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Hello there,

Is there any possibility to add view attachment button on orders page ? like currently on list of orders page, there is a button called “view” which then takes to order page, can we have one more button there called view attachment ?

Thanks, Regards, Dev


Thank you for such a quick reply, also do we have any shortcode to display all the attachments on a page instead of just order page, that can also help me achieve what I’m trying to do, just trying to make attachment easily accessible to customer instead of going to orders page every time !

that kind of feature requires much work because the plugin is not designed to render all orders attachments in a single page. So some features (like feedback posting) could give some issues if attachements of different orders are rendered in the same page. Furthermore it would require also some pagination.

However I’ll try to implement in a future release, but I cannot give you any eta. In case I’ll let you know! :)

Meanwhile, good news. I’ve released the new 8.5 version that implements the new “View Attachments” button on orders list.

The button is only displayed if the order has at least 1 visible attachments and the button text can be customized in the plugin text menu.

It will be available to download in 2-3 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to approve new updates). However if you send me a private message with your email (click on my name then use the low-right box), I can send you the update directly via email!

Hi may I check how should i go about using this plugin.

I have installed it on my wordpress woocommerce and tried sending the attachment but it does not seem to work.

The customer aren’t able to recieve it.

Is there a more detailed description of how it work?

to attach an order attachment to the WooCommerce outgoing emails, you have just to click on the Show/Hide advanced options button and then on the Email attachments section, select to which email type the file has to be attached.

Note: if the file is to big (like more 15mb) some email provider could not deliver the email to the recipient (like gmail, outlook, etc.)

Hi, when I am trying to download the attachment on the order page I get the message that I have to log in. “You have to be logged for that kind of request.” Is there any possibility to disable the enforcement to be logged in?

Unfortunately it cannot be done. For security reasons the user who is trying to download an attachment for a specific order has to be logged in order the plug in to verify if he is the owner of that order.

Helo! Is there the attached file name and URL in exported xml?

Or how can I get this information in bulk with other order details?

thank you

Unfortunately you should ask that plugin developer if they have support to the metadata that my plugin stores into the order :)
However I don’t think they are supporting my plugin meta data.

The attachment metadata is stored in a single filed called _wcam_attachments_meta as a serialized array. It contains all the info about the file name, file url, file path and other options (like feedback settings, notification settings, etc.).
It can be exported with any exporting tool. To make it human readable you can copy&paste the content in an unserializer tool like:

1) There is an issue with the order page link [wcam_order_page_link]

When received on iPhone or Mac Mail, the link generated is:


which doesn’t work.

2) When uploading PDF’s, the file extension disappears, both in download file, and when attached to e-mail.

I think that both issue are caused by a misconfiguration of your server or PHP rather than the plugin.

For what concerns the pdf extension, as you can also test in the demo site, you can properly attach any .pdf and its extension never disappears.
Which plugin version are you running? can you try to update to the latest 8.6 version that you can download from the plugin page?

For what concerns the [wcam_order_page_link], the link is generated by the server independently from the user email client. Can you try doing a test in the demo site to see if you experience the same issue with your email client?


lost1515 Purchased

Hello! I need a plugin that the buyer uploads a photo and this file became visible in his account page or order page, and them the admin can download this photo to do some modifications in his computer, and them the admin uploads this photo again in the order, and the buyer has to have a way to approve the photo or do some comments for the admin edit the photo again and upload again until the client say that is approved and ok! Do you have a plugin with all this features? Or i would have to use this plugin and the “WooCommerce Upload Files” together? they work fine together? thanks!!

yes to achieve what you need I would suggest to use both the plugins. They can be used together without problems.

WooCommerce Upload Files allows the user to upload a file (or more) from the order page. So The admin can retrieve the uploaded file(s) from the admin order page and modify it.
Once done, using the WooCommerce Attach me, can attach it to the order enabling the option to allow the customer to approve/reject it. In this way you can re-edit the file and re-attach until the client is happy :)

Both the plugin have a full demo site where you can do some tests to see if it fits your needs and expectations :)


lost1515 Purchased

Thanks for your fast response!!

Hi Great plugin by the way!

But how do I get it top display the link in the processing and completed customer emails for the customer to download the file as some of the files are huge.

I have tried to understand the instructions but some of the English used is extremely poor therefore hard to understand?

Thanks in advance for your help.


for now files link are displayed before the order table and unfortunately WooCommerce doesn’t not expose any other hook to allow 3rd party plugins to render content inside woocommerce emails higher that that position.

