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txujason Purchased

Not working with Wordfence

Where can i find the purchase code after i purchased the plug-in?

Good afternoon, I have a problem, I’m importing a CSV catalog from another woocomerce store and when I import my photos are duplicated, right now I have 1632 pages of photos (not products). the products are imported well but the problem is the images as they are not overwritten and new ones are generated. Actually I have it configured to import a csv every hour and I generate thousands of photos. Help me


Lellazzo Purchased

Sorry to bother you here, but I opened a ticket on your site last week and still no answer, so repost here.

I am using your plugin to export and import products and variations. Woocommerce version is 2.5 in both old and new site. Wordpress version is 4.9.4 in both old and new site.

Exported using standard options from old site and imported using standard options in new site. Products get inserted with media and everything seems ok. But the problem is that in the imported products there are no variations at all.

Can you help please?

Ticket number on your site: #680

Hi, It is adding the same product many times to the system. What can we do about it ? and also! why are you doing a support form you are not interested? There is no answer in 7 days.

I do not need it anymore, the problem is solved.