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Presale question: We have just over 1000 products in our woocommerce store and need to redo all the category assignments – basically remove the assigned categories and add corrected ones. The developer has asked us to check if the bulk plugin will work with products that have variations in them, I see it is in the notes but would just like to confirm if possible. Thank you, this will save me so much time if it possible.

yes, it’s possible, you can try the demo here


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hello i have a problem with your plugin advanced bulk edit. I have the last version 4.2.2 and the woocommerce 3.0.8. i can’t save the changes never. this is the log message issue.

PHP message: product_type was called incorrectly. No se debería acceder a las propiedades del producto directamente. Backtrace: do_action(‘wp_ajax_wpmelon_adv_bulk_edit’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, W3ExAdvancedBulkEditMain::ajax_request, require_once(’/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit/ajax_handler.php’), W3ExABulkEditAjaxHandler::ajax, W3ExABulkEditAjaxHandler::saveProducts, W3ExABulkEditAjaxHandler::CallWooAction, WC_Abstract_Legacy_Product->__get, wc_doing_it_wrong. This message was added in version 3.0.

That message is fixed in the development version but it’s not an actual error anyway, disable the two action calls in the settings and it will stop.

hi dose this plugin handle more than 10 thousands products ?

In theory, yes, the results are paginated.

Hi The names of variations suddenly became cut off, so I cannot actually see what variation (colour/size) is this, this completely changes the whole purpose of the bulk edit for me- is it a new update or can this be changed somewhere in the settings. I would like the variation name to be fully visible. Thank you

Only the name is cut off, the attributes should be visible at the end.

ok, it must have not loaded properly a couple of times because now I see the attributes again, thank you for such a quick reply

hi! products dont show up in the plugin product list when i click on get products. Any idea how to solve this. thanks

Try to lower the product limit in the settings.

Hi, quick question about using this plugin. I have 5000 variable products in my shop. I want to search attributes and set new attributes.

For example items marked with the Color Attribute ‘Navy’ are searched and changed to ‘Blue’. The attribute ‘Navy’ is now deleted and the item contains the sole Cole Attribute ‘Blue’.

Does this plugin work this way?

Yes(if I understand correctly) , you can try the demo here

Simply bulk set/change an attribute to another. Navy to Blue.

Your demo does not have products with attributes that I can see.

Ok – I see it in the demo now. Thanks

Hey I have a question, I have ACF relationship field on Product, can we show this relationship fields on Bulk Edit and can select/make a relationship from bulk edit?

ACF is not supported because it uses complex data.


Is it possible to call only featured products?

I know it’s possible to bulk edit that field, but I’ve been trying to find that option on the filters and so far have found nothing regarding featured products.

Thank you!

That’s not available as a search filter.


old images stored on AWS CDN doesn’t display in the bulk edit screen:

the uploaded images from the bulk edit screen display properly: (from the same AWS bucket),

can you please support?


These are not supported.