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Hi! On my site, recipes are displayed using Custom Post Type UI. If I install the plugin Visual Composer: Page Builder, it does not see these recipes. Can I bring recipes to the main page of the site with your plugin?

Hello, please use support.wpbakery.com and share your temporary website credentials so our support team can investigate your issue and help you out.

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We use WP Engine and have just run their PHP 7 Compatibility Checker: 16 Errors and 1 warning… VC is the only plug-in preventing me from feeling comfortable upgrading to PHP7. (I see above and below that many responses say that VC 5.xx is compatible with PHP7…) Perhaps a chat with WP Engine techs to sort this out?

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Hello, This issue is arising from the compatibility checked plugin and is not actually related to PHP7. You can update the PHP version on the server and you will find that there is no such issue.

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Hi I’m using the Bridge theme which comes with the visual composer. I used it before on my own website (works perfect) and now I’m building one for a friend, gave him the advice to use Bridge, party because of Visual Composer and now it doesn’t work?

where are settings to switch video playlist to https not http it is making my site non https ;-(


I just saw that there is a “Header Designer” for Visual Composer. But this item is currently not more sold on ENVATO. Is this item obsolete? Or is there a function implemented in VC to replace theme´s menu/header? Thanks for your answer – John

My client use this plugin and I have an issue with it. I try to disable google font, added to block with wp_enqueue_style( 'vc_google_fonts_' . vc_build_safe_css_class( $google_fonts_data['values']['font_family'] ), '//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=' . $google_fonts_data['values']['font_family'] . $subsets ); and load this font with Web Font Loader, but I can’t see this style in enqueued styles list. Maybe this happened, because this font enqueued without add_action? How can I catch this font?


I am using the latest version of WP and all my plugins are up to date but my website is only displaying shortcode on the front end rather than the correct formatting.

I tried to create a new page but when I went to add a new element nothing happened.

What is causing the above errors? It’s preventing me from launching a site so please get back to me ASAP.

Thanks, Laura

Hi! How are you? I’ve bought The7 wordpress theme and they gave me use of the Visual Composer plug-in. It started amazing but a few days ago it became extremely slow. Whenever I make a change, the backend editor stops responding for almost 2 minutes, sometimes 5, and then comes back to life. The same happens with the frontend editor. I can’t open a ticket support because I don’t have a license, can you give me hand? I’d really appreciate it. Cheers!

Hi, on Grid builder in Visual Composer,i would like to make a custom query width some custom fields. These were created with “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin but I can’t use the query to do what i want. Is a boolean only, can you help me?

Hi, We’ve purchased the plugin from another account. We have the license but I can’t activate the plugin, it requires me to login to envato with the account I purchased from !!! How can I activate using the license

Can you PLease plEASE pretty please add   in the text editor? Hitting return in the flow of text should look the way a WYSWIG looks no?

Hello, I am using VC now and want to stick with it. Dont want to switch back and forth between other builder tools/

1- However, your backend UI is a bit hard for eyes. There is no border around rows. When we split rows all look seperate from each other. Every row can be rounded by thin border line i guess.

2- Also, you can put plus and negative icons to enlarge and narrow to columns.

there might be some other improvements as well. Could you please consider about your ui design in your coming updates.

3- Almost forget, we also should be able to name the sections. When there are many sections it becomes harder to find relevant part.

4- And, can u give us collapse all option. I collapse one by one and takes time. One last thing, i collapse all sections, but when i hit update button all becomes open again.

Those things above are important especially when we work on large pages.

Thanks in advance We love VC