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Thank you for Great Idea )

You are welcome!

This plug-in is a god send, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, You are welcome, glad to hear these words, keep an eye over of portfolio, I am releasing the best WP plugin ever! stay tuned

I just updated Visual Composer, but in the licence tab there is a message saying “Please activate your license in Product License tab! ”, even if I already did it.

In the same tab, at the bottom, there is a message “License successfully activated.”

It looks that now Visual Composer is not working properly and the website is not visible as before.

Please let me know ASAP what’s happening and how to solve this problem.

Hi, This is not related to my plugin, as mine do not require any license activation to work! Please ask WPBakery support to look at your license issue. If you have any issues with my plugin, I am happy to help you :) Thank you so much for using my plugin

With the plugin activated I cannot mark content with my mouse anymore. I use latest versions of the plugin and WP. There are no conflicts with other plugins, when I disable all except VC and VC Undo/Redo, the problem still exists. If I disable either one, the problem is gone.

Ah, I found the cause of the conflict. I use a theme called Total (look it up on TF) and that has an option called “Visual Composer Theme Mode”. When that option is enabled the error occurs. When disabled, the error is gone. So it’s a conflict between your plugin and the Total “VC Theme Mode”. I’m not sure what you can about that by having access to my admin, but if you do please let me know.

If it’s fixed then is good, I asked for admin details just to be able to debug the issue using the theme you have, it’s impossible for us to buy all theme and test with them, so prefer to stick with the VC standard coding, and at anytime the buyer get a conflict with his theme and plugins, we offer the option the fix that in his installation and release the updated version for public.

Thanks for your support, I appreciate that.After some more testing I found out that the error only occurred in posts, not in pages. And that was because I had VC disabled for posts. So now I have enabled VC for posts as well, and it seems the error is gone now, also with Total VC Theme Mode on. Conclusion: the error occurred in a rare combination of settings, which has no practical consequence for me at all anymore. So problem solved, no support needed anymore :-)

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hi, I think you have upload the wrong zip file, please extract the file you downloaded, and you will find another zip file inside it, and that’s the correct file to upload :)

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-9639215-visual-composer-undoredo-buttons (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.


when will you update to 4.4, as yours of now is 4.3, will it work on 4.4

Hi, The plugin doesn’t rely on WordPress version, it works on all versions that support Visual Composer 4 Thanks

hi I purchased your plugin you said to register but where for the updated installed both the plugins

Hi, Due to some customers request, the updater plugin was deprecated and wont auto update the plugin, We are planning to release new update system for our plugins soon. Thanks

How does this plugin work ? I need it on a project :D (Great to find you back)

Does the undo redo work for when I am making pages using a theme?

I would just like a undo redo (for example a button) for when I am editing webpages and or text in WP.

the undo/redo for the default WP Editor are already buitin. you didn’t find them in your editor?

you must click this button to show the undo redo buttons

i bought this plugin, and many others for visual composer, and i had a really bad performance when editing, extremely slow, and sometimes visual composer wasnt loading even, my server has a lot of ram, and resources, after deactivating each plugin in my wordpress installation, i discovered, that this undo redo plugin for visual composer was the one wich makes really slow my backend editing.


mohotw Purchased

Hi Our wordpress site have added HTTPS (SSL), but some plugin not satisfy, then Google say that our wordpress sites are unsafe. Do your plugin satisfy the conditions of HTTPS (SSL)?


My plugin is only active in the backend, and it do not add any unsafe content to your website pages.

But if you need help to determine which content is causing the issue, please contacg me on with more details.

Thank you


mohotw Purchased

Thanks for your reply.


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Is there any way to limit the number of steps that the plugin remembers? Maybe to 2-3? If the page has more elements it slows down so much, that I have to disable the plugin, or I can’t edit. I was so frustrated for so many months that Visual Composer is so slow when there are many elements, but just today I discovered that the only reason it was so slow was this plugin!

Please also note, there’s “Clear history” button on each page, just click the gear button on the visual Composer bar


Alex011 Purchased

Adding that option will help a lot. Thanks!

I submitted a new update that included this fix now

This doesn’t work properly for mine. Every time I press back it ruins the visual composer page.

Please provide a refund.

Version 4.12.1 I got it through a theme. Is there a compatible version for 4.12.1?

Yes, it’s compatible with versions from 4.5 to 5 Please let me look at your back-end maybe there’s a JavaScript error that prevent it from running correctly

Sent you an email. Thought it would be more appropriate to talk there.