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UserPro Lite

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UserPro Lite

We understand that one size does NOT fit all!

Now you can build your own searchable members directory using most needed features of UserPro

Here is the lighter version of User Pro? User Pro Lite

Registration, login and profile management plugin to give your users a smooth profile management solution. UserPro Lite - 2 UserPro Lite - 3  Social connect and integration (1 click auto signup / signin) – Allow users with Social Media Accounts to signin/register instantly
UserPro Lite - 4  Create unlimited custom profile fields of any type? text, drop-down, radio, checkboxes, multiselect
UserPro Lite - 5  Give each registration form an automatic assigned user role (subscriber, customer, manager, etc.)
UserPro Lite - 6  Viral marketing – Auto post to users? Twitter Timeline (Optional / Custom message)
UserPro Lite - 7  Compatible with all properly coded WP themes and plugins!
UserPro Lite - 8  Fully responsive and looks perfect on any screen size
UserPro Lite - 9  5 ready-to-use skins already included (Elegant, Default, Blue, Dark, Pure)
UserPro Lite - 10  Unlimited CSS Support? Easily create and apply custom CSS and styles to the plugin
UserPro Lite - 11  Includes RTL Stylesheet (right-to-left language supported)
UserPro Lite - 12  Unlimited Google Fonts Support
UserPro Lite - 13  350+ FontAwesome Icons for your profile fields and social networks!
UserPro Lite - 14  Available in 7 Languages – English (US), Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese
UserPro Lite - 15  Translation Ready!
UserPro Lite - 16  Automatic SEO – Friendly URL for every user Control which fields are required for registering, which fields users can edit, which fields are private and more!
UserPro Lite - 17  Send an invitation to specific users to register
UserPro Lite - 18  Enforce strong passwords using Password strength meter
UserPro Lite - 19  Profile and background pictures uploading from registration form
UserPro Lite - 20  Enable user role selection on registration form
UserPro Lite - 21  Allow users to delete their own profiles
UserPro Lite - 22  Set specific fields as private
UserPro Lite - 23  Display profile pictures in a Lightbox
UserPro Lite - 24  Receive email notifications (admins) on profile field updates
UserPro Lite - 25  Integration and auto-sync fields
UserPro Lite - 26  Integration with SVG Avatars Generator WordPress plugin (create awesome avatars!)
UserPro Lite - 27  Built-in Envato Purchase Verification. Built-in integration with Envato API
UserPro Lite - 28  MailChimp Integration
UserPro Lite - 29  AWeber Integration
UserPro Lite - 30  Campaign Monitor Integration
UserPro Lite - 31  Integrates beautifully with your theme comments
UserPro Lite - 32  Automatic Gravatars support or users can upload custom profile pictures!
UserPro Lite - 33  Lightbox support for user uploaded avatars and photos!
UserPro Lite - 34  Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins