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Is it possible for this plug in to display actual order number – a defined value.

Let’s say, that originally order have number 111,115,118,119, can plug in have be set like ORIGINALORDERVALUE-11 and then order will be displayed as 100,104,107,108


Reason i’m asking is that when exporting/importing order, we can have offset so that could help to compensate ?


Thanks for interested in our product!!

it is not possible but current order number and alteration is possible.

if still any doubt then just reply us we are happy to hear you.

Thanks and have a great day

Hi, nice plugin. Is it possible to have a random ordernumber as well?

Hi is this plugin able to send formatted order number to payment gateway?


bootik Purchased

Is it available for WooCommerce 3.0?

I have tried to write to your support on http://www.vjinfotech.com/support/ without any answers for 11 days now so I am trying this.

This happens once in a while: The order number generated from the plugin are dublicated. It´s the free plugin.

The problem occurs when e.g. a customer has payed using the custom gateway and the next customer uses the other payment method.

What could be the cause – and how do we fix it? We have two ways to pay on our site. Either using a custom gateway or using a normal invoice.

See attached. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84173534/woo-ordernumbers.png and this recent one: http://www.vjinfotech.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/number.png ` Best regards, Lars Buur
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Hello, I’d like to know how to use custom-field. I want integrate buyer’s country code (2digit) in my order number.

Hoping to hearing from you soon.



ilkar Purchased

Hi, sorry but this plugin doesnt work.

I’ve setup: MK-{order_id}{number_start_from:1}

but nothing changed.

I have active licence.