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Hi – Just bought the plugin, great work. Three issues I could use help with…I’ve searched here and not found answers:

1. I assumed I could use off-site audio files (so I’m not using my server bandwidth) for the audio-only player. I already pay a podcast provider to serve the files and manage the bandwidth. So how can I use the direct links to the MP3 files inside the player (instead of locally hosting the files, which would require me to download them and re-host them). This one is pretty critical for me to be able to do…since it takes links for videos (vimeo, etc) I assumed the audio media could be elsewhere also.

2. There is what appears to be about ~40px above the player when I place it in my theme on a page (like a gap, shifted down from where I want it to be). I know it’s not my theme, because I can place elements (other than your player) right up to the top. Can you tell me the CSS to remove this gap down to zero?

3. Also, the player appears to be about 400px wide. My theme allows about 700px and I’d like to fill it to that width. I’m not good with CSS, could you help me with the CSS I’d need to modify to get this to fit that width? I assumed the width would be a variable that could be easily changed in the admin panel since it said it was fully customization. Would really appreciate the exact syntax to fix this, thanks!

4. Has anyone requested speed controls on the audio player? Like to be able to play the audio file at like 1.5x and 2x? This would be really handy for podcast host playing, which is what I’ll be using it for.


Thanks for purchasing!

1. With the WP plugin you need to upload your audio files to the Media Library. If you want to use off-site files and full customizability then you will need to use the jQuery plugin version of Vimuse.

2. The player applies applies a top margin of 40px to itself. In order to remove it target the .vm-container selector.

3. Use this css to change the max-width of the player:
.vm-stage {
    max-width: 100%;

4. You are the first one to mention speed controls. But I don’t have plans to add this to the player.


Thanks a lot for your plugin (VIMUSE for wordpress). I bought it this morning and i can’t play youtube playlist with it, i put API key as written.

Thanks a lot for your help

Ok for the purchase icon. I put a playlist in a full page and it is not align vertically :

It seems to be ok by adding in css : vm-playlist { margin: 20px auto 0 auto !important; }

Good to know that you solved the styling conflict.

Embarassing for me, when did it stop working on my client website and why?

How fix?

The player embedded in your page works fine for me.

Yeah, I “fixed” it magically by adding this CSS style:

.me-cannotplay {display: none;}

the player skin is very nice. but it’s very slow. it takes more than 30 second to load on 50 mbps internet. is there any way to fix this problem?

In that case there is not much else that can be done.

okay, is it possible to disable loading animation? I want to disable that animation and load on background

You can use css to hide the player or any specific area of it, but if you need to do more customizations and have your own customized JS then you will need to use the jQuery plugin version of the player.

Hello, pre-purchase question here : Is there a way to have a conitnuous audio background over the website ? Thanks for your information

No, that is not possible with this plugin. This plugin only embeds a player in a single page.

Hi there,

How do i change the size of player? I’m basically trying to get the player to be the same width and height as the column I’ve placed it in

In order to make the player not stay fixed you need to disable the “Fix player on top when scrolling” option. Check the documentation for details.

Are you embedding both player instances in the same page? That will cause a conflict with the css for the two colour schemes. You need to have them in separate pages.

hi thanks for getting back to me the player is now staying in place. is there any work around for having the players on the same page because I have a parralax type one page website? also im trying to change the purchase link into a add to cart button without the page refresh as I’ll be selling beats do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this with your plugin?

If you need to have two differently styled players in the same page then you will need to edit the vimuse-dark.css and <vimuse-light.css files and give the parent container a different class name for each colour scheme. You will then need to ensure that you add that same class to the player container based on the selected scheme in vimuse.php

As for the icons, do you want to only change the default icons used? In that case you will need to edit the css files and add your custom icon.

Pre-sales Question:

Hi there,

Does your plugin offer an adaptive bitrate function for self-hosted videos? In other words: Is it possible to set the bitrate/ quality according to the user’s internet connection?

Thank you

No, that is not supported

Thank you for confirming.


i like your player, but have 2 questions.

1. I need a player which plays also if i change to another page on my website. Does the mp3 player stop, if i change the website?

2. Is there a possibility to create more than 1 playlist? I have different art of music and want to sort them in different playlists.

Kind Regads

Marc Burdorf

1. The player will keep playing only in the page it is embedded

2. You can embed multiple player instances in a single page but a single player instance can have one playlist only.

is this player support embed videos from various server?

The WP plugin version only supports media files that are hosted in your own server (the one where WP is installed). With the jQuery plugin version your can provide the url’s to media files hosted in external files but then you will need to provide all the relevant info of the files in the playlist json as the plugin won’t be able to extract any info from the files.