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DPLFTD Purchased


The plugin is not attaching the files correctly, it is setting each ID to 0, and when you click the URL, it takes you back to the order screen.

Could you help please.


Hi, yes I’ve released a new version today that fixes that issue. It would be ready to download in 3 – 4 days (codecanyon approval system takes awhile publish new updates). However if you send me a private message (click on my name the use the lo-right box) reporting your email address, I can send you the update directly via email.


mrgerald Purchased

Hi there, I just bought the Attach me! plugin. I tried the demo online and that worked fine, but now I test it on my own site and the attachments aren’t attached to the mail. You can however download them from the thank you page.

I checked the “On hold” check box, uploaded a PDF. I do have product variations and want it to be sent in every case. So I both tried to check all the variations and none. But nothing helped. Could you please help?

BTW: i also set every setting equally like the demo, just to be sure.

when an order is placed, in which state is marked? Are you using any custom order statuses? Have you enabled the Attach file to WooCoommerce outgoing email(s)? option?


mrgerald Purchased

Ah…so sorry I see, I’ve must have missed that option “Attach file to..” Thanks, it works now :)

Glad to hear that! :)

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Hi, when trying to upload and install the Attach Me! plug in to my wordpress with themegrill site, it goes through the uploading process and says it’s installing, then says no valid plugins were found, plugin failed. I’ve tried three times. I’m attaching the whole zipped file to upload, as I’ve done successfully before with other plugins. Can you help please? Thanks

because you are installing the whole package that both includes the plugin and doc files. You have to unzip it and you will find inside it a file called That is the one that you have to install :)

Ah, thank you, brilliant, that worked:)

You’re welcome :)

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Are the attachments completely private to a specific customer? If the link is shared can anyone else download the attachment?

yes for what concerns product attachments, they are linked throught a “secure url”. If any user try to open that link, the plugin will force him to login and then the it will check if he has rights to donwload it.

For what concerns Orders attachements, if you enable the secure download option when attaching a file, the plugin will allow to download the file only to the order owner (it the same mechanism of the products attachments).

You can fully test these feature in the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
To be sure that they fits your needs and expectations :)