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Hi, is it possible to make filters so that #category-name is added in the url so that category url can be shared and page opens up showing portfolio items from that category.

Hi, by default that isn’t possible but you could customize it a little bit to add that feature.

We also offer customization services. For more info you can contact us at support@apalodi.com

Hi, I read many comments about changing the filter order but when I install the “Custom Taxonomy Order” plugin, as you suggested, I don’t find the Viba Portfolio categories to order. Where I made something wrong? Is there another way to change the taxonomy order?


Yes, there is another way.

Now I use the plugin “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order” and it works like a charm.



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I sent you a support email 2 days ago and haven’t heard back..

I resolved some issues but am still having problems displaying a single category on one page. I tried to create a new style and enter the category slug in the Query option but it won’t save. I can not enter a tag either. What am I doing wrong?

About the grid, I would also like to know how to make the entire thumbnail clickable..?

Thanks a lot Gabi

Hi, we have answered your email regarding these problems.

Hello, is the following behaviour possible with your plugin: - showing posts that contain video AND text in a lightbox pop up - portfolio filterable by categories - portfolio with pagination to first show only a few posts and then skip through the others - being responsive – working with siteorigin page builder Do you have an online demo especially for this case?

Hi, this is a portfolio plugin that is used to display portfolio items and not posts. The option to display posts will be added in the 2.0 version in the next few months.


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your demo version not work .your site

Hi, it works for us. Is it still not working for you?


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yes http://savepic.net/8579787.png firefox and ghrome

Is it working now? Try refreshing few times to clear the cache.

Tutorial youtube ?

Hi, there are no YouTube tutorials. There is an online documentation http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/documentation/

I can not do the gallery

Contact us at support@apalodi.com with your site link so we can see better.

Hi we would a specific filter to our project protfolio

For exemple we would on portfolio page (http://www.architecte-interieur-boulogne.fr/realisations/) a filter like this:

Line1: Filter 1 – Filter 2 – Filter 3 – Filter 4 – Filter 5 Line2: Filter A – Filter B – Filter C – Filter D – Filter E

For exemple: When we click on Filter 1, we have Filter A and Filter D When we click on Filter 2, we have Filter B and Filter C

When we click on Filter A, we have Filter 1 and Filter 4 When we click on Filter C, we have Filter 2 and Filter 5

Hi, this isn’t possible by default. That would be a customization that we could do for you for a specific price. If you need it let us know at support@apalodi.com


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1.Hello! You can make friends with your plugin Viba Portfolio in templates ( “Kallyas” best top template ) ? Invalid header, to fix
2. Does the support QUERY customization options – add the ability to take the news with Pages or Post. ? maybe future ,please add..


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“At this moment only portfolio can be displayed. Posts and other types will be available in the future.”

tell and how much longer to wait :)? I want to try

Probably in 3-4 months. We are working on a big update that will have lots of functionalities.


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big thx , i wait good news in future :)

Having a hard time creating new styles. I want to display the same style but on different pages for other categories. The duplicated styles aren’t displaying like the original one. I sent you an email about this too about an hour ago. Please help. *It would be awesome to be able to DUPLICATE styles.*

Hi, it’s hard to say when this will be ready, several months. That is a plan for the version 2. That version will have lots of other features too.

You don’t need to create different style for categories. Viba supports category archive page where the default style is used to display portfolio items only from that category. Example. http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/portfolio-category/branding/

What I mean is like this section. It has 5 categories. Each category has its own page, but all categories look the same. http://wp.sanjuanconstruction.com/projects/

I may be looking at it too complicated. Maybe if the default style was able to be modified I wouldn’t have to create 5 different ones?

You could modify the viba category template and add that section that will be displayed on all category archives.

Hi! I have a pre-sale question: are the headings on the single pages “Date”, “Client”, “Categories” and “Tags” customizable? I guess they are though I couldn’t find how in the documentation (as I haven’t bought a license yet I don’t have the possibility to look at the admin interface).


Hi, yes it is. Every text is customizable.

