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hello,presale.. channel header possible?


Sorry but can you explain your question in more details?

Thanks :)

Hello, Author, I want to buy your plugin I have to confuse. is this plugin I want to make a website look like Udemy or Lynda or PluraSight class online class used YouTube videos


I dont get your question. Can you please explain a bit more?

You can see demo here : http://plugins.sbthemes.com/youtube-channel-vc-addon/

Thanks :)

Hi! I purchase your plugin for my 2 websites.

www.albertosantana.net www.spaziosonoro.com

I can check that not load the videos, althoug sometimes in the second time that i try to load the page works fine…

The 2 websites works with Bridge Theme…

Any solutions?

Thanks for your support


I think its because your sites are ajax. Can you disable ajax loading for that links?

Thanks! I disable ajax and now works fine! ;)

I just bought your plugin and it has a lot of great features. I am having a problem when loading multiple VC elements on a single page inside a vertical “tour” element. The list won’t load initially… it only displays one video. However, when I do a clear cache for the page (shift + command + r), the complete list displays.

Can you explain or provide a solution?



Can you send me your admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com ?

it should work. Make sure to clear cache if you have any plugin.

Thanks :)

Hello, the “User ID” have Google deactivate. The old link youtube.com/channel/USERID doesnt work. The New is youtube.com/c/USERNAME In the Plugin linked it to the old YouTube Channel.

Can you fix it?

hey, sure I will update it but still in text field you just have to pass user id. :)

So to confirm its working for you and only issue is in description right?

i want to show youtube gallery in my website


This is not even my website link. Can you tell me what exactly you looking for?

hello, i have the Results Per Page set to 10 and No of Columns for Desktop set to 5 so there will be 5 in a row in 2 rows…but it now goes to 4 to a row then starts a new line…is there any css to fix this so it will be 5 Results Per Row? Thank You

Sir…when setting the [No of Columns for Desktop] to 4 and i have Results Per Page to 20…it only puts 3 in the row..not 5…please help…

i re-downloaded the plugin and reinstalled..,. still doing the same thing…i turned off plugins…still doing the same thing…

You will get reply in your personal email.

Thanks :)

Hey, I was looking at the plugin to recommend it to a customer and saw you are using my Total theme. Awesome! I’m adding it to some lists on our blog and if you ever need anything let me know ;)

- AJ

HI, Sure Thanks :)

Hi, just recently baught the plugin. First issue is the carousel slider appears blank. Second issue is the popup previews show for a second and then it takes me directly to the youtube page


Send me admin login details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check.

Thanks :)

For the wordpress site?



I bought this plugin yesterday.

and this is the URL where I used it.

Im having height issue

Could you please check it and let me know what’s the issue



Please send me your admin login details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check.

Thanks :)


nabashrafi Purchased

I already sent it please check. Youtube video is overlap on the footer area.

You will get soon reply to your personal email.

Thanks :)


Hope you are good. I am using Visual Composer YouTube Channel with Carousel in site and using tabs for different playlist category. videos working fine on first tab which is open while load page, but when I shift to other tabs videos thumbnails are not showing. If I drag list with mouse it’s load. Please see issue in below links. I think videos thumbs are not loaded for hide tabs and it’s a bug in your addon. Please help me how can I resolve it.


Many Thanks

I think its realted to hidden area, can you send me your website admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can try to solve it.

Thanks :)