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Uploaded .pdf are set t be sent with “Completed” status email. Noticed today that file wasn’t attached to email, so I updated to latest version and resent Completed email. .pdf still doesn’t attach. Please advice.

as you can see from the demo site, the pdf attchments is working for order, products and automatic attachments.

The issue you are experienced most likely could be related to your specific installation. Note that if the files you are trying to attach is too big, some email provider could deny emai sending. For further help, you need to renew your support license and then send ma private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) with an admin access. I’ll try doing some live debug to try to figure out what’s wrong in your server. Thank you.

Hi, if I activated “Attach Me!” I can not edit the variations anymore. The page load and load and load… See: Can you please help me? WooCommerce Version 3.0.7, Wordpress WordPress 4.7.5

You’re welcome :)

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Done ;-)

Thank you!! :)

On the Downloads page, is it possible to group the downloads (by product or order) or sort (by date or other fields)? I am considering buying your plugin so I can add documents for customers to download related to recurring subscriptions. Thank you!

no unfortunately is not possible. The plugin just adds the product/order attachments to the native woocommerce downloads table. That table hasn’t any function to sort columns or allowing to group downlods.

Hello. I’ve just been notified by my client of an issue with their site, which I’ve traced back to this plugin by deactivating all plugins and using a default theme, however the issue exists when this plugin is activated but is fixed when de-activated.

The issue is that when navigating to a WooCommerce password reset page /my-account/lost-password/, I am shown the password reset form as expected. However, when this form is submitted, I either see a 500 error, or a blank page. As mentioned above, when this plugin is disabled the issue is resolved.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated as a matter or urgency.

Thanks, Pete

it sounds very strage. Which plugin version are you running? Can you try updating to the latest 10.2 version (you can download from its codecanyon page) and report me if you still experience the issue? Thank you.

Thanks, that’s solved it!

Very glad to hear that :)

If you have enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please also consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really reeeeeally appreciate! :)
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Good morning I need to change the file upload path, and not just the folder name. (Example: How can I proceed? regards

Ciao, ho trovato parecchie occorrenze relative a quella variabile, vorrei inserire una cartella nella root del sito (non in wp-content). Cosa devo scrivere al posto del codice che ho trovato? Grazie mille!

devi semplicemente sostituire tutta la stringa con il path che ti interessa. Ad esempio, linea 126:
'path'   => $dir['basedir'] . '/'.$folder_name.'/'.$this->current_order,
'path'   => '/home/utente/tuo_sito/cartella_che_ti_pare/',

In alternativa, se non vuoi inserire il path a mano, potresti recuperare via PHP/WodPress API path della root del sito (ma non so dirti nello specifico quali siano le chiamate. Dovresti cercare nella documentazione di PHP e/o di Wordpress).

Cosa molto importante: Una volta effettuate tutte le sostituzioni, provvedi ad effettuare qualche test per vedere se effettivamente tutto funziona come dovrebbe :)

Perfetto, grazie infinite! Nel caso non dovesse andar bene, posso utilizzare un url esterno.. 5 stelle meritate! ;)

Hi there!

Thanks again for you amazing plugin. So, I’m using it with Ultimate Member, and they modify a little Woo Commerce as you can see here:écran-2017-05-29-13.27.46.png

The attchment disapears, in the order they are there, that’s not a problem, but how could I trick that to become as it was before? (With attachment buttons, etc.)

thank you

It is quite hard to say why you are experiencing the issue. It seems that plugin interferes with the WCAM plugin removing its column. You should contact its developer and letting him know about this column removal issue :)


ostost Purchased

Hi I just bought the plugin hoping that I would be able to attach a pdf file to all my “order conformation” emails. But it doesn’t seem to work and i have no idea why.

In the automatic emails attachments configurator I uploaded a pdf file (54 kb) and checked off all the emails. But no emails sent has the pdf attached.

Is it me who’s doing something wrong?

which email do you mean with Order confirmation email?
The plugin allows you to attach files only to the following woocommerce outgoing email:
  1. New account
  2. Order placed email (when the order status hits the on-hold status)
  3. Processing order email
  4. Complete order email
  5. Invoice email
For what concerns files attachment, as you can see from the demo site, the Automatic emails attachments configurator properly attaches files according to the selected email type.

The issue you are experience could depend on the fact that any 3rd party plugin is interfering (in this case try disabling all plugins then enable one by one until you find the one interfering) or your server is not properly configured to attach files to outgoing emails (maybe for a misconfiguration issue or a security setting). In this latter case you should verify with your host maintainer that email file attaching is properly working.

ostost Purchased

I did as you told and disabled all my plugins. I found out my “zendesk” plugin was causing the error and deactivating the plugin fixed it.

Thank for a fast and good reply! :-)

Glad to hear that :)
Have a nice day!! :)

I am interested in the plugin, but I would like to know if it is also possible to attach it and that it appears in the tab of the products without the user having to buy the product.

Thanks you!!

good news! I’ve implemented the feature to make product attachements visible in product page.
You can have a try using the demo site to see if this new feature actuallly fits your needs and expectations! :)

If you decide to purchase, the new update will be available to download in 4 – 5 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to publish new version). However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the update! :)

Perfect! Can you confirm that this option is already available in the latest version?


Yes, it has been published :)
You can download directly from codecanyon!


i added document on product available on confirmed order and i select Show attachments in Download tab but i m always getting No downloads available yet. could you let me know what could be wrong?

It is quite hard to say without any further clue. As you can see from the demo site, that feature is properly working.

Try updating the plugin to the latest 10.4 version that you can download from its codecanyon page. If you still experience the issue try disabling your 3rd party plugin to make sure that none is interfering.

For futher help, you need to renew your support license.


tuneras Purchased

Hi vanquish, i purchase your plugin, and now i see “There must be something with the multi network configuration that interferes with te plugin. As I said the plugin doesn’t have (and claims to have) the wordpress multisite feature support.” , as i need to use this plugin in only one site of my multisite domain (the main one), there is any thing that can we do to get this plugin working, note: isn’t attaching to emails. Thx in advance

maybe I’ve a new version that could work on multiple network. If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the new version.


felipetto Purchased

Hello, I would like to know if your plugin is compatible with these two that are required for the operation of my store:

WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options WooCommerce Order Status Manager

And if you have known incompatibilities with some other plugin as well, I may need new features in the store in the future.

the plugin hasn’t any specific compatibility for those plugins. For what concerns incompatibilities see Known incompatibility section in the plugin description page.

error: [object Object] The first time I run the plugin I’m getting this error trying to attach a file and send it to the client

Admin notification: Disabled Attach file to processing order email: Disabled Attach file to complete order email: Disabled Attach file to customer invoice email: Disabled

I’ve got your private message. I’ll answer you via email.

Hi, I see in the changelog your on 10.6 but I can only get 10.5. I’m having an issue pasting some image links in the TinyMCE “Source Code” sections. However when I paste that source code the images break because its appending the image links incorrectly. Any chance this is what was fixed in 10.6?

it it seems to be a TinyMCE library issue rather a plugin isue. If so I cannot fix it.

Could you also report me a step by step guide on how to reproduce the bug? Thank you.