Note: if you are using the 8.6 version please update the plugin to the latest 8.7 because it has an issue with the email link embedding (it doesn’t work). It will be ready to download in 3 – 4 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to approve new updates), however if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the update via email!

If you have enjoyed the plugin please consider to leave the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Download” tab and from there you can rate to your purchases)

Hi, Vanquish,

Your plugin si great and excactly what I was looking for.

We need it for sending attachments – proforma invoice – to customers’s email during changing order statuses. This invoices are in .pdf and here is a problem – I attach this .pdf file, mark everything properly under Show/Hide advanced options, but on email is received “damaged” file, with no option of preview, and if you download the file, it says that is unknown file.

The problem is that the file does not have ending (.pdf) > for example, if I upload and send file “inovice.pdf”, on email is only file “invoice” with out ending .pdf, and that is why you can not preview it or open, when it is downloaded.

Btw – if I want to Download / View it in woocommerce under orders, there is no problems and it opens. This situation only happens on emails (I tested in gmail).

Any idea why is this happening?

Regards, Maja Rapport

Yes, I’ve replied on 12.32. Please check your spam folder!

Hi, I just want to thank you again for all your help with solving this problem! Your plugin and support team is awsome! Maja, Rapport

Thank you for your words, I really appreciate! Actually it’s only just me doing the all the work (design, coding, testimg and support) ;-P

Have a nice day!! :)

Hi, i started having problems with attaching fthe same three files to two different tickets. 1. After updating the second ticket, i was unable to get the product page loaded and it keeps giving me a 504 Gateway temeout. If i deactivate WCAM i have no problem loading the product page. 2. I dowloaded the WCAM updated version 8.7 and tried to install it but keep getting Plugin install failed. I have deactivated most other plugins but still no joy with reinstalling update.

Will appreciate if you could help.

Got it sorted, had to extract downloaded zip first to new folder and then used the zip file from that folder. Installed and updated database and now show the bulk attachments without problem.

for what concerns the update, are you insalling the whole package (doc + plugin zip) or just the zip?
Once you have downlaoded the zip file from codecanyon, unzip it and you will find a file called That is the one you have to install.

By the way the 8.7 is still under approval process by codecanyon, if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the latest version via email.


labale Purchased

hello I am photograph, I would like to send different photographs by customer. So that it can download it in the admin. But I can only send them by e-mail. Do you have a solution



labale Purchased

I want my customers to download the photos ordered into their account / download. The pictures are different according to the customer. Thank you and forgiveness for my English;)

you’re welcome :)
Yes now it is clear :). The feature add an option to the attachment in order to make it visible in the download section is already in my ToDo list. I’d like to include it in the next release, but unfortunately I cannot assure you anything.

In case of news I’ll reply here to let you know :)

good news, I’ve just released the 8.9 version that now adds a new option to list attachments in the My Account -> Downloads tab.

It will be available to download in 3 – 4 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to publish new updates), however if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) with your email, I can send you the update! :)

P. S.
If you have enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please consider to leave the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Download” tab and from there you can rate to your purchases)

Hi Vanquish,

I am having problems uploading the word document to the order page now,

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing is happening, it looks like it is about to upload then it just blanks and goes back to normal.

Can you help?


which plugin version are you running? What do you mean that “now” you have problems? it was working before? Which modification have you done since you experienced the issue?

However today I’ve released the 8.8 version that will be available to download in 3 – 4 days. If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you via email this new version to test.

If not I need a full admin access in order to perform some live debug to try to figure out whats wrong in your server.

As you can see in the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo

If you try to upload a doc/docx file, it is properly uploaded without problems.

Hello, just bought and installed your plugin. Been looking for something like this for a wile now so thank you. I have one issue.

When using the “Display image preview (both order and products attachments)” option it show the full size image to my clients. Is there a way to make is show a smaller version?

this is not an issue but it is the normal plugin behaviour. The plugin previews the image using the:
<img />
html tag and it doesn’t compress the image before displaying to avoid color distortion or any issue related to image compression.
You can only set the size of the thumb using the General options & texts – > Style -> Thumb width/height.

When I select ‘secure download’ to attach a PDF, even when logged I can’t view the item as a PDF. It’s a random file that can’t be read. Same if I download it, it’s just a blank file that I can’t open. Any reason why this is? Thank you

It could be due to a old plugin issue. Which plugin version are you running? it is the latest 8.8 version?

If not, download it from CodeCanyon, deactive and delete the one you have installed in your server and install the new one (don’t worry you won’t lose any setting). Once done can you report me if you are still experiencing the issue?