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I hope you readed my last comment on my question.

Hi, Which Api calls you mean i cant find it

Download the latest version, it’s in the settings.

Api Calls is selected but waht does it do or where is it for? I still see no images


gpoitras Purchased

Hi, I’ve been using your plugin for quite some time and I’ve really come to enjoy it. Maybe 2 months ago I began noticing lag. When I click into a search field, it takes aproximately 3 second before the cursor will appear. Do you have any information or insight on what might be causing this?

Another plugin or the theme is executing javascript code when that happens, my plugin does not.


gpoitras Purchased

Thanks! That’ll help me identify the cause. Appreciate the fast response.

Hello, before I buy it, I wish to ensure it will work for my needs. I have 3,000 products but with variations and several custom variations/attributes, it becomes an inventory of 30,000 products. I got a powerful server, memory limit at 1024 MB at the server php level and WP config level. 4GB of RAM. Will your plugin be able to load 1,000 products at a time? Is there such a limit setting? And can I create a rule to exclude the already edited products? Can I bulk delete a custom variation like for example “ships from”? Can I add in bulk a short description to all the parent products for example? Like would I be able to call upon the parent products only if I wanted to? Short description does not have to be input into variations. Sorry for the long message but do not want to buy it only to return it. Thanks!!!

I’m not sure about all the questions, try it for yourself here

I could not see an option to bulk edit a custom attribute.

“show/hide fields” – “custom attributes”


djhosken Purchased

Hi, does this plugin support WooCommerce Multistore (Multisite)?



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Hi. Are there any known issues with the new WooCommerce version? Using a title tag or selecting a category – it don´t respond any products.

It should work fine, maybe you’re combining many filters.


shenom Purchased

Seems to be more a lag of the whole plugin. No button reacts at all. I write You support message.

Hi, I would like to know if I am able to bulk delete attributes too? Because I can’t seem to do it in the demo.

That’s not possible.

Hi, is there a way to download all product links (permalinks) without variation and ?post_type, etc? i just want the excel file to have the main page url only in the excel file. Thanks!


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I want to add to add “Image Custom Field”. How should I do?


afternet Purchased

Hello is it possible to edit a serialize field with your plugin?


Centuri Purchased

I would like to report a small bug in latest version. When exporting multiple products into csv lile, for the featured image the full path is not exported, only …wp-content/uploads/


rogasgr Purchased

This is a great and powerful time saving tool. It does not work well with WPML, when i changed the prices in one language i have to go and update all products one by one in order for prices to be shown. Are you bringing WPML support anytime soon?


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wpml problem here too. Only because of comment above I know this too.

Please, update for wpml. Thank YOU


lukeoko Purchased

Get Products—sometimes I get the results but usualy I dont. Even on simple woocommerce.. Tested on latest versions.


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If I have a field called BRAND how do I find all products for a specific Brand from the that BRAND field. I cannot see that field listed anywhere. thanks

First of all: a great plugin! But i have a problem with bulk edit an image for different variations. If i select some variations and change the image to all of that it works and looks fine. But if I save the changes and refresh the selection, the images are empty and were not taken over. By the way: “Use API calls when possible” is already activated… Can you help me here?

Very happy with this plugin, but wanted to give some feedback over the attribute ordering – seems to be an issue depending on how you use it. We get a different order for the WooCommerce Attributes (dragged and dropped into the order we want), the products in the Bulk Edit table (on variable product attibute – click the box in the table and attributes are listed alphabetically), and when adding a variable product through the table (attributes are listed by ID). Doesn’t affect frontend order, but if there was consistency across the ordering, or the option to order in different ways, that would smash it, as the youth of today say (or used to say!)