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for Design Quality

I purchased this plugin just hours before writing this review. Well documented, the UI is easy to navigate, and the product does everything it claims. Hats off to the developers. I've been buying items from Code Canyon for more than 10 years and I must say this is by far one of the best... NO... THE BEST plugin I've ever purchased for WP. I am VERY happy with my purchase. Thank you! Great job!

for Feature Availability

fulfills very well what it promises, leaving the dashboard with a more professional appearance.

for Bugs

Ever since they changed to plugin 2.0 theres been many issues. They changed the UI design style in the midst of hundreds of users using it the way it was caused styling issues. You cannot hide Divi Builder or Elementor builder with this. In our installation it does not even Hide Alter itself.

for Flexibility

I tried several, and decided upon this one. Loving it so far.

for Design Quality

This plugin is nearly perfect. I have tried a few others and... what a huge disappointment!

Alter has a great look, and it is bug free! Everything seems to work flawlessly from my end.

There some minor things in a way to improve it further (already suggested to the developers) but overall it is a great way to totally revamp Wordpress Login page and the admin area with a customized menu for your clients.

for Customer Support

Great product and very responsive support.
Using in a multisite. Recommended!

for Code Quality

Five stars for all,

What a plugin, most satisfying plugin across internet maybe :)

Well done developers, I want to see more stuff like this in codecanyon

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