decided to try it again with the latest version.

But does it support web form submissions? I use Interspire Email Marketer and can either use their API, or a plain web form to subscribe people.

Hello, We are not supporting web form submissions. Also we are not supporting Interspire Email Marketer.

Thanks :) :)


pgfweb Purchased

Are there any plans to include the ability to add customers to a list based on the product category?

Hello, yes we have plans include the ability to add customers to a list based on the product category, it will come in new update and new update can take few weeks to come.

Thanks. :) :)

hi, i am testing the demo and I can’t see the 9 autoresponders you claim. What kind of autoresponders can be triggered with Mailster?

Hello, All autoresponders is there please check carefully, In autoresponder settings page you will find mailter settings, our plugin is adding subscriber to certain list of that autoresponder.

Thanks. :) :)

When adding the buyer to a specific campaign on Getresponse… can this be done in the background? Or will the user need to check a box saying they want to be added?

Hello, Yes this can be done in background if you not choose(Unchecked) Display Opt-In Field in settings, it will add buyer to certain campaign.


Hi i have a presale question. Can i subscribe to multiple list when my customer goes to checkout? I have getresponse and woocommerce, if my customer buy 2 product can i put my customer in 2 separated list (one for each product) ? thank u

Hello, Yes you can do this, when you edit a particular you will setting for this, you can also test this in our demo http://wpstriker.com/woocommerce_autoresponder/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=integration


It can be compatible with interspire emailmarketer too?

Hello, We are sorry to say that we don’t interspire emailmarketer

Thanks :)


mportell Purchased

Hello, is this plugin still supported? :)

Hello, Yes this item is supported, if you have any query or problem then send us via support.

Thanks :)