Discussion on UserPro Dashboard

Discussion on UserPro Dashboard

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I have been using their plugins since pre – covid.. Used to be one of the best teams i have come across always used to revert back to mails in 24 hours anmd every issue or bug used to be rectified within 24-36 hours..

but now lately since last few months i would say one of the worst developer team here on codecanyon…

been writing to them since almost 2 months now but no reply having some plugin configuration issue on my site but it hasnt been rectified yet. and the support team also is doing nothing about it…

dont buy their plugins pls look for some other developer

Shouldn’t this be removed from CodeCanyon? It hasnt been updated since 2017.


If it works fine, why remove it? This is just an addon…

Hi, I want to upload an invoice for each user who can see in his own dashboard if I can use this plugin. Only the user for whom we uploaded the file can see the file somewhere What plugin can I do this with?


Thank You for contacting us,

You can do this with just UserPro without add-on, but yes dashboard would be able to re-display it on it’s view.

If You’d like steps on how to achieve it, please raise technical support ticket.

Have a nice day.

Hi, a pre sale question. Is this plugin/addon not being maintained/updated. I see it was last updated 2017, allot has happened since then, isn´t it time to do a bit of updates? I am very hesitant to invest in a plugin that was last updated 3 years ago.


Thank You for contacting us,

Well there isn’t much to say now, I can see You’ve already purchased our plugin, and, if You encounter any issues, feel free to raise support ticket.

Have a nice day.

Hi, Does this plugin works yet properly?? Do you have any plan to update it? 3 years without any updates!!!

I installed it. It has problem in My Posts. Edit and Add buttons not work. What should i do now?!!

Thank you


Thank You for contacting us,

Please raise support ticket, we will sort these issues for You.

Have a nice day.

hi i have user pro plugin and also have this add on i wanted to know how to display shipping address and billing address in the sidebar like you have shown in one of the screenshots and also is it possible to display woocomerce orders page also in the sidebar… i have a plugin already which creates a snippet to show woocomerce orders seprately if you can link the page link created by the plugin in the sidebar will be great..


i downloaded userpro woocommerce plugin also can u pls let me know how to set up the same where i can get the address ?? i can view the orders wishlist and purchase tabs but how can i get seprate tabs for billing and shipping address and also is there an option to save payment methods also in userpro profile ???


Thank You for contacting us,

1. Visit UserPro dashboard page

If You have UserPro WooCommerce add-on activated new tabs:


Billing Address

Shipping Address

Should appear automatically

If it doesn’t, raise support ticket for a website review and we will sort this out for You

2. You can’t save favourite payment methods.

Have a nice day.

hi i raised a support ticket…

Why Reset Link mail not deliver to user ?


Apologies for your troubles.

Could you please raise a support ticket and provide more information?

Hi, How to view the viewed articles in the user account [History]

Hello, could you please be more specific? Our add-on doesn’t have any viewed articles history.

Hi How many times can i install this per one buying? Thanks

Hello, license is for one website.

Is it possible to verify a user while looking at their profile front end and verify them? Without having to do this from the backend in the users section?

If so how?


Unfortunately this is not possible.

Hello, is it possible to place a page (shortcode or url Wrapper) within the user’s profile so that he can access certain content?

See this example in another plugin of its kind:

I want the user on the USERPRO frontend to be able to leave their files in folders within their user profile and for that I will use one of these plugins:

It’s possible?

Thank You

Hello, as it took 4 days to respond I bought this adoon DASHBOARD but I am disappointed with it because it does not fit me for what I asked. Thank you for returning the money I already asked Refund on the Envato page.

Thank you

Hello again,

Please raise a support ticket for refund.

Hello, I already requested the return on the Envato page. I received an email stating that it was accepted however, but the money has not yet been returned.

OK Looks like you guys suckered me in again.
1.) I bought this mostly to have the users change the background image in their profile.
But it doesn’t show up?
Am i missing that option somewhere?
2.) Then there is the section/option to enable custom widgets, which i set to yes and only see 2 boxes 1 is for Title and the other is to add content for the widget?
Pretty clueless as to what we are supposed to put in there? Is there a page of short codes that I’m missing?


1) You should be able to do that. There should be a field ‘custom_profile_bg’ amongst other fields, if you do not see it please create one with upload type and exactly ‘custom_profile_bg’ unique key and add it.

2) Could you please elaborate what steps you are doing and in which place you expect to see this functionality? Now it is not very clear.

Hello. I send several support request yesterday From your support Page on your site. I need to know when i get an answer because i didn’t get reply yet. My email i send the request is

Hello, could you please raise a support ticket from this site? On the top there are tabs and one of them is ‘Support’, click and send your query.

Hi, I have a few pre-sales questions. Thank you! 1) can you customize the dashboard per user role? 2) can you customize the dashboard per user? 3) can you customize the dashboard for other roles other than admin? 4) can you limit a user to seeing only content they created? Like only their posts or only their directory listings? 5) is it multi-site compatible? 6) what is your refund policy?

Hello, thank you for your query. 1. No 2. You can only customize the general information displayed for all of the profiles but not individual ones 3. I believe it is the same case a question 1 4. This is not what the plugin concerns. However I believe you should be able to find a plugin which defaults users posts to private which would achieve such functionality. 5. Yes 6. We operate under envato’s refund policy

So this plugin enhancement hasn’t been updated since Sept 2017. Is this a dead plugin or will you be updating soon?

Hello, yes, you are right, but it already has everything what dashboard needs.


20 days ago I wrote several emails, send comments and left messages to support.

Since last week I wrote you at least 5 emails and I still have no answer.

Can I have an answer when?

It is really too long, as indicated several times it is an urgent problem, that I meet since I bought your plugins (3 plugins) almost 1 month ago.

I need and I want answer today, and of course I want that you fix the problem.

Thank you

I sent several messages via the support page (the link you mentioned above) and I wrote at least 10 emails, and it’s not your email ?

Hello, it is our email and I can see in our system that our agents are communicating with you via the tickets.

Hi, about the followers list is related to show to admin the followers the user have in social networks? Thanks

Hello, it’s not possible with this our add-on.

Hello, please treat as urgent a client is breathing down my neck, I dont have an enhanced member directory as the filterable one in the demo, and I want to add a custom widget that displays a users profession that they input while registering but I dont know how

Hello, please see this tutorial ( If that will not help you, please raise a support ticket, our team will help you.

Hello I WAS PURCHASED This addon put have error with layout

i think it’s not supported rtl

Hello, could you please raise a support ticket and give us more details about the issue you have faced?

Hi, Can this plugin show the location of members on google map?

Hello, thank you for being interested in our plugin. That requires code customization, we can give you an estimate if needed. Please write your requirements to and we will answer to you ASAP.


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