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Hidden problem with an item – Post Grid. Link: http://www.aidaumnica.com/vse-programmy-dnya-rozhdeniya/ The error in the screenshot: https://yadi.sk/i/NDOplVX13ENTrx

I have purchased a regular license and trying to activate it on my localhost but every time when I press ACTIVATE VISUAL COMPOSER button, it sends me to http://support.wpbakery.com website with a message ‘NO LICENSES FOUND’.

Then I tried to create a support ticket but again problem ie When I go to http://support.wpbakery.com/create-ticket link, it says ‘YOUR SUPPORT IS LIMITED’ and I can’t create a ticket.

I have followed all steps as mentioned in the documentation i.e logout/login again and its more than 2 hours since I purcchased this license but still can it working.

I bought this licnese for quick update but seems I am stuck and would really appreciate quick response please.


Hi i need to have this info please. I moved my website to another hosting all elements build inside it are mades with vc element and after moving the urls appear with old links like images etc. Please can you may help me to find a way to update all urls inside vc elements without do it one by one.. it can be lot bored..

Many Thanks Cheers

Hi, when i open a textarea and put a image into this, i cant make it align center.

In the Textarea Settingspage it is in the center. when i click on safe, it is left align. I have try to disable all plugins, but it is still the same problem.

Please help me.

I am trying to download one of the templates. I have deactivated and reactivated my license two times, as that is the only thing that has been posted here that has worked for someone. Mine will not download. I keep getting the error “Failed to download template”. This is quite frustrating as I’m trying to bang out a page and that template was one of the main reasons I purchased this. Is there another way to download these? Thank you.

$template.get is not a function same error as everyone else. I think it is silly that I purchased a theme with this bundled in but now I have to purchase a support license to get support. You see the 10 threads in comments with this problem- why not solve the problem in public so people can fix it themselves instead of leveraging us for support subscriptions? I have no problem supporting you as a developer, but this is not the way to do so.

If I purchase an extended license, is it possible that I can include this plugin in a free theme? It means I will create a free theme and I will provide the visual composer with the free theme. Is it possible?

Hi, i moved my site to a new Host (PHP 7, WP 4.7.2) the site works, just all pages are blank which were created with composer. in the admin i see the entire post and page with all its elements, but not on the frontend, eveythings empty. what can i do, to have my pages show and texts show up again?

Hello! Regarding the use of Tab Content and or Accordion features, when I add them, it won’t open the 2nd tab/2nd accordion, any idea of why this might be happening? Thank you!

Is it possible to use this plugin with buddypress or bbpress? Looking to give my users the ability to customize their answers.

When i do a test in https://tools.pingdom.com i am getting a connection error under Response codes and it is caused by Visual Composer. (checked every plugin)

I am only getting the error with https sites. http: is fine

Any advice?