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Hi – Just bought the plugin, great work. Three issues I could use help with…I’ve searched here and not found answers:

1. I assumed I could use off-site audio files (so I’m not using my server bandwidth) for the audio-only player. I already pay a podcast provider to serve the files and manage the bandwidth. So how can I use the direct links to the MP3 files inside the player (instead of locally hosting the files, which would require me to download them and re-host them). This one is pretty critical for me to be able to do…since it takes links for videos (vimeo, etc) I assumed the audio media could be elsewhere also.

2. There is what appears to be about ~40px above the player when I place it in my theme on a page (like a gap, shifted down from where I want it to be). I know it’s not my theme, because I can place elements (other than your player) right up to the top. Can you tell me the CSS to remove this gap down to zero?

3. Also, the player appears to be about 400px wide. My theme allows about 700px and I’d like to fill it to that width. I’m not good with CSS, could you help me with the CSS I’d need to modify to get this to fit that width? I assumed the width would be a variable that could be easily changed in the admin panel since it said it was fully customization. Would really appreciate the exact syntax to fix this, thanks!

4. Has anyone requested speed controls on the audio player? Like to be able to play the audio file at like 1.5x and 2x? This would be really handy for podcast host playing, which is what I’ll be using it for.


Thanks for purchasing!

1. With the WP plugin you need to upload your audio files to the Media Library. If you want to use off-site files and full customizability then you will need to use the jQuery plugin version of Vimuse.

2. The player applies applies a top margin of 40px to itself. In order to remove it target the .vm-container selector.

3. Use this css to change the max-width of the player:
.vm-stage {
    max-width: 100%;

4. You are the first one to mention speed controls. But I don’t have plans to add this to the player.