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Great Support! Quick answers and help with individual code adjustments, if something on your own page should not work.

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Funktioniert eben nicht alles so, wie es funktionieren sollte. Eine deutsche Übersetzung wäre vorteilhaft und sollte unbedingt übersetzt werden.

for Customer Support

Customer Support took TWO MONTHS to get back to me after I requested a refund. They declined.

The plugin doesn't import the correct items name half the time. I was told that "it's normal". This is a critical flaw.

The worst customer service I have ever experienced.

for Code Quality

really good if your amazon affiliate on wordpress must have software

for Bugs

The Direct Import function does not work because Product ASIN can't be imported. Strangely, I was able to get a single product imported through Direct Import (once, for no obvious reason) but every other time I've failed.

Initially, AA-team support thought that my server was not allowing PUT requests because their logs indicated that it was trimming product ASIN from the function. I shared screenshots from AA-team with the support from my hosting service (a major provider - Siteground), but they did not provide sufficient information in the screenshots they provided for my hosting service to make the necessary modifications to my server settings. I have asked repeated follow-up questions to AA-team, but all updates to my support ticket have been ignored.

Beyond being disappointed that Direct Import doesn't work, I am disappointed that support has been completely unresponsive.

Buyer beware.

for Bugs

Mostly affects the entire global website (including admins/editors), rather than isolating itself to certain pages.

I got this plugin and, at the first time, it seems that everything went well. The insane mode import works well, the searchs work well, etc.

After that and setting up my eCommerce, I realise that the PRICES DOESN'T get update, so if Amazon update the prices, you are not gonna show the real price to the users on your site, so that is a really BAD POINT. The customers get confused or angry cause the information you are providing is not reliable.

To deal with that you have to set a pop-up to obligate to users to refresh the page and update the prices by theirselfs. So this is not nice...

And nothing to do...

The support services was rapid on their responses, but we didn't get a solution.

We are a little bit dissapointed with this...

for Customer Support

I ve bought this plugin and i bought the support option, what is so bad that this plugin does not work and so does not upload items, support team cannot do anything for me. They say it is a matter of amazon api. what is the purpose of purchasing such plugin if it cannot do what it is bought for !!!

in this case, i sk for a refund. Cause does not function anymore
So think twice before purchasing this plugin

for Customer Support

I downloaded the plugin to wordpress and it says it is incompatable on the website. What now??


Author response

Hi riverrine,

What do you mean it's incompatible with your website? I have never seen that message before. Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com so we can see what is really going on.

Best regards

for Feature Availability

nice And Great ..Many Many Thanks To AA-team

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