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HAWAFI Purchased

Does the plugin create a table in the database? If yes, what is the name of that table? Thanks

yes, but i don’t remember the exact name, something with wpmelon and temp and w3(?)

w3ex adv bulk


cmstech Purchased

Hi, I’m running Yoast on my site, If I change the product slug in the table, will it tell Yoast to re-direct the old slug to the new one as it does if you change in on the product page editor? Or do I need to change it on the product page?

I don’t know, give it a try.


mkoryl Purchased

Hi. I need to select products with the same name, and set up-sells to each product selected with each selected. I hope i’m clear :-) Is it possible now with your (great) plugin?

Try the selection manager for the same title.


mkoryl Purchased

Yes, I now that. But I need to set up-sells to each product selected with each selected. Important: bulk – not manually! I have not written this before.

That’s not possible.


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I have tried to find out where these data are but I do not know how to find them. Since searching for custom fields does not appear …

Https:// Thank you

Hi, I purchased the product to bulk edit products attributes. I have imported over 400+ products into my site and need a stream line way of checking what attributes are used and be able to replace incorrect attributes with the correct attributes in bulk from my attribute presets. Please advise.

Use the search filters to load toddler, then use the bulk editor to remove it and then again to add adult.

I can only assume that because the attribute assigned to the products have no variations set – maybe this is causing me the problem?

When I show attributes, I click in the box, it shows only the sizes. But since no sizes are set in any of the products I do not know how to search for a specific attribute. Could you please help. I have had zero sales in 3 days over this and I can not get it figured out. A video would be great! :)

I’m sorry but I can’t understand what the issue is exactly, there are video demos on the description page.


ifede84 Purchased

Dear Costumer Support,

i’ve a compatibility issue with Wp Lister Ebay plugin: when i change a stock quanties of a variable product (ex., a Shoes) the wp lister ebay plugin doesn’t change quantity on Ebay.

I’ve tested to disable\enale the 2 action calls in the setting, and also to update your plugin, but unfortunately the issue remains…

Replied via email.

CSV Import not working. Can you update please on what stage you are at with this? The CSV will be very important for us as it allows the client to update products without giving them access to potentially break their website in the Wordpress admin area.

You mean update, it works fine for number and text fields.


provianet Purchased

Hello customer support!

Our customer uses your plugin and they have a problem with it. Tool doesn’t get any products from the search anymore. It worked normally before. We checked it out and couldn’t find what’s wrong.

Is this happened before to someone else? What to do to get it work again?


provianet Purchased

That didn’t do the magic unfortunately. There are same settings as you told on item details page.

Sorry to hear that, I can’t provide support for other users.


provianet Purchased

They are using our license so we are “the user” kind of. This plugin is very useful so it’s important if that can be used again.

I have products a,b,c which all have orders attached however are all the same product as d. Am I able to edit the product title on a,b,c to the same as D and still keep the order information?

You should be, products are identified by their id.

Pre Purchase Q. >Site has 30 Products with 3 variations per item. >So therefore 90 variable products.

Will the plugin allow me to reorder just the Parent Products and then trickle down into variations.. or just not affect variations?

That’s not possible.