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How to add social login option for registration ? Thanks

Hi. There is no social login integrated yet. But users are 100% integrated to WordPress so you can use any plugin for logging.


LIMS Purchased

whether to support or animated gif files? whether it can be replaced comment Disqus comment facebook? I was intrigued by this plugin.

Hi. Animated gifs are not tested. But all images are uploaded by WordPress core so. Just do the test. Facebook comments are fine, but not that great like Disqus and All Facebook users can easily join Disqus comment form as well.

Is there any chance to allow user to submit embeds from video pages too? maybe in an update?

Hi. Sorry no.


Chrimby Purchased

Hi, I have a presale question:

Atm, you get redirected to a specific image page after clicking on a gallery thumbnail, where you can See that specific image, and author infos and comments etc. Is it possible to open the image in a lightbox without having to open specific image page? Like directly from thumbnail overview? I do not need that comment stuff.

Have you thought about ajax loading for different categories?


Hi. It is not possible, becouse only on image page you can vote.


Chrimby Purchased

Ok. And is it possible to configure image page? For example to hide Exif-Information or share buttons?

Exif box is optional. Share buttons are not optional. But if you need hide them i will do it for you.

Hello, I have a pre purchase question. I was wounding if your gallery supports a way to make it so that any one can upload images not just registered users. Something like Imgur or such where it will let anyone upload a image and then put it in to a gallery. I looked at the back end settings and I couldn’t locate a setting to turn it on or off but I figured I would ask because your plugin looks really nice.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this question.

No at this time. It is USER Gallery so the name fit 100%. This gallery is created for communities

hi, great plugin but not one person i see has asked if the video contest works? You have it very nicely in your admin dashboard? Does the video portion work on the plugin too and if so, can we use it? Thanks!

Video contest is another plugin. User gallery is only gallery for photos

Hi It seem good but I don’t understand how I need to use shortcodes on page? Can you help me to gallery pictures? Thanks

Hi. Shortcodes is only way how implement plugin to page or post. Voting section? This is gallery. Only what you can is like the image.

Yes I mean like image section but I guess because of I don’t see gallery I also don’t see the box, view, like (hearth) section. Can you please tell me how I upload images like in your demo? Because I create a category but I can’t find a photo section.

Please send me an URL of your gallery through support form

Hello, please a pre-sale simple question. May I know what kind of search function for the images the plugin use? Just tag and category? There is some filtering queries functionality for an advanced search? Thank you!

Hi. In admin area you can search also by title or description

Ok, thank you… but in the front-end, for a guest user, how he can search the images, which filters can he use?

Searching will be possible in next version

I love everything about how it looks and works. A few questions:
1 – I need 100 categories. Is this possible?
2 – Can a user upload unlimited items per category?

1. Yes 2. Yes

I finally installed this and when i click to upload it does nothing. I’ve tried several different themes with all plugins disabled. Thanks!

Hello. Please send me a message through support form. I can react much faster and send me an URL of your gallery

Before I purchase I was wondering when the search function for other users would be added? This is basically what I’m searching for but I need one users can search for specific images.

I am already in the middle of this new feature :). So it will be in next version. (I do not know release date yet)


dmerkys Purchased

Hi i have one problem all work great exect when click on image to view single image with info. I got 500 error. Your plugin work on https ?

Hello what version you have?

Send me please message through support form i can react faster –


Great plugin – but I need to ask a question:

Is it possible to deactivate the gallery registration system?

My site has it’s own special membership system in place (Restrict Content Pro plugin). This requires users to register via a specific page. If people used the gallery registration page it would break the RCP membership system.


Fair enough. That’s good enough for me. I’ll buy the plugin now.

OK. The plugin is installed and working well. How do I switch off the registration/login features?! :)

Please send me a email through support form. What i need is URL of your page, URL to your gallery, temporary admin account, URL of your registration page and nice cup of cofee :)

This is a really nice plugin. The author also provided good support when asked. There are (potentially) a couple of CSS classes which may cause conflicts with your theme – but these can be easily fixed. The effort is worth the trouble for a such a well put together plugin.


Small feature request (please!)....

Would it be possible to have a drop-down menu to select “User” galleries?



Hello. Well yes, but it can be a problem if you have more users like over 100.

I think that would be ok. In my set-up the “User” is the category.

Hi are users able to create there own galleries that they will only see?

Hello. No sorry.

I am finding that the documentation is lacking. I am having a hard time understanding how to display Exif data or the front-end uploader. I can’t figure out how to configure upload restrictions. And I can’t figure out how to disable image-title and image-description fields and allow people to upload multiple pictures at one time with Where is there up-to-date documentation that I can use to understand the management of this plugin?

Hello. Please contact me through support form. and i am sorry but i did not see any notification that i have new comment. Please use support form i can react much faster.


valva1 Purchased

Pre- buying question.

We can see there is a login or registration option. Our user’s login through WordPress, to access different kind of data and a forum. Do the users have to login again, to use the gallery feature/plugin?

If no to the above question, I guess a user logged in to de main WordPress site wont se the login or registration option. Is that correct?