It’s in the documentation translations tab http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/documentation/#translate

Ah, ok, thank you (also for the extrem quick reply). And if I want complete different kinds of information there i.e. a value for a height, a location or any other custom terms and values. Can I use the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin for this or at least WP Custom Fields?

You can rename the categories and tags to something else and enter that data.

At this moment there is no option to add more custom fields by default. You could easy customize that template to add your data. http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/documentation/#dev-intro

Hi, It may be helpful to create a page with all the styles on one page in your demo site It’s very annoying having to go through each style page and then another 3 within them.

Hi, if there was one page with 200+ styles it would be a very long page. We will try to make a better demo page to showcase all styles.

Hello, i’ve notice that this plugin is using all memory/cpu of my host, is this normal? I’ve checked with p3 plugin


Hi, there shouldn’t be any problem with that. We have tested it with other popular plugins and Viba Portfolio is using less.

Email us at support@apalodi.com with your site link and admin info so we can check it out.

Hello, I have a couple of pre-purchase research questions for you. I’m looking for a portfolio plugin with a base aesthetic much life yours but I’m curious about a few things.

Does your plugin support native Post formats yet or only your custom Portfolio Post type, or both? If you only allow for your own custom Portfolio Post type to be used, is it possible to customize the single portfolio item view layouts on an individual level without too much fuss?

I see in a message 3 months ago above that you mentioned to another person that Post display would be coming in the next few months. Post display functionality that includes selection by Post Category and/or Post Tags would be a major deciding factor for me in purchasing your plugin. I would be eager to purchase your plugin if these functionalities were in place :)

It is important to me to be able to be able to future-proof as much as possible for possible theme and plugin changes as much as I can, as well as have full control over every item’s layout in the individual portfolio item view. Thanks!

Hi, feature to display posts isn’t available yet.

This plugin has templates that you can overwrite with your theme (like WooCommerce) so with every new theme you have the option to integrate it with that theme. http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/documentation/#dev-intro

Can I add a search tool? to search only the portfolio items. let me know.

Hi, yes there is a search widget that searches only portfolio items. http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/widgets/

Hi! Is it possible to center the filtering result? Actually the filtered result is always aligned to the left. Is there any option? TY in advance!

Hi, there is no option to center the filtering results. Viba is using Isotope packery layout and there is no easy solution for that.

Does not you portfolio plugin have custom categories possibility? Can I open an external link inside a lightbox? If yes, where can I find it on the demo? Thank you.

Hi, Viba has categories and tags. If you look at this page you will see them http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/work/packing-list/

External links can’t be opened inside a lightbox.

They don`t or they don`t with your plugin? Because Im already doing that: esites.pro/escolher-site/ Its just an iframe inside a lightbox. Tks.

They don’t with Viba Portfolio. You could customize it so it opens but you will need to know a little bit about javascript and magnific popup jquery plugin.


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Hi apalodi! congrats for your plugin! i have a problem with your plugin when i try to access to porfolio options. There is a javascript error with redux:

ReferenceError: redux is not defined /wp-content/plugins/viba-portfolio/includes/admin/extend-redux/extensions/vp_style/vp_style/field_vp_style.js?ver=1:5

i have correctly installed the latest version of redux framework plugin.

could you help me to solve this issue?

thank you in advance!

Hi, could you send us your admin login info at support@apalodi.com so we can see better what is happening.


ciclick Purchased

mail sent! thank you so much!

Can I make it 6 columns? also the search can be use with shortcode?

Can use a side bar on the description project page? http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/work/workspace/

Is there a way to not use the loading feature, just load the page like a regular page. without the ajax feature?

Hi, yes you can have 6 columns. Search is a widget so you can add it like any other widget.

Sidebar by default isn’t available but you could add it.

That loading part isn’t ajax, it’s just a preloader that waits for the images to load. At this moment there is no option to disable.

For some reason I get page not found when clicking on a single project.

Just emailed you, thank you

Hi, we responded on your email.