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I have an element called Teaser on an old website build with the then called “Visual Composer”. Now that I have updated the plugin I get a message that it is obsolete. What’s the new element called the resembles “Teaser”?

I can only add 10 images to media grid. I read somewhere it is the php.ini file on server. What do I need to change in that file to make it where I can add more images to the media grid? Or do you have a better solution so I can create a photo gallery with pagination in my website. Thanks

Post Grid: Is it possible to achieve layouts similar to how Jelly Posts does theirs? Large image next to 2,3,4 smaller images… etc.. (http://jellywp.com/plugin/vc_post_layout/home-large/)

Hello, I am having issues with this plugin when it comes to the “author content” (author_content) div at the end of posts. It seems to be showing the < p > < / p > tags … only in this box though. I haven’t noticed that P tags appearing anywhere else though. Could you please advise?

Hello! I have a problem since the update of wordpress and all my websites with visual composer. when clicking on “save changes” it scroll down the page editor. That’s really irritating. It only happen on chrome, not on firefox or edge. Can you please provide a solution for it ?

Here’s the solution for the people who have a problem not seeing the Visual Composer buttons in the Edit Page / Edit product / etc. etc. Most probably it’s your WP theme that’s not compatible with WP 9. I’ve had the same issue, and solved it quite easily .I’m on a Dutch WP (so no German bugs here).

Here’s how to check: - Copy your WP installation to a test-environment - Install the default WP theme “Twenty Seventeen” and activate it - Go edit a page or product and you see that the buttons are there!

So stop whining, screaming and threatening to the people who make this awesome plugin!! (I don’t type names, but you know who you are) It’s your own fault and not WPBakery!