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no more updates?

for now there isn’t any planned update


I installed the AttachMe tool and it was working great, however today I’m no longer able to see the attachments when I click the button in the order actions. Any thoughts as to why that may be happening?

I can see text updates, but the link does not take me to the PDF like it originally did.

Thanks, Stefan

Hi Stefano,
it could be due to the fact you are running an old plugin version. Can you try updating to the latest 11.8 version that you can download from codecanyon? to update just deactivate and delete the old plugin version then install the new one. Don’t worry you won’t lose any setting.

In alternative you can automatically receive the updates by installing the Envato updater plugin: (download clicking: ).
Activate the plugin, click on Envato Market menu voice -> Settings and then click on the generate a personal token, follow the on-screen instruction and then paste the generated token. Once done you will be notified in case of plugin updates and in case you will be able to automatically update them.

Hi There

I have just purchased plugin and wondered if you could advise me on the following questions.

1. Is it possible for the uploaded attachments to be visable in the downloads section of My Account?

2. The button VIEW ATTACHMENTS that appears once a file is attached, can I updated this text to something else on the button?

Many Thanks


Hi Mark,
thank you for purchasing.
  1. To do tha, just enable the Show attachments in Download tab option in the Plugin options menu:
  2. To customize that text, in the same menu as previous, under the View attachment button option, input the text you wish:
P. S.
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Thanks for quick response, I have logged out and back in and can now see the options you sent details for. Thanks and 5 stars given :)

Thank you! :)

How can I include custom PDF files to my custom order status email?

For example if I add a PDF file to order with Attach me, and change the order status, it must be include the attached pdf file to order status emails.

But its only work with new email [Send a notification email to the customer? (Hitting save button will send the email)]

How can I do this?


Automatic email attachments doesn’t work with custom order status. Can you add this feature?

WCAM plugin is designed to work with the standard WooCommerce order id managment, it doesn’t support the WooCommerce custom order numbers plugin and its custom order id managment.

I’ve received the email. I’ll see if in a future version it will be possible to implement the support for that plugin, but I cannot assure anything. I’ll let you know in case of news by replying here.

Thank you!

This is the best attachment plugin after you update from 11.8 to 11.9

Thank you!

Now custom order status emails is working perfectly.

Thanks again :)

Very glad to hear that! :)
Thank you very much and have a nice day! :)

Hi, I am trying to do a Bulk Product Attachment but cannot get the Category to be accepted – the category is correct and in use on other products where it is attached.

Got you private message. I’ll reply there.


How can I increase the 4-digit random number in prefix of the uploaded file?

It is safer to do 1234567890_file-name.pdf instead of 1234_file-name.pdf.

no news for that. It seems to be a specific theme issue conflicting with the plugin more than a plugin issue.

the same is true for several different themes.

how can we solve it.

an important issue.

For now no other user reported such an issue and from my tests in my environments it never raised.
It seems then related to your specific installation. Make sure you are using latest WooCommerce and theme version.

To fix it, just analyze the page with a page inspector tool (like the FireFox debug console) finding the conflicting CSS rules (they could be defined by your theme or any other 3rd party plugin) and then just redefind them. In alternative try disabling your 3rd party plugin and then enable one by one until you find the one interfering. Once done report to its developer.

If you renew you support license, share an access to the not working page. I can try to analyze it to see if I can give you more detailed clues.

Yes you are right.

I did a clean installation with the same theme and I did not experience this problem.

Maybe there is a problem with multisite. I tried to disable all plugins but the result did not change.

Just advising a spelling error in General Options and Texts. Istruction:-missing the n

also at bottom of same page image and size are spelt incorrectly

NOTE In case of iamge attachment, if you enabled the option to display the preview, image preview sieze will be this value

Thank you very much for reporting the typos! I’ve just released a new version that fixes it! :)

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I am getting myself set up. Is there some way to have the attachments waiting customer feedback to appear higher on the order details page the link send them to than the uploads box from your uploads plugin I also use?

Also with the auto texts unless it is somewhere else where can i set a default or custom subject line for the manual send attachment within the edit order page?

Ideally it’d be good to have option to include order number, and save me needing to manually type a subject each time. But even if I could set a subject associated with auto text somehow or a different drop down. Somme emails sent will be for approval and others will be the digital product delivery.

These may be in there somewhere already ive been over all the things i think but there are so many options :)

for what concers the customer feedback approval, the plugin hasn’t such a feature and it has not been designed to work like that. So for now there isn’t any way to get that.

For what concerns the notification email subject, thank you for your suggestion. I’ll see if it will be possible to implement in a future release!

Hello again,

I found the issue

Display images using a lightbox? (Works only Image Preview option has been enabled. For some themes may not work)

If I check this box, I have an issue what I told you above :)

to what issue you are referring? The fact that the lightbox is not working for your theme? In this case, it is not a plugin issue but a theme interference. It may happen that some themes are interfering with their javascript libraries dening to properly defining the lightbox used by WCAM plugin. This is why this is reported in the option description.


stefy871 Purchased

it’s possible to use a shortcode like Name, order numer, ecc in a mail notification? If yes, how?


stefy871 Purchased

Il nome, il numero ordine, la data dell’ordine o in generale gli shortcode utilizzabili nelle mail di woocommerce

Ok, grazie per il suggerimento! cerchero di includere questa nuova funzionalità nella prossima versione del plugin!
Ti faro sapere rispondendo a questo commento appena disponibile! :)

Buone notizie, ho appena rilasciato una nuova versione che consente l’utilizzo degli shortcode!

Sara disponibile al download tra 1 – 2 giorni (il sistema di approvazione di CodeCanyon ci impiega un po prima di pubblicare gli aggiornamenti di un plugin). Comunque se mi invii un messaggio privato (clicca sul mio nome e quindi usa il box in basso a destra) con la tua email, ti posso mandare direttamente l’aggiornamento!