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GMP123 Purchased

Hey so I can’t figure out how to link the plug with the membership side? Is there something I need to do after I install it?


GMP123 Purchased

Hey so I can’t figure out how to link the plug with the membership side? Is there something I need to do after I install it?


SAMSupport Author Team


Thank you for reaching out to us.

Can you please drop a note via – , with some more details about your queries, so that our support team can have a look at it and guide you further about the same?

Thanks, have a nice day :-)

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Hi, i got some presale question, i want to create a blacklist/userbanned database which only registered user can see. this database can be search either from nama, email, id number, phone no. etc. if one of the keyword exist in the database, the warning would appear. “this <name> have been blacklisted> something like that.

is it possible to accomplish this situation using your plugin?

Hello, no its not possible. That is custom requirement what we can provide customization services for you.

After upload of plugin everything seem to be uploaded correctly. On problem customizer dont work & profile looks nothing like the picture in demo . How do i fix this?

Hello, could you send us support email using our profile email form? We will need more information about this issue.

Ive sent emails after emails does anyone respond or am I missing something? Requesting refund plugin totally ruined my site functions when uploaded

Hello. We have answered back to all your query but did not get back any answer from you. Could you please raise support ticket once again or check your mail spam folder.

Hi, can you activate my paid version of your plugin, thanks. The free version originally came with a theme I purchased yesterday; I have purchased the paid version and added the code but it still hasn’t activated. The website is . Thanks !

Yes, I did that re the purchase code. Do you need the site logins?

I have activated it manually via the functions.php and it is now working perfectly :) Thank you for the great plugin!

Great to hear!

I seem to have a problem uploading it to wordpress. It says “installation failed, no plugin found”. I’ve downloaded straight from the site.

Hello, you need to upload file which is packaged inside package you downloaded.

How can I have the dashboard in a 1 column instead of 3?

Hello. Could you please give us more details? Please raise support ticket and send us screenshot which place you want to change.

Hello, I’d like to allow part of the registered user of my website have the possibility to book one/more event/s and they should be able to also create events and each user to see events created by himself with data of people that subscribed the event. Is it possible for your plugins to do this? Thank you a lot Best Regards Sara

Hello. You can create different roles and make restrictions to content by these roles, but there is no possibility to create events. You can create page with event content as admin and allow to see that info for specific roles or user can create a post which could be seen for his followers.

I have purchased already the UserPro Dashboard separately. but I need the bundle. How can I purchase the bundle less than what I have paid for private messaging?

How do i raise a refund request? from code canyon, envato or from you? i never did a refund on this before …

Hello. We have got your refund request and confirmed that already. Feel free to choose our other products which fit your needs. This refund is managed by Envato market place.

I am having a tough time with this plug in. I purchased the plug in months ago and it never seems to work properly. When I try to sign up for a membership it NEVER seems to work properly. Now I am getting an error message The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.

502 Bad Gateway

I will renew my support if I have to but please help.

This is the registration link

Hello, thank you for your query. Please renew your support licence and raise support ticket here:

In the support ticket please share your website URL and give us temporarily login to your website to investigate the issue you have faced.

I renewed my support for the PayPal add on and I asked a question about payment and every time I have asked questions I get short responses with not much explanation. I wish I never purchased this product, now I am basically stuck with it. The support is terrible and it’s not FREE therefore, I would think you would put more effort into helping. I have been very patient and have tried working on the issues myself however, the documentation isnt helpful at all.

Thank you for your clarification. We responded back to your support ticket. If you have any more question please respond back to the ticket to keep the conversation with responsible support team member. Thanks.


GMP123 Purchased

Hello, How do I allow the user to add links to there dash broad? When I go to edit profile it doesn’t allow me to add content to the categories. For example under “Your post” or “activities” How do I allow them to put links or other content?

Hello, apologize for delayed answer from our team. Could please raise support ticket and give us more details? Screenshots are welcome, that will help us to investigate your issue faster.


MikesCo Purchased

Can I disable the standard userpro edit profile page and redirect ll users to the dashboard page created by this plugin? Can I manually set the pages needed by this and the main plugin? For example have only one page for login and register?

Other users doesn’t have Dashboard add-on and can only edit profiles from Edit profile page. This structure is for Administrators and other roles to edit other users profile. As administrator you can go to and edit this user profile. You can’t access it from the dashboard. You can assign custom page like edit, login, etc. But you have to leave page structure the same and leave Edit Profile page under My Profile page. To do this you need to Manage Page Slugs and Rebuild UserPro Pages.


MikesCo Purchased

Ok, missunderstood the plugin than. Its for admins edditing Users and not Users managing their own account. Got lost in translation. Maybe that will be usefull later :)

If you will have anymore question write us by support ticket. Our support team will help you :)

Hello, I paid you guys privately to install user pro and its specific features I required. I was dealing with Sam. I paid upfront, you guys did not finish the task, and suggested I get the site built using the child theme. I have done this and sent Sam numerous emails and no response. Youu guys were quick to take my money, but not so quick in getting this working for me. It has been 6 months now I need this sorted – please help

Hello, thank you for your query. Sam is not working in our team anymore. We are working on the problem you are facing at this moment and let you know the status as soon as possible in your support ticket. We will solve this issue and finish if something was not finished from our side.

How could you know the issue? There is no support ticket, I got told it would be 5 days and its been 5 months. Could you give me a refund in the meantime – and once you know what it is, you can come back to me? What do you think is the issue? I’m not sure what sort of company you guys run, but I had sent you guys so many emails regarding this, and no reply, and as soon as I post here, (which i can only assume is because its a public forum you reply.

Hello, we did not receive a response back from you almost two months after the last Sam e-mail to you on 30 January, 2018. We thought that everything works fine and was done. Sam is not working in our company anymore and did not transfer his knowledge properly, that’s why we have this situation. We apologize for this. Please check your private support ticket and provide your PayPal e-mail and transaction ID. We will refund you the full amount.