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The plugin is not attaching the files correctly, it is setting each ID to 0, and when you click the URL, it takes you back to the order screen.

Could you help please.


Hi, yes I’ve released a new version today that fixes that issue. It would be ready to download in 3 – 4 days (codecanyon approval system takes awhile publish new updates). However if you send me a private message (click on my name the use the lo-right box) reporting your email address, I can send you the update directly via email.

Hi there, I just bought the Attach me! plugin. I tried the demo online and that worked fine, but now I test it on my own site and the attachments aren’t attached to the mail. You can however download them from the thank you page.

I checked the “On hold” check box, uploaded a PDF. I do have product variations and want it to be sent in every case. So I both tried to check all the variations and none. But nothing helped. Could you please help?

BTW: i also set every setting equally like the demo, just to be sure.

when an order is placed, in which state is marked? Are you using any custom order statuses? Have you enabled the Attach file to WooCoommerce outgoing email(s)? option?

Ah…so sorry I see, I’ve must have missed that option “Attach file to..” Thanks, it works now :)

Glad to hear that! :)

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Hi, when trying to upload and install the Attach Me! plug in to my wordpress with themegrill site, it goes through the uploading process and says it’s installing, then says no valid plugins were found, plugin failed. I’ve tried three times. I’m attaching the whole zipped file to upload, as I’ve done successfully before with other plugins. Can you help please? Thanks

because you are installing the whole package that both includes the plugin and doc files. You have to unzip it and you will find inside it a file called That is the one that you have to install :)

Ah, thank you, brilliant, that worked:)

You’re welcome :)

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Are the attachments completely private to a specific customer? If the link is shared can anyone else download the attachment?

yes for what concerns product attachments, they are linked throught a “secure url”. If any user try to open that link, the plugin will force him to login and then the it will check if he has rights to donwload it.

For what concerns Orders attachements, if you enable the secure download option when attaching a file, the plugin will allow to download the file only to the order owner (it the same mechanism of the products attachments).

You can fully test these feature in the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
To be sure that they fits your needs and expectations :)

FYI: Just upgraded to 3.0.0 and this plugin broke the integration.

Hi, to request support use the account you have used to purchase the plugin. However just update it to the latest version you can download from its codecanyon page.

I installed this on WC 3.0 and it work beautifully.. then i has compatibility issues with another plugin which meant i downgraded to WC2.6.11. I reinstalled ATTACH_ME from scratch to go with the older WC version but now ATTACH_ME doesn’t work ..the attach button is no longer showing.

I deactivate, delete & reinstalled twice but to no avail.

which ATTACH_ME version are you using? What do you mean that the attach button is not showing? Are you referring to order attachments, products attachments … ? Can you share some screenshot?

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the latest 9.6 version that still is under approval by codecanyon and will be published in a few days.

It says version 9.5 in the plugins section.

I am referring to the WC-Order page..trying to attach some documents to an order but i don’t see any “attach” button anymore .. screenshot is useless since attach_me has nothing on the Order. Maybe there is something obvious i haven’t tried.


It’s is quite strange. It the plugin proper activated? However I’ve answered to your private message. Let’s continue talking there.

hi after updating the woo commerce attache me not worked and not send any email (attach to product)

Hi, which plugin versione are you running? Please try updating the plugin to latest 9.6 version. You can download it from its codecanyon page.

Is WooCommerce Attach Me! ready for WooCommerce 3.x?

Yes, the latest 9.6 version is WooCommerce 3.0.1 compatible.


Pre-sales question.

Can you specify a particular file for a given product. For example, if they were purchasing a hazardous product such as bleach or hair dye, can you add an information sheet to that product?

Also, if someone selects to buy multiple products will this attach the same file multiple times or just once?

yes it can be done. Just using the Bulk products attachments (or by going in the admin product edit page), you can attach specific files to products. In case you attach a file for multiple products, the plugin will attach te file just once.

The plugin has a demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
that allows you to fully try the plugin feature before puchasing. Please do all the test you need to be sure it fits your needs and expectations. In case of further info, feel free to ask :)

Superb! Will be purchasing now. Thanks!

Glad to hear that :)


after install your plugin we got an “HTTP/2.0 500”.

We use:

WooCommerce Version 2.6.14

WooCommerce Attach Me! Version 9.6

nginx server.

Payment Plugin Braintree For WooCommerce Pro Version 2.5.9.

I can´t download the version 9.7 on envato.

Done. Thanks for the quick replay

Your update fix my problem. Thank you.

