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Hello. Can I bulk edit all product titles to copy into slug field? So all existing products will have same slugs as their titles?

I think I had some handling of cyrillic characters in the slugs but I’m not sure, try the demo here

It’s working with cyrillic slugs, but I can’t find on the demo how to replace all slugs to be same as products title?

You need to open the bulk editor and hover the mouse near the sku text field… an anchor like button will appear, that’s the copy dialog, select title there.

Hello, We have the latest version and the filter by ‘Stock Status’ is one of the items we use all the time. Do you know when or if you will be able to support this again?

OK, but now the filter for stock qty isn’t working correctly. You can only use the option but all other return 0 results. However, we cant also seacrh stock qty 0 as that isnt working as well.

Just tried it on the demo site and it worked fine.

Thanks, I have just done some further testing and it looks like memory issues. We have increased the allocation and its working again.

Hi George

I saw your answer to lee8164 regarding editing multi currency and you said that it might be using this plugin

I Just wanted to know the progress about it, is there any way we can use that plugin with woocommerce advanced bulk edit now?

Thanks Best Angger

It was just an idea at the time and it’s on hold for now.

Thanks for the honest answer buddy

I hope you can develop that feature

have a nice weekend

Hello I have a lot of bracelet that you can choose the color of pendant. Now I have to put out of stock a single color of pendant like “gungrey”. It’s possible select all the variation from the products and change the quantity in stock in mass?? Hope you understand, thanks

Yes, it’s possible.

Hi there!

This is kind of a odd question but is it possible to search for something then have it create a link and query it on the front end of the site? An example is to search for SKUs with “SW-” and then filter it based on the category “Beds” then create a link for that query that could be shown on the front end. I have a doubt that is possible but doesn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

Sorry, not possible.

I figure as much but thought I’d ask in case I was wrong. Thanks for the quick reply!


So sorry to bother, but I saw this plugin, and it’s exactly what I need – but it’s not doing anything. No matter what I click on – even plugin settings – it doesn’t react at all, won’t fetch products, nothing. I checked the potential conflicts, and don’t have anything that would cause it. I’m absolutely stupid which is why I needed the plug in. Any advice would be so appreciated.


It looks like some javascript conflict and that’s why the buttons don’t respond, contact me via the profile page

Send me a temp login.

will do thank you for the instant response!

Question: Any reason why I wouldn’t be seeing this Active Cell button?

I followed the steps and the only options are Active Row and Selected Rows.


Nice plugin.

Ah, that button was there a long time ago and I didn’t update the help file.

So you can’t revert back a single cell?


Hi It is an awesome plugin. Thank you so much for your work. Just wondering if it is possible to add function to photo bulk select? I can use to set the variable product photo in bulk. It will be great to receive your reply very soon. Thanks.

You want to bulk set it ? It’s embedded in the image dialog, just select the products and click the image of one of them.


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I am having an issue with user roles, administrators can access the bulk editor with no issues, shop managers however can see the option in the menu but when they click it they get a 500 error? Thanks

That’s an issue with your wordpress installation or server, I call a standard wordpress function for the menu.

Do you refer to this? I cannot find any option for photo. or do you mean this? I click one of the selection and change the photo but it didnt work for me.

The second one, check ” apply to all selected products” before selecting the inage.

thank you. I need to uncheck this first. Awesome plugin design. By the way, will you plan to add more field type like DATE?

Seems like exactly what I need. However when trying to change product images or gallery images for a product from the advanced editor, it times out, never reaches the gallery. Is this your server or the plugin doing that. If the plugin, then obviously that is a problem. I need to be able to edit our products very quickly and can’t get bottlenecked with image changes.

Doesn’t work for me with Firefox or Chrome on an android tablet.

Try it now, it looks like a messed up the demo account which is shop manager, it needed the upload_files privilege.

Yup, worked fine. Thanks for the quick responses. I’ll be purchasing it tomorrow. =)


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Hi, I dont see filter by attributes. Can you tell me how can I enable it?


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By custom attribute

That’s not possible, custom attributes have complex structure.

Hello, A decent Plugin, well done.

However one thing that is sorely missing is the ability to have a “Cost Price” of a product and the Markup (percentage increase) for that field.

Many store owners work on creating their Sell price (Regular price) from a base Cost of Goods price. This is something that is missing in Woocommerce which is crazy because it is needed. It would be a very worthwhile addition to your Plugin to be able to enter Cost prices for products, and then have that increased by a percentage (or amount as an option) to result in the Regular Price.


You can do that with a custom field and then copy the value to the regular price and use a percentage on it.

Not sure I follow sorry. Do I create a custom field with your plugin or some other way ? Do i copy the custom field contents with your plugin to the Regular price and then do a bulk percentage price increase process ?


Yes, everything with my plugin –

You can later copy that field into the regular price with the bulk editor – hover near the regular price’s input box and click on the anchor-like button.