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I can’t figure out for the life of me how to get this plug-in to work as a header on my blog page?

Are there any instructions that explain how to use this? How do I get a refund if this doesn’t work?

Please advise.


Hello, This plugin adds background to Visual Composer Row. You just have to add the VC Particles Background element (from Add Element window in Visual Composer) to the row and that’s it!.

You can find Envato refund policy here:

Also, you can always send us ( your wp-admin password. We’ll check the problem.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


My particles do not work on https


help me :/

Hey, This is not https issue. It’s a incompatibility with the theme. Your theme uses modified markup of Visual Composer – so your VC Row is not really a VC Row.

We can fix it. Can you PM us ( with your wp-admin access? We will change the code of our plugin to match your theme.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi, plugin integration and js script work perfectly thank you a lot. Great job ! Is there any way (custom js or anything else) to make rows content clickable when activating Interactivity (eg: mailto link). Vincent Garreau manage it on his personnal website. Could be very very useful.Thank you a lot

This is easy to do on full screen sites, on scrollable sites it’s a bit harder. We are looking into possibilities and we will most likely include this feature in an update. However, I’m unable to say when this will happen.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Well, just reduce the chrome window or use the dev console and become a scrollable website. I guess, the issue is your plugin create an over layer and it’s now really a full “real” background integrated. That’s why you have a problem with row content clickable. Can you see for a integration on the background toggle of VC ? A good example is

You’re last update is 2015. Will you really work on it in the next weeks or do I have to manage with another solution ? Thank you