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Stream live youtube video automatically?

Every time you have live streaming and featured on my site?

This player has not been tested with such videos. Only regular Youtube videos have been tested with it. However, you can give me the link to a sample Youtube streaming video and I can try it and let you know if it will work.


onium Purchased

Hi, I just installed Vimuse with current WP but most of the time the player won’t load the content. If I remove all content then I at least see the player interface. Tried adding only one mp3 and it worked a couple of times after slow load. Never worked with multiple mp3 and currently won’t work with just one. Don’t know what is wrong. Please see sample test page:

Thank you

I checked the player in your page and it played all three tracks just fine. Which browser were you testing in?


onium Purchased

Hey thanks. Previously I had trouble with Chrome, tried to reload the page scores of times over about 10-15’ and didn’t work. Went away for an hour and came back and it worked…. Don’t understand what happened.

Maybe there was some network issues.


I have a presale question from the envanto account. Does this app have continuous playing when navigating to other pages in the same site?

Sorry, that is not supported.

HI Guys,

I mistakenly bought the Vimuse media Layer Extension whilst what I wanted is the plugin that would work with any other theme. Is the a way I can pay the remainder get the plugin instead?

Here is the license of the one I bought. Again I would really appreciate it if you would allow me to do that.

fb0ba529-51c2-41b2-9474-ca90361fc06f – 30 Apr 2017

PS: I would swear under oath that I wouldn’t use this one.

Sincerely and thank you in advance. Nalla

You should see a link to asking for a refund from your list of purchases in your Codecanyon account.

I can’t find such link anywhere in my account or from my downloads page. Could you advice where exactly can I find that link? Thanks again btw.

Hi there,

I bought “Vimuse media Plugin”, however I installed and set as I understood but it seems the loading is taking very long. Please see screenshot here:

Btw my files are quite long, 1 hour+, could that be the reason?

Thank you in advance. Nalla

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Hello again,

I messaged 2 days ago about an issue I am facing with Vimuse Media Player Plugin. I created 3 different play list, but none of them is working. I am not sure what’s the reason but the media files are not loading/ displaying to play. Could you assist me?

Thank you in advance. Nalla

I checked your page and the player there still has mobile detection enabled. To send the login credentials to your WP Admin, please contact me through the message box in my profile page –

As for the refund on your Layers extension purchase, I had approved that several days ago. Please contact Support at CodeCanyon for the reason behind the delay.

ok, I have disabled the mobile detection but it’s still not working, so I sent you via the link you sent me my login. Thank you in advance.

Replied to your email.

Hello again,

I messaged 2 days ago about an issue I am facing with Vimuse Media Player Plugin. I created 3 different play list, but none of them is working. I am not sure what’s the reason but the media files are not loading/ displaying to play. Could you assist me?

Thank you in advance. Nalla


Abiner Purchased

Hi, I have a problem with the player since it does not load. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for purchasing!

Your server has magic_quotes_gpc enabled which interferes with the plugin so you need to disable it.


toby53 Purchased

Player works great for me. Is there a way to embed soundcloud, FB Live or FB videos ? thanks

Thanks for purchasing!

However Soundcloud and FB videos are not supported.

I purchased and installed the plugin however when I attempt to “add playlist items” – add youtube/vimeo/dailymotion video and add radio stream – the whole screen blacks out and blinks and then quickly returns to normal, however, it does not allow me to enter in any urls or links. Please help. thank you. Michael

Thanks for purchasing!

Which browser and OS were you using for this

Hi, I encounter a major visual issue with this plugin in my wordpress theme powered by x theme. Command controls are not at the right place and the whole interface seems very messy and unusable (volume and tracking bar are far frome the location they should be and mask the other controlers). Please help

Thanks for purchasing!

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.


I seem to be having issue displaying the player. I don’t know if you can determine the issue remotely:

I figured it out.

Good to know that.

Hello! Just purchased this plugin and cannot find a way to add media file which is hosted on Amazon S3. Is it possible to play items from AWS? Because in the description it said that self-hosted audio/video files are permitted… Thanks!

So in that case what do you want to do?

I will simply request a refund and discontinue the use of your plugin. Once again, it is great, just does not fulfill my needs at the moment :)


Hi, I was using the plugin for Youtube playlist (via API key) and for some reason it stopped working (tried to change API keys), Anything you can think of?

The Youtube api key has an expiry time so you need to change it. Maybe something went wrong when you generated the new key.

Hello CosmoCoder…

I need your help… we use your plugin Vimuse in Wordpress – with more languages…

we have added subtitles in the player for some languages… we see the subtitles in the frontend behind the “CC” button – and can choose the subtitle we want – and it will displayed without problems..

BUT: we want that the subtitle is choose/viewed from the beginning… e.g. when you open the language “fr” – it should directly display the subtitle for France…

we have added the “Starting langauge for subtitles” in the player (e.g. “fr”) – but it is NOT automatically displayed…

and if we save the option for the player with the “starting language – fr”... the field get automatically blanc again…

What do we wrong? how can we fix this problem?

Thanks for you feedback

Bye, Michael

Thanks for purchasing!

I was able to fix the bug with entered value of the starting language disappearing on save. Please contact me through the message box in my profile page –, so that I can send you the modified file and you can test if it indeed fixes the issue for you.


I have some problems displaying the player as you can see on this page for exemple:

the bar for navigating into a song (timeline) is not displaying and the volume bar is not displaying correctly. I think it has to do with the CSS. Could you help me on this one please ?

Thank you very much

Thanks for purchasing!

I see the layout issue with the player in your page, but it is hard to find the css code that is causing the conflict because the js used to set the time rail’s width is being affected when the player gets loaded and is setting an incorrect width.

Disable your plugins one after the other and try to see if any of the plugins is causing it. If not then some css from your theme is causing it.

Good day! I purchased Vimuse Player WP (ab9ca072-1470-4d15-b76c-51703351ff42 – 18 Oct 2016 REGULAR LICENSE). First, I have not been notified of an update since 3.4.2. Do I need to extend my support or something?

I can not get rid of the ‘Download’ link on the player. I deselected ‘free download’ but the link still appears on the player.

Thank you for the response. Here is a link to an example – . I also noticed that when playing a song, they pop up a new window with a default player instead of playing in the player. I have made a PDF of a player configuration if there a way to attach it to this conversation.

I the meantime, I’ll figure out how to get the latest download to see if that changes anything.

I appreciate your time and support.


I checked your player and only Chrome has an issue with the playing of the tracks, which will most likely be fixed once you upgrade to the latest version. But I didn’t see any download links in the playlist, only purchase links, did you mean those?

Thank you, I should have checked other browsers first. The ‘download’ I’m seeing is the actual words ‘Download Link’ positioned above the previous/next buttons. I have the new bits, just need to copy them over without clobbering my existing configuration. I’ll post back if that solved the problem.