Discussion on Win Wheel For WordPress

Discussion on Win Wheel For WordPress

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Is it possible to send data via webhook? I want to use another email marketing


Webhooks are event notifications sent to URLs of your choice. They can be used to integrate with third-party services which support them (for example Zapier). If enabled, Win Wheel will send collected form data in JSON format to specified URL.

Pre-sale questions:

1. Is the number of slices fixed to 8 or can I change that without manipulating the plugin code?

2. Do you have a back-end demo so that I can check other little details?


Thanks for inquiry

1) Slices are fixed

2) Send email to and we’ll work something out

Hello, we have bought and recommended this plugin like 15 times, but we would like to be able to insert custom fields in the form. It would also be very good for campaigns to set the start date and end date of the campaign or raffle, or even set a specific day for the big prize to come out. Thanks.


At the moment no major upgrades are planned but we’ll take a look into start/end date feature


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Hi, the “Collect Phone number” under Data Collection, cant send to my mailchimp audience list, how to solve it?


That is true, the phone number isn’t pushed to Mailchimp audience. Will issue a small update to fix this.

Hi! I have a question: it is possible to configurate new win ratios for user’s second spin ?


What do you mean by action? Do you want to add custom code via add_action wordpress function?

Exactly! I need add some custom code for do a database update but just applies when a specific wheel’s slice is win

There are no action hooks in current version, but we can do a quick update to add this feature. Send us a mail at


1) Is it possible to display this on the thank you page

2) limit to one game per customer per day or something

3) how do you see and verify the results


Thanks for inquiry

1) Win Wheel works by inserting shortcode to a post or page, so if your thank you page supports shortcodes it should work, else no

2) There is built-in limiter which can limit spins based on Email / Cookies

3) Results can be checked in spin log or downloaded in csv format


Msfsale Purchased

hola buenaas tardes , no puedo instalar pluging en mi web , se me indica No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. No se encontraron plugins.

La instalación del plugin ha fallado.


There are two downloads available, main file and plugin file. You need unzip main file and install plugin file (

Or you can send us a mail at and we will send you link to plugin


Hay dos descargas disponibles, archivo principal y archivo de complemento. Debe descomprimir el archivo principal e instalar el archivo del complemento (

O puede enviarnos un correo electrónico a y le enviaremos un enlace al complemento

La ruleta tiene un máximo de 8 fracciones y me hacen falta más ¿cómo puedo agregar más? En ningún sitio antes de la venta pone que esto no se pueda modificar y que tenga un límite.

Espero su respuesta


Number of fractions in the wheel is not customizable, it is not possible to change this without modifying the plugin code. If you cannot make use of the plugin for this reason you can do a request for refund here on CodeCanyon


El número de fracciones en la rueda no se puede personalizar, no es posible cambiar esto sin modificar el código del complemento. Si no puede utilizar el complemento por este motivo, puede solicitar un reembolso aquí en CodeCanyon

si, tengo que pedir la devolución porque es indispensable poder añadir más premios. ¿Cómo pido esta devolución?


Puede solicitar un reembolso en la URL a continuación


Is there anyway to bypass the popup window (or resize it) so that winners can be redirected to another page please? I can do the redirection using code in the popup but I would like it smaller/customisable button etc

Thanks :-)


You can turn off popup in Basic tab > uncheck Show Win message in modal box

If you want to adjust popup or button size it can only be done with css styles, example code for popup:

.winwheel4wp_modal_box {
    max-width: 64em;
    max-height: 64em;

So simple and worked perfectly :-) How did I miss that setting? Maybe it could say “WIN” message?

Maybe we should make the text more obvious / more bold in an update, but we are happy that you resolved the problem!

Spinning Wheel – won’t display using Microsoft Edge; I did tried to clean the history but still doesn’t display.


We didn’t find an issue with Edge on our demo site at

Can you provide link to your site so we can test? You can send to

Hello, How does this plugin work. The plugin documentation isn’t working.

Regards Steve


Generally you need to install and create a new wheel, then set up coupon codes on Slices tab, and customize Display options etc.

At the moment there is no in-depth documentation on features beyond plugin installation. We try to make plugin features self-explanatory so most users with WordPress background don’t have problem setting it up.

If you have questions on specific features, we can answer no problem.

hello, i like your plugin and before to buy it i have just 2 questions,

1- the result is it controllable ? i mean if i have just 5 pics of prizes and 100 pics of coupons, is the wheel can make more winner to coupons ?

2- the information required before the user can spin, is it controllable also ? if i need to collect name – mobile – email – custom question like age or any another info ?

thanks for your support


Thanks for inquiry

1. Yes, it is possible to set win probability (5 levels – very low to very high) and total available wins for each slice

2. You can collect E-mail, Name, Phone number.. there are no custom fields

Hello, presale, cna i disable popup and only show with shortcode on static pages? and can i change the font?


Thanks for inqury

Win Wheel can only be shown embeded into webpage with shortcode, there is no popup option.

Font is inherited from website or it can be changed via css styles

Pre-sale question. This look awesome. Does this work with a prize instead of a coupon? For instance, can they win a $10 gift card instead of a coupon? Also, can I change the color of the slices? I don’t like brown. Thanks!


Win Wheel allows to display custom message after the spin. Colors of wheel can only be changed by changing the bitmap and uploading new image

hello, the ‘max available win’ setting is per day? I need to give 1 big prize per day for my users, but only 1 big prize everyday. Is it possible with the ‘max available win’ setting? Do i need to reset something in the database every 24 hours? Thanks


If you are sure you can help me with this and I can set up a “one-winner-per-day” system, I’ll buy your script.

I need 1 single jackpot per day (iphone or tv) so i dont go bankrupt in 1 day!

Can you confirm to me that it will be possible to achieve?

If it’s feasible, Ill buy the script asap



We confirm it is possible

I purchased, and installed it, i just need your help now to create my requirement, can you contact me in private so we can discuss ? I will send you a private message!

Can I create unlimited wheels in my websites and every wheel will collect mail in new list ?


Yes, theres no limit on wheels and every wheel tracks it’s own spins/data

Hi! I think I read in some questions from years ago that is not possible to add more slices. It’s still the case? I need to add more. Thanks.


Unfortunately yes, slice number is fixed

Hi there,

Great plugin thank you.

I do have a question about the button that activates the wheel. Is it possible to replace the “Spin the wheel” / lang_spin_wheel button with an image that serves the same function?

Thank you, I will try what you have suggested

I got the image showing, the wheel short code is winwheel4wp_wheel id=”14a98f” winwheel4wp_form id=”14a98f”, which section of the short code should I put in line 6?

Line 6 should be then:

var wheel_id = '14a98f';

Good afternoon,

I have the need to create several lucky wheels for the same web page. That each one be assigned a prize and that that prize always comes out on the roulette that I want. It’s possible?



Thanks for inquiry

Yes, you can create multiple wheels, and set prizes for each one individually

hello please can i check before ordering this. i am looking for a wheel that i can enter different values and just have different wheels on different pages where the website users can spin as much as they like without having to enter any information. it would not pop up it would just sit in the webpage would this be possible.


Yes, it is possible, if you need a demo send us email at


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