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Hi there,

How do I translate / change the text of the Download / View button?

I’ve translated the button inside your General options & texts (field Download / View button) and with Loco Translate. But the text is still not translated.

It sounds strange because customizing that text the button title in the order details page has to change its text.

Could you try to perform the same steps you take on the demo site and report me if the issue still occurs? If so, could you report me which are those steps?

If not, could you send me me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following data:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue

It this way I can perform some tests in order to try to determine the cause of the issue.

On your Demo site (, I tried the same steps. Without any luck. So I must be doing something wrong. I’ve tried viewing on different systems, so cache and cookies shouldn’t be an problem

How do I change the Download / View button text to get the text te be adjusted on the product page (tab) and other that display this button?

What I have done:

Went to General options & Texts FRONTEND ORDER DETAILS PAGE, Changed the Download / View button text Saved Reload page and checked if the setting is still there.. Viewed Product 2 frontend product page (Download / View button is unchanged). Ordered Product 2 (Download / View button on order page is unchanged). Went to account and looked at order details, same result. unchanged. Logged out an logged in and checked again with same result. Logged in on a different system with same result.

I must be missing something. What other steps have to be taken to change the text? Does is matter if attachments / product are already added?

Ok now I get it. Many apologies, that option allowed you to customize only the order attachment download button and not the download button for products attachements (even if displayed in the order details page). For that you had to translate the text via po file or manually edit the products attachments template files.

I’ve however released a new version that now:
  1. Uses the customized download button text also for product attachments (order details page)
  2. Adds a new option to customize the download button displayed in the product page (inside the tab)

The new 13.3 is already available to download. Please install and let me know if now it works as expected! Thank you for your patience.

few more spelling corrections

general options page Let customer approves? ...fix approves -> approve

automatic emails attachments configurator To add a new “Automatic attachment”click on the “New automatich attachment” add space before click ...automatich -automatic


CHANGE LOG 13.3 – 23.04.18 =
  • Added option to customize the download butto text for product attachments ...butto -> button

Thank you again for reporting the typos :)

I’ve released a new version that fixes them!

Thank you and have a great day!! :)


I bought this plugin back in February but I would like to update to the latest version. Please can you confirm how I can do this? I am happy to provide the invoice as proof of purchase.

Thanks Cyril

To request support you should use the account you used to purchased. The invoice reports the name of the account used to purchased, tho demostrate that you own it yuo should then request support by it.

However to update you can manually download the new version via codecanyon or receive as automatic update by installing and configuring the Envato updater plugin:

Hello, I purchased this a few months back and just re downloaded it to get the most recent version as I see it says last updated 24 Apr 18 here on Codecanyon but the documentation file says latest update 13/05/2015. How do we know what version we have? and what is the latest version number?

Thank You

Thank You

Any change we can request to have the approving or not approving process moved to a new tab in the clients dashboard. Right now its in the Order Details would love to see it on its own. I have been testing it and my clients get a little confused about its location.

Thank you for the suggestion. The plugin for now is not designed to work like that. FurthermoreI think that in case of multiple attachments for different orders, showing all of them in the same tab could generate some confusion anyway.

I’ll see however if it will be possible in a future release implement something similar!

I am looking to use guest orders as a way of serving files for etsy custom order customers as they new rules mean the customers email addresses will now be hidden. I have found that links to order dont work at all if not logged in, and sometimes work if owner of order is changed then changed back, even if the attachment is mark as not secure. I feel that a not secure guest file link should work or is there something I am missing?

A few other additions which would be useful. 1. add filename to the attachment description box on order page, once attachment is done if i didnt enter description (often) it’d be helpful to see the filename 2. add direct link next to the embed link code i.e (useful for right click copy link location for directly linking non technical customers when live chatting) 3. link to downloads/order page for the same reason as 2

For what concerns the “not secure” link, yes it can be accessed without loggin. For example, I’ve created an unsecure attachment on demo site, order 1039:
user: demo
pass: demo

It generate the following link: that as you can see can be accesse by anyone without restriction.
Note that files are saved in the wp-content/uploads/wcam/ folder. Make sure that there isn’t any security access restriction to that folder that may prevent to access files for not logged users.

