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Hi guys, how can i sort the categories in alphabetical order? in cloudkit it is sort in alphabet but in App it isnt sort

in Categories.swift, queryCategories() method, add these lines right above ‘publicDatabase.performQuery()’ instance:

    let sort = NSSortDescriptor(key: CATEGORIES_NAME, ascending: false)
    query.sortDescriptors = [sort]
You may also switch ‘false’ into ‘true’ if you want.

hi i get an error “couldn’t send a valid signature” i made the cloudkit setup as described on the user guide changed bundle id but keeped the app name as it was . i have seen that there is an wally.entitlement file do i have to change something on ?

you’re welcome! don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page on codecanyon ;)


thanks so much, we appreciate it!

hi, my app is rejected for ipv6 incompatibilty, how can i resolve this issue is there any update for the app to be compatible with the new ipv6 ???


that’s bad, you must test an app on a real device before submitting it to the app store, even Apple strongly suggests it, so please do it, switch your environment on PRODUCTION and run the app on a real device, so you’ll be able to see what’s wrong by the xcode console log.
You should send us the screenshot Apple attached to their message, we have no idea of what error message you got

any mail where i can send you the screenshot ?

click the support button on the app description

any mail where i can send you the screenshot ?

click the support button on the app description


kiuerty Purchased

Hi guys! i want to buy your code :)! but i have a few questions! the category screen can be change to a grid layout or something like that ? i want to put like 120 categorys!! so , it will look very tangled :D!

i hope you can help me :3! i’m new in ios development ahaha !

yes of course, upload them in the Image field in CloudKit


kiuerty Purchased

PURCHASED ! :D if I have some problem in the future (with search botton) I can ask for some help?

Great, have fun with this template. We’re currently not available for freelance work, you can still contact us by our profile’s contact form to check if we’re available by then.

If i buy Regular Lisence , it have include Admob ?

Yes, of course ;)

ok i will buy. And need your support to publish on appstore

ok thanks but please note that we’re not offering App Store submission service, you should check this out: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/iTunesConnect_Guide/Chapters/SubmittingTheApp.html
Or search for freelancers on Envato Studio.


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Hello I am not exactly sure what to do in Cloudkit setup : Record Type, give it the proper name (case sensitive) as shown in the screenshots below and click Add Field… button to add the necessary fields. What are the necessary fields? And I cant type data like shown in the pictures becouse the pictures are of poor quality Thanks and have a nice day


mirt23 Purchased

Could you provide better picture quality because I can’t see what does it say. Thanks


mirt23 Purchased

Could you provide better picture quality because I can’t see what does it say. Thanks

please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks

Do you have same app for android

not yet, but we’re actually thinking to port this ios version to Parse SDK backend and so we’ll be able to make its Android version then, it’s just a matter of time, we don’t know when though because we’re pretty busy currently

Hello , How are you?

- I have Purchased your app , there are some issues ,I hope you will resolve them. Admob banner in the app is not showing in the proper size.When you open the app in iPhone 6 plus or in ipad its width is lesser than the screen-size.

- If I want to add a category like “Animals Wallpaper” and then I want to upload 50 wallpapers in this category by a folder (Means I make folder with 50 images and then upload that folder to backapp.com dashboard ) ?

- Which image size app is using ? If I convert image size to 1024×1024 then its not showing in proportion size. How to find finder proper size images. kindly tell a website where I can find proper image size.

- when A user download app then app will show wallpaper offline ?

You also have to understand that there only 2 size of banners supported for ios, one for iPhones, one for iPad, so the 350×50 banner is for iphone 6+ too, cannot have another size, if that’s your concern.If you want a longer banner fir iphone 6+, it’s not possible, it’s not supported by AdMob.

Hello , How are you? Its possible to show equal width of banner size on all apple devices , you have to add some constrains in banner size and it will show fit for all sizes . You can see many apps running on app store with fit size on all devices . My humble request from you is to check your code and fix the issue and update the code at codecanyon website .

I understand your request, although i think that the apps you saw have a different ads provider, not AdMob, (maybe it’s RevMob or something else), because as far as we know Admob has only a few banner sizes that we cannot modify, sorry, that’s why we don’t update our app as you keep saying, we just can’t.