Another question:

I want to attach 2 pdf files to any invoice. It works, if i add the 2 pdf files to any product. Thats your plugin provide a globally solution?. I use the Automatic emails attachments configurator, but nothing happen. Can you me provide the excat config for add globally two files to all products in woocommerce.

Glad to hear that :)

For what concerns the Global solution, you are doing right. Using the Automatic emails attachments configurator, you have just to select the Invoice email type.
Keep in mind that you have to send emails using the native WooCommerce system (not 3rd party solution that may no trigger the standard WooCommerce action that allows WCAM plugin to inject attachments to the email) as showed in the following screen:
On order action select the Resend Customer invoince and then save the order.
As you can see in the demo site doing in this way the email with the attachements are properly sent.

Hi, pre-sales question.

Can different attachments be added for different products?

e.g. if a customer buys Product A, he gets PDF A. If the customer buys Product A and B, he gets PDF A and B.

Is this possible?

Many thanks

yes it is possible. To do that just go to the product admin edit page and use the Attach Me! – Products attachments meta box to attach the files you need for your product.

In alternative you can also use the Bulk products attachments menu to attach same file to one (or multiple) products.

According to the attachments rules, the attached files will be visible In the order details page after the customer purchases the product(s). Visibility can be restricted according to order status, expiration date, etc. Files can also be attached to the WooCommerce emails.

The plugin has a demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
give a try to see if it fits your needs and expectation before purchasing! I case of further info, feel free to ask! :)

Hi my attachment does not seem to be working. below are my FTP and Wordpress log in.

Wordpress User: Beedigitizing Pass: Embroidme1


FTP Username: beedigitizing FTP server: Pass: Welcome2017 FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21

thank you for the access. I’ve updated the plugin to the latest 9.7 and I’ve perfomed some order attachements and they are properly attached. Could you provide some more detailed explanation about the issue you are experiencing? Can you also report me a step by step guide on how experience it?

Thank you.

Hi. Does the WooCommerce AttachMe! plugin has a REST API that I can use to add/upload attachment to an order from a 3rd party application?

no the plugin hasn’t such a feature.

Bugger. This plugin almost fits my requirements, I just need to upload an attachment (pdf file) to an order, programmatically. Any suggestion?

No, unfortunately for now there isn’t any way to do that.


NinaHoang Purchased


I purchased Attach Me!. I’m having a problem with attaching a PDF to products. When I attach the PDFs to the products and I go into my account and view the order and click Download/View it only downloads the first PDF attached to the first product, and not the correct one for subsequent products purchased.

When I view the downloads as I have that enabled. It doesn’t show all the documents that should have been attached to purchases.

WC 2.6.14 WooCommerce Attach Me! 9.8

Please let me know what I can do.

I have many products that use the same PDF. Does this plugin show only one instance if the filename is the same in the My Downloads or Order Details? I would like to implement this.

Thanks for your time.


it is quite strange. As you can see from the demo site: for order #487:

user: demo
pass: demo
all the products attachments (product specific attachments and bulk product attachments) are properly visible. Please make sure that you have properly configured order status visibility option for each attachment:

P. S. I’ve released the new 9.9 version that fixes an issue related to WC 3.0.3 that denies the attachment name and product name to be properly displayed in the Downloads list. It will be available in 4 – 5 days to download (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to publish new updates) However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email I can send you the new plugin version.

The open Browse from Media gallery button IS NOT WORKING!

Could you give me some more clues about the issue you are epxeriencing? In which page are you experiencing the issue? As you can see from the demo site, the Browse from Media gallery (in case you were referring to Order attachments) is properly working.
It could be that some 3rd party plugin are including some javascript libraries that are interfering with WCAM libraries dening them to be properly executed.

Which plugin version are you running? could you try updating the plugin to the latest 9.9 version that you can download from its codecanyon page and report me back if it fixes you issue? In case it is not working, could you try disabling other 3rd party plugin see if the issue still persists?

Now I get this!! Give me my money back!! error: [object Object]

Please do not open different support requests. Refer to the other comment.

Total conflict With this plugin “WooCommerce Attach Me!” and “FWRD – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme Iron Music plugin”

And when I cut that plugin OFF it still doesn’t work!

Keep getting “error: [object Object]” Send a notification email to the customer?


As not reportd in the description page, the plugin hasn’t specific support for the “FWRD – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme Iron Music plugin”

For what concerns the notification feature, as you can see from the demo site it is properly working. Are you using the latest 9.8 version? If not please update the plugin. If you’re already using the latest plugin version, if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) with an admin access I can investigate to try to figure out what’s wrong in your installation.

Otherwise feel free to ask a refound to Envato, they will investigate further.