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How do I allow access to the plugin for Shop Managers? I have used a plugin to display the plugin on the Sidebar for Shop Managers but it’s showing a 404 page.

I’m not sure what’s the problem, the plugin is accessible to admins and shop managers.

I’m using WP Admin UI Customize and the url its providing is instead of …. is there a reason for this? is there another plugin you recommend ?

Sorry, haven’t used such plugins… the plugin works with manage_woocommerce privileges.

Is it possible to change quantity in stock for several SKUs at once, including variable? I am looking at the demo site but don’t see a field to specify quantity when bulk editing, also the search results don’t have quantity as an editable field afaik. Is changing inventory levels supported without opening the product page?

Yes, use the “Show\Hide Fields” button to enable it.

Thanks, your plugin is excellent. I will purchase it.

Quick Question: Is your plugin compatible with the Plugin “WooCommerce Prices by User Rolls”,

Looks like this plugin might help us speed the process of addressing pricing and pricing changes, but we have price lists using the above mentioned plugin, so I’m wondering if this’ll work.

I really appreciate it!

We’ll be interested in both simple product AND variation pricing. Both are staggeringly important in our situation. :-)

I look forward to hearing from you…

It’s editable but the value is complex and the normal bulk edit functions will not work, you can only set the same value to multiple products if you know the correct format

{“contributor” :”23”,”subscriber” :”23”,”customer” :”26”,”shop_manager” :”14”}

note that i added an extra space before : because the comment got strange formatting.

Hi, In the bulk editor the product categories are prepopulated but the tags are not. Is there a setting to make them show as a pulldown or autocomplete? Thanks

That’s by design from the start… now that there’s support for adding new items in categories(hierarchical taxonomies), I can change tags to be like that.

That would be awesome. Let me know what I need to do. THANKS!!!

Pre-sale question: Its compatible with Woocommerce Role Based Price plugin?:

Its data field is complex, check the comment above for “WooCommerce Prices by User Rolls”, it looks like


Hi, is it possible to bulk set SKU as product image filename?

For example, I have a product, the featured image filename is: 3807504.jpg

I would like to map the filename of featured image > SKU for each product, is this possible, or could be added as feature for your plugin?

I didn’t think so, wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something. Any chance I can suggest this be added on future update? Thanks for quick support, great plugin.

I’ll see… if it might be useful to other users…

That would be great, thanks again.


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I have the latest version. Been using for for a year now. For some reason, after entering a number of items, I’ll go back to load in my inventory and some of the product images will be missing? They’re getting actually deleted from the media page too. I have to re-upload the image a second time. Seems to only happen with the main product image field, not the addition images field. Been happening every time now… never had this problem before.

Check the plugin settings, “delete images from library when…(forgot the rest)”


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Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. May have to just go back to deleting images manually, but no problem. My favorite plug-in.

Pre sale question: Hi, can you add prices to the different variations? For example: I want to offer shirts in sizes S – L but they need to have different prices depending on the selection.


Yes, you can use the search filters to load the different variations and set their prices separately

I’ve Purchased, installed and activated the plugin but no products show up when I click “get products” there are 320 products on my woocommerce store but none appearing. Please assist.

That amount of products is nkt very big so most likely some javascript script conflcit with another plugin, I’ll need a temp login to take a look, you can send via my profile page

Email Sent :)

hey, is it compatible with wp-job-manager, wc product vendors and listify theme? right now i have to assign each product once to the vendor and once to the listing. is it possible to do this with your plugin in one surface?


Sorry but don’t know, haven’t tested with these.

Hi, a small presale question… I need this Feature… Is it possible to select products by sku range? For example: choose products SKU from 200123 to 30000… ? is it possible?


That’s not possible and has never been requested.


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Hi, is there any way to make the cross-sells display a bit more user-friendly? Right now it shows product IDs, i think it would be much more helpful if it showed product titles. Thanks!


primozj Purchased

Nevermind, after playing around with the settings I came to realise the current option works just fine :) thanks for a cool plugin!

Hi Guys,

Loving this plugin, honestly it’s amazing! The demo is great but I noticed one thing.. on the woocommerce bulk edit window there is no way to set a product sale schedule.

For example, if I wanted to edit a bunch of products and set a sale price and set a sale schedule of start: 14/02/2017, end: 21/02/2017 that wouldn’t be possible currently, right?

Any idea?

Thanks Jay


These are editable via the “linked editing” function, check it, it’s located at the bottom and change the date of one of the selected products.


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I have over 8000 products and tried every smart manager and bulk edit tool out there for WooCommerce. This is by far the best one out there, I just wished i found it sooner! Super fast load time and save times. Very happy!


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Hello. The plug is not working properly. You can not add attributes that can be filled with text. (Version 4.11)


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Attributes – written text does not work. I worked it out in a different way. Attributes – text.

Yes, tested those just after you posted the comment, however you need at least one attribute term in that list otherwise I don’t load the attribute itself in the plugin.


Pawel_M Purchased

Thank you for the quick reply. Everything works and is ok.

Prepend function for tags did not work. Instead of prepending, it deleted and replaced over 100 products tags.

You need to keep the comma separated format, “prepend” – “tag,”, just approved the refund.

Is it possible to add fields to the Bulk Edit dialog? Specifically I want to add the Sale End Date for the special price – I can add it to the grid view, but I cannot find a way to use it with Bulk Edit. Thanks

You can edit those dates but not via the bulk edit dialig, select the products, check “linked editing” at the bottom and change one of the dates.

Thank you – that’s working!


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Is this pluggin php 7.0 compatible?

I think so, I switched to php 7.0 recently on the development environment and it looks fine for now.