Hiix Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to bulk upload images ? I have a lot of images.

no, sorry, the Parse Dashboard doesn’t offer such option

Hello, How are you? Apple has rejected the app because of less Features in the app. I am sending you the rejection reason.

”” Design and Less Features Preamble

We noticed an issue in your app that contributes to a lower quality user experience and less features and functions than Apple users expect:

- Please improve your code and make it more technical and with more features for user.


For information on improving and enhancing your app:

- Watch the video The Ingredients of Great Apps to understand the basics of great apps. - Watch the video iPhone and iPad User Interface Design for practical design tips. - Watch iOS Development Videos to learn about programming and design tips. - Read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and double check that your app’s user interface adheres to these valuable guidelines.

Additional Information

If you have difficulty reproducing a reported issue, please try testing the workflow described in Technical Q&A QA1764: How to reproduce bugs reported against App Store submissions.

If you have code-level questions after utilizing the above resources, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. When the DTS engineer follows up with you, please be ready to provide:

- symbolicated crash logs – if your issue results in a crash log”

I don’t see any lack of features, it’s a wallpapers app, you can share wallpapers, save and browse them, and users can also submit their own wallpapers, so what features this app needs more? :)

There are many good features you can add so its good for users and apple also . for example: -Improve the UI of app and it should be more attractive for users -Search bar so user can search wallpaper by name -Pinch Zooming of wallpapers -Offline Wallpapers -Edit option so user can edit wallpaper, add text, change color themes and etc there are many other options that you can add in it.

ok, thanks for your suggestions, but we don’t have time to do that and nobody has ever got rejected with this app, not even a week ago, so please for now you can just resubmit your binary and hopefully you’ll find a good reviewer ;)

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hi for wallpapers aad on app or on host ? I like the code I’ interested

Hi, do you mean if the wallpapers are stored in an online database or locally in the app? If that’s your question, wallpapers are stored in a Parse database hosted on back4app.com, not locally within the app.

Hi, is this app support live wallpaper for iphone 6s and 7 ?

no live photos, only static images.

can i post a wallpaper with unlimited size? For example can i post 1920×1080 pixel wallpaper and it saves with the same size to the users device?

i cannot add that feature in this template, i don’t want to affect the speed of the original app, also because i’ll build an Android version of this template and most Android devices don’t support big sized images.

fair enough, i love your honest answer and i really appreciate your work but can you please tell me; how many picture you can add from 2000×2000 sizes to a category? And how many only 1000×10000 pixels? (without having memory problems)

All the images you want until you get over the Storage offered by free plan on back4app, if you exceed it then you need to subscribe for a paid plan to get more database storage. I cannot know the size in MB of a 2000×2000px image, it depends by that image, each image has a different size so i cannot tell you exactly how many pictures you can store in your parse database on a free plan of 5GB storage: https://www.back4app.com/pricing

Hey there, Is it possible to add IAP so I can take advantage of Apple’s subscription model with some categories of wallpaper?

if you want to add IAP to this template you need to buy it under an Extended License, and can customize it as you wish.

Thanks. So adding IAP is not a custom job that you’d be able to do?

not anytime soon, we’re pretty busy for the next few months.

my app has been rejected due to the following reason : Guideline 5.2.5 – Legal

Your app is too similar to “Slide to unlock”, which creates a misleading association with Apple products.

Please see attached screenshots for details.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please review your app design and revise it to differentiate it from existing iOS and watchOS apps.


You may also wish to review the “Design Principles” section of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the watchOS Human Interface Guidelines.

please help me in solving this issue !

Hi, you’ve got a bad stupid reviewer, because this app has been approved several times the way it is, I’m sorry but sometimes it happens with Apple reviewers, so all you can do is to wait for a few days (3-4) and resubmit a new binary of your app in order to get another reviewer who hopefully will approve your app, like many other reviewers have done with apps from our clients :)

thanks for your prompt response, do i need to change the shape of the buttons ? or leave the app as it as and resubmit it as you said ?

no, leave the buttons as they are

Hi there,

How to customize the image popup view? I’d like to disable the slide down to save – I’d like to add animation to the UI


Hi, for customization requests please contact me by my profile’s contact form with more details about what you need (for example, what kind of animation you want?).