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Stream live youtube video automatically?

Every time you have live streaming and featured on my site?

This player has not been tested with such videos. Only regular Youtube videos have been tested with it. However, you can give me the link to a sample Youtube streaming video and I can try it and let you know if it will work.

Hi, I just installed Vimuse with current WP but most of the time the player won’t load the content. If I remove all content then I at least see the player interface. Tried adding only one mp3 and it worked a couple of times after slow load. Never worked with multiple mp3 and currently won’t work with just one. Don’t know what is wrong. Please see sample test page:

Thank you

I checked the player in your page and it played all three tracks just fine. Which browser were you testing in?

Hey thanks. Previously I had trouble with Chrome, tried to reload the page scores of times over about 10-15’ and didn’t work. Went away for an hour and came back and it worked…. Don’t understand what happened.

Maybe there was some network issues.


I have a presale question from the envanto account. Does this app have continuous playing when navigating to other pages in the same site?

Sorry, that is not supported.