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Please consider making this work with Beaver Builder

I would buy this if it did


Hi, I’m affraid we don’t have such plans at the moment.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hello there! I just purchased this plugin, however, I cannot get it to work. I followed the instructions, I have Visual Composer installed, and I added it using the drag and drop and it just won’t appear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, This is most likely a simple z-index issue. Please PM us at with a link to page where our plugin is turned on but “doesn’t appear”. – we’ll reply with steps to fix it.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


I have Visual Composer installed and when I finish the process of selecting all the colors and settings for the particles and press save it just disappears and nothing happens. I update and then check and still nothing.



Please provide us some more details on Wordpress you are using.

1. Which version of WP are you using? 2. Which version of Visual Composer are you using? 3. What theme are you using?

You can also PM us at with your wp-admin credentials. We’ll check the problem – this will speed up the troubleshooting.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hello I just sent you a message :) Thank you

We’ve just replied!

Hello, i’m purchase your plugin, VC Particles Background, i’m install the plugin, ans see nothing in my row at visual composer.

I’m using Impreza Themes, with latest Visual Composer.

Please help me.. thanks.

Hey, Our plugin appears in “Add Element” popup not in row settings. Please add the element the same way you are adding other elements (text blocks, etc.).

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi, great plugin although I have a responsiveness issue. Is there a way to reduce the number of particles for mobiles? I’m currently using 80 particles which looks good on large screens but becomes too confusing on smaller screens. Is there a way around it perhaps? Thanks!

Which version of the plugin do you use? Also, we can’t identify you as a buyer of our item. Please PM us at and provideo a purchase code.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

I use version 1.2, it was in a bundle package for the Uncode WordPress theme which I bought last week. You can view the live version here : when displaying it on mobile screen size you will see that the number of particles is a bit too much. I was looking to find a solution to reduce the particle numbers on smaller resolution to make it look better. Thanks!

Hi, Density feature has been added in version 1.3 – it looks like Uncode theme is using older version.

Please ask your theme developer to update our plugin or purchase it yourself to get instant access to updates.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team.

Hello good afternoon.

When you activate the interaction, no buttons or text that is along with the effect works.

Everything stops working. Is this reparable?

Hey, You are most likely using older version of plugin. Interactivity was experimental since 1.3 version. Please update to 1.3

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


qoardo Purchased

Is it possible to reverse the effect on hover, normally the screen is filled with particles but I like to let the particles be seen under the cursor and the rest of the screen blank .

Hi, Unfortunatelly there is no such feature.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


b-mp Purchased


Does the plugin work on multisites?

Grtz, Franky

Hi, Yes, it does :)

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team