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I just bought this plugin and don’t see any option to add particles background to a row!!

I have WPBakery Visual Composer Version installed. Why is this not working at all???

Hey, Thanks for contacting us.

The plugin should appear in “Add Element” popup – with the list of all elements.

Are you sure the plugin is activated?

Best, David Boom Apps Team

Hey Developer, I have a website based on Salient theme with the following demo:

as you can see, there is a video running behind the page, I want to put interactive particle using your plugin, is it possible to do so? If you can assure me, I ll buy this definitely.

Hey Thanks for contacting us!

The answer is yes – this will be possible :)

Best, David Boom Apps Team

Hello, I have correctly installed the plugin and I have added it to my page, but still it does not show the particles. I created a demo page so you can see

Hey, We’ve checked the link and the particles seems to work: On what device/os/browser are you experiencing the issue?

Best, David Boom Apps Team


Wobblefin Purchased

hi i am using the latest version, read through your comments and saw others have the had the same issue. before refering me to write up tickets etc, why is the interactivity not working? Has it go something to do with the Z index? It worked when i first put it into a row and check the frontend, then when i updated some item it never worked. I deleted the plugin, installed again, purged cache etc but still the interactivity settings have gone!

Hey, Please provide us a link ( to a page where this happens we’ll check this.

This sometimes happens when a theme is using a modified version of Visual Composer and is usually very easy to fix.

Best, David Boom Apps Team


We emailed a couple of weeks ago, but we didn’t receive a reply. We are having a problem that when you view the website on a phone, the dots will disappear if the user scrolls, the dots do return if the page is refreshed.

Please may you advise on how we can fix this,

Here a link to the site with a unmodified version of the plugin –

Kind regards,


Hey, We’ve done some testing on the link you’ve provided and unfortunatelly we are unable to provide a solution here. Your theme is using customs scrolling behaviour and the html markup of Visual Composer elements is heavily modified. I’m affraid our plugin and your theme are incompatible and there is no easy solution for it.

Of course, you can file for a refund which will be granted immediately.

Best, David Boom Apps Team


Neuroart Purchased

Hello, I bought this background but I am having difficulties to install, when I will import the files apacere an error. Could you explain me the step by step?

Thank you!


Hi, Installing this plugin is no different than any other plugin. What error are you getting?

Also, there are 2 zip files available to download from Envato (whole package and Wordpress plugin itself). Are you sure you are uploading the correct one?

Best, David Boom Apps Team


You and I spoke over a year ago when I first purchased many of your Visual Composer plugins.

I’m working on a new implementation here using the VC Particles Background and am running into an issue with the interactivity.

The problem is that the interactivity for clicks isn’t working properly with particles.js. I can see in your script that you have it specified for “push” and the particles_nb is set to 4.

I’ve actually used particles.js before in manual installs, and as far as I can tell this should be working. I’ve been trying to track down the problem without success. I looked at the pointer-events and that is not the problem.

The hover functionality is working just fine. But when I click on a desktop nothing seems to happen. Strangely when I click on a mobile device it looks like it recognizes the click, but no new nodes (circles) are introduced.

Do you have any idea what the problem is here? It’s frustrating because other than this one issue everything else is working perfectly.

I hope you can help!

~ Michael

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick reply!

I agree this is strange. I think it is likely some sort of script conflict, or perhaps there is a bug you have overlooked.

Just so you know I am a developer (front-end), and can work with you jointly to figure this out.

I can’t provide you with direct access because this is on our new social media platform which is not yet live (we’re still a few months away). Instead I can try out edits/tests you have in mind to correct this. I have a local version here that I can experiment with to pin-point the problem.

I can modify the script directly in the DOM (developer tools), or try anything you can think of. Just let me know.

The hover function is working perfectly. The issue is specific to clicks. I really want to figure this out because it’s the final thing in this small project.

~ Michael

Hi David,

Any word on helping me to troubleshoot my issue? I’d greatly appreciate it…

~ Michael


For start troubleshooting I’d try modifying the JS file (vcparticlesbackground.js) and replace the settings for particlesJS() function with working raw settings from ParticlesJS playground (

This would exclude any misconfiguration or a problem with parsing Visual Composer parameters, etc.

Please let me know if that works.

Best, David Boom Apps Tem

hello, Can I use this plugin with ver4.9 without any problems?

Hey, Yes – it’ll work :)

Best, David Boom Apps