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Hello, regarding the feature with the dropdown, is it possible to put several dropdown filters for several categories ?

Thank you for your answer. But if I do that, I can’t update the plugin.

You don’t modify the plugin files, you overwrite the plugin templates by copying it to your theme. It’s just like WooCommerce or Visual Composer templates.


OK. Cool ! Thanks again

I am getting a template conflict issue and also when I click on a portfolio item it shows a 404 page error.

Hi, your support has expired. You need to renew support. It woudn’t be fair to people who buy support.

When you renew the support contact us at support@apalodi.com with your site link.

Of course, I will renew it now :)

The plugin doesn’t show in the admin for my client who I have set up as an editor user

Hi, you must give that user Viba Manager role. You can use this plugin to do that https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/


Gulle Purchased


first of all great plugin!

We use it inside a theme and we also use the visual composer plugin. On a portfolio item single page we don’t want any item information from the plugin. We just want a blank page like the basic page template. We want to build the page ourself using the visual composer. How is it possible to disable all informations from the plugin on the portfolio item single page?

Thank you.


Gulle Purchased

And another question. We enabled “Portfolio Ajax”, but the loader button ist still not visible. It is hidden.

.viba-portfolio-loader { .... opacity: 0; visibility: hidden; ...... }

Hi, your support has expired. You need to renew support. It woudn’t be fair to people who buy support.

When you renew the support contact us at support@apalodi.com with your site link.


Gulle Purchased

Hi, is it possible to link to a page on which a portfolio is integrated and preselect filters?

Best Regards!

Hi, at this moment that isn’t possible. We will think about adding that feature in some of the future updates.


rondri Purchased

Hello, great plugin!. One question: how could I remove all links from portfolio elements

Hi you will need to change the format to link and leave the link empty http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/documentation/#new-link


Didoz Purchased


I need your help in something, some filters are showing empty even when i have selected images in that filter, how i can change that option?


Didoz Purchased

Ok i emailed you


Didoz Purchased

Please can you reply to my email?

Hi, we answered your email.

Hi, can you tell me if the latest version of your plugin works with PHP 7 please, I am running an older version which does not work under PHP 7

Hi, current demo page is using PHP 7 and everything works ok.

Sir. I bought your theme ‘Lumino’ a week ago and my site is running smoothly with your theme. Now I want to add some codes to Ajax loaded content.(imgs to slider). So I enqueued custom.js script.

Since I am not a developer, I don’t know what to put there with conditional code. Can you help me out?

[code] jQuery(“body”).on(‘click’,’ a.viba-portfolio-link’,function(e) { var vb_slider = jQuery(’.viba-portfolio-single-description img’).wrap(‘ ‘); jQuery(’.fade’).slick({ dots: true, infinite: true, speed: 500, fade: true, cssEase: ‘linear’ }); })

Hi, Viba Portfolio already has slider support, you don’t need to custom js.

You need to select the “Gallery” format and then upload images http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/documentation/#new-gallery

Scrollbar disappear if i´m out of window size without a an browser error. Is there a possiblility to set this up steady available?

Hi, can you give us your site link so we can see what is happening.

I need to make the search work, need to be kind of shortcode or php call. and also I want to enable the DIVI builder for the projects single page, it looks does not work. please help.

Hi, there is a custom search widget. You can use wordpress default the_widget function to get the search https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_widget

If there is no builder on the single projects then you will need to enable the Viba Portfolio custom post type in the builder settings.

How can I make the search function work. like this search http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/widgets/

I don’t see the widget on the widgets area. please advice.

You will need to enable archives in the portfolio options. Main archive page is not needed. Here is a blog post that can help you if the layout isn’t right on the search pages http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/blog/how-to-integrate-viba-portfolio-with-themes/

if it there are way to customize the single page without messing the core plugin.

I don’t know what you mean by that. Please send us your site link with detailed informations (maybe screenshots) about what you mean at support@apalodi.com

I enable the archive, but I have a project page with an existing layout and use the shortcode to display the portfolios, so now the enable archive overwrite my existing portfolio page.

Don’t use the main archive page. Just enable archives if you need the category and tags archive pages.

how to make the archive page and applied the same setting that I do on the portfolio options. I need to display 6 columns for large screen, 5 to small screen, 4,3,2,1 same thing that I do on options. how can I do it.?

The Default style is used on archive pages. So whatever settings you choose for the Default style will be applied.

I enable the archive, then don’t select any page just not to overwrite my main portfolio page, but when I use the search, it loads me the default serach page from the theme. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You sent me this code jQuery( ‘a[data-isotope-filter]’ ).on( ‘click’, function( event ) { event.preventDefault();

var $this = jQuery( this ),
        filter = $this.attr( 'data-isotope-filter' );
$this.parents( '.et_pb_section' ).find( 'a' ).removeClass( 'selected' );
$this.addClass( 'selected' );
jQuery( '.viba-portfolio' ).apalodi_isotope( { filter: filter } );

Where should I put it?

Hi, we answered your email about this.

Hi sir, Please, is there a way to create a gallery of items where each item is not clickable to open a new page?

Hi, you can do that by changing the portfolio item format to link and leaving the link empty http://plugins.apalodi.com/viba-portfolio/documentation/#new-link

Thanks a lot sir.

Link on image does not work for me, I check the source code at viba-portfolio/templates/loop/item-media.php, and I see the link code, but on the front end it does not do anything, I need to click it on the title. but It must me clickable on the image as well.

Hi, sorry for this late answer. To make the image clicable you will need to add this custom CSS

.viba-portfolio-cover, .viba-portfolio-cover-fixed,
.viba-portfolio-overlay { pointer-events: none }
.viba-portfolio-likes, .viba-portfolio-item-button { pointer-events:auto } 

Hello, I purchased additional support on this item and have contacted you a third time today. The first time we contacted you was two weeks ago. Can you please check your support requests and get back to me? The site is live and has had an issue for two weeks now.

Hi, sorry for this late answer, we have answered you email.

Thanks mate.


Interested in your plugin. May I know is the plugin can be achieve as this http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i328/josephcvh/sample_portfolio_zpsma3dsihn.jpg?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks, Joseph

Hi, yes you can achive that but instead of the plus icon it will be either zoom icon or the link icon, depends if you want to show only image in a lighbox or link to the portfolio item.