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I can’t figure out for the life of me how to get this plug-in to work as a header on my blog page?

Are there any instructions that explain how to use this? How do I get a refund if this doesn’t work?

Please advise.


Hello, This plugin adds background to Visual Composer Row. You just have to add the VC Particles Background element (from Add Element window in Visual Composer) to the row and that’s it!.

You can find Envato refund policy here:

Also, you can always send us ( your wp-admin password. We’ll check the problem.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


My particles do not work on https


help me :/

Hey, This is not https issue. It’s a incompatibility with the theme. Your theme uses modified markup of Visual Composer – so your VC Row is not really a VC Row.

We can fix it. Can you PM us ( with your wp-admin access? We will change the code of our plugin to match your theme.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi, plugin integration and js script work perfectly thank you a lot. Great job ! Is there any way (custom js or anything else) to make rows content clickable when activating Interactivity (eg: mailto link). Vincent Garreau manage it on his personnal website. Could be very very useful.Thank you a lot

Well, just reduce the chrome window or use the dev console and become a scrollable website. I guess, the issue is your plugin create an over layer and it’s now really a full “real” background integrated. That’s why you have a problem with row content clickable. Can you see for a integration on the background toggle of VC ? A good example is

You’re last update is 2015. Will you really work on it in the next weeks or do I have to manage with another solution ? Thank you

Hey, We have this one on our to-do list for this month, so you can expect an update in next 2-3 weeks.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hey, “Well, just reduce the chrome window or use the dev console and become a scrollable website. ” – This was actually not the case. The background at is fixed, so it’s ease to capture mouse XY on window.

Anyway, we’ve finished modifying the plugin and the update is currently in review queue.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


I read that you also have a version with the ‘push’ interaction implemented.. Where can I get this version – I already bought VC Particles Background

Grtz, Franky

Hey, The interactive feature is still in experimental phase. To enable it please set “Interactivity” to “true” in element settings.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

I just bought the VC Particles Background plugin and I installed it on my site – He works with Jupiter wordpress theme with a visual editor. I have no problems with running this plug-in, I put a background, I have changed some settings to make the particles as I want them to be but I can not add text or a picture in front of them. When I try to add text for example The text stays above the particles but not in front of them, i.e., they dont stand behind the text.

Can you help me with this problem?

Hey, Please provide some more details. Whats browser/os are you using? We’ve just checked on Win10 + IE11/Edge/Chrome/FF and it’s working fine

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi! The install of your plugin went well, but when I load my page the particles are unpropotional and blurry. When i resize the whole browser the particles fall in to the way they should. How can I fix this?


Hi! It’s an incompatibility with the theme. You have a row set to 100height of viewport. It’s resized by javascript and our script runs earlier and takes dimesions before the js resize.

We could try modifying the plugin to make it compatible, but we’d need your wp-admin access. You can PM us at

If you don’t want to do this – we are unable to help. In such case please file for a refund.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Let me ask you how to add a text on VC Particles Background

Hey, This plugin adds a background to a row.

You can still use all the VC elements in the same row, just add them next to “VC Particles Background” element, not inside.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hey, i just purchased your plugin.. But i cant get to apear in visuel composer. This is my linsence: 3215c9f8-2135-4d04-a010-44e3940d0f4c

Hi, Thanks for contacting support.

1. Are you sure that the plugin is activated? 2. The plugin should appear in VC “Add Element” window. This is the same window you use to add text elements, etc. Are you sure it’s not there?

You can also PM us with you wp-admin credentials at – we’ll check it.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

It won’t install as a plugin on wordpress…how do i install it? Manually in my file editor? If so, which folder do i upload to?

Hey, There are 2 files available for download from Envato. Are you sure you are trying to install the right file? The first zip (the one that has another zip inside.) is not a plugin. Please install the other file available for download or the zip inside first zip :) Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

I figured out installation…however when i add the element i can’t make it show. i’ve removed background image of row and all of that stuff…what settings do i need for the row?

Hi, Please PM us with a link to the page – we’ll check the problem. Our mail is

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Sorry for multiple comments. I got it working, however i can’t make it fullwidth. What do i do to make it fullwidth without having to use “enable full width columns in this row”?

Hey, Please us “Full Width Backround” setting of the row.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

So..I couldn’t find a way to make this work without enabling fullwidth columns. Now…my problem is that it will only show on ONE row at a time. even when i’ve placed the element in multiple rows..

Hey, Have you been duplicating the VC Particles elements? Every element on one page should have unique “ID” parameter. When duplicating it stays the same. Please change it manually.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi There

I have just bought the particles background add on. I have manage to install it fine and have it working. However, it does not seem to be the full width / height of the row.

How do I get it to do this?

Thanks Laura

Hey, Please PM us at – we’ll check the problem.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


Livaneli Purchased


I’m loving your plugin! But I’m having one small issue. The particles seem to be stuck inside a invisible box. They aren’t using the entire background.

Any idea how I can fix this?


Hey, Thanks for contacting us. This is most likely (it’s hard to debug with a screenshot) happening because the plugin fills the row and the row width is set to be not 100% width. Please use setting “Row stretch” of VC Row and set it to “Stretch row and content” or “Row width” to “Full width content” (depending on VC version).

Then you can add a row inside that row to mainain content width.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


Livaneli Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply :) It’s fixed!

Great to hear that. If you need any help in future please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi How I can edit the particles without using VC on WordPress. I want to edit it using the link you provided “play on particles.js playground” and export with my particles settings and have the file like “demo file” on download folder.

Hey, This is actually not possible, but we are looking forward to including such feature in update.

In meantime, we can prepare a Wordpress shortcode for you if you PM us the exported settings to

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


ressoh Purchased


I have purchased your plugin but not working with my Pulse theme.

Can you help here?

Thank you

Hey, Sure!

Please PM us a link to page where the plugin is turned on, but not working. This is most likely a small incompatibility with the theme, very easy to fix.

Our mail is

Best, Alex Boom Apps