Thank also for your suggestions! I’ve released the new 13.5 version that implements them! You can download it from codecanyon! :)

the updates are great, but i cannot see where i will be able to grab the unsecured link – could it just be as the link where you put in filename?

In the first place, when creating and attachment make sure you have not enabled the Secure download option.
Then, once the attachment has been created, the link can be copied by highlighting the:

question: would you find useful to have the unsecure url reported among those info even for secure download? I can do that if you find useful.


destef1 Purchased

Hello, is it possible to do multi file selction for upload and one download button for client that downloads zip?

I’m sorry but the plugin doesn’t have that feature. In case of multiple files, you have to first zip locally those files and then upload.

Hi there, I tested your demo – looks good, however I need to check if this is exactly what I need. Can your plug-in do the following:

1) attach same files on every order confirmation email? I need to attach Terms, Agreements, Policies and Information how to handle damage goods… 2) Make them downloadable when necessary in users account – next to the order. Please understand that the files stay the same – every order – to every recepient. its simple as that : attach some pdfs to order – send out. done.

can your plug-in do this? Thanks in advance

yes to do that you can use the following features:
  1. Automatic emails attachments configurator: To attache the file to the notification emails you need
  2. Bulk products attachments: selecting all the products/categories and attaching the file you need. In this way the file will be always downloadable from the product and/or order details page
  3. (option alternative to the 2. ): Manually attach the file you need to the order via the admin order edit page

The plugin has a demo site where you can fully test the software before purchasing in order to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectations. If you need further info, feel free to ask! :)


I’m having a few issues with this plugin on both our live site and staging site (where I tested to make sure it wasn’t a conflict with our other plugins). Any images uploaded result in a corrupted file error whether trying to upload them or using the media gallery option. Error occurs for both admin and customer front-end.

Error after trying to download file in admin: Customer front-end error: I’m also having a problem with the settings to change the order status automatically. If the file is rejected it updates, but when a new file is added or approved the order status doesn’t change.

Thank you.

thank you for reporting the status change issue. I’ve just released the new 13.6 plugin version that fixes it. Note however that there isn’t any option to change order status when “the file is added”. Order status will be changed only if the attachment is waiting for approval, is approved or was rejected.

For what concerns the file corruption issue, it is more likely related to a server issue. The plugin just uses the native php and wordpress apis to upload a file to the media gallery.
As proof, try using the demo site repeating the same steps you take to experience the issue in your installation and let me know if you still experience the issue.

Try updating the plugin to the latest 13.6 version, enable the wordpress error log ( ) and look in the server error log to see if any error is reported during the upload/download process.

Hi, Thank you for fast response. I have turned on debugging and the log is not showing any errors for the plugin. The images we tested attaching to orders are uploading successfully in the uploads/wcam folder and when downloaded directly through FTP the file is not corrupted. The error only occurs when downloading the image using the ?wcam_id permalinks. I’ve checked the folder permissions for uploads/wcam and are set to 775.

It sounds strange, however I need some more clues to try to determine the cause.
If you send me via private message (click on my name the use the low-right box):
  1. full admin access
  2. ftp access
I can try performing some tests to see if it possible to get kote clues. Thank you.

perhaps an extra security layer could be added, for example before the client accepts a disclaimer, a code is sent to the mail or a key is entered in the mail when the order is completed for it to be entered and After that, I could visualize the download, since in my case I use your plugin to sell digital products, that would also help to protect external links, I could make a donation if you are able to add that function.

thank you for your suggestion. For now it is not planned to implemented such a feature, however I’ll see what it will be possible for a future release! Thank you!