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Hello, is the plugin compatible with WP 4.8.2, WC 3.1.2 and XStore theme (https://themeforest.net/item/xstore-responsive-woocommerce-theme/15780546 )?

Hi there,

WP & WC compatibility of course. If your theme should not be compatible, please get in touch with us and we will help you.

Best regards

Hi, thanks for quick answer. I bought the plugin. But if plugin is enabled in plugin settings it affects the number of product columns. You can see it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8nr-bHUY3nPNFV6bjYyQUgtSTQ/view?usp=sharing

Hmm this should not happen! Can you send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com?

Thanks :)


just trying to find the page with the demo styles please… from codecanyon the demo goes to 404 right now


from your website this page works… however it is not obvious which style is what number in the plugin interface.


thanks Scott

it’s ok I finally found it


however a lot of your doc pages go to 404 right now…

Hi there,

We did some major changes to all our plugins last weeks – sorry for that. But we have fixed the 404 pages right now!

Demo: https://plugins.db-dzine.com/woocommerce-advanced-categories/demo/ Documentation: https://plugins.db-dzine.com/woocommerce-advanced-categories/docs/ All Styles: https://plugins.db-dzine.com/docs-assets/woocommerce-advanced-categories/demo/

Best regards :)


I have a couple of issues I need help with please for your WooCommerce Advanced Categories plugin… I purchased it yesterday – thanks for making this plugin.

1 – when I set a background colour it is ignored.

2 – transparency seems to also be ignored as I can’t see the image behind the text.

3 – when I adjust a font size for subcategories, it is ignored on front end

I sent an email to you with example URL and login if needed for my development site.

thanks Scott

Hi there,

we will look into your mail now!

Update is on it’s way :)

Cannot seem to get the category layout working ?

web site ; http://wp.rocketfilmequipment.com.au

Hi there,

can you send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com ? Thanks!

Hi, I have bought Advanced Categories and inserted a image header on a Woocommerce Category page. Can´t see the images?


Hi there,

this is very theme dependent. Because if your theme does not use the filter “woocommerce_show_page_title” then it won’t work.

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I installed and activated the plugin but it does not appear in the Woocommerce options and is not working :(

I will send the accesses to the email: support@db-dzine.com

Thanks for checking what’s going on.

Hi there,

the login you sent does not work:
ERRO: A senha que introduziu para o endereço de email works.luisbalboa@gmail.com está incorrecta. Esqueceu-se da senha?

But may you double check if you have Redux Framework plugin installed?


That was it and that’s settled! The Redux Framework plugin was missing :)


Great :)

it’s a great and helpfull plugin, which we searched for a long time and finally found. Many Thanks.

You are welcome! If you liked it we would be glad about a review :)

sure. we wanted to give you a review, but look at https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-advanced-categories/reviews/17534283 there was/is no possibility to post a review. you can see there the following notice “We only display comments from reviews that were made after 28 April 2016 as all comments prior to this date were intended for the author only.”. because of that we have given you our review as a comment!

Oh okay :)


Some things that are not working:

1 – Shortcode does not work: [advanced_category style = “2” category = “escadotes”] 2 – How do I put all categories with just one shortcode? 3 – The changes I’ve saved in the Category Layout do not appear in front of the site!

View test: http://ldesignercreative.com/socall/test/

I already sent the access to WP Admin by email


Hi there,

1) Sorry for the misspelling in our FAQ. The right shortcode is

[advanced_categories style="2" category="hoodies"]

So with an “categories” instead of “category”

2) That is not possible. Sorry

3) Please make the full plugin folder 0777 CHMOD (readable and writeable).

Best regards :)

Hi, I’m using adv cat and want a differrent header image per categorie. Although the correct header image is shown, the thumbnail image of the categorie is scaled over it. How can I correct this

Theme used is ‘Isle’


Thank you, but that is the thumbnail image instead of the headerbackground image. See screenshots

https://www.dropbox.com/s/m81p12tmqk4gi1h/backend%20image%20usage.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rj7m15jgdnkk75s/Intended%20preview.png?dl=0


1. Check if categories are enabled.

2. Check if your theme is 100% WooCommerce compliant. Ask your theme developer if the “woocommerce_show_page_title”-Filter is implemented in his theme.

Ok thanks i’ll go and try that


I have two questions: 1 – I have already changed the permissions of the CPanel plugin for 777 but I still can not change the style of the categories: http://ldesignercreative.com/socall/test/

But the sub-categories I can already change: http://ldesignercreative.com/socall/category-product/escadas/

2 – I put the subcategories in 3 columns and as you see they are in 2 columns

I will send the CPanel and Wordpress accesses by email



we answered your mail ;)


I did everything that suggested to me but nothing solved, see email please.

Thank you.

Ok. We will help ya asap

hello can I exclude some categories from showing with this extension?

Hi there,

what extension exactly? The new design? The sidebar / footer texts?


1 – A category with the name ESCADAS has 4 subcategories and only 3 appears in front of the site.

2 – When creating the 4 category, the third one came out again from column 3

Look: http://ldesignercreative.com/socall/categoria-produto/escadas/

WP Admin accesses remain the same as those already sent in the previous email.

Can you please correct?



1) The category “Escadas Multiusos” had no products assigned. That’s why it did not show up. We assigned a product and the category shows up

2) Added custom CSS to fix this. For some reasone the last-category css class has been removed. Not sure why.

Have a nice day.

You are welcome ;)