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Can I customized this plugin after purchase?

Answered through email

Can this support drag & drop upload capabilities?

Hello. No

Does the plugin support multisite?

Yest it does. I just test that on my server just for to be sure ;)

I want to use it with BuddyPress, but can´t find a documentation to this.

Well this it will work i promise. Just upload this from your network dashboard and activate the plugin

Hi, when is 1.3 available at CC? Regards, Eric

Available now on CC ? but you forgot to change 1.2 in 1.3 ? Regards, Eric

I know Eric :). I am sorry.

Hi I´m interested about your plugin. I was wondering if you have a way to sort pictures via hashtags? Thanks

Hello. No sorry. There are no hashtags but it is not problem add hashtags in the new version.

Hi, this is good plugin for wordpress and it would be great if you add a feature to open the image in pop-up(lightbox) instead of opening a new page. I will get this plugin if you add that feature.

But there is possible to show the image in the lightbox. A Single page is important because people can share own image if the image has own URL and it is great for SEO as well

Not only image in the lightbox but image and its description and comments in lightbox, is that possible with this plugin?

No. It is not. I choose a single page for each image because of better image sharing.


Foto27 Purchased

- Pre sales question - Hi, i think i like this plugin but i have some questions:

1- How to setup a upload form without the admin bar? 2- How to show the pictures of just 1 Categorie on a page? 3- Is it possible to limit the max upload per user per catagorie? (For some categories the upload is 100 per user, for the other it is just 1 per user) 4 – After upload can you redirect to gallery? 5- is it possible to make a upload form with a fixet catagorie and a upload form where the user can make a choise?

Hope to hear soon from you. Thanks!

1. It is easy you can set up the general settings for that
2. You can not do that. 3. No. Only limit is the limit per gallery
4. It can be done. After you will have a licence sent me an email and i will do that for you (free of course)
5. No. Upload form will have always option for choosing between all categories

I am looking to purchase the User Gallery and Photo Contest plugins. I use a plugin that resizes the files, ewww image optimizer, will the images uploaded from the two plugins be optimized by EWWW?

Do you offer a bundle for the two photo plugins?

Great! When will this happen? I am looking to get the two plugins ASAP.

You can do it now. This bundle will be updated with the fourth plugin soon and once you have a licence all future updates are free. All my coming plugins will be added to this bundle in the future.

Nice! Will do it!


1.can we add Adsense in photo gallery do u have option for it

2.can we upload the image in amazon s3 will it work

1) Ads can be added before contest, between menu and the gallery or after contest
2) The upload is 100% controlled by WordPress so i do not believe that will be possible

Hi. Is it possible to remove “title” and “description” on the form? I dont see in the settings where I can do this. If not, can you tell me which plugin file to edit to remove them? Thanks!

Hello. Yes it is possible to do that but support is only for buyers

My client purchased so I will get their login and repost. Totally understand.

Listen only what you need to ask your client for the purchase code. Your client find it here . After you have purchase code contact me in email OK? DO NOT put the code here. Only by email