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can you add text to the descriptions of all product descriptions? I’d like to add a little text to the bottom of all products. Can I use this to do that?

Yes, bulk edit -> append

Hi, i have questions.

- You have two plugins. Woocommerce bulk edit AND Wordpress bulk edit. Which include all post types and woocommerce products bulk edit?

- i need : woocommerce + posts + pages + custom posts + everyone :) bulk edit in one page.

Can you help me?

The WordPress version handles posts, pages and custom posts.

can i do ’’do not contain’’ and add 2 text string exemple: 2017,2018

That is not supported, this string will be treated as a single word.


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Hi i m very intersted to buy your plugin i have just some pre sale question

1 – can i export on Csv with all fields including short and long description ???

2 – after editing my excel file can i re import it with your plugin to update ??

3- can i put new products in my Excel file and import the Excel ?

4 – Can i export all products and category from website 1 and import the on another website using your plugin

best regards

Csv import and update.


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Thanks for your reply

Hi, what is the difference between wordpress Advanced Bulk Edit and woocommerce Advanced Bulk Edit? Thanks

The woocommerce version handles products and variations only and the other one posts, pages and custom posts.


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Hi georgeiron i finaly bought your plugin and i think this is a very must have plugin

i spend hour to test it and i come back with 2 question

1- in 2 ou 3 website i test  images dont show / and when i click on discrition fields to edit it nothing happen

2 – i export all my products using your plugin and i import it in another website using woocomerce importer , the import done all fields imported except images products

any idea ?

For support queries, contact me via my profile page

1) I’ll need a temp login for this.

2) use woocommerce own csv export.


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thanks for your reply , where can i send you the login ?

My profile page, there’s a form there


in search filter’s section, how to call 2-3 different words from title,

for example, i want to return/edit products with title contains “Women,Slim”,


Enter them with an interval, you can choose AND or OR(any word).

AND is for all words at the same time.

The AND/OR dropdown appears when i type AND inside the title field,

Thanks for your support.


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Same issue as sdevroey – ‘Featured’ is not saved

Works fine, try the demo site, latest pluign and woocommerce

Feature Request: You give us the ability to Bulk set Sale Prices – but you don’t give us the ability to set the Sale Dates? Can you please add this to the next release?

You can, check ”Linked editing” at the bottom of the page and change the sale date of one of the selected products.

That worked – thanks!

Bulk Edit not working? I checked the docs, but I am not able to get this to work. I select the Products I want to edit. I select Decrease by %. I add in 50 int he field and click OK – and the popup closes, but nothing happens.

You probably don’t have sale prices yet, try the “decrease by %(from reg.) option

FYI: At there bottom there is a misspelling: “Revert to original vaue” Value needs an “L”.

Thanks, fixed.


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Hello, Pre-sales question: I use Extra Product Options, and will your plugin work with this without conflict? I just want to use your plugin to change product images, sale dates in bulk, etc.

Thank you. Your plugin seems to be very nice :)


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OK, thank you. I will purchase it and keep you update.


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Is it compatible with latest woocommerce 3.2.4? You mentioned wp 4.9, but woocommerce stays 3.1.x

Don’t keep me updated, I read enough customer emails already, just request a refund if it doesn’t work. Yes, it’s compatible, codecanyon doesn’t have that option yet(woo 3.2.x).


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It would be cool if you could add rounding to price changes. I have a client who always likes to have items priced to even half dollars. Items can be x.00 or x.50 only. So if he wants to do a 5% price increase he then needs to manually round everything up. It would be cool if you could add a rounding option along with the price increase. Thanks!

You can round to x.00

Hi, Is it possible to add the same discount in your bulk editor for all products of a brand (producer) ?

I use for brand: Ultimate Woocommerce Brands Plugin

Thanks :-)

Probably, these should be a custom taxonomy. Add it via the find custom fields button.


i m looking for a plugin who does the same job of Advanced Bulk Edit but for category

i have a lot of category and i m searching a plugin who let me edit add and change the sub categories easly like Advanced Bulk Edit