Discussion on WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

Discussion on WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

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Hi, I want to know when do you want to release HPOS Woocommerce 7.1 compatible version ?


We currently do not support bulk editing orders, so I don’t currently see the need for implementing HPOS support.

Yes you are right, but WC 7.1 lists your plugin as incompatible plusgin with the ‘High-Performance order storage (COT)’ feature.

Just saying I know that it is a beta and not gonna effective before 2023

It doesn’t matter if the plugin is incompatible with a feature, that it will not interact with.


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hello, is it possible to convert titles to uppercase? Thank you in advance.


Currently it’s not possible. But it can be customized. If you are interested, please contact me via our support system:

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We purchased your plugin a while back and have been using it ever since to accomplish everything we need from a bulk editing perspective.

We have come across something that we have not been able to figure out though.

My client would like to “prepend” the product title and category, followed by 2 lines breaks – to the product short description.

I know who to use the Advanced Bulk Editor to prepend, but it seems I can only use 1 field and I cannot apply line break after it.

Is this doable with the plugin? If not, any suggesstions?


We provide support at our support desk:

I just want to point out that the short product description for variable products is not editable. I have double checked this at your demo and in our installation.


There is a field Variation Description, which probaly is the one you are looking for.

Thanks for the prompt reply and solution!

hello there

i have a problem with saving any field with plugin! i can save only in quick edit or normal product edit, but no in plugin!

i am not using any cache on site

please, i need your help on this!

thank you


We provide support at our support desk:

Hi! I have product (a shirt) in 4 colors and 5 sizes each, which makes 4×5 = 20 variations. Lets say, I want to add one additional image for all product variations in red color, so that they have 2 images. I can do it manualy in wordpress, but to do that I have to add the same image to all 5 sizes that this color has, which is too much work. How can I do it in bulk with your plugin?


If you need support, please, submit a ticket at our support desk:

Hi there,

Are you going to fix ‘no rounding option’? when I use this option, it rounds figures randomly. In other words, your plugin rounds up or down a figure without any rules so I had to buy a ‘Bulk Editing Products’ by WooCommerce and implemented ‘no rounding’. This plugin rounds figures correctly in this option. However, your plugin is more convenient than that in most cases so if you rectify ‘no rounding option’, this plugin would be perfect. Please let me know your plan for this one. You can implement this plan in no rounding option or add simply ‘rounding option’.


Please, submit a ticket at our support desk and provide some examples, so I can use it for test:

The bulk edit works with the variation image? I need to put the same image for several variations

The bulk edit works with the variation image? I need to put the same image for several variations

Yes, it does. You can put the same image to multiple products/variations at once.

Once you EXPORT the CSV, how do you IMPORT it ?

Will your CSV work with WooCommerce’s built-in CSV Import function ?

If yes, what is the minimal version of WooCommerce that we can use ?


For support, please, submit a ticket at our support desk:

Is there an UNDO button that we can click BEFORE saving the changes ?


I found the ” Revert to original value ” – - > ” Selected Rows ” button at the bottom of the products grid.

Is there a way to revert an IMAGE that is changed ?

IF not, are there plans to add that function soon ?


Currently can’t revert image back. No plans for adding this, as nobody has requested it before.

Hello, Is it any way I can find which products have not images? (missing images) Thank you in advance.


Currently not. But we’ll be adding a filter for the image field in on of the next releases.

Hi there!

Hoping this is just an oversight on my part. I’m trying to find all products that have “1 drawer” in their name but the “contains” filter finds anything with a “1” and “drawer” in the name (IE 11 Drawer, JRA-021, etc). Is there a way to find the exact phrase “1 drawer” in the titles of products?


For support, please, submit a ticket at our support desk:

The tool will not allow me to filter by multiple types of variations. The support takes hours or up to a day to reply which is not fast enough. How can I cancel and get a refund?

Where should I search for that? I don’t see a form.

I’ve submitted the request.


All payments and refunds are processed by Envato. Please, contact Envato’s support if you have any issues regarding payments.


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Hi there,

We have created custom image gallery for our products, where we want to insert images on the Advanced Bulk Editor. Now we noticed, when selecting the field type there are only the following options: Text (single line), Text (multi line), Number (integer) etc., But no option of adding images like we want to make it for the normal Product Gallery. Is this easily add-able?

Thank you so much – using your plugin for already 3 years!

Best, Florian


Currently, it’s not supported and not easy to add.

Hi guys, love our plugin since a few years and many our clients bought it but now i see that it wont work with php 8.0 and it shows an error of jquery but its only php error.

2022-09-02T05:37:51+00:00 CRITICAL Uncaught TypeError: array_map(): Argument #2 ($array) must be of type array, WP_Error given in /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-category-checklist.php:89 Stack trace: #0 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-category-checklist.php(89): array_map(‘intval’, Object(WP_Error)) #1 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php(146): Walker_Category_Checklist->start_el(’’, Array, 0, Array) #2 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php(246): Walker->display_element(Array, Array, 0, 0, Array, ’’) #3 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-admin/includes/template.php(184): Walker->walk(Array, 0, Array) #4 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit/bulkedit.php(5128): wp_terms_checklist(0, Array) #5 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit/bulkedit.php(5493): W3ExAdvBulkEditView->showMainPage() #6 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit/bulkedit.php(35): W3ExAdvBulkEditView->_main() #7 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit/bulkedit.php(5497): W3ExAdvBulkEditView::init() #8 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit.php(305): require_once(’/www/htdocs/w01…’) #9 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(307): W3ExAdvancedBulkEditMain->showpage(’’) #10 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(331): WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array) #11 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-includes/plugin.php(476): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #12 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-admin/admin.php(259): do_action(‘product_page_ad…’) #13 /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-admin/edit.php(10): require_once(’/www/htdocs/w01…’) #14 {main} thrown in /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/web/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-category-checklist.php in Zeile 89

Could you fix it with new update?


Hi, Florian. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll test and fix if able to reproduce the issue.

Can’t bulk edit the variation image on a product,

I have selected the variations I want to edit the photo for and have checked the Bulk Editing mode. When I select a image, it only put it on the line of that specific clicked variation, not on all selected ones.

is there a way to do this?

Got it!

You have to uncheck the option: open by clicking on image in the top right

Hi, With the last updates of Woocommerce, when editing the product attributes in your plugin they are not saving. You have to enter the product and press Save. I noticed it because the count terms of the attributes were not updating on a category. Done all the possible tests, deactivating all the plugins, updating plugins, etc.

Could you please check? Thank you.

PD: I’m aware my support has expired, I thinks this will benefit your customers. Thanks in advance.

Rechecked in another website and it’s happening. Managed to solve it by going to: Woocommerce Status > Tools > Regenerate the product attributes lookup table

But this was done automatically before.

I correct myself, it didn’t work. Went back to Woocommerce 6.6.1 and it seems to work, I hope it helps you.


Chargin Purchased

Hi, how do we increase the size of the product image thumbnails that display in your plugin. You have supplied me the code for this before, it was very easy but I failed to save that and cant find it….


For support, please, submit a ticket at our support desk:

Hi guys,

Does this plugin allow us to bulk edit shipperhq fields? Inside woocommerce, how can we test if it does that before we buy?


If these fields are standard product meta fields, then it can be imported in the plugin for bulk editing.

Can test this case prior buying, but can get refund if the plugin doesn’t work for you.

For further support, please submit a ticket at our support desk:

Sorry, I meant “Can’t test prior buying”.