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how can I add different colors particles like this:

I’ve bought this plugin but unable to set different colors

Hello, This plugin doesn’t feature different colors for particles.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Does it work on wordpress 4.7.1? I need to update mine.

Hey, Yes – it will work with no problems.

Best, Boom Apps Team

I have the same Problem. Particles is either a small line or isn’t an option to choose. Since I bought the Theme with VC and then added the Particle Background I have no Idea if the Problem is the Theme. How do I find out? I already spend hours. Can I give Particles back in case the Theme is the Problem? Thanks

Hey, Please contact us at with precise description of the issue. Also, providing us your wp-admin password will be helpful.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi boom-apps,

Is it possible to have the VC animation over two sections in VC or in two different sections? When I try it, the animation gets only displayed in one section:

VC Backend:


Hey, Sure it’s possible. I guess you’ve duplicated the effect and the id remained the same. The id must be unique for a page.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Worked. Thank you very much! :D

I just bought the particles background for VC and I do not see any installation instructions. Please help.

Hey, The plugin adds background to VC Row. If the height of VC Row is 1px (row is empty) the background will be 1px height also.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Best, Boom Apps Team

I am trying to put an image over the particles in a parallax layer. If I add the particles to a row they appear in the background and images appear over the particles. But if I change the “Row Type” to “Parallax” rather than “Row” The particles disappear. It seems the particle container cannot be found even in the source code. See here.

Hey, We’ve checked few things. We’d require access to your wp-admin to troubleshoot. Please contact us privatelly at

Best, Boom-Apps Team

Hi I’ve purchased the bundle only to find out that now of the backgrounds are actually working for me.

I’m using Salient Theme with BrainstormForce Ultime Add Ons for VC and Kaswara addons for VC.

I’ve tried disabling plugins and trying it as well to no avail.

Yeah I meant none.

I’ve emailed you just now

Have you received my email?

Hey, Yes, sorry for the delay. We are experiencing bigger ammount of emails lately. We will anwer as soon as possible.

Best, Boom-Apps Team

Hi, I purchased the plugin and I had to do several tweaks to apply the background to the entire page instead of a single VC row. However, the browsers end up consuming more than 60 fps using this plugin, which is not ideal at all! I tried deactivating the movement and reducing the number of particles, but there are still performance issues for my requirements. I can’t use this plugin and I would like to request a refund. Please let me know, thanks!

Hello, Basicly, we will refund if the item is broken. However, you are the first person in 1,5 year reporting performace issues, so we’d need to confirm some details – we’ll try to troubleshoot/confirm issue first.

Please contact us at

1) What environment are you using? Please provide info about CPU, RAM, OS, web browser, screen resolution.

2) Does the plugin demo page also encounter performance issues?

3) Please provide us a link to page where the problem appears

Best, Boom Apps Team


Can you map an area of text that it mustn’t go over, for readability?

Hey, Unfortunatelly there is no such feature.

I would recommend choosing such colors&settings that the particles woudn’t lower text readibility.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Is there a way to use multiple images as particles? I would like to use this plugin to animate our client logos. So far I only see the option to use a single image. If it’s not possible in the vanilla version, do you have a recommendation for editing the source code? CSS spritesheets, or javascript arrays, or something like that?

Hey, This is not possible even with vanilla JS version.

You can try to modify the plugin. This will not be hard if you have experience with JS.

Start looking at line 463 of unminified version of particles.js file. There is function draw() and inside: pJS.canvas.ctx.drawImage(img_obj…..

Img_obj is the interresting variable. It’s holding the image. You’d have to create multiple img_obj’s somewhere before in the code and then randomize – at one time render img_obj, at other img_obj1, etc.

We are also available for freelance and we can do such modification.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Thank you, I’ll dig into that and see what I can figure out. Is this the best point of contact if I have more questions?

Sure. The best way to contact us is email =>

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2. It is important to be able to click elements in the foreground (like a button or form) when the particles are set to interactive. I did some quick experimenting and found that setting “pointer-events: none;” to “pointer-events: auto;” on the foreground element seemed to correct this problem. I tested this in both Chrome and Firefox and it worked. But I think this should be fixable on the plugin’s back-end. I’ve actually seen this working by default in other implementations of particle.js in VC.

I do hope I can use this plugin, but these two issues must be solved…


Hey, Interactivity is currently in experimental stage (as stated in items description).

It’s not as easy to just set pointer-event to auto or all, because elements in a row are very often very wide and the cover the html5 canvas. Mouse events are recorded on canvas, so when it’s covered it doesn’t work correctly.

So currently it’s no interactivity and clickable content or vice versa.

Also, we are working on an update to make this work, but this is not as simple as it seems to be.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi! The plugin doens’t work. See second screen: I use the Movedo template from themeforest. Could you please help me? Thanks!

Hey, This is easy-to-fix incompatibility with the theme. We’ve sent you info on email.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi! :) Great plugin.

But I cant get the particle background to stay behind any content. The content just pushes the whole background down. Any suggestions on what to do?


Hey, Thanks for contacting us! Could you please contact us at with a link to page where we can see the problem?

This is most likely small incompatibility with the theme which we can fix in seconds.

Best, Boom Apps


Maddl Purchased


I bought your plugin and all works well. The only problem is that if I set to “particle number” value “200” by a 5k screen up to a resolution of 1920 px it’s perfect, but on smaller screens create some problems because the particles become too much into a small space.

there is the possibility, via js, to scale the number of particles based on the width of the monitor with a media query?

Thank you so much.

My very best

Hey, Thanks for the idea, we will implement this feature in next update.

Meanwhile, you can edit vcparticlesbackground.js at line 26 and play with the density.value_area parameter.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

The live demo is nice and all, but the first two images in the Screenshots section are virtually useless since you can see the exact same thing looking at the demo.

Could you instead post a collage of all the possible settings you can do in the backend? General, Sizing, Opacity, Movement, Line linking? Thanks!

Hey, Sure! Please refer to All the settings except interactivity (it’s still experimental) are supported.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi i have downloaded the plugin and installed it. is there any documentation on how to get this going? i have no clue Thanks

Hello, There is no documentation because it’s very simple.

You just have to add the element to your VC Row – as you can see in this screenshot:

Best, Boom Apps Team


sirconic Purchased

Works. But I get a PHP Error Message: “Undefined index: particles_shape_image_src in ..plugins/vcparticlesbackground/vcparticlesbackground.php on line 72” Any idea?

Hello, “Undefined index” message is just a notice, not an error.

In production environments such notices should be disabled. First, please check if you have WP_DEBUG flag enabled in your wp-config.php file. It should be set to false.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


dalekdj Purchased

hi i want the settings of vc particles for the first demo ( i want to make the same too) how is possible to have it?


dalekdj Purchased

i’ve found it in the js of html5 demo : thanks anyway! :)

script possible for siteorigins? stay high :-)