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Hi, Is it possible to include any Custom HTML and shortcodes?

Hello! All places if possible…

Best regards

Hi, Dos it works with Gon theme?

It should work in all places. And if not just contact us here and we will help ASAP.

Same for your theme. We want to extend our compatibility with other themes and always want to support new themes. So if you have any issues you can be sure we will fix them.


Does it also work with wordpress standard categories, or woocommerce only?

Hello zisko,

the plugin only works with WooCommerce categories.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hello. I’m looking for a specific category handler for my website and this looks like just what I need. I just have a quick question, please? My client wants to be able to display a page of ‘parent’ categories what is automatically generated from the categories they create. However, when the customer clicks the category, they want to be shown the sub-categories in the same manner (for example:

Gardening Equipment > (parent category) - Tools (sub category) - Clothing (sub category) >

When each sub category is clicked, it shows the products within that sub category. Is this something your plugin will do for me?

Hope you can help


Hello sadrobot,

what you describe is the normal WooCommerce behaviour and should not require our plugin. You can set each category individually to what you want to show: Only Products, Subcategories or both.

Therefore you do not need our plugin – just honest ;)

Hi, just bought your plugin, can’t find it in the admin after activation, where i can find the settings and management of categories with it?

Hello Maximus789,

have you installed the Redux Framework plugin?

Hi, When I enable the plugin it is making my three column product display break and sometimes there are three items in a row and some rows display just two or even just one. Also not many of the styles are working as displayed in the examples..

Sincerely, Paul

Hi axiswebdev,

we tried to make this plugin work with most of WordPress themes. But of course we could not test all – just to many.

Please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com and we will try to fix it ;)


hey i bought this plugon by mistake i want to cancel the purchase and get refound thanks yoni

Hi I purchased this plugin and i wanna ask is there is a short code for this plugin ? Also i wanna know how to change the style of the categories ? how to choose from the styles in the demo . I need to know how to display categories in any page not the shop page only ? Regards

Hi there,

unfortunately there is no shortcode. You can change the style inside the plugin settings.

If you want to only show categories in the product categories, then you have to edit the product categories in the backend and set the display to “categories”.

Best regards DB-Dzine

-I need to know if there is a possibility to add this feature creating the short code and how to add this ? -Also i want to use the plugin to display categories in Visual composer pages . -I want to send you the page link to help me how to fix some style issues .can i send it here ? or there is a support website . -Some of styles don’t work properly with my theme can you help me with this ? Regards

1. A shortcode is not supported. 2. Visual composer support is also not part of the plugin 3. For style issues please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com

Hello. I’ve just bought this plugin to add footer description to my categories, BUT I don’t understand how to disable your unnecessary category title with black background. I have already category title as H1 and sub-title as H2, but your plugin adds me one more title and I don’t find how to remove it. If I uncheck “Show Category Description” it unchecks all my titles. PLEASE help me!

Hi there,

may you send us WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com.


Hi, has this been tested at all to work with the Divi /elegant themes version of WooCommerce? Thanks!

Hi there,

not yet, but if you find any issues, you can contact us and we will fix them asap.


Db-Dzine, its plugin change only Categories or all categories, and i’m edit category for category this my form?

I’m install plugin , and plugin don’t work, have problem “VC”?

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com

Also please tell us what exactly your problem is and what you want to achieve.

Best regards

i anwers email

Hi, i’ve installed advanced categories and didn’t show in the admin menu. I am running woocommerce 3.2 and latest wp version


Hi there,

are you sure debug mode is turned off? Please send FTP and WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com


Yes, debug mode is off

Then please send the credentials to support@db-dzine.com

Hi just bought the plugin… looks great so far! The reason I bought it was to use the category styles. In the backend, it looks like these are only for subcategories… is there a way to apply them to product categories?

I can’t get the shortcode to work. Is there a tutorial for the shortcode?

Hi there,

as the example

[advanced_category style="2" category="hoodies"]
style = Style, that you want to use. category = Slug of the category you want to display

That’s it ;)

Sorry, the Shortcode is the following

[advanced_categories style="2" category="hoodies"]


When i am using this plugin, i get following report:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘domain’ in /www/htdocs/w016f448/exlite24.de/wp-includes/l10n.php on line 514

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘context’ in /www/htdocs/w016f448/exlite24.de/wp-includes/l10n.php on line 517

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘singular’ in /www/htdocs/w016f448/exlite24.de/wp-includes/l10n.php on line 520

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘plural’ in /www/htdocs/w016f448/exlite24.de/wp-includes/l10n.php on line 520

What can i do?

Hi there,

you sure this comes from our plugin?

Yes, i only get this when the plugin is active…

Is there a possibility to fix that?

Strange, because our plugin does not use the “translate_nooped_plural” function. Can you send WP-Admin & FTP Credentials to support@db-dzine.com ?

Hi just bought the plugin and when I try to activate it, I’he no more access to my WP website. The only solution is to remove the plugin directory via FTP to recover the WP environment. Any idea ?

Does your Hoster provide the PHP error logs? Or do you have access to them?

Issue solved?

No, sorry, I was also in vacation :). I just sent you a debug.log file by mail.

After installing the plugin WooCommerce Advanced Categories I can´t see it under Woocommerce in the Admin-panel?

What do you mean with header image?

On Category page You can insert a “Header background image”. Can´t see the image i have inserted?

Some themes are not 100% compliant with the WooCommerce templates. In your case it seems the filter “woocommerce_show_page_title” is not implemented in your theme.

Hi, It seem that it not work on my theme, I have tried using ” Get the Original WooCommerce Template” but nothing happen.


Hi there,

can you send us WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com?

Thanks :)

Hi, I have sent you my website Wp-admin credentials and theme file. Do you recieved my mail?

Yes, but the login seems not to work. Please see our mails :)

Hi, My PayPal session went out so I logged in again and bought the plugin twist-woocommerce-product-gallery-slider. But when I looked in my downloads I got two of them. I want money back for one of them.


ehm “twist-woocommerce-product-gallery-slider” is not our plugin.


Is it possible to customize the category page with Ux ??

The idea is to create a page of categories where the subcategories appear in sections.


Thank you

Hi there,

no this is not possible. Sorry.

Before I purchase, I have a question. Can the shortcode show the CURRENT category that the user is on?

Hi there,

when you use the shortcode you have to specify the category in the shortcode by slug. If your user is on a normal page, the shortcode can not get any current category.

Best regards

Hi, i have Sofani Theme from Yolo, i’m interested in use your plugin i just need to set 4 different categories layouts, one for each category and for respectives subcategories i will use the same as hierarchy , and about the product layout can i set it to be the same as the main category ?

Hi there,

not quite sure what you mean with product layout as our plugin only modifies the category layout. I recommend you to test the plugin and if you have any issues, come back to us ;)