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Tried it and it worked perfectly. Then next time I tried it says “No date to Export” and does nothing ?? What am I doing wrong

OK, I tried it with a different category and it worked fine. BUT, in the category I tried successfully there are no sub categories, and the sub categories don’t show in the drop down

That’s not my plugin.

You are right there buddy. Not your plugin. Sorry ‘bout that

I tried the demo – but found no option to edit cross-sells on products, is this feature still available?

Oh great – awesome. I just have one last question – i added cross-sell to the toggle and got the field, but it doesn’t autocomplete the product i’m trying to cross sell like in the product page, do i have to input the id of the product in the box? Thanks

Yes, ids, comma-separated.

Ok thanks, will conisder buying this for a client! :)

Once exporting the csv file, can i edit the csv file and then import the updated csv file?

I’m currently working on it, it will update the loaded products in the table as in normal edit… I have some issues with non english characters though…


mrlekman Purchased

Hello, I have a small problem with the plugin. It filters the products by category and status but it does not save the changes when I select Save Changes. Can you help?


Could you elaborate what “does not save changes” mean ? They are the same in the plugin, woocommerce or the frontend ?

Hi George, I bought the plugin. works great and saved me hours of work. However I now have another request and I am not smart enough to work out how to do this. I want to export certain products and categories, images too if poss and then import them into a completely different site. Can I achieve this using your plugin somehow ? I have looked at wp all import all export on the web but it looks pretty pricey to use just once

That’s not possible currently.


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hi I been using th plugin but find out that most of the time I update anything done over the plugin and update over the actual product in woo commerce edit them I lose the attributes etc, can’t see them they disappeared also I felt like Im locked into your system since I have to do everything there something is going on with this please advice me since I had deleted the variation and create again several time due to this bugs thank you


I’ve never seen this before, create me a temp login and send it via my profile page.

I bought and install plugin. I clicked get product in plugin panel and it was ok, then change few prices and ok too. When clicked “get products” once again it stoped and I only sow “wating”. Now my page is broken I see “503 Service Unavailable” and cant make anything :(

I can also take a look if you send me a temp login

I wrote to hosting manager and he say that problem is in script. I click “get product” then change prices, save, and “get products” once again and then got this error

ok, send me the login.