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iahabbar Purchased

Hello, guys! does anyone have the same problem as me? so here is the deal, woozone doesnt save my product imports for some reason. Does any one know if i have to save imports manually or it should be done automatically through the plugin. i have been importing products last night and this morning my site is empty!!! any help? thanks

Check and see if your products can be found in the trash. Open a ticket so we can take a look at what is going on in your website.

Why was my ticket 20777 closed? Just because my host, same host as you use, leader in the industry says that issues I am having are due to poor optimization of the WooZone plugin operations? Everyone here is having issues that are a result of poor optimization of the plugin. You need to update the plugin for optimization. Your support requests will probably go down by 80%.


yauser Purchased

After searching products and adding them to the queue the amount of selected products which are ready to import get displayed correctly. But after hitting the import now button processing does not start. After waiting some seconds I hit stop and then close box. Looking then at the product section shows just one product without any image. What could prevent the whole import process from being continued? Any idea? Hint: WP installation sits on a VPS.

Hi yauser, open a support ticket in our support center ( http://support.aa-team.com/ ) so we can take a better look at your issue.

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I have already created [Ticket: #20994] on 15th of January. I know in terms of AA-Support this is not just a very long time ago. BUT please keep in mind: I have done a search within the comments with ‘remote images’. There seems to be a very common problem 29 days ago all pointing to the same issue. Tons of comments were going out that day and your standard reply to all those comments is ‘Please open up a support ticket’. This is alright but somewhen I guess all those people would like to have a result meaning the issue was fixed. Obviously this isn’t the case since about one month (!). I really would like to discuss this along with people who are waiting too.

@redneats. Seems to be the most discussed issue at the comments section right now. Your comment was just posted two hours ago meaning an essential problem could not be fixed since 29 days!

@yauser Being on a VPS, does your host have Varnish cache enabled? Not a cure all but I found that to conflict with WooZone. Unfortunately, having to disable Varnish cache really hurts customer’s load time but just another of many glitches in WooZone we have to work around and live with.

Can I use this plugin in multiple site with one time purchase?

Hi sabucon,
For every website that you plan to install this plugin on you will need a new license.


CUSOON4 Purchased

the front of the store how the wrong image and on the product page is the correct image. How can this be fixed. There tons of them like this. Looks bad.

Ok that made it worse all my products wont display now

b>Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_upload_dir() in /home/ezrings/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woozone/aa-framework/framework.class.php on line 649

2k products wont display need help ASAP

Hello. We are having a problem with images showing up after importing them from amazon through plugin. Is this a known issue?

I have this store which base on woocommerce http://wqksa.com/kuteshop/ my question is: your plugin will work fine with that store, does there any settings that I should follow?

david5150 Purchased

Hello, what´the last update? 9.0.2 16 or 9.0.2 17?

Hi david5150,
The latest update is the higher number for our plugins. Download the plugin using the “All files and documentation” option.

Best regards
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adowson Purchased

I have installed this plugin on a fresh install but having issues with the images importing.

I have set the import mode to ‘Use Remote Amazon Images’ but on import it sets the image URL to: https://[mysite].co.uk/wp-content/uploads/https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/410c6I0XUPL.jpg

Not sure why it’s prefixing the images with the site when they are meant to be external. Any ideas?

To anyone having this issue:

As per @yauser ’s comment – The ‘WP installable file’ might not contain the latest version, especially right after a fresh update this is often an issue. Try download instead ‘All files’ and extract the latest version from there. Hope that helps.

Extract via the ZIP and install like normal – works perfectly now.

Presale: I’m looking for a import solution for my site. Is this plugin working or not? It’s so many negative comments on this…


yauser Purchased

@reggsenterprises, I don’t have Varnish cache enabled nor installed. I like it a lot but as it has its issues with https I don’t use it all. The problem seems more to be a common issue as the comment @adowson mentions. This seems to be one reason of my problem as I set it also to remote images loading. The URLs don’t get generated on the fly to the external URLs from Amazon which should be something like https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/xxx_.jpg. Instead the image(s) get loaded physically to the WP library using the regular URL. In my case it just sets 1 (one) image to download as an asynchronous asset. That’s all. And no matter how I configure the plugin’s import settings. It is strange. I did not import products since the first release of the 9.x version. At those versions the plugin worked perfectly. Every image got imported with the matching remote image URL of Amazon. I have tested the plugin up and down on different servers with almost any configuration. No way. Import starts but does not continue.

@david5150, latest update is 9.0.2 18. The ‘WP installable file’ might not contain the latest version, especially right after a fresh update this is often an issue. Try download instead ‘All files’ and extract the latest version from there. Hope that helps.

Hi,Hello, I have a problem. For me after the import no product pictures from Amazon are transferred. What can be the cause?


http://www.webteam2000.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/image_2.png http://www.webteam2000.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/image_1.png

Does this plugin only work with WooCommerce site? Or it also work on a normal wordpress blog? My scenario is: I want to build a Amazon products page on my content blog, and the products will be related to my content’s niche.